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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 08:12AM
Castle Gardens

While waiting for Orion to answer, Tempest, Joffrey’s beloved daughter was growing concerned with all the drama and the return of the King of the House of Brax.

“Father, you look harried? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Try…everything. As you know your grandfather has returned. And..well, you saw that he requested a few whores. Uhm…well, aside from having a go about your mother, he…uhm…well, he …You know, you really are very beautiful today. I think its your hair.” Joffrey was trying to get off the subject, when Nanny gripped him by the ear. She knew when he was stalling.

“Out with it! Stop the River dancing and tell her what is REALLY going on?” Nanny said, giving Joffrey’s ear another tug.

“GAH…alright alright. My father wants to arrange a marriage with another kingdom for Tempest.”

At this Nanny went off. “She’s a baby. She’s not ready for marriage. Oh…the life of me. You’re father suddenly comes home demanding whores and weddings?”

“He always liked to party.” Joffrey said weakly, and wrung his hands. “Whatever shall we do? Wait till her Mother finds out. Wait…where is her Mother?” At this realization, Joffrey ran off into the castle looking for his wife, before she found the King first.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 08:36AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Selene stood in the corner of the room, staring off into space as reality seemed to crumble around her. There were so many feelings in this room, and yet she had no memories to connect them too. What was the meaning of those pictures? What was her relationship to the royal Brax family? Her eyes shifted around the room from the vanity, to the chaise she so often lounged on, to the bed she once shared with the demon prince. So familiar, and yet so distant in her mind. With a sigh, the princess then looked to the floor and felt as helpless as a lamb being led to the slaughter. Did dark magic have a hand in this?

Just as she was beginning to lose hope in her sanity and herself, she looked up to see the door to her balcony. Lifting her head higher, she glided across the floor as her gown swirled around her. Pulling the doors open, a gentle breeze rushed in and filled her senses with the scent of roses. Closing her eyes, she allowed the familiar scent to wash over her with a soft smile. So familiar. Opening her eyes once more, Selene stepped out onto the balcony and let out a gasp. The stone tub she had requested to be made right here on the balcony over-looking the castle gardens in all its splendor stood before her. A joyous laugh escaped her lips. It was beautiful. Lifting her hands to the straps of her gown, she pulled her dress down over her breasts and down the smooth contours of her stomach and hips. As the gown fell into a heap at her feet, she stepped into the water that was surprisingly always warm. Rose petals floated around her as she sank lower into the water. Letting out a sigh of contentment, Selene sprawled out in the tub and closed her eyes. This was so familiar.

Castle Gardens

Magda watched the prince join them in the gardens without much emotion on her face. She had a bad feeling something awful was going to happen, and it didn’t help that Lucan was being awfully flirtatious with her. Though he was a bastard, he was still the son of a princess and she was nothing but a slave. Turning to look at him, she saw him staring at her with such adoration and innocence she couldn’t help but smile. How long would it take for the world to taint him? As Joffrey began to speak, she turned her head to listen to the prince. The words were not very comforting. She fought back a sigh as the prince demanded that she could attend to the king’s sexual desires. Oh perfect…who knew how long it had been since he last had a woman or what mood he would be in?
Lucan scowled and stepped forward, quick to defend Magda’s honor “Your grace, I must disagree ardently. Magda is no whore.”

A sad smile crossed her lips as she stepped forward to rest a hand on his shoulder. “I am whatever the kingdom needs me to be.” The young man went to argue more but she shook her head. Turning to the prince, she dropped into a well-practiced curtsy and picked up her skirts. It was time to do her duty.

King Brandon’s Royal Chambers

Magda rushed down the corridor in hopes that if she didn’t keep the king waiting, perhaps he wouldn’t be so harsh to her. Ha. As if. Opening his chamber door, she stepped inside and saw that he wasn’t there yet. Exhaling a sigh of relief, she walked over to the mirror that stood in the corner. Adjusting her dress, she tried to cover the bruises and cuts left from other men. What good was a blemished lamb? Lifting a hand to her hair, she touched her dark waves weakly. Was she going to be good enough? With a sigh, she turned around and crossed her arms. It seemed she was good enough for every other man who had forced himself on her. Closing her eyes, she started to count to one hundred to calm herself while she waited for the king.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 08:37AM
“What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Try…everything. As you know your grandfather has returned. And..well, you saw that he requested a few whores. Uhm…well, aside from having a go about your mother, he…uhm…well, he …You know, you really are very beautiful today. I think its your hair.”

Tempest stared at him. She had never seen her father so flustered before. It was amusing and pathetic at the same time.

“Father? What-” Nanny interrupted her by grabbing Joffrey by the ear.

“Out with it! Stop the River dancing and tell her what is REALLY going on?” Nanny practically growled, tugging on his ear for extra measure.

“GAH…alright alright. My father wants to arrange a marriage with another kingdom for Tempest.”

Tempest didn’t hear a word after that statement. She didn’t hear Nanny going on about how she wasn’t ready for marriage or her father asking about Selene.

All she heard was the fact that she had to get married to some faceless, nameless person.

Calmly she stood from the table.

“I’m going for a walk. Send Francois when dinner is ready.” she stated. Without another word, she turned and walked deeper into the gardens.

Nanny wrung her hands with anxiety.

“This is not good. She’s way too calm. Oh this is not good.” she muttered.


At the back end of the gardens, there was an area that was reserved for such things as hand-to-hand combat and relative destruction. There were numerous charred trees and broken garden statues here and it was here that Tempest stopped.

She stood with her head bowed and hands clenched so tightly, her nails bit into her palms drawing blood.

“Married off like a common brood mare? I don’t bloody think so!” she snarled, feeling the buildup of heat around her. Her hands started to glow and smoulder the angrier she got, licks of fire racing up and down her arms. She opened her palms and two pillars of fire erupted from their centers, reaching nearly 5 feet in height above her.

She whirled around, throwing the fire pillars at the nearest statue, blowing it up with a powerful blast. All that remained when the smoke and dust cleared was a crater, 2 feet in diameter and 3 feet in depth.


She felt mildly better after expending the energy and sat down on the stone bench that was close by.

“I don’t want to get married.” she sighed.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 09:20AM
Selene and Joffrey’s chambers

After searching the castle high and lo for his wayward wife, the last place that Joffrey thought to look was their own bed chambers. Working off a hunch, he didn’t knock but simply entered the room, his eyes pouring over each piece of furniture as he tried to find her. He was highly emotionally charged and not thinking clearly at this point, due to the dramas that his father’s return had unleashed. All he knew was that he had to find his wife and fast. Right now he needed her, desperately. Their family was in true danger of breaking apart under the order of the King, and this was just when they were trying to put everything right.

It was when Joffrey heard the sound of water lapping against the side of the stone bath, he knew that he must have found the wayward Princess. What he didn’t count on, was seeing her naked beneath the water that was littered with rose petals, and smelt divine. Joffrey felt his breath leave him as he gazed upon the subtle curves of his once beloved wife. How he adored her, worshipped her, before everything went so horribly wrong. He stood in the door way, marvelling her and totally forgetting himself. Still in his true form, there was nothing to hide his lust, and it showed.

“Selene, if only you could remember what you mean to me.” The Prince uttered in a hushed voice, almost wanting to draw back into the shadows, and just watch her bathe.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 10:48AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

The princess had sank so low into the water that it was lapping at her cheeks as her eyes closed. This was what heaven on earth felt like. Laying almost flat on her back in the tub, she arched it a bit to keep her breasts exposed. The feel of the wind brushing over the sensitive skin cause her nipples to harden and the feeling was not at all unpleasant. A sultry smile covered her lips as she trailed fingertips down her flat stomach. Rose petals clung to her exposed flesh that was above water and Selene felt at complete peace.
Her sanctuary was soon disturbed when she heard a voice speak into the silence. Lifting her head slowly out of the water, she turned to see her husband in all his demonic glory watching her. A blush crept into her cheeks as she was spotted being very exposed in a room she did not recognize. Still, that did not stop her from looking Joffrey up and down. He was so dangerous and beautiful at the same time. That red skin made her want to lick him all over, and soon her eyes fell to his lustful region. Her blush deepened but she did not look away in shame.
His desire empowered her to adjust her body so she was laying back against the tub, her assets well exposed and her hair fanned around her. Rose petals combined with her own natural sweet scent gave her the perfume of a rose garden after a fresh rainfall. A soft smile curved her plump lips as she looked at him boldly. “Did your affections for me…lead to a child?”Confusion clouded her face, but her eyes were still darkened by her lust for him. “I saw those pictures, your grace…but I do not understand.”

The princess managed to tear her eyes off of the dark prince’s gorgeous body to stare off at the wall. “And I’ve heard whispers. Terrible whispers about the vile princess of Casterly. The angel poisoned by her own self-hatred.” Looking down at the water, tears soon fell from her face and mixed with her bath. “I’ve always feared monsters, your grace…but I never imagined I could become one.” Wiping the tears from her face, she then looked back at him with no fear or disgust in her eyes. There was only love and a desperation to touch him. Leaning forward to rest against the end of the tub that was closest to Joffrey, she whispered “How can you stand to look at me with desire in your eyes when I cannot even understand who you are to me or what my purpose is here?” Looking at the floor, she then asked “My prince, who was your wife?”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 20, 2013 05:00PM
The Bathroom

Such radiant beauty and innocence captivated the Prince, and he found he could barely answer her, as she luxuriated herself beneath the tepid waters. Slowly he emerged from the shadows, crossing the distance towards her in the bath. The bath was more than big enough to hold them both, and in his haze of desire, he spoke as the old Joffrey would have.

“Did your affections for me…lead to a child?”

“Yes, they did.” One foot in the bath, and his wings folding in behind him. The steam of the bath waters surrounding him as she continued to speak, and he kept getting closer.

“I saw those pictures, your grace…but I do not understand.” 


“You will soon enough…” Joffrey’s second leg in and he started to lower himself in, with the waters cascading over the sides of the bath in a torrent. She looked away, staring at the wall saying;

“And I’ve heard whispers. Terrible whispers about the vile princess of Casterly. The angel poisoned by her own self-hatred.”

“I heard that too, and they were nothing more than vile whispers of busy bodies and trollops.” He uttered, running his hand up the inside of her legs, till finding her womanly folds, that he started to stroke gently with his taloned claw, his eyes filled with want, and he let her keep talking. He started to show a smile, as he moved to be above her, his claw going deeper, as she said something that had a double meaning.

“I’ve always feared monsters, your grace…but I never imagined I could become one.” 

“You have had one inside you, and you never complained.” By this time, his long forked tongue was teasing her right nipple, his head bowed, while he started to finger her with vigor, the waters overflowing from the bath now in waves that pooled on the floor all around the bath. He started to pant as his tongue swam between her joyous mounds. How much he missed her, and he was going to make her remember….oh yes, she wouldn’t have forgotten this.

“How can you stand to look at me with desire in your eyes when I cannot even understand who you are to me or what my purpose is here?”

The Prince removed his fingers, and then positioned himself over her, his eyes locked on hers as he started to grin wide.

“My prince, who was your wife?”

At this he simply said..

“You tell me…” And he plunged his massive member deep inside her, forcing her to the side of the bath, his wings unfurling, as he bit down on her neck, and started to pump her vigorously. “Who….are….you?” He said each word as he took himself out of her and forced himself back in…dominating her in a way she would not be able to deny him the answer. His teeth grazed her skin, and he bit and licked at her, his arms wrapping around her as his member’s girth would nearly split her. The shock of this, may well undo the damage to her mind….either that or she would succumb to being the Prince’s new mate.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 22, 2013 12:26AM
The Kings Apartments

The King was tired from his long travels. Stretching out his wings momentarily he relaxed a bit.
He knew there was more going on then was being told to him. He realized that they thought him such an old fool.
His son always underestimated him. Though he hoped he would see some beautiful women tonight he expected trouble as well.
He stayed ready for the usual suspects, poison or a casual blade. These things were constantly tried.
Especially when in a castle.

As he sat waiting he heard the first knock at the door. Curious whom Joffrey might have sent up he went to answer it.
A woman who introduced herself as Magda answered the door.
She seemed to be taken aback and a trifle nervous.
Come in, Come In, he chided. As he rapped his talons impatiently against the doorway.


He stared at her body. She was a peculiar beauty. His sons usual tastes did not match his own but it seemed he might have redeemed himself a bit. However this woman did not seem so interested in pleasing him. he grabbed her quickly running his demon tongue across her naked flesh. “Well Let’s Get on with it my Dear” Hoping to get a reaction from her he pinched her nipples a bit. awaiting her response..


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 22, 2013 12:39AM
The King’s Chambers

Magda was not the only one called upon to serve the King in the dark of night. Begrudgingly, she stomped up towards his chambers, and then took a deep breath as she waited outside a moment. She really didn’t want to do this, but the Prince made a royal proclamation, and she could hardly go against that. A sacrifice for the greater evil. As she placed her hand upon the door handle, she then heard the sounds of the King,speaking to another; “Well Let’s Get on with it my Dear” Wait…did he already have a whore at his disposal? This might save her having to even bother. Thinking for a moment, she continued to listen. Thinking that if he was occupied with another he may not have need for her.

Stepping in the room, she saw another girl, one that had served the Princess Selene. Oooo this was interesting. She curtsied, and then rose up with her head bowed. Reaching up to her bustier, she untied the laces and exposed her ample breasts, before dropping to her knees.

“The Prince summoned me to serve thee, M’lord.”

In this pose, he may well ignore her….then again he might not.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 22, 2013 01:07AM
The Kings Apartments

As the whore who had identified herself as Magda had not responded to his advances or the vicious twist of his talons he was about to take further action when in strode another remarkably beautiful creature.
She exposed her breasts and dropped to her knees before him stating “The Prince summoned me to serve thee, M’lord.”
He found himself quite impressed by her entry and manner.

He looked at the other whore who remained unresponsive and chided. ” Now this is the way a proper whore should behave!” as he unzipped his trousers and placed his hard cock in front of the new maid.
He then waited patiently to see what this new one would do.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 22, 2013 03:14PM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Selene had turned to watch Joffrey emerge from the shadows, longing and confusion fighting a battle behind her blue eyes. She did nothing to stop him from getting into the tub with her, too surprised and awe-struck with his answer pertaining to a child. So…that baby in the picture was hers? If so, where was she now? Confusion still clouded her face as Joffrey sat in the bath with her, but she did not shy away from him in her naked form. What did make her nervous, however, was the fact that he was getting awfully close to her…

The princess opened her mouth to ask about the child, but a moan escaped her lips instead as there was now a delectable demon tongue flicking at her nipple and a ridiculously panty-wetting claw was stroking her inner womanhood. Her head fell back and it took all her strength to grasp the sides of the tub so she did not drown under the intense sexual sensation that was rippling through her body. Her inner walls closed around his talon as if begging for more, but she was biting on her lip with both fear and pleasure. Selene wasn’t afraid of Joffrey. Oh no, she feared the effects this was going to have on her as the ambassador from Casterly. She was supposed to be here on a business trip, to appease any ill feelings between the houses…so she was told. Now the man who had just lost his wife and almost his daughter, who also was the PRINCE of the Brax house, was now pleasuring her to the ends of the earth and she actually *wanted* him to keep going. What was wrong with her?

When Joffrey told her she had a monster inside of her before, she could only laugh in between gasps and panted dangerously“Is there one inside of me now?” There was a challenge behind her eyes, and oh did the demon prince come through. Selene knew she should have pushed against him, fought harder…but she didn’t. As he invaded her suddenly with no mercy, the angelic princess let out a screech that rattled the glass on the balcony. He was so large and she was still so small…and she loved it.

Her legs instinctively wrapped around Joffrey as though they’ve done this dance before (because we all know, they have…a lot), and began to writhe longingly beneath him. Selene wanted this…hell, she needed this. There was a building of need welling up inside of her so great that she felt as if she would explode if he did not relieve her. Her fingers dug into his shoulder blades as her head fall back, a loud growl emitting from her as he bit down possessively. Clawing up and down his back as she began to pump under him, she took him for all he was worth in his demonic glory.

Memories flitted through her mind as they fucked, and it only made her question their relationship further. It was no clearer in her mind who she was to him before. All she knew now was that she belonged to him, and there would be little argument from her end. What had she gotten herself into? Branded by the prince, she was now marked to be his mistress…I will think on that after this man makes me scream his name… Grinning wickedly at how she shoved her duties to the back of her mind, Selene turned to bite his neck back hard. After lapping at his blood and skin, she turned to whisper in his ear “I’m yours, your grace…all yours.”