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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 24, 2013 09:42PM
King Brandon’s chambers
The King was indeed pleased very pleased. He watched her contort in a variety of positions. Thinking to himself that this was indeed only skills possessed by those of the jugglers or acrobat trades. He tried to patient as e watched her writhe in a variety of positions and then she told him about her hymen and ran his fingers into her. He lost all patience and was in utter disbelief.
“If such is true I would have to make you my mistress.”
he gripped her body and body and ran his taloned finger across every inch of her as his pulsating member slowly entered her. feeling every movement he ground his hips into her over and over their bodies moving in tandem. groaning and moving within her he made her cum repeatedly on his cock for hours until the early hours of the morning.
even for a demon their exertions had left him tired. he felt her folds again her wetness was again tight and as she said her hymen was again restored.
“What a wonder you are. You shall have to be mine it seems.” he then presented her with a golden chain.
“this shall have to do for a collar, until i can have something gilded properly. What do you think of serving me Minerva?”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 24, 2013 10:00PM
King Brandon’s Chambers

All through the night, the King tested Minerva, for he was incredulous to this talent that she had. Having seen the various different ways she could bend her body, he turned the bed into his own play ring. Enjoying the suppleness of her flesh, his talons tracing lines all over her skin, while he took her, as though for the first time ever. Tearing her hymen, and hearing her cry out in pain. The incredible tightness his girth would find at first deliciously uncomfortable, a pain that turned into absolute pleasure, as he bounced her body off his throbbing member. Her wild screams and cries filled the air, matched with the animal like grunts as he brought her to climax, only to ease her off, and watch in wonder as she healed herself over. He could then flip her over, like a doll, hard as ever, and start all over again. A virgin again, his eyes could roll back as the delights of this woman would have him find a rawness that the demon had never before had sated. He bent her body to him, so she doubled over and he could suck her breasts harshly, before pulling her off, and then take her again, with her wholeness intact.

Eventually, even he grew tired, and when finally he roared from satisfaction, he saw in her a woman that he wanted to keep. Taking out a gold chain, he tied it around her neck, pulling on it till the chain then fell between her breasts as she remained in the kneeling position. Head bowed in reverence of her King, Her Master. She smelt ripe of his sex, a delicous smell, and she was this creature that would serve only him.

” What do you think of serving me Minerva?” 

“I shall live my life to please and serve only you, My Master and King.” she said softly, as the gold of the chain glinted in the light of the candles. She was now the private property of the King of Brax.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 25, 2013 11:07AM
King Brandon’s Chambers

Magda was waiting anxiously for Brandon to appear when the king finally strode into the room. He had pinched her nipple and was expecting her to get on with it. Biting her lip, Magda allowed her dress to fall and she could feel the king’s touch on her naked skin and it made her want to vomit. Closing her eyes, she breathed slowly and was trying to count to ten when another whore came in.
Opening her eyes, Magda noticed she did not recognize the eager whore, but she didn’t care just so long as she was more distracting than Magda was. And indeed she proved to be so. Stepping back, she allowed Minerva to take over as the king explained this was how a whore was supposed to be. Magda nodded weakly and stared at the floor while they began their lustful ministrations.

She wasn’t waiting long before the king finally dismissed her. Magda pulled her gown back into place and dropped into a curtsy, saying nothing as she spun around and fled the room gratefully.

Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

Selene bit her lip nervously when she watched Joffrey struggle for the right words. When he finally took her hands and spoke, she became…unsettled. Her eyebrows knit together as he drew her onto his lap, but she didn’t stop herself from leaning into the safety of his embrace. Closing her eyes, the princess whispered “I am…Selene…there is only one Selene Casterly…”Tears prickled at her eyes as it suddenly dawned on her. She was his wife, the mother of his children, and she could not even remember him still. Turning her face, she buried into his chest as fresh tears ran down her cheeks. How could she forget a man so amazing as him?

Her arms wrapped tightly around her demon prince and she just cried. She cried out of confusion, pain, and guilt for forgetting the man that seemed to complete a part of her soul that felt missing when she let the darkness take over. Selene still was unsure of what was going on, but she knew this: she loved this man and never wanted to be separated from him. Pulling back from him, she straddled his lap and took his face between her hands. Resting her forehead against his, she whispered “Please forgive me…” Her words trailed off as she remembered his words. They had a daughter. Tempest. That darling princess was her daughter. Exhaling slowly, she sank into the embrace of her husband and whispered yet again “Has this darkness ruined my chance at keeping my family, your grace?”

As the princess remained in the embrace of her husband, she felt an overwhelming wave of sadness crash over her. She had forgotten her husband, her daughter…her family. And despite how atrocious she had been, Joffrey was still here holding her tenderly and spoke words of utter love and devotion. Smiling weakly, she lifted her head to look at him “Please give me a chance to love you.”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 25, 2013 03:52PM
Joffrey and Selene’s chambers

“Please give me a chance to love you.”


~The power of love is a beautiful thing, it can make one man weep, make another man sing. A change in heart from his little angel girl, this was more than a feeling, it was the power of love.~ Joffrey had never stopped loving Selene, Nothing and no one could ever undo the years that they had together, the beautiful moments they shared, their daughter, who in essence was a byproduct of their love. She WAS that love embodied. How can that be wrong? Joffrey held onto Selene, who still was struggling to understand all this. She was his wife, She was Selene of Casterly. A mother, a lover, an angel, and a sex bomb.

“You don’t even have to ask, Love.” Joffrey said, brushing back the hair out of her eyes, and placing a kiss on her forehead, almost like she was a child, but then he moved his lips down her cheek to her lips. This was how the Prince was much of the time, behind the silly facade and the sarcastic wit. There lay a man who loved but one woman. Selene.

“Come on now, show me that beautiful smile. I command you, as your Husband and Princey Pooh.” He said, a wry smile on his face, trying to get her to laugh. “You and I have family that need us. So..dry those tears, and get dressed in something spiffy, and we go fix our family….I arranged a few…things to keep my father busy…for…a good while.” He said with a firm nod of his head.


He had no idea how well that went off.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 27, 2013 07:44AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

As Joffrey touched her tenderly as though she were a fragile treasure to him, Selene smiled softly and looked up at him. It was an amazing contrast from the way he touched her moments ago, and she liked both ends of the scale. No matter how her dark prince touched her, it was just right. Nodding, she closed her eyes and felt his lips brush hers and her hands instinctively reached up to wrap behind his neck. She did not deepen the kiss but instead just relished in the gentle touch of his lips brushing against hers. When her eyes opened, she caressed his hair and offered a small smile “Whatever have I done to deserve you?”
When her husband began to joke with her, she couldn’t help but smile. He was quite ridiculous when he wanted to be and if anyone could bring a smile to her face, it was this man. Wrinkling her nose playfully, she swatted at him “Couldn’t I just sit here brooding more over my lost memories…I am so embarrassed I cannot even remember my own family. What must my sweet little princess think of me…” Sighing softly, she stood up from the bed and walked towards the armoire. There was no use sitting around moping over something she couldn’t exactly control. It was time to own up to her past mistakes and make right the wrongs she had done towards her family.

After getting dressed in a dark blue gown that did wonders for her curves and her eyes, she spun around and giggled “I’m just going to keep my hair down and wild…I want everyone to know the Prince of Brax has had his way with me.”Stepping towards Joffrey, she looped her arms through his as love shone out from her eyes for not only him, but for Tempest“Can we go see our daughter now? I may not remember her, but there is a pang in my chest that could only mean I crave the presence of my baby.” As she led him towards the door, she saw the baby lamb and blinked “Darling, did you bring me a present?” Smiling at the lamb, she blew him a kiss and left him behind to attend to the real child in her life. There would always be time to cuddle the farm animal when the day was over, anyways.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 28, 2013 04:51AM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers

“Couldn’t I just sit here brooding more over my lost memories…I am so embarrassed I cannot even remember my own family. What must my sweet little princess think of me…” 

The Prince could definitely understand her frustrations, but the longer they sat in there, the less time they had to avoid the King. He had organised the whores who he hoped and prayed were keeping him busy, long enough to devise a plan to get Tempest off the arranged marriage hook.


“Don’t you think its best to face our fears, rathrer then let them fester and grow? Besides, your little Tempest is not so little anymore. She’s practically a woman. Kinda glad I did the talk about the milk honey bee before she got breasts.” An odd look came over his face as he said this. Still hard to believe she grew up so fast, but in a way, she would handle all the current dramas a lot better, than when she was seven. Course his mind was soon snapped back to reality when his Selene got dressed in a beautiful blue gown, and she made a rather bold declaration

“I’m just going to keep my hair down and wild…I want everyone to know the Prince of Brax has had his way with me.” This had the Prince roar with laughter. “They will have a new nick name for me. Prince Stud Muffin. Inspiring the new tousled bed hair look.” He struck a daring pose, and then got up and swept her into his arms. “Oh I have missed you.”

The Princess replied Can we go see our daughter now? I may not remember her, but there is a pang in my chest that could only mean I crave the presence of my baby.” The Prince was only too pleased to do this, as time was marching on, when the lamb made a baa sound, and got her attention. “Darling, did you bring me a present?” As the Prince ushered her out he chimed.“Well, I was dead set against the cow.”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 28, 2013 10:20AM
King Brandon’s Sitting Room
The King awoke the next morning after his exertions to find his bedchambers deserted. He still had questions that needed answering however. He felt more alive than he had been in quite some time. He got himself bathed and dressed in short order. The former being more a matter of expedition. Using a steel bathtub that had been left on some heated coals in the adjacent alcove. He was glad to be clean and groomed as was his habit. He was however not in the habit of preening. He would not sit in the mirror for hours, it was not his want. Having cleaned himself up he wondered where Minerva had wandered off too. That elegant creature might have some of his answers. He thought to himself he should ask the questions first before he went looking for Joffrey. Looking towards one of the guards in the hallway, he asked him to find Minerva for him, and then asked another of his personal attendants to find a smith.“Tell him the king has a special project and he will be paid handsomely.”

he then sat back in his sitting room and waited for both the Smith and Minerva to arrive.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 28, 2013 01:54PM
Castle wash room

After her many long hours of pleasing the King of Brax, Minerva went down to the washroom, to cleanse herself, and be presentable for when he summoned her again. Many of the other castle servants listened as she sang while washing her body down, then cleansing her long blonde hair before rinsing warm water down her svelte form. Dressing this time in a black and red velvet long gown, with a lace up bodice, she swept her hair up elegantly, and admired herself in the mirror. Minerva pinched her cheeks to create a pinkish blush, and then left the wash room to make her way back down to the King’s Chambers.

Head held high, Minerva strolled along the corridor, the sun’s rays flooding the walkway through many open air arches. To her surprise, a Guard approached her, speaking sternly.

“You are expected in the King’s chambers at once.”

Not to deny her King, she made a simply curtsy, and headed down the hallway towards the King’s Chambers.

Arriving outside, she gave a nod to one of the guards and they opened the door, announcing her arrival. The maiden entered, and saw the King in all his splendor. Acting in accordance with her place, she approached his chair, then kneeled down before him.

“How does the King wish to be served, for I am eager to please.”



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 29, 2013 07:57PM
King Brandon’s Sitting Room

King Brandon patiently awaited Minerva to arrive. Before she did the Smith arrived at the door, the guard having fetched him directly. The guards ushered him in and the smith took a stance with his eyes averted but at only one knee so as to show respect but not groveling as such was not the mark of a smith. They were workers not members of court.
The Smith: ” How May I Serve You My Lord?” 

Brandon Looked at him for a moment and then told him of his wish for an extravagant collar made in the style of a chain which would allow him to find Minerva at need should she be in danger. ” I will give you this gem and purse, the gem will allow the collar to function. Its a rare bloodstone, The purse is for the work. It is a kings ransom as it were. I may have other tasks for you as we continue should you do this well.” 


The Smith graciously bowed and accepted both of the gifts realizing the boon the king was giving him and the opportunity.
The Smith: ” I thank you my Lord. I will get to work on them immediately!” 

Brandon turned and dismissed the smith as their conversation was at an end. As he left Minerva had arrived. The King was pleased to hear her voice in his chambers again. He turned as she entered smiling ear to ear to greet her that devilish grin of his already spreading as he saw his mistress.


” Minerva, I just had something special commisioned for you. I thought we might talk a bit about it and the state of things this evening, before we might exert ourselves. We have a lot to discuss I think. Why dont you tell me whats been happening with my son and the others in the castle while we eat and then we can have some fun?” 


with that he turned towards one of his personal guard and had him order some food be brought up to the chamber, leading her up to the table and pouring her a glass of wine he smiled at her.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
September 30, 2013 03:07AM
King Brandon’s Sitting Room

Lead to the table by the King, Minerva showed a shy smile, admiring his devilishly handsome good looks. Every time she saw him, he had such a commanding presence, that it was truly awe inspiring. He carried himself, and acted like a true King. Obediently, she followed, and listened with intent, when he said;

” Minerva, I just had something special commisioned for you. I thought we might talk a bit about it and the state of things this evening, before we might exert ourselves Minerva bit her bottom lip on hearing he had commissioned something special just for her. “You honor me, My Lord and Master.” Eager to hear more, she quietened as the King continued. We have a lot to discuss I think. Why dont you tell me whats been happening with my son and the others in the castle while we eat and then we can have some fun?” 

Taking the offered chalice of wine, she toasted the King, before daring to take a sip. “Oh, my King, much has happened whilst you have been away from the castle.” She said matter of factly. “Your Granddaughter Tempest, has grown up within days. From a seven year old, to that of a girl of fifteen. The reasons have all the kingdom questioning.” This was bound to be a surprise, but the information was about to take a more devious turn. “The wife of the Prince, had slept with a Warlock named Desmond, and they sired a Son. On his birth, the Prince sent her and the bastard packing. Back to the Casterly realm. For some reason, this boy also aged rapidly and is a young man, but he is not Brax, like Tempest. The latest is that the Princess has returned, but lost her memory. It’s a bit of a mess, My King.” Yes, it was a mess, but now that the King was back, he was certain to set things right.

MInerva ran her finger round the lip of her chalice and then said. “I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but that is all I know.” she said, before looking across the chalice at him. “Would you like me to serve you now?” She meant the food, and anything else he desired.