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FC – Paul Walker
Name : Prince Sirus Laegess
Sex : Male
Race : Fae
Age : 502 years (appears 28)
Height : 160cms
Weight : 72kgs
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
House Affiliation: House of Laegess
Title : Prince.
Markings/Piercing/Tattoos ; None
Nature ; Calm, peaceful, reserved, intelligent.
Magical Abilities ; Glamour:Illusion cast by the Fae to camouflage their true appearance.The average human sees only what the Fae wants them to see, and is subtly repelled from bumping into or brushing against it by a small perimeter of spatial distortion that is part of the Fae glamour(Hiding,Stealth,Invisibilty,incognito,polymorph)
Sifting: Fae method of locomotion, occurs at speed of thought(Recall,Teleport)
Healing:Fairy healing powers are extraordinary. They can cure any wound or illness, and even revive the dead.(Healing ,Veterinary,Heal ,Greater Heal,cure,arch cure,Resurrection)
Charming: A Natural talent for song and dance combined with the fae’s physical beauty can soemtimes control the hearts and minds of men and beasts.(Peacemaking,Provoke,Animal Taming)
Tongues: Tongues allows them to speak any language at will, sometimes without even thinking about it.(Goblin and zibari languages)
Sight: Very little can be kept hidden from the eyes of the fae some have the ability to see what is hidden or view things over far distances.(Detect Hidden,Witch’s Peer,Night sight)
The fae are immortal this simply means longevity,In the kingdom when the human host dies the fae will find another host child and live on through it. They can still be harmed by magical and normal means and even succumb to poisons disease and sickness.
Strengths : Swordsman, bowman, hand to hand combat.
Likes : Good conversation, nature, music, dancing.
Dislikes : Authority, being told what to do.
History : Prince Sirus Laegess, eldest son of the Laegess Fae royal family is in line to take the throne when the King steps aside, though he feels he is not yet ready for such a tremendous undertaking. Not one for royal protocol, he is often found studying, or out practicing his skills in the arts of combat with his Knights. Though extremely handsome, he finds many of the ladies of the court to simply be after a title, than wanting to marry for love. He is wary of women as a rule for this, and so is the Kingdom’s most eligible bachelor. He favors his sister, Everantha and tries not to bicker with her.