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Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 04, 2013 07:40PM
August wandered into the town with darkness trailing him. He had seen much blood and had little memory. He had to keep changing. So many forms, so little time as they say.. He laughed in spite of himself sarcastically. Changing usually hurt both himself and others as he preferred the half forms when in the wild. However he had grown tired of running, he had traveled across a good section of Europe now to escape the dark castle and still he was not sure what the barons intent really was or what his actual name was. All they had called him was the Baron. He had escaped only by luck and killing. This was months ago and he tried to let it go, he hated to beat himself up about it. You cant help certain things in the end.

He arrived in London with the promise of some anonymity. Being a shifter he could change at will, and being a polytherian he was somewhat of a rarity even for shifters he could assume half-forms and many forms. He wasnt even sure what he actually was, only what he could do. He thought of himself as a monster. Then in despair he ran upon a circus troupe…

At first he watched from the outside. Watching the performers dance and move and perform acrobatics he realized he could do many of these things. This might be a place for him, but he wasnt sure how to approach them, what to say or how to say it?
He was a loner by nature, and had been hunted for so long…

He realized that perhaps the best way might be to amaze them and so he approached the owner and asked for a job. When the Duke of Loxley was seated he did something unexpected, he changed into a hawk and perched on his shoulder..


He then flew back into a nearby tent and came forth again striding forward hoping this might have impressed him enough to gain him a position, as he walked back he smiled…


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September 04, 2013 10:33PM
The Duke, was still pouting about Isabella’s condescending treatment of him and his love for his poetry. Not normally spoken down to by the likes of a dancer, he snorted and went to pick up his book again, to let fly with a colourful rendition of “Nanny’s Bloomers were Blue” when suddenly a man morphed into a hawk and perched comfortably upon his shoulder.

“Ye Gods!…Look…oh I say, this is bloody smashing. Eep, the talons are a bit pointy.” But before he could utter another word, the hawk flew from the Duke and into a nearby tent, emerging as the man once more. All around the other circus performers applauded loudly, the clowns especially were dazzled by this amazing feat. One clown with large red shoes, ran..with difficulty to fetch the manager, and bring him around to see this new performer.


The Circus Manager who wore a large red coat and top hat, came out of his office and beamed at August. “Beepo here tells me, you are gifted with the ability to change into a hawk. Well done….well done. Would you care to be part of our little circus family? We provide food, shelter and of course your own dressing tent.” he said all this, trying to entice the young man to accept. The Duke gave a nod of approval “Generally, I liked it.” He said in a nasally tone, before going right back to his rotten poetry. The other performers gathered around August, and offered to show him the ropes.


Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 05, 2013 06:32AM
Fascinated, Johan watched with a certain amount interest in how the beautiful Josephine let herself become one with the tempo of the music. The way her dress clung to her form, the corset pulled so exquisitely tight, and showed off her ample cleavage, the skirts did more than suggest what lay beneath the many layers of petticoats and silk. He could only just bring himself to imagine what delights he would enjoy with such a divine creature. She truly titillated his senses. Josephine appeared to be the very epitome of the Bohemian revolution. ~Truth, beauty, freedom, and love~


Like a jungle cat, he prowled the edges of the dance floor, past a sea of beauties in swirling skirts, and with the rise of the music from the orchestra, he felt more than compelled to ask this sweet girl for a dance. Course, her father was in close proximity, but that did not worry him. Garson dared him to be a man, and so tonight, he would be. Taking six large steps to reach her, he bowed politely, sweeping his arm across his chest in a graceful display of Victorian manners and elegance.

“Would you do me the honor of this dance?” Johan asked.


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September 05, 2013 06:45AM


Isabella lifted a brow at the duke before watching the hawk land on his shoulder. She was clearly unimpressed by his feat, though she was amused. “Hawk shifter? Lovely. You aren’t the only shifter here, though, sir.” With a wink towards him, she laughed and then waved at the duke. “I suppose I’ll let you be now, sir. You go on with your… odd…. poetry.” Twirling around, the woman wiggled her hips playfully before she began shifting. Within only a few moments, she had shifted into a full-grown black panther.


She pawed playfully at the duke before letting out a low growl – one purely of amusement. After only a moment, she stretched and then shifted back to her human form, a grin on her lips. Once she was in her human form once again, she looked at the hawk shifter. “You’re new around here, aren’t you? I don’t think I’ve met you before.”

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September 05, 2013 08:25AM
August, smiled even wider. “Yes indeed good sir, I would love to join the troupe. he said to the Duke quickly and bowed, as he looked up he saw a panther pawing around the Duke and then realized by smell she was like him! he had never met anyone of his kind before. he wasnt sure what to make of it. As she had become a panther he thought it might be amusing to become one as well, she might not expect it.
Plus, it might be fun to be a large cat it had been a while since he had done it. The last time he had been a lynx.
He began to change as he did, his muscle and sinew formed and moved and his body elongated and became that of a long black panther..


His body moved lithely around with her, two cats chasing each other throughout the stage. Then he made his way back after getting swatted a few times and shifted back making his way back to his tent with only a few claw marks for the fun of the romp….


Luckily for him he healed much faster than others.

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 05, 2013 09:16AM
Josephine was thoroughly enjoying herself as she danced, her hands twisting above her body as her hips swayed. The music was picking up, and so were her dance steps. With wild laughter, she let out a shout and continued to let loose. Some of the other dancers even paused in their conversation to watch with interest as the aristocratic woman lost her inhibitions. The half angel soon paused, her chest heaving up and down as she fought to catch her breath. A handsome man now stood before her, and the sight of him was breathtaking. As he bowed before her, a blush crept onto her cheeks. Shyly, Josephine lifted a hand to touch her chest and laughed “I’m so sorry, please give me a moment to catch my breath…” As her heartbeat steadied, she then lifted her hand to her hair to nervously brush hair from her face. It had been such a long time since she had danced with a man, and a handsome one at that. Josephine had never even danced in an establishment such as this and wondered if she would be able to keep up. With a slow smile, she lifted her chin up defiantly and placed her hand her into his. “Yes. Try to keep up.” Letting out another laugh, she yanked him towards her as her feet began to pick up the fast beat quickly.

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September 05, 2013 10:35AM
As laughter and music filled the air, Dolly became drawn to it. She had travelled far and wide. Her past taunted her, she missed the bright lights of New York City. The beautiful Harmonia Gardens, her life revolved around that place. She missed the patrons, the staff, the music. Walking into the circus she saw the glamour of it, the music the dancers they all called to her. Could this be her new home. Could she reinvent herself there…? Drown out the memories of her past.


Walking around she couldn’t help but take in everything she could see… she couldn’t help but dance on the dancefloor and sing along with the songs that was playing. The atmosphere of the place was electrifying. She felt at peace and at home…
It wasn’t long before her throat began to ache, holding her neck she began to panic. She could feel the blood pumping through the veins of the people close to her. She could hear there hearts beating in time to the music. She felt as thought the room was spinning, she tried to move away from the dance floor towards the exit, but her thirst was beginning to take over, all she could think about was the warm blood flowing through the veins of the people around her.

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September 05, 2013 06:42PM

As she shifted back into her human form, Isabella grinned at the other shifter. “It was a pleasure meeting you~ If you have any question about your… talent, feel free to ask.” She winked playfully at him before laughing and twirling about. “If I’d known shifting would get me a job here, I would’ve done that instead of dancing.” Though she was clearly playing, as the woman soon pranced off to hook arms with a male dancer, and lead him in a dance. Within only a few moments, though, the woman pulled away, and left. She’d return later. For now… she had a funeral to attend.

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September 06, 2013 10:17PM
August, leaned back as completed his shift back into his human form. Much more relaxed he was glad to see he wasnt the only one here like this. He was glad to have found people similiar to himself. For the first time in quite a while he felt he indeed had a safe haven of sorts. All he had been doing was running. It was quite a change. After the performance and the clamor of it all it was nice just to relax. He cleaned himself up a bit and looked through the clothing in the tent trying on different outfits, wondering what might work best for his new act…


Finally finding a loose fitting set of trousers and a short tunic he seemed pleased with himself. He wanted something, simple sexy and loose fitting. Easy to shift in and harder to explain away…

He smiled in spite of himself.

Re: {RP} Bizarre Circus Troupe
September 15, 2013 08:44PM

Josephine was full of life and exuberance, showing a side of femininity in public that few ever did. Her training as a ballerina gave her both the strength and poise to master the latest dance craze that was sweeping music halls and dance rooms across the city. Johan moved stealthfully, keeping pace with Jo and then twirling her around the floor, with her skirts rising in a flurry of colour and satin. Every so often the dance would call for the lead to draw her in and at this, the muscular Johan held her firmly, keeping her almost dancing on air. Other dancers were envious and some whispering behind hands and fans, with the way that Johan and Josephine glided along the boards. The music increased in its tempo, and you could smell the room ripe with the scents of rosewater and masculine sweat. Josephine’s curls bounced off her shoulder and Johan could barely keep his eyes off her svelte form.

Twirling her again, he gripped her hand tightly, his other hand firmly to the small of her back, and continued to dance till the band stopped playing.