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[RP] Wintervine Castle
October 02, 2013 10:11AM
Home to the royal family of Laegess, and the capital of The Willow. Please state where in the castle you are at the beginning of every post.

Re: [RP] Wintervine Castle
October 10, 2013 10:02PM
WinterVine Castle


The Prince was standing upon the top most turret, as the new day dawned over the lands of his kin. It was a morning ritual that he had observed for years, to make the mad dash up the stairs with his man servant and friend Klaus, for as long as he could remember. Reaching the top, he smacked his hand on the marble statue to show he was once again first.

Klaus, who was slightly larger than his Prince, came huffing and puffing up the last few steps.

“Almost got me that time, Klaus.” The Prince laughed, as he leant against the stone edge and smiled broadly. His muscular arms.

“Ah…so so true, your Grace.” Klaus said, in a wheezy voice as he doubled over and placed his hands upon his knees. Clearly he was winded from the morning’s exercise, though the Prince looked like he had hardly broke a sweat. The Prince wandered over and slapped Klaus heartily upon the back, which only made Klaus splutter even more.

“Race you back down for breakfast!” The Prince cried, taking off at speed, whilst Klaus was trying to right himself.

“I…think I will skip breakfast…maybe even lunch.” Klaus lamented, trudging down after the highly active Prince.

Round and round the Prince went, laughing as he could hear the distant wheezing of his good friend. It was like this nearly every day, and the Prince wouldn’t have it any other way.

Reaching the bottom, the Prince then took his pulse and strolled over to a nearby fountain, to splash his face with water to refresh himself. He had hoped to catch his Mother before breakfast, but with her schedule, it was always hard to know when she would be about.


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October 10, 2013 10:14PM
Dining Hall

Arianna sat at the table, listening to her advisors as they spoke of matters of State.

“…and the Ogres of Longtree wish to send an ambassador to discuss a possible alliance with you, Your Majesty.”

She looked up at this, her blue eyes piercing in their intensity. “Hm. That is indeed grand news. Please send them a message that we would be happy to accept their ambassador for negotiations.” she allowed.

“Excellent, Your Majesty.” her lead advisor turned to leave but the calling of his name stopped him in his tracks.


“Yes, Your Majesty?” he turned back to her.

“Have you seen my son this morning? He wasn’t in his room when I went to see him.”

“No, Your Majesty. He must have gone out to the stables again.”

Arianna shook her head and smiled fondly.

“That boy and his horses.” she sighed. “Thank you, Gannelon. Please see to it the Ambassador arrives safely.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Gannelon bowed and left the dining hall.

Arianna sat back in her seat and waited the arrival of her children.


Re: [RP] Wintervine Castle
October 10, 2013 10:27PM
Dining Hall

The doors to the Dining hall burst open, with the radiance of the Prince of Laegess strutting in and tossing one of the nearby wait servants his jacket.

“Good catch Lofty!” he winked and flicked his head back, before rubbing his hands together, seeing the enormous spread that was laid out before him.

“Breakfast is by far the best meal of the day.” He chorused and then looked up to see his Mother was in attendance. She looked to be talking to that lad Gannelon and Sirus tried to hide his amusement. Talk of him hanging out with the horses. This early? Nay? (lol)

“Mother….Ganney…you are both a sight for sore eyes this morn. Let me guess, politics and muffins at five am? Don’t those other realms realize that we need to eat before doing all that nasty…parchment stamping?” He said, pulling out a timber chair and sitting himself down.

“Now…important matter of state, should I have the waffles….or start off with a bowl of fruit?” He then looked up at his Mother and winked. It was going to be one of those days.



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October 10, 2013 10:33PM
Arianna looked up as her son practically pranced into the room. She shook her head in amusement.

“Sirus…one day, you will be doing this exact same thing. The least you could do is take it seriously.” she admonished gently. “And now that I have you here, we really must discuss you taking on a bride.”

Arianna knew this was important. She wouldn’t be around forever, as she could feel her life force slowly leaving her. It had started with the death of her husband, something that should not have been possible. As they had been wed, her life force was tied to her husband’s and only her strong will to see her son happily married and breeding the next heir to the kingdom was keeping her in this world.

“Have you made any decisions about how to go about claiming a wife?” she wondered. It was a topic she discussed with him on more than one occasion and he always tried to find ways of getting away from talking about it.

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October 10, 2013 10:43PM
Dining Hall

Sirus was about to tuck into a large helping of waffles, when his Mother dropped the bombshell.

“And now that I have you here, we really must discuss you taking on a bride.” 

Sirus was holding onto the syrup bottle, that was slowly pouring on the maple syrup, when he heard the word ‘bride’. His face looked up with that kind of gold fish expression. Like one that had just been reefed out by its tail from the fish tank and hung upside down.


“Have you made any decisions about how to go about claiming a wife?”

“I haven’t thought of anything past this plate of waffles. Oh heck the syrup!” It was now oozing off the sides of his plate and onto the table, and he placed down the jug and cringed.

“Have…you ever considered maybe you should find….a new man. Hmm? You are still a looker, Mom. I bet there are oodles of love struck King types out there, in dire need of a good wifey.”

A few of the serving staff chuckled as the found this situation amusing. The Prince, and his delightful habit of running away from responsibility. Sadly he knew that he would not be able to outrun his Mother’s questioning forever and then dropped his fork down onto the table.

“I am going to be blunt, Mom. My horses are more attractive than the Princesses in the surrounding realms.”

With that said, he picked up his fork and started to hack off a large piece of waffle to shove in his mouth, so he didn’t have to say another word.

Again, more tittters of laughter from the staff, as the morning comedy hour continued.



Re: [RP] Wintervine Castle
October 10, 2013 10:50PM
Arianna rolled her eyes as her eldest child tried to clean up the spilled-over syrup with the aid of one of the servants. She had this same conversation with him every morning…and his answer never changed.

“Sirus. You know why I refuse to marry again. It would bring great dishonor upon your father’s legacy. And we are not discussing me. You are the Heir Regent. This means you have many responsibilities ahead of you, including bearing an heir to follow in your steps, You cannot run from it forever. I will not allow it.” she insisted. It was rare when Arianna showed her temper as she was always a fair-minded individual.

But some days her son pushed her buttons…today was one of those days.

“So…I have decided. You have exactly one year from today to choose a bride. If by the time the year ends and you have not chosen, one will be chosen for you and you will marry. With or without your consent. Do I make myself clear?”

Re: [RP] Wintervine Castle
October 10, 2013 11:01PM
Dining Hall

The playful bouncing Prince with a mouthful of waffle was about to have his morning parade rained on….and hard. The Queen had had enough of his skillful dodging and weaving to get out of discussion of choosing a wife. Clearly, the Queen had made up her mind, and it was not at all as the Prince would have hoped. In fact, her words had him spray a mouthful of syrupy crud all over the front of his plate.

Sure, he was the Heir apparent, but the idea that he HAD to sire a child…breed an Heir. What was he? A bloody Stallion? One of the staffers tried to wipe the crud off his lips, and the Prince snatched the napkin and did it himself.

“So…I have decided. You have exactly one year from today to choose a bride. If by the time the year ends and you have not chosen, one will be chosen for you and you will marry. With or without your consent. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal!” The Prince rose from his place and then tossed down his napkin on the remaining pile of waffles. “Tell the cook, I’ve just lost my appetite.”


There was a gasp from the kitchens, cause the Prince was always hungry. And for him to lose his appetite, was just…scandalous. Piercing blue eyes regarded his mother, and then he pushed his chair out and marched out of the Dining hall, snatching his coat from Lofty, as he grumbled. Words that were said, thankfully were out of earshot, but they were blue…very very blue. The door slammed, and the staff all turned their attention to the Queen.


Re: [RP] Wintervine Castle
October 10, 2013 11:17PM
She watched him storm out of the hall with a shake of her head, feeling guilty she had caused her son such distress. But it was something that needed to be said and now that it had been, the results aren’t what she would have liked.

“Just as stubborn as his father.” she sighed out loud. “Lisette, please search him out and remind him he must attend court today. If I have to tie him to the throne like a dog, then I will do so, but he must be there.”

“Yes, Majesty.” her lady-in-waiting curtsied before hurrying from the hall in search of the Prince.

Arianna looked around, wondering where her daughter had gotten to this day. It wasn’t like her to miss breakfast.

Sighing, she got to her feet and strode from the hall, making a striking figure in her flowing gown and long hair trailing down her back in a braid.

Throne Room

Leiana had given Tempest some clothing to change into until they’d gotten a chance to get to the seamstress in the village proper. Once she had changed, Leiana took her around to show her everything before they headed to the castle so that Tempest could ask for sanctuary. Leiana had taken care with Tempest’s appearance, brushing and styling Tempest’s blonde locks into the style worn by the other women of the village. Instead of detracting from her beauty, the new style seemed to enhance Tempest’s looks. Whether this was good or bad remained to be seen.

Tempest had been fascinated with the village. There was such a sense of community here, she felt as if she belonged.

They made their way to the castle and were granted entrance to await with others who wished the Queen’s favor.

As they waited, Tempest took the time to look around at the opulent surroundings of the throne room. So different from home. Her gaze was drawn to a family portrait hanging behind and above the thrones. There were four people in the painting, two male and two female. Leiana noticed her attention was elsewhere and took notice of where it was directed.

“That is the Royal Family. King Leifold was killed some time ago so we are ruled by Queen Arianna. She is grooming the Prince to take his place as heir of the kingdom.”

“And the young girl?”

“Princess Everantha, the Queen’s daughter.” Leiana answered. “She may or may not be here today.”

“The Prince will be?” Tempest wondered, curious.

“Sometimes. He’s very headstrong.”

“Ah.” Tempest nodded, looking back at the painting. The Prince was very pleasing to her eye.

Suddenly a page stepped into the room and banged his staff upon the stone floor. “Presenting, Her Majesty, Queen Arianna and His Royal Highness, Prince Sirus, Heir Regent to the House of Laegess! Stand forth and present!”

The doors opened and Arianna stepped through first as the full court and its subjects bowed in her presence.

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October 10, 2013 11:31PM

Naturally when things went sour for the Prince, he found solace amongst the horses in the Royal stable. With a brush in hand, he was really giving one gelding a rub down, more power in his hand then he really should have been using. Well, at least the horse would come up to notch, unlike the Prince’s temper. He was not always one to sulk, in fact he was probably one of the more jovial of all the royals. The problem was this whole…arranged marriage deal. What he wanted, was to marry for love, not to fufill some vital role in the monarchy. Sighing, his brush strokes slowed, as the footfalls of one rather distressed lady in waiting, finally caught up with him

“Your Grace. Your Mother insists you are in attendance in court. Its your duty.”

Ah…again with the duty tag. The Prince exhaled and hung up the brush. Glancing down at his feet, he felt defeated already. Was this how life of a Royal was to be? Did the ordinary folk have to be bulled into marrying some puffed up Princess from the Kingdom of Rangoon?

“Your Grace…please…she needs you there.” the lady in waiting implored, now practically begging him to come.

“Very well. Let me change out of these clothes, I shall be there shortly.”

Pleased that he had given his word, the lady in waiting bobbed a curtsey and took off back to the castle, as the Prince patted the horse. “I’d marry you in a second. Least you wouldn’t talk back.” The horse gave the prince an odd look and Sirus shrugged before heading off to his chambers to change.


Throne room

“Presenting, Her Majesty, Queen Arianna and His Royal Highness, Prince Sirus, Heir Regent to the House of Laegess! Stand forth and present!”

The Queen was first to make her way through the court, in her finery and jewels, looking radiant as ever. The Prince was dressed in dark colors of navy, with his royal sash and seal. He looked straight ahead, with those piercing blue eyes of his, taking his seat at her side, but not speaking or being his normal boisterous self. The tension was such, you could carve it with a knife.