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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 14, 2013 03:40AM
Keagan smiled as he escorted his sister towards where his parents sat, he was amazed by her every moved she looked calmed here. Her smile was mesmerising, “Brother, you charm me so even at such a dreary event as this.” smiling back at her he nodded and carried on towards there seats… Sitting next to her he couldn’t help but wonder what was really going through her mind. looking around at the procession he could see a woman in distress and everyone crowding around her.. and people shouting. Rolling his eyes he turned away and looked to the coffin… it was strange how death seemed so final above ground..

Reaching out for his sisters hand, he squeezes it gently. While still watching around him. He wondered himself where the ceremony was going to start.. Looking towards his sister he smiles and gently squeezes her hand once more… Being above ground was beginning to give him the creeps… he noticed a blonde woman entering the grounds. She was slowly dressing amongst the other while walking with great authority. Looking towards his mother he looked at her with a puzzled look “who is she?”

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September 14, 2013 08:37AM
That seductive and delicious purr that resonated from Elvira’s throat as she sat gracefully upon the chair, sparked Virgo’s attention. Hell, if he had been in wolf form his ears would have pricked right up. “I hear and obey, M’Lord.” Clearly she played the part of submissive all too well, and he knew from the first night he took her, that was just how she liked it. Course, here they were at her Father’s funeral, and really he shouldn’t be entertaining such thoughts. He coughed for a moment, and closed his eyes, as his mind wandered back to the garden, where dinner had been abandoned for nocturnal pursuits. A wry grin started to form upon his lips, almost wolfish at best.

He gave in, and took his eyes away from that of the other mourners, and turned his head down towards her so she could see for herself, just what affect she had on him. “You will do more than obey, my Heart.” Leaning down he went to whisper in her ear, while his hand reached towards a broach on her chest, like he was going to adjust it slightly, course his fingers wandered lower, and he teased her nipple from the outside of her dress. His breath hot to her earlobe. “I will leave you begging for more.”



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September 14, 2013 08:47AM
Her words had their desired effect and she turned her gaze from the unfamiliar woman to look at him. She could clearly see the effect she had on him and she smirked.

“You will do more than obey, my Heart.” He stepped close to whisper in her ear, all while pretending to reach for the broach upon her chest. Out of everyone’s view, his fingers carressed her nipple outside her dress, causing her to inhale sharply. A low, delicious throb began to pulse through her body. His breath caressed her ear. “I will leave you begging for more.”

Elvira was cconsciousof the fact this was the wrong place and the wrong time for such things, but his words inflamed her, drawing her succubus near to the surface. Her pupils were dialated and she began to pant.

“Ah, M’Lord…but will I be the begger or will that honor…fall to you?” she mumured in reply. His body was blocking her view of everyone else and she took the opportunity to brush her fingers across the front of him, her answering grin low and seductive. She held his gaze with her own.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 14, 2013 08:52AM
The Queen of Fae was standing with her husband beneath a large oak and watched as many other mourners joined the line to pay their respects to the deceased. At least her husband was nice and close, and this did put her at ease somewhat. All of her children were in attendance and she was grateful that they could show a united front. Swinging a black purse in front of her, she started to feel a bit peckish, and delved into her bag for a small packet of chocolates. She offered one to her husband, shaking the small packet, before then helping herself to one, just as her son, Keagan approached and asked about the woman that appeared as though from a black veil in the sky, arriving naked. It was enough to put her off her chocolate.


“Oh heavens…who arrives naked at a funeral? Now I ask you. Least she could have worn a hat..or..carried an umbrella. Dear me. I feel sick.” The Queen had no idea who the woman was, or what her role was at this solemn affair. “My son…I do not know. These surface dwellers have such odd customs.” she shuddered and then snuggled up towards her husband Dillon. “Why is this taking so long?” Ceara said with a pout.



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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 14, 2013 09:07AM
The Count was mesmerized. He could see her pupils dilating, and feel the heat rising in her body, as the succubus was coming to the fore. Virgo’s own breathing was becoming ragged, as he continued to “fix” her broach. “Ah, M’Lord…but will I be the begger or will that honor…fall to you?” Their faces were mere inches apart. The sexual tension was such, he was finding it almost impossible to contain himself. He then looked past her at a large black carriage, that they had used to come to the funeral. Suddenly, he got a wild idea. Virgo looked down at her and then cocked his head. “I think..you need to, lay down for a spell. Let me carry you to the carriage.” Without another word, he lifted her up gracefully, and carried her off and over to the carriage, where the footman opened the door.“Be a good lad, and no matter how much she cries out, she has to stay in this carriage, until I am satisfied.” And with that the footman smirked and opened the door. Chuckling to himself, he lifted her in and shut the door behind them. What happened next….well…..



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September 14, 2013 09:33AM
Lurch had been standing holding the umbrella up for dear Fanny, who was getting a little wiggly, since she needed to pee. All those rain drops in puddles, were setting off her bladder something fierce. Not being able to take it anymore, and still a long line of mourners, she spied the garden’s convenience, and said to Lurch in a dainty voice. “Walk with me to the loo please, Lurch.” Lurch nodded sadly, still coming to terms with the loss of Amos. Picking up her skirts with the tips of her fingers, she trekked through the muddy puddles, and weaved her way through the crowd, and down to the convenience near where the carriages were parked. As she was about to enter, she could see out of the corner of her eye, that the Count had carried young Elvira to his carriage. “I do hope she is not ill still.” Lurch waited patiently outside, till Fanny reappeared and then smiled for him to take her back. This was when she heard the oily squeaky sounds of the carriage. Glancing across she could see it was moving…and rather vigorously. The other carriage drivers were in a circle, but you could see they were all chuckling. Fanny who was ever inquisitive gestured for Lurch to follow her with the umbrella, as she wondered if the Count was giving Elvira some new kind of deep tissue massage that was all the rage.


As she was about to knock on the carriage door, she heard a wolf like growl come from within, followed by some very feminine cries, begging for more. Fanny kept her fist up, almost frozen, and leaned her head closer to listen. It was then a large hand appeared on the window, and started to streak down, as the carriage was almost bouncing off its wheels.“My….heart….Elvira…grrrrahhh” Even the horses were getting agitated. “Oh my…they’re not, are they?” Fanny questioned, while Lurch shook his head. “Rrrrrrrr.” Fanny sighed and knew she had to go back and stand with Bart, but she looked back at the carriage as she crept away saying; “Lucky bastards.”


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September 14, 2013 01:59PM
Amos’ Service
Bowing his head, he smiled wide at er words, and gentle laughter poured fourth of his lips. What she spoke was truth, and this was something that should have been known by now. After all, he was death. His eyes lifted to meet hers, still smiling, and he spoke his explanation. “I am death. I am Eternal. I am innevitable. None can avoid me…at least not forever, and none shall forever leave me. When I want something, I get it. When I get it, it forever shall be mine. Surely, you know this by now my love.” He chuckled, and cupped her cheek with his right hand, carressing it the silk skin beneath it, owning it’s feel. “Plague and Death. We cannot have one with out the other, as they go hand in hand with each other. You will forever be mine, as I yours.” Then, he planted a kiss upon her lips as passionate as ever. She’d look rather mental in front of the other guests, but her circus gig would be quite the great cover up. Besides, once he made a true appearance, it wouldn’t matter. Pulling away, he stood from his seat and stretched his back leisurely. “There is a dinner tonight…in your Count’s home. Or, soon will be, at least. I will show this face there, and we shall be together in the flesh at last. His plan will take some time…however. I will fill you in AFTER dessert…” With that he dissappeared as quickly as he’d appeared.

A man dressed in rather plain clothes, approaches the casket, laying a hand on it’s head. No body, yet the event was as emotional as ever. He looked out to the impressive crowd, and solemnly…smiled, simply a courtesy if it were anything at all. “May we all join together in the seats before the casket…if you all deem it time to begin.” His voice was gentle, yet strong, something of a commanding being. Esmerelda would know all too well the man within this body, as there could be no other to deliver the speach, except the one who was slain himself. Not to mention it was a past time of his to do this, deliver the eulogy. When all took their seats, he could begin to hear whispers of why he dressed un fitting for the occassion. In truth, he’d merely taken over the body of a random passerby, and was lucky the man was dressed quite fancily. However, this also held significance to demons. He could not wear all white, and he could not speak of god, he also could not wear all black robes and speak of Lucifer. Thus, he chose to speak of the man, nothing more. Standing before everyone, behind the casket, the man spoke, a look of sorrow painted upon his face. “To speak of a man, so high in society…so looked up to by his family…so admired by his enemies…is more than an honor for this lowly man today. I did not know Lord Amos Roxburg, though I can tell from this turnout, what a great being he was. I’ve spoken to the family, to his allies, to his enemies, and from each of their testimonies, I believe I understand what kind of man he was.” Stepping from behind the Casket, his arms still held behind his back, he made his way to the crowd and walked through the rows of chairs. “Honorable, in that he put all others before himself.” His eyes fell to his children, each that sat, even to the Bianchi family. “Loving, in that above all else, his heart held those most dear to him. A husband and father, in that none came before his family.” He ended his walk beside Bess, and his eyes found hers, complete sorrow within them. He went to rest a hand on her shoulder, and when it touched her skin, he pulled it off a moment later, as to not offend the woman. “He was everything a man would hope, could wish to be to his family, and all others that surrounded him. Today, this world loses more than a simple man, it loses a figurehead to the people, a person who could have changed it, in some drastic way. Today, it loses Amos Roxburg, the man unlike any other.” Returning to his place before the casket, he turned to the crowd and spoke. “Now, if the family, or anyone else would like to share a few words, now is the time.” With that, he stepped aside and took a seat off to a corner of the procession.

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September 14, 2013 02:26PM
Amos’ Service

Esme felt her heart quicken when Death laughed beside her. Though the sound would be chilling to others, her warmed her from her stomach down to her core. Crossing her legs, she tried to keep a serious face as her lips set into a hard line. How foolish would she look if she allowed his adoring words to ruffle her feathers in front of a group of mourning people? However, the way he staked his claim over her, the way he revealed how their destinies were intertwined…well…that really had her nipples pebbling and her nether regions moist. There was nothing more intoxicating than a man who took what he wanted, no matter how little she thought of the male species. Turning to him, her eyes fluttered shut as he cupped her cheek. Esme could scarcely feel herself breathing as he said she would be forever his. When he kissed her, she nearly lost control. Not caring if anyone was watching this odd spectacle of Esme embracing…an invisible person, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him so urgently it was as if she were parched and he was the world’s finest source of water. Her fingers raked his hair and she could scarcely hear him as he pulled away to warn her of what was to come. Her chest heaved up and down as she stared at him, her eyes wide. He was coming to the Count’s estate. As he mentioned dessert, she licked her lips and smirked before turning away from him. Soon. Leaning back in the chair, she pretended to forget that she caved into the touch of a man. For now, she focused on the image of him kissing her…all over. A small smile crossed her lips and she waited.


Juliette had snuggled into Edward when the progression started, not caring that they were on the ground still. She took great comfort in his presence and was thrilled that he was staying by her side. As the man began to speak, her heart still broke at the lost of her father. How could she be so willing to work for Lillith? Juliette understood now that even though her father was harsh on her, it was only to make her stronger. And if she had accepted his teachings, perhaps she would have been strong enough to resist her inner demon from destroying her, not allowing it to control her. Standing up slowly, she knew she would do whatever it took to make things right. Even if it killed her. When the man finished speaking, she walked up to the casket first. She knew it would no doubt upset her former siblings, but she didn’t care. Juliette wanted her closure. Placing her hand on the casket, she spoke out in a shaky voice “I have always been so weak, Daddy…give me the strength to avenge you, to make things right for our family.” With that, she leaned down to kiss his coffin as tears poured down her cheeks. She just had to make it right. Turning around again, she went to go stand by Edward as she waited for others to say their good byes.

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September 14, 2013 02:44PM
Elvira and Virgo emerged from the carriage, all smiles and a bit disheveled, just as the ceremony was beginning. Sally had been looking for them both and had just spotted them emerging from the family carriage. Virgo was straightening his vest and tie, while Elvira’s hair was a disaster of epic proportions. Virgo had been a bit…enthusiastic…in his handling of her. And she had managed to feed a little from him without his notice, so she was feeling slightly better.

“Elvira! Lord Marulo!” she hissed in shock. “This was not the time or place for such a thing!”

“It was needed, Sally. I’m feeling much…better.” Elvira smirked, running her fingers through her loose and tangled hair.

“The ceremony’s started! You can’t go over there looking like ye just had a roll in the hay!”

“As if I care what others think of me.” Elvira patted Sally’s cheek and walked back to the other mourners, Virgo following behind with a smug expression on his face.

She saw Fanny giving her a grin and Elvira had a feeling she knew what she had been up to. She gave a light shrug, indicating “What can I do? The man wants me.” Fanny looked to be giggling.

She turned her attention to the man who stood at her father’s casket, wondering why he was so plainly dressed for a priest.

“Now, if the family, or anyone else would like to share a few words, now is the time.”

Elvira remained where she was. She couldn’t explain it, she just felt that she had said all she needed to say to her father just before he died. Why speak words to empty air in front of others, most who probably could have cared less who her father was? And besides…it was only right that the honor of speaking go to her mother or her brother. She turned to look at them both, Alice at her mother’s side. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Sally.

“Go to them, darling.” Sally murmured. Nodding, she gave Virgo a small smile before moving to stand with her family, linking her arm through Bart’s and wrapping an arm around Alice’s shoulders. Lurch stood behind them, Sally at his side. They presented quite the picture of a family united in their sorrow.

Juliette was the first to go to the casket and it was all Elvira could do to keep herself in place. By sheer willpower, she kept her thoughts from her face and her eyes.

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September 14, 2013 06:00PM
Bess leaned heavily on the umbrella, her free hand snaked around behind Ezekiel, she held onto him, her hand gripping the back of his jacket and holding on like he was the one thing keeping her up “Thank you for being here…Amos…he…I”Bess trailed of and licked her lips. Tears, fresh and salty fell from her eyes again. With shaking lips she mouthed a thank you before closing her eyes. Tears swelled on her eyelashes as she tried to find some sort of composure. It wasn’t working. She could feel the panic rising in her chest, it was clawing at her heart and made her want to throw up I can be strong she told herself again. Inhaling sharply she glanced at Ezekiel “Leave them” she managed, her voice barely a whisper as she let him go. Her arm then found Alices, she gripped her daughter tightly, though she didn’t mean to.
She gave Ezekiel one last, heart breaking look before a voice cut through her. Bess had been so concentrated on everything else that this was the first sound that had actually made her focus on something other than the coffin or her Family. A man stood over the dark wood coffin, she had never seen him before but the pain etched on his face made her wonder if he had known Amos. As he spoke Bess licked her lip and dropped her head. She wept then, she wept for her Amos, for her children who had no Father anymore, for herself, for the fact that she would never see him again, never kiss or caress him, never smile with him…Bess felt the panic rise again I’ts not true she thought He’s not dead, he’s alive and he’s fine…he’s at home…now, he’s at home and he’s waiting.. Bess wanted to laugh…she wanted to cry…she wanted to rake her face to bloody ribbons because the grief was all consuming.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a slight pressure on her shoulder. She tensed and glanced up, bloodshot and teary eyes she stared into the face of whom she guessed was the pastor because he was seemingly leading the funeral. She sniffed gently and tensed up, glancing away she then felt his hand leave her shoulder. As he walked away she tilted her head up to watch him. When he finished up and invited Family up to speak Bess closed her eyes. She could barely speak to Alice…let alone an entire congregation. No…she stayed put…she stayed submerged in her sadness, her anger and her pain.