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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 14, 2013 08:03PM
Fanny had made it back to Bart’s side, who at this point was glaring menacingly at Juliette. With her show of misery and loss to their beloved father, after he had seen for himself that she had had a hand in his demise, turned him sick to his stomach. As far as he was concerned, she was to be banished from the Roxburg mansion, and to go live in the gutter with that worthless piece of goat shit, Edward. Oddly enough, he was surprised that Edward showed. He had thought that the Count did him in. Guess he didn’t. Fanny was giggling darkly from behind her veil, and even had to bite her own lip from laughing out loud. Bart had to do a double take, to see that she was in fact finding something very funny.

“Kitten…really, your timing is a bit off. Do you mind not finding this scene, amusing?’

Fanny just thwapped him with her fan and then leaned over so she could say what she had to without the whole funeral gathering hearing it. “Oh…oh…ever heard the term ‘If the carriage is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’?” She said still trying to hold back her mirth. Bart looked bewildered and shook his head. “Kitten, someone laced your mints with arsenic?’ At this point she turned to see Elvira and her dashing, yet scruffy Count emerge from the carriage. It was all she needed to set her off in a tither of giggles. “Don’t look now, but…I think the answer is about to appear.” Bart glanced over at Elvira. Seriously, she looked like she had just done nine rounds with an irish boxer. Her hair was a mess, but the real show, was the smug look on the Count’s face. Sort of…punch drunk, but proud like a peacock. He was adjusting his tie, while Sally was going off the deep end at both of them with a low tone. “He just fucked my sister at our Father’s funeral?”


At this, Fanny started to laugh again. “Isn’t it divine? That carriage really needs some oil. You should have heard the squeaks.” Lurch stood in behind Fanny, rolling his eyes, and still trying to hold the umbrella up..“Rrrrrrrrr.”

The Count was a bit light headed, not totally aware during the daring funeral romp that his delightful petal had fed from him during their escapade. All he knew was that he took his woman…and how. He was as proud as ever a man could be, and greatly relieved.


Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 15, 2013 03:15PM

“Dragora.” The woman who had arrived just moments ago turned to the voice of her master, coming from the circle of carriages. It was not a shout, but everyone present would hear. She bowed her head and curtsied, holding her position as he came into view.


Two guards flanked Stallone as he made his way to the group. He had a sullen smile on his face, sympathetic and caring, but only half genuine. He tilted his head slightly and nodded to Alice, who was frozen staring at him, her hand tight on her mother’s arm and her shoulders stiff under her sister’s. She knew his scent and she hated it, but she wasn’t going to make a scene like he was. Dragora was still in her curtsy, and Stallone placed his hand under her chin to lift her from it, and she immediately curled up under his arm, a smug smile on her face. He gently made his way to the casket, nodding to Juliette as well. He did not touch it, but he bowed his head before it. He whispered very quietly, but the whisper would reach Bess and Alice’s ears, and not another living soul’s. “My apologies for our strife, old friend. If only we could have parted on better terms. I can assure you as long as I am alive, no enemy will touch your family. I will defend them with my life.”

Alice wanted to snort and roll her eyes, and she also wanted to tear Stallone’s head off, but for some reason, his words felt genuine, real. And she needed to control herself in front of her mother.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 15, 2013 09:35PM
As Henny was watching in awe as those of many creeds and races showed up for this solemn occassion, she couldn’t help but notice the looks being passed between Evangeline and Johnathon. At first he appeared oblivious to it all, when Bart made his walk up to the coffin of his father, and placed his hand upon the top of the casket.

“Father…I failed you at your time of need. I should have…I should have done more, done something. I just..” He bowed his head and then sniffed as he shook his head. “I will avenge you…I swear it.”

Bart was joined by Fanny, who left a single black rose on Amos’s coffin, along with a small bag of mints. “You were one that rose high over all of us. A nobleman, a father…a dark lord. You will never be forgotten.” Fanny then kissed her finger tips, before brushing them along the side of the casket, as the two walked away arm in arm, Fanny doing her best to console Bart, who was fighting back the tears.

Johnathon then took his turn to approach the casket. In a way he was in awe of the Lord Roxburg. Such power he had at his hands, and yet he stood for the balance of all creatures. An opposite yet kindred spirit.

“To the next life….we shall clash swords again.” Johnathon bowed politely, and then turned only to look straight at Evangeline. He gave her a half smile, and then surprisingly, walked towards her. Winnie and Henny both looked at each other as they watched this, and Henny rubbed her hands together. “Cupid is around…Hehehehe.” Winnie gave her a nudge, to get her to remember where she was.


Johnathon tipped his hat to Evangeline and asked. “I didn’t realize you were here. You knew Amos?”


Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 15, 2013 09:47PM
Evangeline stood a little distance aways from the other mourners, watching as those who wished, paid their respects to Amos Roxburg. She felt a little out of place and a tad uncomfortable as there were more dark creatures than there were of the light.

She paid keen attention to Jonathon Bianchi as went to pay his own respects, placing a hand on the coffin and whispering something she couldn’t hear, and it would have been rude of her to eavesdrop.

He turned away and caught sight of her, heading in her direction with a half-smile on his face.

His actions, of course, did not go unnoticed.

He stopped before her, tipping his hat in greeting. “I didn’t realize you were here. You knew Amos?”


Evangeline tilted her head to the side to look at the Roxburgs clustered around one another.

“No. But I just felt compelled to be here. It seems he was a well respected man.” she admitted, looking at her hands. She looked back up at him, blue eyes aglow with her inner light. “And how are you? You looked exhausted when we met at the cafe.”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 16, 2013 10:07AM
Amos’s Service

Juliette watched Stallone arrive at the funeral with cautious eyes. He was a vampire, and though she was a demon herself, they shared a lot in common. She watched his handsome form walk towards the casket and something stirred within her when he looked her way. He was remarkably handsome, and that cold look he had behind his eyes did something to her. Looking away from him, she refused to acknowledge him while he spoke to her father’s corpse. She had no idea what he said as it was so softly spoken, but she had hoped it would not cause any problems. Turning away from it all, she walked towards the trees that surrounded the entrance to the cemetery. Juliette needed to find a new sanctuary away from Lillith, and Edward needed the count’s help now that he was a werewolf. Holding her hand out to her blood doll and lover, she smiled gently and whispered“Come, we must go to Marulo Estate…”


Esme watched this all unfold with a small smile on her face. Soon. Very soon. Standing up slowly, she walked away from the funeral with a small smile on her face. They would all know very soon. With that, she disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 16, 2013 10:43AM
when she rose and left his presence, Edward did nothing. It was all he could do. This was a battle for her now, between the love and hate she held for her father, and he knew she felt it to be her fault. She had to come to terms with her decisions, and she had to do it alone. Edward could be there for emotional support, to be her shoulder to lean on, but he could not force her to accept the choices she’s made. That was something only she would, and could do. He watched her approach the casket, and he could feel the utter pain that tore at her heart. It practically tore at his own.


then she returned to him after she was done, and once again, slunk into his arms. He allowed this, and embraced her form in it’s entirety, closing his arms around her and pressing her into him. To the point where she could hear the hastened and thunderous beat of his heart through the thin layer of cloth he wore over it. He kissed the top of her head, and spoke gently, so that only she could hear him. “Do not mourn those who have loved, lived, and are now lost. else their memory shall be relived of all the joys within it. Instead, embrace this change of events, and revel in their memory. This, will allow them to truly rest in peace..” if only he could honestly believe Amos was gone…and for good. He knew, even if Juliette was too consumed in her emotions for the time being, that Amos had a plan, that he always had a plan, and this plan would be his greatest yet.

When she extended her hand, and spoke, he nodded. He had already been intending on heading there after the event. He figured she’d leave to report to Lillith originally, so her saying ‘We’ was quite the surprise. Nonetheless, he obeyed, and took her hand, and together, they left. He pulled her closer to him, and wrapped his arm around her neck. she was his, and he was hers, now, more than ever, even with the way she looked at the man who’d approached her father’s empty casket. He knew this to be truth, and he’d ensure that NOTHING got in the way of their love again. NOTHING, shall seperate his heart from hers.


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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 16, 2013 11:22AM
(I was kinda confused with this, is Bess or Alice the old friend?, I wrote it like he was speaking to Alice, if not, i will change it up :) )

Bess heard that oh so familiar voice and she glanced up. In front of her stood Stallone, tall and radient. Bright eyes full of sorrow…though she dared not trust it. Saying nothing she gave him a quick glance over and nodded “Sir” she said, dipping her head in a gentle bow. Bess set her lips into a tight line, her jaw clenching with something close to anger…but at this stage she was feeling everything…and nothing, the anger seemed to be a part f her now…like her heart or her brain. “Bess bristled slightly and licked her lips “You were alive when he died” she hissed suddenly, turning her icy gaze on him “If only you had uttered those words before my mother killed my husband…” she continued, pulling her head away and tilting it up arrogantly. She glanced of to the side and a fresh set of tears slid down her face “My daughter and i are trying to get through this day Mr Prime Minister” she said softly before inhaling through her nose and turning back to him “Will you let us do it in peace?” she asked, tilting her head to the side.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 16, 2013 04:00PM

Stallone sighed and turned to Bess, tilting his own head to the side as he spoke to her. “Forgive me, my lady. I only wished to convey my condolences. I regret my tussle with your husband, and the rest of your family; but most of all you and your youngest daughter.” He smiled at Alice, who moved slightly to hide her face in Elvira’s side. She had bad memories of Stallone, and she didn’t wish to think on them more. The vampire’s eyes turned back to Bess, the polite smile still on his lips. “I will leave if you so desire it, but I swear to you I have no intention other than to mourn the loss of a great life. Amos Roxburg, had I not crossed boundaries that I was entirely too aware of, would have been the greatest man I ever had the honor of calling my friend. And I know that you do not need me to tell you that for it to be known or true.”

He bowed his head to her, and a small, extremely feral growl emitted from Dragora’s throat. At the noise, Stallone moved at a great speed to her ear and whispered harshly. “Hush, woman. You have no jurisdiction over my actions, and no claim over myself. I will show kindness and remorse to who, for what I wish. You owe your life to the Roxburg’s, whether they or you know it or not. Had Amos not set me straight all those years ago, you would not even know who I am. Now, as your master and prime minister – get out of my sight.” The last words were hardened, and each was over enunciated as if she couldn’t understand otherwise. Dragora looked at him with hurt, fear and confusion in her eyes, then bowed to him, and to Bess and the other Roxburg’s before running toward the carriages and disappearing among them.

Stallone sighed and turned to Bess once more, an apologetic smile on his face. “Forgive me for that… small scene. If I had known she would not respect the unfortunate occasion, I would not have allowed her near it. I believe that now would be best to take my leave, though I would very much like to stay if I am permitted.” He looked at her with the same half-genuine smile, but for some reason… there was almost a pleading look in his eyes, that seemed all too genuine to be doubted.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 17, 2013 05:47PM

Bess eyed him carefully, her own blue eyes, darker than his, surveyed him with something close to annoyance…but deep down Bess knew there was something genuine about the Prime minister. Sighing gently she licked her lips and spoke “Forgive me…” she started “My husbands…passing has been hard on all of us” Bess struggled upon the word passing and in turn,. gave her daughters arm a gentle squeeze.
As the woman he had arrived with growled, Bess twisted her head and glared. How dare she the woman thought and Bess had half a mind to rip the tongue from her mouth…before she remembered where she was. Glancing from the woman to Stallone, Bess tilted her head up and narrowed her eyes. She was moments away from opening her mouth to protest…but the vampire beat her to the punch. Whatever he had said must had worked because the woman recoiled and slinked away. Bess exhaled through her nose, a long sigh as if the entire scene had annoyed her…which it had…but what could she had done?…she would have to try to find something to take the anger out on later.
As Stallone turned back to face her, Bess was taken aback by the sheer sincerity in her eyes. It took Bess by surprise and the ‘get out’ that she had planned to tell him…fell from thought. Licking her lips again she pressed them into a thin line and listened to what he had to say. Sighing softly when he had finished, Bess balanced the umbrella against her side and tucked a stray strand of hair that had crept into her eyes behind her ear. “You are more than welcome to stay of course” Bess tried to smile…but the little tug of her lips just wasn’t doing it. “Amos…had many friend in many places…i know he would have been happy to see you again.” Bess lied right through her teeth, but something in how genuine the Prime Minster looked had her doubting that he had come here for anything other than mourning, however vampires were sly, slippery creatures so Bess remained on her guard, even after she moved to the left slightly to allow him space to file in beside her.