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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 22, 2013 07:04PM
Disclaimer: This post contains a highly sensitive subject that should be read with caution. If anyone is offended, I apologize as that is not my intention. It is simply for the use of drama within this particular story and should not be taken lightly. Thank you.

Esclavos de Sangre- Josephine’s Guest Room

Josephine stirred from her deep slumber with a small groan, her eyebrows furrowing as she felt an intense headache wrack her throbbing skull. Sitting up slowly, she winced and grabbed at her head. A frown tugged her plump lips down and she looked around to try and figure out where she was. What happened? The last thing she could remember was walking for some fresh air…and eyes. Those terribly dead black eyes. Shuddering, panic then set in when she realized this was not the Bianchi Manor. If she wasn’t there…then where was she? Practically scurrying out of the bed, she whipped around and let out a cry of pain as it sent shocks of awareness throughout her entire body. Suddenly, a voice spoke from the corner of the room.

“Best not move so quickly, darling. You are quite weak from my last feeding. Why don’t you sit down.” Katherine then stepped out of the shadows to smile sweetly.
The half-angel turned quickly in Katherine’s direction and winced again. Frowning, she stepped back when she saw the woman’s eyes. It was her. “Wh-where am I…Where have you taken me? What do you want?”

Katherine’s melodic laughter filled the room as she paced around Josephine as if still hunting her. “My my, so many questions you have…and before you’ve even had your breakfast. Would you like to sit down and have something to eat? I dare say, you will be needing your strength later.” As she finished speaking, blood dolls were already rushing into the room with platters of food that made Josephine’s stomach growl.

Josephine looked at them all nervously and saw their scandalous apparel. Her eyes then fixed on the vampire queen once more and she lifted her chin defiantly as her nerves seemed to come back to her. “I want the answers to my questions, and I want them now.”
The challenge in Josephine’s voice made her eyes narrow but her saccharine sweet smile remained. Stepping closer, she began to back Jo up to the bed. “Darling, you are a newly acquired pet and therefore I will excuse your ill manners just this one time as you are a bit…unsettled from recent events.” Her black eyes flashed and she reached out to snatch Jo’s chin into her hand. “But you will not speak to your queen like that again, understand?” Jo opened her mouth to speak but Katherine nodded her head towards the male blood doll and he covered her mouth and restrained her. Jo struggled but it was no use. Seeing that she would go uninterrupted, Kat continued. “Now then…I am happy to inform you that you have sparked a great interest in my eye, and that is a compliment. You are just the hottest topic underground and I must of course have you for that reason.” Folding her hands in front of her, she tilted her head and smirked “Your angelic essence is simply divine…the best blood I have ever had. Therefore, you belong to me. You are mine, and you will serve me as my personal pet and play thing. Should you choose to disobey me, you will surely regret it.” Katherine nodded once more and the blood doll released Josephine.

Josephine stared at the queen in utter disbelief before whispering weakly “You are a vampire…you are her. Katherine Valentia.”

The vampire queen smiled as the girl recognized her. “In the flesh…sort of.”

Turning around, Josephine began to feel sick. Reaching a hand up to her neck where she was bitten, she closed her eyes. Thatthing had fed from her. Anger coursed through her body and she whipped around to face Katherine. “I am no one’s possession! You cannot just have me because of my race! This is monstrous! You are nothing but scum on this planet.”

Ooh…that touched a nerve. Katherine stared Josephine down with a stoic face before she stepped towards the male blood doll. Leaning into his ear, she whispered something before disappearing from the room. The man turned to look at her with a cruel smile and began to stalk towards her. Josephine let out a whimper and began to back up towards the bed more before falling back onto it by accident.

Bad move. The blood doll smirked and kept stalking towards her until he was beside the bed. Josephine moved to try and jump out of the bed but he was too quick. Grabbing her by the wrist, Josephine was soon pinned under the man with no means of escape. A tear rolled down her cheek as she could sense what was about to happen.


When he was finished, the man stood up and walked away from her towards the door. Pausing at the entrance, he turned to speak in a monotone voice “Shall I tell the queen you will be a good little pet?”

Tears continued to roll down her cheeks and her fresh wounds bled down her arms, chest, and neck as she stared at the ceiling. Her voice was barely above a whisper and held no life in it “Yes.”

The man simply nodded and left the girl to cry over her new future as her wounds slowly began to heal.

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September 24, 2013 08:00AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Katherine’s Dressing Room

A week had passed and Katherine was sitting on a chaise in her dressing room watching various blood dolls try on various dresses for tonight’s dinner. They had been at this all week, and still the vampire queen was not impressed. Josephine was sitting at the other end of the chaise, a book on her lap that she was using as a hard surface to write a letter. After she had been literally forced to obey the vampire queen, Josephine had been rather docile and hardly spoke unless spoken to. She was a good little pet. Katherine turned her head to raise an eyebrow, a small frown tugging at her lips. Though she had told Josephine that she was using her solely as a little slave, her actions proved to be quite the opposite. She doted on Josephine as if she were her daughter, giving her the best clothing, food, anything really to try and make her happy. But of course, Josephine was still trapped, and was damaged goods, and felt as though she would never be happy again. In an attempt to make the angelic beauty happy, Katherine allowed her to write letters, though she told Josephine they would not be sent. Of course, Katherine was the queen of lies and planned on sending the letters to Johan. What better way than to entice an incubus who would make a lovely addition to her collectibles of sex toys?
Katherine scowled and turned away to take a sip of her wine as she watched more blood dolls parade in with new dresses. Why did her daughter have to be so mopey? Sure, she had been raped and tortured…but that was for her own good. She had to learn to be respectful and had to be disciplined. Now look at how behaved she was. Of course…she hardly talked, but Katherine would just have to talk enough for the both of them until she realized being Princess of the Night was an honor. Katherine even planned on turning her at dinner tonight to showcase just how powerful Katherine was. Queen of the Night with an angelic beauty of a daughter who would now be even more powerful when turned. Yes, tonight would be marvelous.
As a blood doll strolled out in a red dress that was accented with roses, Katherine stood up slowly after setting her glass down. Clapping her hands with excitement, she turned to look at Josephine. “Look my love, isn’t this just simply divine! It is so perfect for you, my little rose…” Turning around, she saw another one in black that matched perfectly. Squealing, she whipped around and was practically jumping up and down. “Oh how wonderful! We can dress to match, my little dove.” As Josephine continued to write and not look up, she scowled and stomped her foot. “Well?!”
Josephine took her time pulling her gaze up from her letter, always looking for small victories when dealing with the vampire queen. Looking at the dresses, she nodded slightly and forced a smile on her plump lips. “They’re lovely, mistress. Very chique.”

Clearly not the reaction Katherine wanted, she pouted and crossed her arms “What have I told you to call me, petal…”

Josephine’s jaw clenched as she tried not to vomit. Swallowing hard, she pasted her smile on her face once more and murmured“They are perfect, mother.”

Katherine clapped her hands again and turned back towards the blood dolls. “You know our measurements. See to it the dresses are ready in a couple of hours. This dinner is coming up fast and we must look divine for tonight’s events…”Looking back at Josephine, she stepped towards her and held her hand out “Are you finished with your letter?” Josephine looked up at her confused as she didn’t expect anything to come of them. Holding it up, she passed it to Katherine nervously. Katherine didn’t even look at it as she turned to leave the room. Gliding towards the door, she called to Josephine “Go take a bath…I will read this letter and then set it aflame. ‘Tis a good exercise to write though. Keep it up.” And with that, she was gone.

Josephine stood up slowly as two male blood dolls came to escort her back to their room. They were the gentlest of the blood dolls and refused to touch her unless she so desired. Almost like her guardians, they felt for the poor trapped woman and did their best to make the caged beauty happy. As she walked out of the room, they kept a few paces behind her as they tried to mentally prepare themselves for tonight.

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September 25, 2013 09:32AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Josephine’s Chambers

Josephine sank into the water of her tub, bubbles and various flower petals crawling up her body. Drago was busy washing her hair and was frowning slightly “Are you sure you do not wish for me to bind up your wounds, mistress? These cuts are quite deep and could alert the guests.”

The angelic woman said nothing as her toe continued to play with the faucet. Sighing softly, she then tilted her head back to look up at the blood doll that was so gentle and concerned for her. “No Drago. I wear these cuts and bruises as a symbol of my imprisonment. How much longer do I have to sit here? I feel like a prune.” Her voice was soft and yet still held the lifeless monotone to it that came right after she was raped the first time.

Drago just sighed as well and stood up from his seat. Holding out a robe, he murmured “Come out now, mistress, and watch your step.”

Standing up slowly, bubbles and petals stuck to her body but Josephine did not bother to remove them. Drago stepped forward and draped the robe around her before offering his hand to help her out of the tub. When her feet were firmly planted on the ground, she turned and murmured quietly “Thank you, Drago.”

He only smiled gently at her, for she was the only one to ever call him by the name his mother had given him. Leading Josephine to her vanity, he sat her down and held up the ends of her wet hair. “Your gown is waiting for you next to your bed. What does the mistress want done with her hair?”

Josephine shrugged at him in the mirror and responded I suppose you can just put it all up and leave a few tendrils down. It really is so stuffy down here.”

The blood doll chuckled at her and nodded “Indeed it is.” He then set to work of doing her hair just as she pleased. After almost a half an hour of primping and dressing the angelic beauty, he took her by the hand and led her to the mirror in the corner of the room. Smiling tenderly, he stood behind her and ran a hand across the back of her bare neck “You are just stunning, mistress. A real beauty.” His gaze flicked to her cuts that would most likely scar all over her body and tried not to grimace.

Seeing where Drago was looking, Josephine just smiled weakly at him “A work of art, am I not? Your true mistress has created a map of pain and agony of my body.” With that, she turned and placed her hand on his cheek, her blue eyes searching his face “Thank you for everything you do, Drago. I fear I would have ended my life it it weren’t for you.”

Drago knew he was in love with the captive, but he would never allow himself to take advantage of her. Placing his own hand on hers, he closed his eyes and nodded slightly “Your light should not be snuffed out, mistress. You bring a life in this tomb that has given others hope, even in your darkest days.”

Josephine looked up at him a moment longer before removing her hand. Walking towards the door, she rolled her eyes “Shall we get going? Mother gets so impatient…”
The blood doll nodded and walked up to her, looping her arm through his “Let’s get going then.”

Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Katherine sat in her seat at the head of the table, her foot tapping irritably as she stared at the entrance to the dining hall. After a few more minutes of waiting, she turned to snap at the closest blood doll “Where is she?! My own daughter cannot be late to this dinner. It is simply preposterous!” However, just as she was finished griping, Josephine came gliding into the dining hall, looking radiant and stunning despite all the lacerations and bruises on her body. Even Katherine was caught off guard by her beauty and murmured “Extraordinary…”
Josephine smiled wryly and bowed her head to her captor that deluded herself into thinking she was the angel’s mother.“Forgive me for keeping you waiting, mother. It seems I enjoyed that bath a bit too much.”

The vampire queen just smiled and called for a glass of wine to be brought to Josephine. Once the glass was placed before Jo, Katherine smiled even more sweetly and held up her glass “To this evening.”

As Josephine had no idea there was Katherine’s blood in the glass, she held it up to toast and nodded slightly “To your success.” Then, Josephine took a sip of her wine as Katherine’s lips curled with pleasure. This evening would be one that Josephine would remember for the rest of her life.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 26, 2013 03:40PM
Esclavos de Sangre – Entrance Hall

The past week has been a scene of adventure and intimacy for the cold and emotionless Vampire, who has only recently embraced his true name among those he could trust, Vlad. Since his meeting the Blood Doll, the two have experienced intimacy on a whole nother level. Now, Henry is and has never been one to fall for one of his dolls, not that he had many, but he always was one to fuck them mindlessly. which, is something he and Selja had managed to do more than enough times since their meeting. The perks of being a Vampire. Now he stood with her, before the entrance of the Coven’s home in the cemetary, as was spoken of by Katherine. that beauty of a harlot he’d met almost a month ago.

Henry approached in his blood stained clothes, power dripping from him as he came to the guards and his cold gaze set upon them, Selja standing directly behind and to the right of him as any obedient Blood Doll would. “Who comes to the doors of Esclavos de Sangre, home of her majesty, Katherine Valentia?” Henry’s gaze remained unchanged, but his demeanor was rather rough. apparently, these two were young, and could not recognize one who was beyond their greatest. So, he allowed their ignorance and replied.“Vlad Tepes. She knows of me, alert her of my presence.” the guard knew the name, and his eyes widened with fear at the Impaler. He turned and with astonishing speed, ran to his mistress to alert her of her visitor.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 08:08AM
Elvira had decided that the temptation of Virgo was a bit too much and decided to sit on the opposite side of the carriage so that they wouldn’t paw each other on the ride to the dinner. As much as she hated it, she didn’t want to arrive looking anything but her best, both as The Count’s mate and a representative of the House of Roxburg.

“I simply cannot understand why we must attend this dinner. What does that Vampire Witch want with us?” she wondered, staring out the window.

The carriage stopped outside the gates of the cemetery.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 08:47AM
“I simply cannot understand why we must attend this dinner. What does that Vampire Witch want with us?”

“Probably because of who we are, my Love.” The Count said with some authority.“You are the Lady of the House of Roxburg, and I am the Alpha of the Marulo. We will get many invitations, it just goes with the territory.” He had a point, since part of being in a higher society, was having to mix with those of their class.

One thing he didn’t like, was having to sit opposite her. If he had his way, he would be seated beside, or on top of her. Or, have her sit on him, with her skirts hiding the fact that he was actually inside of her as the carriage bumped along the road. The very idea brought a smile to his face, and he had to use his hand to cover the smile, so wolfish as always.

Once the carriage stopped, he opened the door and alighted, reaching in to take her hand.“If you would do me the honor, my Mate.” he said, in his husky tone. The gates of the cemetery behind him. Leading her with her arm locked in his, they headed for the entrance to Katherine’s lair. Walking boldly, he was on full alert, for his most treasured and adored Elvira was on his arm, and he would die than let anything happen to her.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 08:55AM
Elvira saw his grin and knew exactly what he was thinking. She was pretty much thinking the same thing and had to bite her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

Her thoughts were simply too delicious where it concerned her mate.

He stepped from the carriage, holding his hand out to her before she locked his arm through his. He escorted her to the entrance to Katherine’s domaine and she looked at the two guards.

“Count Virgo Marulo of Bavaria and the Lady Elvira. We are expected.” Elvira stated.

The guards nodded and opened the doors for them.

“And into the den of the lion we shall go.” Elvira murmured, stepping into the narrow passage, Virgo right behind her.

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September 27, 2013 09:09AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Katherine was very much enjoying her alone time with her ‘daughter’ when a blood doll came rushing into the room. After catching his breath, the guard was finally able to speak “Your highness, the Impaler is here to see you. I do not believe he has any idea that you are…busy.”
Tearing her gaze away from Josephine who was busy enjoying dark chocolate treats brought to her by Drago, the vampire queen turned to stare incredulously at the blood doll. “Well, you must simply tell him I cannot bear his presence at the moment. This dinner has been carefully planned and I do not need to sit here listening to his griping while I entertain guests.”When the blood doll did not move out of fear of delivering her orders, she raised an eyebrow and snapped “Well?!”

The blood doll winced and turned around, rushing up the stairs to the entrance to tell Vlad the news. Upon seeing the Impaler once more, he swallowed hard and murmured “The Queen does not wish to see you this evening. She is expecting important dinner guests and does not have the time. However, if it would please you, I can show you to some private chambers where you can rest and wait until she is otherwise unengaged in her affairs.” Turning, the blood doll then saw the count and his lady show up. Sighing in relief to have a distraction, the man smiled warmly and swept his arm elegantly towards the door. “Count Marulo…Lady Roxburg…The queen has been awaiting your arrival eagerly.” As the guards allowed them entrance, he turned his attention back to Vlad reluctantly.
Meanwhile, Josephine was enjoying her treats when Katherine asked her if she was enjoying her stay. “I couldn’t imagine a more surprising place to be, Mother” was all that Josephine could say in response.

Clearly not the answer Katherine was looking for, she frowned “Are you not pleased with this dinner I have prepared inyour honor?”

This confused the angelic beauty as she thought there was another purpose for the dinner. “Pardon my ignorance…but I thought you wished to make nice with the various members of the Underground Society.”

Flicking her hand as if such subjects bored the vampire queen, she smiled deviously “I have my reasons for inviting them here. Just continue to sit there looking so darling as you do, and I will handle the important affairs.” Josephine did the best she could not to roll her eyes and took a sip of her wine.

A blood doll soon came rushing down the stairs yet again and announced “Count Marulo and Lady Roxburg are here, your majesty.”

Raising an eyebrow, Katherine snapped “And they are where…?”

Squeaking, the blood doll rushed back up to the entrance and breathlessly begged the couple to follow him. Leading them down the dark stairway, the blood doll soon had the count and his woman in tow. Bowing, the blood doll called out formally “Your majesty, Katherine Valentia of the Esclavos de Sangre Coven, may I announce Count Marulo and Lady Roxburg into your humble abode.”
Katherine pursed her lips to keep from smirking but failed miserably. “He is so ridiculous, is he not? Does this dining hall look humble to you in the least?” Shaking her head as if the blood doll was a simple idiot, she gestured with a long-nailed hand towards Josephine. “And may I introduce my daughter…Josephine Blaine. Darling, is she not?”

She smiled cruelly as Josephine turned to offer them a lifeless smile “An honor to meet you both, I am sure.”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 09:20AM
The night then offered up its darkest creature. The male succubus had virtually become a prisoner within his own heart, at the disappearance of his beloved Josephine. Walking the dark of night, the swirl of mist around his form, the way his coat billowed behind him, he had a menace and raw attraction that would have any woman swoon and beg to be taken in his arms. Eyes glowered as his hands were hidden within his coat pockets, his dirty blonde hair hanging down just below his eyes, as his boot click clacked along the cobble stoned path that led to the cemetery gates. Already the notable leaders of the supernatural had started to arrive, and though he was no Prince…he was Lord of the dance of death.

Snorting his breath through his nostrils, the moon cast down its pale glow, as he took out the scrunched invitation, and then handed it haphazardly to the guardians of Katherine’s abode.


Searching the room with his eyes, he inhaled sharply. Vampires, werewolves, fae, demons…..there was one he wanted to smell…one he craved…one he would kill for…..THE ANGEL. He came out of the shadows, unafraid and with a sneer, he waited for the show to begin. For if Josephine was in this god forsaken place…the very walls would be weeping blood.



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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 02:40PM
“And may I introduce my daughter…Josephine Blaine. Darling, is she not?” The simple introduction was heard by Johan, who had been scouting the room, and then there she was, with some woman who looked of importance. Wait, did she introduce her as her daughter? From his recollection, Reginald lost his wife years before. But the moment of truth was seeing his beloved, covered scars, yet dressed in finery. There was something horribly wrong with this picture.

Even though the Queen was making introductions to the Count and his lady, Johan could not be held back. He stormed through the crowd, and then went straight up to Josephine, standing right in front of her. She smelt different. Her eyes…appeared dead. Alive but not. Josephine had been…deflowered. GOD NO! A feeling of sickness swept over him, and he reached for her hand to drag her away from the woman known as Katherine.


“What happened to you?” Johan asked, lost and confused at his beloved. He was in two minds at how he found her, for she was simply not the same. A look of rage and fury swept over him, as he roared at Katherine.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 02:53PM
Not normally introduced so formally the Count took his usual stance, and clicked his heels together, before bowing appropriately. “Ah, so your Katherine Valentia of the Esclavos de Sangre Coven. And I was going to say, this place isn’t exactly a humble abode. But your words are reassuring. May I present my future wife, Lady Elvira Roxburg, daughter of the late Amos Roxburg. “

He gestured with his hand to his beloved, but then the welcomes were interrupted by a dark looking man, in a long coat. He had grabbed the daughter of the Queen, and appeared to be terribly upset about her. The Count sensed something was up, and immediately moved his body to shield Elvira from harm.