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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 02:54PM
Elvira watched the drama unfold, eyebrows arched up into her hairline.

“Did we come at a bad time? Who’s this?” she wondered, pointing to Johan. “And why is Detective Blaine’s daughter here? What is going on?”

Elvira was seriously confused.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 03:12PM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall


Josephine looked away from Virgo and Elvira as they addressed Katherine, wanting this night to just be over. She was doing a good job of acting like a house plant when she felt Drago’s hand on her shoulder. Looking up at him curiously, she saw him staring at someone with a grim look on his face. Turning her head slowly to follow his gaze, she saw Johan. Her heart instantly dropped into her stomach and she felt like someone had poured cold ice water down her spine. Her skin even prickled with goosebumps as she watched him approach her. Standing up slowly, she could only stare at the man she loved in horror. Stepping back from him as she felt like he was looking at her in disgust as his feeling of sickness was evident on his handsome features. Looking away in shame, tears threatened to roll down her cheeks as emotions hit her for the first time in days. Her voice dropped to a whisper so low she wondered if he would even be able to hear her “What are you doing here…?”
Katherine groaned in a very bored fashion and had a cigarette given to her by the time Johan stepped out of the shadows and made his way towards Josephine. The vampire queen did not seem at all surprised by his presence. In fact, she gave him a welcoming smile before looking toward Virgo and Elvira with her ciggy in hand. Making a grand sweeping gesture for them to sit, she giggled “Well don’t leave your woman just standing there, Count. Have a seat, the main course is about to be served.” Katherine began to giggle maniacally as she said this while giving Josephine a very pointed look…until Johan shouted. Raising an eyebrow, she took a puff of her ciggy and blew the smoke towards him in a perfect ring before speaking proudly“Let’s see…what did I do? Ah yes, I had her raped, bitten…chewed on…fed on…mmh…lots of other things I just cannot remember. But that is hardly dinner talk, is it? Now sit. I should very much like to dine with my daughter who has just ingested some of my own blood. And I’ve had some of hers earlier this evening. She will be all mine in no time.” Looking over at Josephine, her smile was horribly sweet “Besides…you don’t want damaged goods, do you Mr. Belzer?

It took all of Drago’s strength not to lift Josephine into his arms and whisk her away as he saw the angelic beauty crumple before him. Hearing that she was being further punished by being turned, she looked as though she were about to heave. Standing up shakily again, she leaned against Drago and whispered “Please…get me out of here.”

The blood doll felt like he was kicked in the balls as his hands were tied. His voice came out in a gruff shaky tone “Mistress…I cannot.”

Katherine continued to enjoy her cigarette and was giggling all the while at just how lovely her evening was turning out to be.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 03:23PM
“Besides…you don’t want damaged goods, do you Mr. Belzer? 

How could this all have happened to his Josephine,and why was she leaning against another man, like she wanted him to take her away from Johan. No…he didn’t care what had happened to her. He was in love with her regardless of what this vile Vampire witch had said. Johan seized Josephine and pulled her into his arms. “Say you love me! Say it now…before all these people. Tell them!” Johan roared, as he had never been more sure of anything in his life.

The Count snarled angrily at the Vampire Queen who seemed to be taking great pleasure from this terrible situation. “Is this girl truly yours?’ He asked, now looking back and forth between Jo, Johan and Katherine.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 03:29PM
(on tablet…bear with me)

Josephine yelped when she was seized, only out of reaction from being abused all week. As he looked into her eyes and roared at her, she looked him back in the eyes boldly and spoke louder “I do. I do, Johan…I do love you.” She hung her head again for fear he would just throw her away after what had happened to her.

Katherine seemed to be enjoying this display even more as she tapped her cigarette on her chair to remove ashes. Nodding her head, she just snickered “Well she is now. Haven’t you been listening? I’ve turned her. Slowly she will become like me…and she willneed me. And I need her. We are perfect for one another.”

The angel just began to shake as that realization washed over her. Would she soon be a monster like Katherine? As Johan’s touch seemed to rejuvenate life back into her, both hands went to his chest and her head soon rested there as well. Closing her eyes, she just tried to absorb as much of his presence as she could “You’re here…you’re really here. Please don’t leave me…”

Rolling her eyes, Katherine snapped “Enough with the dramatics…sit, girl. You belong to me.” But Josephine did not move and that made the vampire’s eyes go black as she stared Johan down “You will not remove her from my grasp…”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 04:08PM
“Yes….yes I will.” Johan seized up Josephine, and then he did what he was destined to do. Looking at her with all the love and affection he could possibly muster, he started to kiss Josephine fiercely, their bodies interlocking, as he was literally like a serpent. But the kiss was not designed to kill her. It was to kill the vampiric cursed blood that was in her system. As those around watched, the incubus changed forms, from that of the gentleman, into the demon, and his large wings swept around Josephine protectively, as he continued to kiss her with a fire like determination.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 05:02PM
Josephine gasped when Johan looked down at her. There was no sign of disgust, hatred, fear when he looked down at her. All she saw was love. Pure love. Closing her eyes, she soon felt his lips crushing against hers and her arms instinctively rose up to wrap around his neck. Pulling him even closer so there was no distance between them, she began to kiss him back with a ferocious hunger that had her hands moving from his neck down to his back. She clawed at him to come even closer as all her desperation and pain went into the kiss. Josephine had been violated over and over again, and she demanded that his touch would have to erase all the memories of it away.
Feeling his wings wrapped around them, she pulled back to catch her breath and looked up at him in wonder. She was safe, he had come for her. Tears of relief finally came rushing down her cheeks as she threw herself into his arms once more. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck and she cried. She cried for the loss of her virtue, the scars covering her body, the pain and loneliness she had felt without him nearby. Sighing softly as she began to calm down, she felt her veins throbbing as though they were on fire. The vampiric plague that was rampaging in her blood and been killed off by the power of Johan’s demonic kiss. If only he could restore her virginity. Tipping her head down again as she realized how imperfect she was before him, she rested her forehead against his chest and whispered “How can you still want me?”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 27, 2013 08:32PM
Elvira looked from Johan and Josephine to Virgo standing at her side.

“Were we this sappy when you started pursuing me?” she wondered out loud. Elvira became highly amused when Katherine started trying to order Josephine about, watching the woman practically vibrate with rage as Johan and Josephine embraced. “Do you think she’ll blow a blood vessel? She looks mad enough to spit.” Elvira giggled, whispering to her fiance. “Oh do stop raging, you silly woman.” She stated to Katherine, who looked ready to blow a gasket. “Jospehine was never yours to begin with. I think we should let her father know where she is, darling.” She stated to Virgo.

Stepping over to the two lovebirds, Elvira suddenly noticed Johan’s scent. “Ohhh! A Incubus! How delightful!” Elvira laughed, clapping her hands to bring their attention to her. “Now, Johan is it? Yes? Why don’t you take Ms Josephine and return her to her family. They will most likely be at Lord Bianchi’s manorhouse. Simply tell them Lady Elvira Roxburg sent you along to them and that I will vouch for your character in regards to Josephine. Be a dear. And you and I simply must have a chat sometime. I know what it’s like to be a demon in love.” She turned and blew Virgo a kiss as she said this, subtly trying to move the young couple away from Katherine and close to the exit so they could leave.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 04:30AM
But what no one had noticed, was that Doctor Bianchi and the Detective had arrived. Reginald had been searching the streets day and night for his beloved daughter, Josephine. What he saw as he entered the Queen’s enclave, was Josephine, in the arms of Johan from the Bizarre Circus. WHAT THE HELL? So she had been here, with him the whole time? Or at least that is what he thought. He charged through the crowd of people, pulling out his revolver, as Johnathon yelled after him. “WAIT!”


Reginald pointed the gun squarely at Johan’s chest, right as Elvira was talking to Johan. The Count saw what was happening, and moved with incredible speed. He launched at the gun arm of Reginald, to try and knock the gun out of his hand, but it discharged and struck Johan in the right shoulder.


“ARRRGH!” The incubus cried out, collapsing on the ground, as the Count had Reginald now pinned to the floor. “You fool! He did not take your daughter.” He then pointed up at Katherine. “She did!” At this the Doctor took off his hat, and tossed it aside. “So…Katherine…been up to your old tricks of stealing children for your own ends?”

Meanwhile, Johan was on the ground, bleeding profusely out of the wound to his shoulder. His wings behind him struggling to help him get up.


Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 07:37AM
Everything had moved too fast for Elvira to follow but the explosion of a gun firing froze her in place. She had been standing in front of Johan when it went off and she had turned to feel the bullet come within inches of catching her in the side of her throat. Virgo had caught Reggie in the arm and the bullet struck Johan instead.

“Shot?” she whispered, stunned in place. “He almost shot me!” She stared at Reggie, caught in the arms of Virgo and she grew angry. “REGINALD WILBUR BLAINE! YOU ALMOST SHOT ME!” Elvira screeched, stalking toward the man. She yanked him out of Virgo’s arms by the lapels of his coat and shook him hard. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLASTED MIND? THERE ARE LADIES PRESENT AND YOU’RE FIRING OFF GUNS!? I OUGHT TO RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!” she yelled, each word she uttered accompanied by a shake of the man in her grip.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:07PM

“So you have all moved on from the dinner to the live show?” Bartholomew asked, coming up behind the Good Doctor, with the towering family butler; Lurch in behind him. He had heard the gun shot, and saw there was a man down. Well, a demon. “Nice to know the Detective is not firing blanks around ladies. Ahaha.” Bartholomew was in a particularly odd mood, possibly having to take Lurch as his dinner date, since Fanny was ordered to stay in the family estate by her great grandmother.

He flashed his angered sister a big grin. “You know, this reminds me of how things were at home…before it all got so horribly boring. Wouldn’t you agree Lurch?” He looked back at the butler, who had a sad face. “Rrrrrrrr.” Bartholomew patted him and mouthed – “I know…I know.”

Bart looked down at how the Count had Reginald pinned to the floor and pointed to him with a sick giggle. “I remember this part…you go shaggy and rip his throat out…kinda like you did with Juliette’s blood doll. I have to admit, THAT was the highlight of the ball for me. Well, that and the buffet. Speaking of food. Point me at the nibbles.” With a tip of his hat, he strode over to start feeding his face.