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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:16PM
Having seen her brother, and already angry enough to kill, she rounded on him instead, dropping Reginald to the ground after having lifted him from his feet.

“BARTHOLOMEW MAXIMUS ROXBURG! YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!” Elvira shouted, now on a tear. Virgo watched on in amusement. Katherine looked as if she were about to rip some heads off. “I SENT YOU FOUR – COUNT THEM – FOUR LETTERS ASKING YOU TO COME FOR A VISIT! YOU COULD HAVE HAD THE DECENCY TO REPLY BACK TO THEM, WHETHER YOU WERE BUSY OR NOT!” she huffed, crossing her arms and glaring at her brother. “And it’s lovely to see you, Lurch.” she smiled to the long-time family servant, standing on her toes to kiss his smooth cheek. She turned back to her brother. “WELL? WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:25PM

Lifting his head up, and having a large wad of custard cream pie in his mouth, he uttered something akin to “what?” Though it was sprayed more than said.


A large dollup of custard plopped down on his vest as he simply blinked at her shouting. Didn’t Bess teach her anything? And Virgo was smirking. Nice to know he liked his women acting like raving looneys in a public place.


“Oh…those letters. Well..*he smeared his finger through the custard on his vest and licked it off*….while you been shagging your new love rotten. I HAVE been dealing with our father’s affairs. Oh..that’s right..forgot I am executor to his estate and head of the house now. HUH? Oh, but you got your lips so firmly entrenched on your lover’s dicky doo doo, I am surprised you know what day it is.” He then spotted a date pudding, and picked up a spoon and a plate.“LURCH..come have some of this. It’s better than the crud Cook serves. Might borrow Katherine’s chef myself..” Lurch wiggled his fingers at Elvira for her greeting, then ambled over to the buffet, with a large plate and a puppy like expression.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:31PM
There was some truth to her behavior with Virgo, but wasn’t it the same for all young couples in love? She wouldn’t deny it, it was who she was. And she loved Virgo. Why not show him?

She walked up to Bart as he was busy eating and gently touched his shoulder. “I apologize for yelling. But I miss you, my brother. Would it have killed you to reply back to me, to at least let me know you were all right, regardless?” she wondered. “And how is Mother…and Alice?”

She hadn’t forgotten about the remainder of her family, despite the fact she was no longer residing under their roof. But she didn’t know if she would be welcome in the home she had grown up in. She felt like such a stranger to them.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:45PM
Bartholomew now had a plate of delectable goodies and morsels, while Lurch was trying to pick up dainty cup cakes, which he was making a pyramid with. Bart seemed more interested in the food then anything else going on around him, so he did a double take when Elvira placed her hand on his shoulder, and spoke to him without shouting.

“I apologize for yelling. But I miss you, my brother. Would it have killed you to reply back to me, to at least let me know you were all right, regardless?” she wondered. “And how is Mother…and Alice?” 

Bartholomew shrugged his shoulders. “Eh…I thought shouting was a common Roxburg of greeting.” Moving around the table, and eyeing off more food, he listened to his sister.“Bess…Alice? Not a bloody clue. I been at that house on my own. Fanny is tied up with her aging granny, and so its just me and Lurch. He’s more family now, then our dear old dead Dad.”

Bart then asks Lurch “Could you pass me the cream?”


Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 28, 2013 09:51PM
Elvira sighed. It seemed Bart was in one of his moods and there was no getting through to him until he’d devoured his weight in food. “Will you at least sit with me at dinner so we can talk?” she wondered, crossing her arms. “Please say you will.” she requested before moving to her mate’s side. “There’s no use talking to him when he’s this way. He’s hurting and I don’t know what to do or say to take away his pain.” She looked over her shoulder at her brother, who was in an animated conversation with Lurch over a plate of truffles.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 30, 2013 10:55AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Josephine felt the succubus subtly trying to usher her and Johan out of the situation, and she felt a respect growing for Elvira. Though she oozed of sex appeal, it was obvious she had eyes for Virgo only and Jo found herself reluctantly trusting her. Her arms tightened around Johan and she whispered “I love you…” before hell broke lose.
Soon their tender moment was ruined as Reginald came in guns a blazing. Johan fell down with a wound that was bleeding profusely, and Josephine crumpled to the ground beside him. Wrapping her arms around him protectively, she screamed“Johna no!” but it was no use. He was shot, and Josephine felt helpless. If she chose to heal Johan, she herself would die in her weakened state. But he could not die. Looking up at her father, Josephine began to cry as she whispered “I’m…sorry, Papa.” Her wings that were always hidden came unfolding behind her and wrapped around herself and Johan. Her aura began to glow its magnificent white and she began to force her own life essence into her lover in an attempt to save him…only killing herself in the process.
Seeing that Josephine was killing herself for Johan, she began to cackle again and clapped her hands while looking at Johnathon “Oh just the usual…” Stepping towards the tragic couple, she just continued to giggle “Behold! Good always must sacrifice itself for the sake of evil…if I cannot have her, no one can!” Jumping up and down like a giddy child, the vampire queen continued to clap and dance around Josephine as her life was slowly draining from her body to heal Johan.


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Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 30, 2013 08:30PM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

For as long as anyone had known Johnathon, he had never shown his true form in public or even to his own family. He had done this for a good reason. He felt that he had been sent to earth to treat all with a mortal flair, and not with the truth of his real power. The death of Saffron, had weakened him, but in that time and with Josephine’s sacrifice, he had recovered fully, and now was in a position to use what power he had.

Seeing what Josephine was attempting to do, he simply could not allow it. What happened next was nothing short…of a miracle. Johnathon said simply to all around. “Step aside.” It was then that his entire being started to change, as though an inner light that was coming from within was actually starting to transform him. Johnathon, the leader of the Angels, head of the council was effectively coming out of the human like design, and the inner angel was making its first ever appearance. Incredibly young, and looking very much like Levi, the eternally youthful angel burst into a glow of radiance, with flowing blonde hair, and carrying a jeweled sword, given to him personally by God. His wings were mammoth, and he knelt behind Josephine, as the ground around them started to glow white hot. The spirit of the Lord himself was shining his very light, and when Johnathon blinked, his eyes had turned white. The very building that they all stood in started to moan and creak as the light was spreading, many that were in attendance would almost be blinded and then the choirs of heaven erupted into song, with a massive sonic explosion of raw power, that would release its divine strength to heal Johan and Josephine in one single moment.


The radiance of the head of all angels, was so brilliant, that it could send all dark creature running for cover, including the likes of Katherine.


Re: {RP} Cemetery
September 30, 2013 08:37PM
Katherine was dancing around like a petulant child, enjoying the misfortune of others. Elvira wanted to slap her silly.

Josephine was sobbing while looking at her father. And then Jonathon. Dear sweet Jonathon stepped forward. Elvira sensed a change in the air and she clutched at Virgo.

“Darling, get me out of here. Get me out of here right now.” she stated just as Jonathon’s form began to change. The light was hurting her eyes and her skin was beginning to peel and burn. She could not tolerate such Divine Light and she clutched Virgo tighter, almost bruisingly so. “Please…get me out of here.” she moaned.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 01, 2013 09:36AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Josephine felt herself weakening as she attempted to heal Johan and her sight was beginning to leave her as her life was beginning to diminish. But even in her weakness, she could see the light that was now cascading over every crevice of the vampire lair, and she wondered if this was truly heaven. Feeling Johan under her grasp still, she smiled faintly and held him even closer. Brushing her lips over his forehead, cheeks, and lips, she murmured words of adoration in every language she knew.
Soon her eyes opened, however, and she realized she was not dead. Standing up slowly, Josephine still stood a close protective distance towards Johan but her eyes fell on the beauty and holiness that was Johnathon Bianchi. The power and might radiating off of him only had her falling to her knees, though. Bowing her head, she lay at his feet and whispered “Thank you…thank you for saving us, merciful one.” Slowly, her eyes then looked up at Johnathon and she gasped. His resemblance to Levi was so striking that it brought a smile to her face. If only he was here to see his father now.

Katherine, seeing Johnathon in all his splendor, let out a loud shriek of pain that echoed off the walls. His light seemed to rip away at her very soul and her skin was being burned as she slunk along the walls trying to escape it. Crawling like a pathetic creature of hell, she moaned towards the door “No! Help me, someone! Help!”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 01, 2013 04:58PM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall


The Count’s eyes blazed with fury, when Johnathon passed him and began to shed his mortal being to become that of his true form. The blast of light and God’s power was enough to cast the dark creatures from their own graves, and knowing full well that he and Elvira were not of the light, he did a fireman lift on his beloved and roared like that of a massive beast, sprinting from the room and up the stairs, back out into the cemetery, as far as he could get them away from Johnathon’s holy blast.

His boots powered through the dirt, till finally he came to a large oak and set his Elvira down carefully, only looking back to see if any other dark creatures made it out in time.

“Are you alright? Did your flesh get burnt?” The Count was checking her over, terrified that she had been scarred by the Angel’s light.

Coming slowly out of Esclavos de Sangre was Lurch, who was carrying a smoldering Bart. The zombie like Butler was with Bart at the buffet when the Angel went into full morph. Carefully he set down Bart near Elvira and shook his head as he tried to pat Bart on the head like a concerned parent. Bart’s eyes were rolling around as he tried to refocus.

“What…the hell happened?” Bart asked in a raspy voice, coughing up smoke.

“The Bianchi Doctor. Trying to save that Josephine.” The Count replied, looking back at the entrance where he saw a massive ball of light and the ground rumbling.

“But wasn’t that guy that kissed her…an incubus. SHIT, he will get killed for sure!” Bart yelled out. As the new head of the Roxburgs he had his concerns for those that were of the underworld.

All looked back to where the light was now fading. Who had survived the dinner? That was now the question.