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Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 01, 2013 08:38PM
When Virgo picked her up and sprinted up the stairs, Elvira was nearly unconcious. She had turned away from Johnathon’s Light to protect hersef, but the blast still caught her in profile. The right side of her face was burnt as was her arm. He ran through the cemetary until he stopped at a large oak, setting her down carefully.

“Are you alright? Did your flesh get burnt?” she could hear him ask her, fear for her in his voice.

“I’m all right, darling. Just a bit singed.” she mumbled, slowly coming back to herself. Already she could feel the burnt flesh peeling away to reveal the new pink skin beneath. “Bart! Is Bart all right? Did he get out okay?” she asked, clutching at Virgo, just as Lurch was bring Bart up to safety. He looked like he’d gotten a face full of gun powder and his hair was sticking up all over as if he’d stuck his finger in a light socket. Little tendrils of smoke were floating lazily from the tips of his hair. Elvira sat back with a sigh of relief, glad her brother was alive. Hell, she was glad she was alive and in her lover’s arms, safe and sound.

There was a massive rumble and a few headstones fell over with a crunching sound. Light, brighter than the sun, poured from the entrance to Katherine’s coven, vaporizing the two vampire guards that had been at the gate.

“Those poor souls.” Elvira sighed, thinking not only of the vampires, but Johan as well. What would that Holy Light do to the demon inside of him? Elvira couldn’t imagine her life without being a Succubus. She would simply cease to exist.

Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 01, 2013 09:02PM
Dining hall

~Who wants to live forever?~

The illumination of Johnathon into that of the Head of Angels, not only frightened the life out of Johan, his demonic incubus simply could not hold up against the might of God’s power. Johan’s immortality was at stake. Reaching out with a claw he screamed in agony, his face etched in pain…unimaginable.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!” He screamed, his skin blistering and burning from God’s holy light that shone from Johnathon. In Johan’s effort to save his beloved Josephine he was about to pay the ultimate price. His body charged up, the very fires of hell itself wanting to reclaim their son. His blazing eyes looked at Josephine, as tears of blood fell down his face and he uttered the last words…..

“I love…you.”

Suddenly he fell back, and then lay perfectly still.

Johnathon stayed crouched, as he frowned looking at what he had done. He had tried to save Josephine, but in his efforts, he destroyed the Incubus. Reginald stood up and then saw for himself what had happened. “Johnathon…don’t let him die!….I couldn’t bear it. Please!” Reginald looked at his daughter and kept saying over and over, he was sorry. Crumpling in a heap, as Johnathon then reached out and touched the chest of the fallen Johan.

“The demon….is dead. The man…lives.” His hand was showing a blue aura as it made contact with the demon, who was crumbling away, only to reveal a young man beneath. He…was so peaceful, serene…and then his chest suddenly moved, as his human heart started again. Eyes of blue opened, and he took his first breath.



Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 02, 2013 08:23AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Josephine’s eyes tore from Johnathon to see Johan screaming in pain on the floor. Instantly she felt her heart drop to her stomach as she fell to her knees, hands to her face. Watching Johan struggle like that for her…was pure agony. She couldn’t breathe as she reached out to him but dared not touch him. Seeing those eyes would haunt her forever. Finally, she managed to gasp “I love you…” She knew he was dying, that he could not handle the holy light.

Soon, she fell before his still body and began to sob. Her whole body shook with the effort of her sorrow, and she wanted nothing more than to just die. Josephine longed to be with Johan, and she didn’t care if the price was her life. Laying across his body, she kept repeating over and over again through the tears “I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry…”

When she felt like all her tears were gone, she stood up and looked at her father. Utter despair and wretchedness covered her face as she then thew her arms around Reginald. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she weakly asked “Why did he have to come for me? Why?”
But little did she know, her true love was not completely gone. When she heard Johnathon’s voice, Josephine pulled back from her father to look at Johan. Surprise muddled her sad expression as she saw a blue glow emanating from the doctor’s hand. Soon, Johan began to stir…and then his eyes opened. Josephine let out a small gasp of wonder as she slowly crawled over to him in fear that he would disappear if she moved too fast. Leaning over him, she tentatively reached down with her hand to brush his hair back. A gentle smile graced her lips as her blue eyes shone with fresh tears. Leaning closer so their faces were only inches apart, she whispered “Johan?”

Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 02, 2013 08:50AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

The light that had illuminated from Johnathon started to recede, as he drew back and let Johan and Josephine have room. Reginald was a sobbing mess. He felt that this was all his fault, and that he killed the demon that had tried to save Josephine from Katherine. The crumbling ashes of the demon’s outer skin was now being blown away while in it’s place, lay a naked human, who looked just like Johan, only so pure. He was gasping for breath, as his eyes darted about the room. Obviously he was scared out of his mind. The demon had died. The one that had fallen madly in love with Josephine, sacrificed all just for her to live. Now he was gone and the timid human was trying to understand why he was on the floor, and who all these people were around him.

Johnathon glanced at Josephine and said quietly. “Just like a new born lamb….he has no idea who…or what he is.” The Angel was right as Johan tried to crawl backwards away from the angel. He just sensed that the angel was dangerous. Johan then looked down and saw that he was naked. This at least registered with him, and he tried to cup his manhood, blushing fiercely. He shyly looked at Josephine and uttered. “Why do I have no clothes?” She touched him timidly, and asked his name “Johan?” He placed his free hand on his chest, and repeated what she just said “Johan?”


In an odd display, he figured she must know him, and he snuggled against her whispering. “Soft…”


Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 02, 2013 09:21AM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Josephine turned to look at Johnathon as confusion flooded her face. Though Johan was alive, he seemed to have no idea who she was. Frowning, she listened to the good doctor’s words and then sighed. So this was the price she had to pay for what happened here in the coven. Turning back to face Johan, it took all her strength not to burst into laughter. Her own cheeks were blushing a rosy pink as the man she loved as why he had no clothes. She could only shrug slightly and shake her head as she fought for composure. Finally, she cleared her throat and offered a warm smile as love and patience shone from her eyes“Yes…Johan.” Though she was devastated that he could not remember her, her father taught her well to accept the bad that came with the good. And the fact that he had returned from the dead was very good. Soon Johan was nuzzling into her and she finally let her giggles out. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed his head and looked at her father “Isn’t he amazing…”
Realizing that she was embracing a naked man in front of her father, Josephine gasped before scooting away from Johan. Standing up straight, she fixed her dress and gave both Johnathon and Reginald a sheepish smile “Well…we should bring him back to your office, doctor. He should really be looked after and I’m sure Levi would have something more…appropriate for him to wear.” Another giggle escaped her pretty lips but she covered her mouth and gave Johnathon an innocent expression that begged for him to concede. Turning her head over her shoulder, Josephine gave Johan a flirtatious smile, all too thrilled to have the dashing dancer back…with no idea how he used to be.

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October 02, 2013 08:07PM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Everything that had happened within the building, was more than known to Henry. The rushing of the guards towards the inside and to the dinning Area, was also a relatively obvious sign…something was going on within the walls of KAtherine’s domain. Henry’s eyes fell behind him, only to see that Selja was gone. He gave no reaction, only a blank stare at an empty place. Turning around again, he dissappeared in the blink of an eye, darting into the building. He passed by even the guards as he ran, but what he came to was nothing he could have expected.

Pure light, the purest he had seen in all his life shone brightly within the Dinning Hall, and were it not for Vlad’s naturally strategic mindset, and hardened emotional state, he’d have likely burned as he stood in awe of the magnificence of God’s holiest of creations. His eyes fell to one of the table cloth and though it pained him, he ran straight through the light, and ripped the thick draping clean off the table, knocking what remained of the food and drink from it, and onto the floor. Wrapping it around himself as Katherine begged for aid, Vlad smirked. She held such an aura of confidence, now to be at the feet of another’s will, begging for what life she had left. As the other Vampires crumpled to the ground in ash, Vlad darted to Katherine, lifting her smoldering flesh into his arms with the curtain surrounding her. He allowed her full use of the item, as Vlad had already healed of his minor burns by the time he reached her, and could withstand such radiance long enough to leave the cemetery all together with Katherine and find safety.

He paid no mind to all else that was happening as he was about ready to take off, but then, he felt it. A presence he hadn’t felt in, who knows how many years. Suddenly, a Darkness enveloped the room, one strong enough even to darken the glorious light that had once penetrated it. Forcing it into a concentrated area around it’s releaser. A horse was heard, neighing loudly, it’s voice a soft echo as it’s hoofs sounded it’s position. A feeling of despair filled the room and from a wall that seemed to darken with the shadow, came leaping forth a great beast. It’s flash, partially decayed so that only muscle was exposed partially giving sight to bone in some areas. It landed in the room in a blast of green flame that enveloped the ground where it’s glowing hooves clomped. It came and stood right before Vlad, it’s front aimed toward the others. It’s rider was a face he knew, one he knew all too well. After all, it was the man who had created him. It was Amos, or so it is believed to be. His aura, it was different. Full of darkness, Despair, Shadow…full of Death. Amos had been killed, though a body never found. His soul gone, to be replaced with another? Of course! Vlad had heard talks of such things happening. Four powerful beings who took over the bodies of the dead that could withstand such power, and using them to commit acts commanded of them by their masters. Death, War, Plague, Strife. The Four Horsemen. This one, had to have been Death, in Amos’ body. However, it was not the human form he’d arrived in. Instead, it was Amos’ demonic form, with a few touches. The Aura, once Green, was now a mix of Red and Black. The eyes, once Blue, shone a bright Yellow. The Skin, once Purple, The Darkest of blacks. Where twin Warglaives were once at his back, twin Scythes now lay.

Death had come, and he did not seem happy. Though they were the fabled riders of the Apocolypse, the Horsemen had one other duty, preserve the balance of power between all races in the universe. One of which had experienced a huge upset only moments ago. The rider in all his glory drew one of his scythes, and pointed it to Vlad, the other hand laying over the reigns of his still and calm horse. “Go, now. Take her. Her time is not yet up.” the voice was a mix, Amos’ and a deep yet smooth and utterly calm tone that was Death’s Echo. Vlad took no time in complying and took off as fast as possible, no longer needing to worry about the light that had once damn near blinded him. Death watched as Vlad ra off, and he then aimed his scythe to Johnathan, his golden eyes practically peering into his soul and tearing it apart with the glare he offered.“You, out of all, should have known better. Your God will not like my having to interfere. Though you may not believe it, he understands the necessity of a Balance. It is not yet time for the war to begin. Go to your homes, all of you that do not already claim this one as their own, and do not return.” he lifted the reigns of Despair, his mount, and turned to the piles of Ash. He hardly moved as they rose once again and slowly formed bodies, resembling those they were made from to a dot. They all began to speak among themselves, but Death’s voice quieted them all. “All covens must have a leader. Someone to direct them. I was hoping Katherine would be sufficient… he grew silent for a moment…then continued.“Though it appears I was more than wrong. Which among you are suitable for this task? Or, are there others that wish to be turned and given the Coven? Speak now, or I shall be forced to consult your deities on who they wish to have serve as leader, and none but them shall be happy with the choice.” Truth was, Death already knew who he wanted to place as the leader of the coven, to hold the balance in place. However, he couldn’t decide this for that being. It must be their own decision.

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Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 03, 2013 06:05PM
Esclavos de Sangre- Dining Hall

Johan was trying to get to his feet, and in this there was an awkward moment, as he looked so odd set amongest all and with not a stitch of clothing on. Reginald took off his long coat and then tried to dress Johan with it to give him some modesty, as Johan gave Josephine a small smile, though his cheeks were blushing fierce.

Johnathon had more or less been accosted by Death for the damage done to all that night. Aiming his scythe at him and heeding the words;

“You, out of all, should have known better. Your God will not like my having to interfere. Though you may not believe it, he understands the necessity of a Balance. It is not yet time for the war to begin. Go to your homes, all of you that do not already claim this one as their own, and do not return.”

“This is not yet a war, but if your kind continues to steal the innocent and young, then it soon will be.” Johnathon spoke in reference to Josephine and the fact Katherine had stolen her away to this darkened place. With Death gone, Johnathon made the move.


“Let us get this lad back to my manor, where we have clothing and I can do a check up to make sure he is alright.”Johnathon urged, while Reginald moved towards his daughter.

“Please come with us. This is no place for you.”

Johan unsteadily took his steps and went with Johnathon to the exit, as the room they left behind looked like a bomb had exploded. The dark underworld would no doubt be greatly angered by this event, in particular if Katherine herself survived. Tensions again would rise, but who would instill the balance for all.

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Re: {RP} Cemetery
October 04, 2013 08:55AM
Esclavos de Sangre

Plague had felt the calling to join her fellow horsemen, and so she had appeared in a whirlwind of an intoxicating tornado that would instantly consume those that encountered it with a deathly illness. The winds subsided to soon reveal Esmeralda, her dark eyes looking around curiously before they fell on the intoxicating death. A slow smile curled her lips as she swayed up to him with nothing but snakes curling around her body. Standing before him, she spoke in her thick accent “I was wondering when you would show…” Looking towards the deserted coven, she couldn’t help but laugh “We will be needing a new vampire queen…There’s nothing like a strong woman to lead a group of killers.”Turning to look at Death, she batted her eyelashes and simpered “Am I right?” Her body pressed closer to his presence, but she dared not touch him first. Instead, she stared him down and asked quietly “What is it you plan to do?”