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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 24, 2013 02:15PM
312 – Amelia

All the stress, the worry, everything started to fall away from Amelia’s shoulders, the moment that she was in Rodger’s arms. She needed him so badly at this moment, he was truly a godsend, and by picking her up and carrying her inside, she felt safe for the first time in ages. Having her straddle him on the couch, and protectively stroking her back, she didn’t want to move. Amelia could smell his aftershave, and his manly scent, which was so strong, when her face was buried in his shoulder.

When Rodger asked Amelia to tell him what had made her cry, she brought her head up, and you could see the tear streaks. The poor girl had not even been back to bed yet.

“While you were interviewing Jennifer, her fiance’ William came here. The worst part was, he didn’t know what Jennifer had done, and I somehow…stupidly thought he had.” The more Amelia elaborated, the sadder it sounded. “I had to tell him, and his reaction was…not good.” Amelia gestured towards the punch mark in her wall. Clear evidence that William had gotten violent. “He just left, not long before you got here…so I am still a bit shell shocked by it all.”

All the while Amelia explained herself, she kept looking back into Rodger’s eyes, and what she saw behind them. He always had pet names for her, like Vampira and Emo Queen of the night. The way he rubbed her back, then gently drew back her hair, made her relax more, and then…something inside her gave way. He just looked, so..so sweet. Amelia fell silent, and then being so close to him, she leaned closer and closed her eyes, to kiss him. It just felt so right. A small moan left her lips as she wiggled closer on his lap.



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September 24, 2013 02:34PM
312- Amelia

Roger was feeling quite content with the woman of his dreams in his arms. He continued to hold her possessively, as if he were trying to tell her that he wasn’t letting her go so easily. As Amelia pulled back to look down at him, he frowned and reached up to brush a fingertip down the trail left behind by her tears. The lieutenant listened to her explanation patiently, but his hands tightened on her waist when she mentioned how his reaction was. Amelia gestured towards the wall and it took all of Roger’s strength to not stand up and yell. Why the hell would someone have the balls to strike at anything near or around Amelia. His jaw clenched and he turned to look back up into her eyes. His own hues were dark, almost going pitch black in his rage. He wanted to kick that guy’s ass. But when he looked up into Amelia’s eyes, he saw that she was just as busy staring into his. Roger smiled gently and his tense grip relaxed on her hips, but he didn’t remove his hands. Soon Amelia was leaning towards him, and his heart stopped. She was going to kiss him.
Their lips touched and Roger felt a bolt of electricity run through his veins like a hot current. Amelia moaned and wiggled closer on his lap, making him groan low in his throat as he reached down to squeeze her ass. Gripping her perfectly shaped bottom, he ground her against the bulge that had grown the minute she stared down at him with need. His hard erection rubbed against her as he deepened the kiss fiercely. Keeping one hand on her ass still, Roger lifted his free hand to hold the back of her head. Keeping her lips locked with his, Roger slowly shifted their bodies so she was now laying on her back on the couch and he was hovering over her. Pulling away from her lips briefly, he stared down at her as he realized this moment would change everything, both professionally and emotionally. Not to mention physically. A smile crossed his face as he looked down at her to see if this was what she really wanted. After his horrible day and with her initiating this, Roger wanted nothing more than to make Amelia forget her pain and think only of his body possessing hers. Leaning down tentatively, he brushed his lips against her softly as if trying to still feel her out.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 24, 2013 03:04PM
312 – Amelia’s Apartment

That first touch, where their lips met, Amelia felt the surge between them And it was not just a simple petting, or a light kiss. The witch felt the way he kissed her back hungrily, their lips connecting, and mixed with her wiggling on his lap, Rodger found himself aroused to the point he had a hard erection beneath the fabric of his pants. The moment Amelia felt it, she gasped, and his fingers bore into her rounded ass, grinding her to him. For so long had it been, that a man had touched her this way. Amelia didn’t just want Rodger, she needed him. All those stolen glances, the pet names, the way he held her before, all rolled into an emotional ride that had just become physical. Amelia let Rodger guide her body, she wanted him to dominate her. The hunger in his kiss, was met with soft moans, and her fingers were like that of her kitten, pawing at him helplessly, as she was being consumed by his lust.

Laying her down on the couch, Amelia stared up at him, falling hopelessly in love with him as he hovered over her. How she had imagined what this would be like in her day dreams, and to now, having him wanting to take her, right there right then. At his smile, to see if she wanted this…if she was ready to take the next step, she curled her bottom lip under her teeth, and then released it, with a repeated nod. No words needed, she unbuttoned her shirt, and unclasped her bra, allowing her pert breasts to be exposed to him. Beneath her short skirt, was a simple cotton panties that were becoming wetter by the second.

“Rodger…” She said breathlessly, wriggling beneath him, her hips rising and falling, as her body begged him to have his way.


Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 24, 2013 10:47PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer knew that her countless apologies were useless. Nothing could fix this, no matter how hard she tried. Because no matter how hard she tried to hate Galtem, she could not. Never completely, anyway. She looked deep into William’s eyes, captured by them, unable to look away. She could see all the hurt she had caused him and she wanted nothing more than to fix it. To fix him. But she could not. She saw the distrust that he now held for her and knew that there was absolutely nothing she could do.

She knew what he was going to say before he said it and she shook her head in a somewhat childish fashion, not wanting him to say the words out loud. But there was no stopping him. And it was not her decision to make. After this, she did not deserve William. She had never really deserved William. Who knew why he even loved her? Perhaps he was the only one who ever really had.
When William had first started liking her, she had been completely clueless. Her eyes were for Galtem and Galtem alone. William was a sweet guy, but with Jennifer no one could compare to Galtem. That was just the way it was. It had taken her the longest time to open up. To let William into her life and to trust him like she’d trusted no one before. He had been the most patient person she’d ever met. He must have spent the majority of his life simply waiting on her in some way or another, she was sure of it. Maybe she should have just married him. Surely that’s what he had wanted. But, would that make the situation now better or worse? If a ring had been on her finger, would she still be having this conversation with him now? She’d like to think not. That she was better than that. But clearly she was not better than that. And she could not keep him waiting around for her any longer. No matter how hard it was to be pushed away. Now it was her time to let him go because it was what he wanted. It was what he needed.
Holding back her tears was near impossible, but she simply let them flow silently down her cheeks now, looking back at him, staying as strong as she possibly could. She felt like she was back to “weak Jennifer” and she did not like it. These boys would be the death of her. Not for one moment did she believe that it would be best for the both of them, but she took a shaky breath anyway. “If that’s what you want,” she said with a slow nod. She did not bother to even try to return his forced smile, for she didn’t think it was possible. Jennifer did not move. She couldn’t move because that would be the last good-bye. When she had said good-bye to Galtem last night, she had been able to kiss him. Hear the words that he loved her. With William, she felt farther away than she’d ever felt from anyone in her life. He was right in front of her yet felt light-years away. She did not dare touch him again, even though all she wanted to do was throw herself in his strong arms and cry into his chest. However, that was not possible, so she settled for trying to look at him for as long as he would allow, taking in every one of his perfect features.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 09:47AM
312- Amelia

Roger smiled into their kiss as he heard Amelia moan and could feel her pawing at him helplessly as her urges began to overtake her. But Roger would not be rushed. Pulling away from their kiss once more, he looked down at her and trailed his fingertip down her temple. She was just so soft and pliant under his touch that he wanted nothing more than to smother her body with his. But she was to be treasured, worshiped. Amelia was looking up at him with a love that made his heart stop. The lieutenant’s lips parted in awe and wonder as he stared down at the woman who was so willing to give herself to him. Closing his mouth, he smiled tenderly down at her and watched as she nodded. Soon her shirt was unbuttoned and her bosoms were released, causing a groan of anticipation to leave Roger’s lips. Reaching down with his hands, he entwined his fingers into hers and then guided her hands up over her head. Pinning them down in one hand, he let his other hand glide down her exposed front and slipped to the button on her skirt.
Smiling down at her greedily, he undid her skirt and pulled it down. Once her skirt was removed, Roger grabbed her panties in his free hand and ripped them from her body in one yank. They lay tattered on the floor beside the couch, but he would buy her new ones if she protested. With her body laid out as a delectable meal for he only to savor, Roger leaned down to flick his tongue against her nipple. Letting go of her hands, he glanced up from his ministrations and growled “Keep them there or I will stop.” Closing his eyes, he then continued his attentions on her nipple with his tongue while his other hand slid down her neck and chest to grasp the other breast in his hand.

After a few moments of teasing her nipple with his tongue and teeth, Roger began making a trail of moist kisses down her stomach. When he came to her belly button, he flicked his tongue into it teasingly before looking up at her with a smug smirk. He was very much enjoying what he was doing to her, and he would keep going slow until she begged for him. With one hand, he stared deep into her eyes while he trailed his finger down her moist opening. Smiling darkly with lust at her, he then inserted one finger, and then two. Feeling how wet she was made him groan in anticipation before he tore his gaze from her face. Looking down at her womanhood, he then attacked her nether regions with his tongue darting in and out mercilessly.


Carrendar DynastyTime Lord Seal - Carrendar DynastyTime Lord Seal 2 - Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzA PirateA PirateA PirateTime Lord Seal 4 - Carrendar Dynasty“Please…please…oh god please.”begging him to take her.

First, he found her with his fingers, teasing her, but looking up at her face, which now showed a look of wanton desire. It was not a look that just anyone would get, and reserved just for him. Her cheeks were flushed and her pupils dilated. Amelia’s lips were slightly parted, and the furrow of her brow showed she was concentrating and focusing on him. Then, he shot her a dark, devious smile. He was going to do something. Amelia threw her head back, keeping her arms above her head, clawing the headboard, when suddenly he attacked, his tongue inserted deep inside of her. Her body instantly reacted, bucking at first, then as his tongue got into a hard rhythm, she started to ride his tongue, groaning, then high pitch squeals, that turned into breathless pants. Amelia arched her back, knees drawing up, as he tasted her ripe sex. Her body pushed into the couch deeper, which groaned under the exertion of their play.


Helplessly, she whispered. “Rodger…I love you.” Building up…her hips grinding, and she gasped for air, as she felt the rise, the heat of her lower regions sparking and then she cried out, though her voice was sounded wet and throaty.“Mmmmaaaahhh!” Amelia started to pulsate, her insides tightening around Rodger’s tongue, as she reached her peak, drenching his tongue and lips in her goodness.


Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 11:49AM
312- Amelia

Amelia’s moans were music to his ear as Roger continued to attack her womanhood with his tongue and fingers. When he felt the taste of her pleasure come crashing into his mouth, he pulled back and licked his lips while staring at her hungrily. Straightening up over her, he smiled and began to nibble up her stomach “Oh, you’re not finished yet…” Wrapping his hands around her waist, the lieutenant had Amelia up off the couch and over his shoulder within seconds.

Turning away from the couch, Roger then proceeded to carry Amelia over his shoulder in the direction of her bedroom. Kicking the door open to her room, he chuckled softly while giving her a good smack on her ass. Striding up to the bed, he then tossed her onto her back on the bed and began to unbutton his own shirt. Staring down at her, love shone from his eyes but still he did not say anything. He wanted to make her wait, for him to be inside of her when he poured declarations of love from his lips.
https://i1.wp.com/31.media.tumblr.com/6b5904205f6d466a92fe8c9174a050af/tumblr_mk0vz3acSw1s2sfako1_500.gifAfter removing his shirt, pants, and boxers, Roger laid himself over Amelia’s body and looked down at her. Running his fingers through her hair, he leaned down to brush his lips over hers. The taste of her pleasure was still fresh on his lips as he caressed down from her hair to her bare waist and grabbed her ass. Lifting her ass up slightly, Roger then positioned his very erect manhood at her entrance and thrust in with one shove.

Now joined, he closed his eyes and buried his face into her neck as he began to pump into her. His breath fanned over her skin as he panted into her ear “I love you, Amelia. Let me show you how much.” Pulling back to brush his lips lightly over her lips teasingly, he began to fall into a slow rhythm of making love to the woman of his dreams.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 12:00PM
100 – Jennifer & William’s


Seeing Jennifer like that made him feel so bad and guilty. But why guilty? He wasn’t the one doing the wrong thing in their relationship, he was always doing the good thing, and always pleasing her, it was always his choice, if they wanted to do something, he would let Jennifer pick, he basically lived to please her and only her. That’s why he never told her anything about marriage or even create a family, if she wanted that, she would mention and he would share his opinion, but if the two of them was married right now, wouldn’t this still happen? If it did, it would be horrible, if they had kids now, it would be like hell. It was enough having the both of them hurt, put away havinig other people hurt because of stupid mistakes that happens in your life.
He bite the inside of his cheek, and keep staring at her. Its not what I want, its what you made me need he thought this right after her telling him if that’s what he wanted about the break. He wanted so much to say this words, but he didn’t wanted to blame her, even tho he wanted to say so many things that could hurt her, he stayed quiet, and didn’t said anything about it. It wouldn’t even be himself if he said what he was feeling right now.
“Its not what I want, its what WE need.”
Now yes, he was using the word we, him and her, and not putting Galtem in the middle. The both of them needed to this to know how their future was going to be. Did they even wanted to stay with the same person for the rest of their lives? He had never thought about it till now. What if it was never meant to be? He had already people saying that sometimes when you always want a person forever, it might not even be love, it can be an obsession for somebody and that’s not healthy, and he wants a healthy relationship, that he doesn’t have to feel like there’s rivals around, or feel that doubt somebody will take his girl, he always felt that while he was with Jennifer, only when Galtem left he felt relieved, but that took awhile since ?Jennifer was turning into a different person, but once she was back to herself, everything was better, however, Galtem is back, and William can’t take so much pain.
He stared at her for awhile, staring at her face, oh god, he just felt like hugging her, and saying everything will be ok, they will be with each other forever and nothing bad will happen, but that wont be the truth,m and he doesn’t want to hug her or say something sweet, because that won’t change anything. His eyes was getting red, and watery, but he wouldn’t let a tear fall.
“Ahum..I will come get my things tomorrow or something..I will give you time for yourself..”
William said, as he looked down and stared at Penny, he smiled at the dog, and just waved at it, before look back up at Jennifer, his smile slowly vanishing, he headed back to the door, and when he was about to open it, he said something.
“Goodbye, Jennifier.”
He told her with another forced smile and just left. Leaving like this, was so painful. The very moment he heard the door closing, was the moment tears finally fell from his eyes and he just made his way towards his car to leave this damn place, and go have some drink to forget this all.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 03:38PM

Like some beautiful dream, this scene was something she had only played over in her mind. She never guessed that this was how Rodger would treat a woman, let alone her. He was forceful, yet he didn’t rush their love making. Carrying her to the bedroom over his shoulder, did bring a whoop sound from him, even though she was just coming down from the climax just moments earlier. To be then tossed on the bed, like a doll and to watch him finally disrobe, with the promise that he was not yet finished, left her eyes filled with wonder. Could he be any more perfect?

Soon he was atop of her, and she could smell the scent of her sex upon her lips, which he teased her with, in a sweep of light kisses that had her begging for more. Amelia stared up at him in wonder, her body aching now to be joined with him. She could feel the brush of his manhood at her entrance. So so close. But it was not her role to initiate, no, that was for Rodger to delight in, almost like a Master, he scooped up her hips, and lined her up at his so he was in perfect alignment to couple with her. The seconds seemed to be so much longer, the anticipation killing her…and then in one thrust he was in…fully taking her. Amelia let out a loud gasp, then settled back as he pined her down. The slowness of the tempo, was like that of a dance. A ritual performed by humans for thousands of years. Amelia’s face radiated a smile as she fell in time, her own hips meeting his as they rose and fell in perfect harmony. Her inner muscles clenching and releasing, as she felt his fullness stretch her insides. She wanted to run her hands over him, to grip his shoulders, ,but instead she moved her arms over her head once more. Her body became his temple, one for him to explore and enjoy. As he rocked his body, her lips brushed against his, letting him ride her into the softness of her covers.

“I love you, Amelia. Let me show you how much.”


“I’ve waited so long for you. Show me everything.”


Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 06:17PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer wanted to shout. She wanted to take him in her arms and yell at him. It’s not what I need! she shouted in her head, but there was no convincing him otherwise. If Jennifer had tried to speak she would not have been able to. Her throat closed up and tears continued to stream down her face. She continued to just look at him, unable to even respond when he said he’d come get his things some time tomorrow. Her hands began to shake as she fought the urge to speed over to him and use her werewolf strength to pin him to the wall. She couldn’t just let him walk away. But it was her only option. All she could do was watch him walk out the door. Walk out of her life. Because of something she had done. Knowing that it was her fault. She made eye contact with him one last time before he turned around. That was it. It was over. It was impossible, but it was true. She could barely hear him tell her goodbye and as the door closed she broke down.
It felt like her world was literally falling apart. Jennifer let loose what she had held in in front of him. She was no longer trying to be quiet or graceful with her crying. She grabbed her whiskey glass from the coffee table and threw it against the wall. Penny went running for cover into their bedroom. No. Her bedroom. She went to the room and slammed the door. She did not want to have to deal with that. The room was pointless. It was nothing without William. She had not slept alone for one hundred and two fucking years and she would fight sleep for as long as she could. She moved to the kitchen where the bottle of whiskey was. It was pointless. She never drank it. She threw it in the sink letting huge shards of glass break in and around the sink, whiskey sloshing out over the sides. Storming back out to the living room, she pounded on the door. The door William had just walked out of.
It was pointless. There was no point. She turned around and banged the back of her head against the door and slid down, it. She crumpled onto the floor and buried her face in her hands. How could she have let this happen? How could she have been so stupid? She could hardly breathe between sobs now and felt she was about to have a panic attack. Somehow she managed to calm herself but there was a pain in her chest that felt like her heart was literally being wrapped in half. There was no way she could possibly function after this. William was her other half. How could she survive without him after so long of having him right there? There was no point. She held her knees to her chest and remained like that for who knew how long.