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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 25, 2013 07:46PM
360 – Delilah


Benedict managed to get himself together just in time for David to sit next to him. He looked slightly confused. This boy looked…. considerably older, after just a night. He had to remind himself of Delilah’s witchitude, and resist the urge to cringe at remembering it. He had it planned in his mind. What he would say when asked such a silly question. ‘No, you ignorant child, why would I waste my time at a shop that sells toy airplanes? What use would it serve me? I am Benedict Harrison, Consulting Detective, not some giddy schoolboy that admires something so infantile.’ But the words came out… rather differently. “If you want.” He had never considered the wants of others in his life – aside from Delilah. Delilah always came first, always had. However, he felt that David should at least come a close second. He seemed so… innocent. He didn’t remind Benedict of himself in anything but looks, but he did remind him a bit of… Felix. Damn that man for being so simple that anyone could be compared to him.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 11:28AM
100 – Jennifer & William


Galtem after leaving the police station, he was on his way towards his club to get his car and just go back home, to drink or something, till he got texts from Jacque, talking about her caring and then the subject about Jennifer and cops going to her place to question her and so on. They was going to drag Jennifer into this matter? He didn’t wanted to drag Jennifer into this matter, because then she would start with her drama about him killing somebody, even tho she knew him long enough to understand he wouldn’t kill somebody human without reasons, so. Yet, it wasn’t the best way to make it up for her.
So with this thought, he just decided to go there, and keep that cops away from her, he didn’t knew how he was going to kick some cops ass without getting in trouble, but he would still do it. After replaying to her texts, he just changed his way and went straight to Jennifer’s apartment, yes, he knew where was she. Because on the night he arrived, he sneaked into her home, while she and William were asleep. All he done, was just stare down at her, and brush his finger against her cheek softly, it was just for kill that pain that showed how much he missed her. But of course, he couldn’t stay there for long, so he quickly left.
Now he was on his way back to her home, and face that stupid cop and make him back off from her. But this also made him realize he was probably going to see William in there as well, yet he didn’t seemed to care that much, he was doing this for Jennifer, put away the others. Using his werewolf speed to arrive her apartment, he just climbed the walls, and got in by her window, just like he done it in that night, there seemed to be always some window who was left unlocked.
Getting inside by that window, the first thing he noticed was a strong smell of whiskey. The hell? Since when Jennifer drinks whiskey that’s more his thing, he knows she never liked whiskey, and he always drank wine with her when they had dinner or lunch together. He just took three steps till some dog bark and a fur ball ran towards him, trying to act like a tough dog, while he was just a small thing.
“The hell? Go away.”
Galtem told to the dog, and began to move his hands like he was scooting the dog away, he even used his foot to push the dog away, but did not hurt the animal. He took another steps around and saw Jennifer against the door, curled up, probably crying, he frowned and took a deep breathe, nobody was here but her, did the cops done something?
“Jennifer? Are you ok? Did that cops done something to you? I’m sorry if they come to bother you, but whatever they said, I didn’t killed anybody.”
Of course he was more worried about this, he wasn’t aware about her and William, since he thought she would never say anything nor Amelia.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 01:27PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer heard the window being opened, but remained where she was at. Any fucks she would have given previously, had completely disappeared. If it was some kind of burglar then they were in a nasty surprise when they’d find out that the person they were trying to rob was a particularly pissed of werewolf that was ready to rip off someone’s head. Penny had gotten out of the bedroom and ran to whoever it was, barking as ferociously as she could. Only when she heard the voice did she look up. Galtem walked into the living room and she looked up at him in shock for a moment. Why the hell was he here? At the worst possible moment? She found the strength to stand up, her lips slightly parted, as if she couldn’t figure out if he was even really here. He was asking her if she was ok. He must have known the cops were going to come to her house. His apology didn’t make any difference to her. Her eyebrows raised, almost amused. The expression that had been broken and sad was now a little bit terrifying. “You didn’t kill anybody,” she said, her voice surprisingly steady for someone who’s just been crying. She wiped away her tears and pulled her wavy blonde hair to one side to get it out of her way. “Cause that’s what I was worried about,” she snapped in a highly sarcastic tone.
What had happened between her and Galtem last night had been all her fault, but there was no possible way she could hurt herself anymore than she already had and Galtem so inconveniently walked into her house without permission, so he was the one she would most likely take it out on. “What the hell are you even doing here?!” her voice raised to a shout. “Haven’t you done enough? I believed you, ok? I believed that you loved me! I allowed you to use me for whatever sick reasoning you had!” William’s words about Galtem had strongly influenced her view of him. It was so easy to believe that he was just using her and would toss her aside when he was finished. Just looking at him hurt because she knew that he was the reason she no longer at William. It was because she loved him and there was no turning that kind of love off. “If you came here to ruin my relationships, it worked. William’s… William’s gone,” she forced out in a firm tone. It was said. There was no taking it back. The words came out strong, but a moment later she broke down again. She hated crying in front of people and never wanted to have to do so in Galtem. Not again. She turned away from him and covered her mouth, keeping plenty of space in between the two of them. “Why are you here?” she asked again, this time in a quieter tone, still refusing to look at him.


Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 01:56PM
100 – Jennifer & William


Even if he got here on his own, he was still nervous about this. It would be hard for him to face her after what had happen last night, and having her leaving like that in the bathroom, and about the good-bye kiss, yet, here they are again, but that didn’t brought him any hopes up. He liked his lips, and bite on them, while she stood up and just watched her, her sarcasm clearly hit him, and now he began to wonder what the hell happen, why was she crying? If it wasn’t the cops then what? He was so confused right now, and he couldn’t understand this.
It only got more confusing when she began to yell at him, here we go again, yelling, was she going to add a slap as well like before? She was judging him again, she was judging him without knowing the truth, what was her problem now? Why she was saying that he was using her, he hated this because that wasn’t truth, and people quickly took their opinions about him and thought it was the truth.
“I’m not using you..”
It was all he could say before having her yell at him again. He still loves her, not loved, he isn’t using her, there is no sick reason, well unless if this love is sick, then yes, that’s a sick reason. Was it hard to make people believe that he actually loves somebody?
When she said William was gone, he got shocked. He left? He never thought William would do such thing, wouldn’t he stick up to Jennifer and forgive her? Isn’t that what William does?
“What? He left?”
He asked still shocked about this new, it didn’t made much sense in his mind. Even tho deep inside, he was extremely glad he was gone, that Jennifer right now was basically free.
Galtem took a deep breathe, and turned his head away from hers as well, as he looked up at the wall, and heard her last question about what was he doing here.
“Well first of all, excuse me if loving you is a sick reason to “use” you, like you say. I mean seriously, you’re the only one that knows me enough to know when I say a lie or a truth.”
He was going to stand up for himself on that moment, since she didn’t knew “shit about shit”.
“Secondly, I’m not here to ruin relationships, I just wanted to fix my life, ok? I’m tired of running away from problems, I’m tired of making all this double lives its leading me crazy. Now with Caleb here, I don’t even know what to do, I thought taking care of a teen would be easier, but I’m wrong, I don’t even know where is he right now.”
Galtem was slowly rambling, but he went back to the subject.
“I’m here because I care about you, and I heard cops were going to question you and stuff, and I didn’t wanted to drag you into this problem. Its not your fault.”
When he said it wasn’t her fault, he was basically talking about everything, their make out and stuff. Because he knew she would totally blame herself, whenever him and her dated, everything something wrong happen, she would blame herself, and he had to take that blame off her shoulders, by blaming himself or just tell her it doesn’t matter. He said this all without looking at her, since she wasn’t looking at him either, but when he finished his words, and said it wasn’t her fault, this time he finally looked at her. 

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 02:08PM
312- Amelia

Roger stared down in awe as Amelia resisted touching him and kept her hands above her head. It was both wildly erotic and very submissive on her part, and it made Roger almost explode right then and there. Closing his eyes, he breathed heavily in her ear and continued to ride her. He couldn’t finish, not yet. His left hand explored down the side of her body before a finger caressed over her soft folds. With his body still pumping against hers, the lieutenant stroked at her clit while making love to her. He continued murmuring her name over and over again like it was a chant, his body doing all that it could to make her feel sacred and adored. Finally as Amelia spoke to him, he finished within her with a great grunt and collapsed on top of her. Roger’s breathing was heavy as his head lay between her breasts, his heart beat feeling like it was going a mile an hour.
He lay there like that for a few minutes trying to get control over his body again. The things she did to him. Pulling his head up from her chest, he looked down at her and began to chuckle. “Well…that’s one way to relieve some stress.” Rolling off of her, Roger pulled Amelia to his chest and laid back on her pillows. This was how the world was supposed to be. Closing his eyes again, he brushed his finger-tips down his back and murmured “I’ve waited years to do that, Vampira…I love you.”Exhaling slow and long, Roger felt his world fall back into place with his woman finally in his arms. Could life be any more perfect?

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 02:44PM
312- Amelia

Rodger, was simply incredible. So Masterful, and dominant that Amelia was in awe of him. He rode her like he was the King of her bed, taking her without word, grunting and pushing deeper inside her, as she lay beneath him, savoring the experience. At one point she closed her eyes, and then felt the wander of his fingers, and he started to stroke her clit as he rode her well. This mixed with his saying her name over and over had her hypnotized, and she was on her way to experiencing the thrill of cumming at the same time. Amelia felt cherished, adored and so very loved, that when he reached his peak, she too rode in on the wave of orgasmic bliss. For those last few thrusts, she matched him with the feeling of intensity, till he collapsed with full weight on top of her…spent.

The smile on Amelia’s face was wide, as she struggled to get her own breath back, and with his head resting between her breasts, she wondered if he could breath.

“Well…that’s one way to relieve some stress.”

“I feel so alive…tingly, throbbing, but so alive.” When Rodger rolled over and pulled her onto his chest, she kissed his skin, feather light, her fingers finally dancing over his chest, as she cooed softly. There was no place in the world she wanted to be right now, then in his arms. This was just so right.

“I’ve waited years to do that, Vampira…I love you.”

“And I’ve wanted to say to you forever….I’m yours.”



Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 26, 2013 03:34PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer didn’t say anything when he confirmed that William had left. She took this moment to try to compose herself and quit crying. No. She was not weak Jennifer. She was strong and she would stay that way. Crying over William would not bring him back. She took a deep, yet shaky, breath as she listened to what Galtem said, without looking over at him. There he went again saying he loved her. Part of her wanted so much to believe him, but who said that it would be easier if he did love her? She obviously loved him, but loving Galtem seemed to bring her nothing but pain. It was true. They knew each other much too well for her to doubt what he was saying, but Galtem had lied before and it had been a hundred years. She didn’t know who to trust. He started to ramble about the difficulties in his life and Jennifer stole a quick glance at him. He did seem very genuine in what he was saying, but it didn’t change anything. William was gone because of her. She subconsciously pushed him away because of her feelings for Galtem. And no matter how much she loved Galtem, he was a living reminder of that fact.
She had finally managed stopped crying for what she hoped was the last time and continued to look over at the ground. Pieces of her whiskey glass remained all around the door that she had thrown it against and she concentrated on those as he spoke. Her heart nearly stopped when he said that he cared about her. She didn’t know if she even dared to believe it, but Jennifer was never well-known for controlling her feelings. “Not my fault?” she said, finally looking up at him and meeting his eyes. “I suppose someone else was in control when I kissed you then? When I practically took William and my relationship in my hands and threw it away? How can you say this isn’t my fault? Loving you might not be my fault, but what I do with that emotion is. And I hurt the one person who would do anything for me because of it.” Luckily, she did not cry. She was done with that. Caring hurt too much. All she wanted to do was to not care.

But as she looked at him, her expression softened a bit. It was kind of sweet that he had cared enough to come check on her. But had he really been expecting her to welcome him in with open arms? Suddenly, she looked somewhat confused. “Wait, why the hell did you come in through the window?” she asked him, glancing over to where he had seemed to appear from. For a moment she thought she was going crazy. She thought back to the night before last when she had dreamt about Galtem. It had been so realistic and it seemed so random that it would happen the night before he showed back up in Derry. “Was that the first time you’ve done that?” she asked suspiciously. It was a very odd question. When and why would he have climbed through her window before. She shook her head. “Never mind, sorry,” she muttered, shaking her head and looking away again. He probably thought she was insane.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 01:52AM
100 – Jennifer & William


Galtem waited for some replay from her, after his words, he knew pretty well, she wouldn’t act all sweet over him, she was probably extremely angry to the fact that she lost William, and it was some of Galtem’s fault as well, so he thought bringing the blame ot him, would stop making her feel so shitty, he is already used having people throw stuff at him and just judge or blame him. Talking about throwing stuff, he actually thought she would totally throw something at him, she was acting rather calm for this situation, but he shuoldn’t really complain about it.
However, whenever she began to speak again, he just huffed out and spread his arms slowly and rolled his eyes. It didn’t really matter what he would say, it wouldn’t change her mind, but at least he said his true feelings, even tho it seemed hard for her to believe in him. He took a deep breathe and just felt like shutting her up, because when she said William was the only one who could fix her or something like that, he felt upset, because Galtem could do the same too, right? He could do that on his own way, it wouldn’t be that hard, right? He just needs to calm himself down and stop getting in trouble, also be more honest with his feelings, and stop letting his ego take over the whole situation.
“You done?”
Was all he could say on the moment. He didn’t really know what tell her anymore, everything seemed useless right now, and he wasn’t really enjoying this situation. Soon the subject changed to the window and not about William. She was asking him why he come from there, and if he had already done that before. He just made somewhat of busted face, and tried to make up something in his mind, some quick lie.
“Well. I figured out cops would be here, and I thought coming from the door, wouldn’t help me at all, because you would kick me out.”
He said, before turn around to look at the window. Then he just nodded his head when she apologized. If she ever finds out I done that last night..” He thought to himself.
The silence invaded, and he didn’t knew what to say anymore, but he so didn’t wanted to leave right now, he wanted to stay more time, and knowing that William would never show up again, was only like a bonus for him, but he still felt bad for Jennifer, because she was crying over William, and right now, Galtem just felt pretty useless, like he couldn’t do anything to change her mood.
“Since when do you drink whiskey?..You shouldn’t waste bottles like that..”
He commented whenever he noticed the pieces of broken glass from the bottle on the ground.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 02:12AM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer raised her eyebrows and tilted her head forward again like “come again?” “Excuse me?” she said, when he asked if she was done. He had zero right to waltz into her house and be sassy about it. Especially after last night. She simply shook her head and rolled her eyes. There was no use in getting in a power struggle over it. He explained why he had come in through the window. It was true. She would have kicked him out. In fact she was a bit surprised she was allowing to stand there even now. Maybe because it was actually kind of nice having someone who she felt was as fucked up as she was around. Galtem had not been wrong in saying that they knew each other well though and she did not buy it at all. Yes, he was telling the truth, but there was something else that he was not telling her. Jennifer looked at him suspiciously and followed his gaze to the window as well, but decided to drop it. At least for now.
It grew quiet and she didn’t enjoy being in an uncomfortable silence with her ex-boyfriend in the house that belonged to her and her most recent ex-boyfriend. Just not a situation she was exactly proud of. Luckily her anger and suspicion had given her eyes a break and her face was going back to normal, her eyes becoming less red. She supposed she had him to thank for that, but she did not. Instead she was going to tell him to leave. Clearly she was fine and he didn’t have to worry about her. At least not about the cops coming to speak to her. Dammit, the cops! She realized that she still had to make a statement about it down at the station soon. Great. Just what she needed. Her making out with Galtem while she was still dating William to be written out so that everyone would have proof that she was a cheating slut.
It took a moment for her to realize what Galtem had said and she looked at him with a blank stare for a moment before his words registered. “Oh,” she said. “Since today,” she muttered, going into the kitchen to grab a broom and a towel to pick up the pieces with before going back into the living room and starting to clean it up. She would heal, but Penny would not and she didn’t want the poor dog to cut herself on the glass. The dog was now resting on the couch and had apparently decided that Galtem was not a criminal and that she would allow him to stay. Jennifer, however, had not made her mind up about that quite yet. “Look, I have to get down to the station before today’s over or they’ll be back. So, unless there was anything else….?” she trailed off, looking at him expectantly.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 02:50AM
100 – Jennifer & William


Galtem perked up an eyebrow and stared at her with a confused expression when she said she drank whiskey since today? Well, the strong scent of whiskey was thanks to the whiskey all over the floor. So he highly doubted she drank that thing, but it has been 100years since he last saw her or had any sort of connection with her, so maybe there might be lots of things different in her, that he will get surprised whenever he finds them out, even tho, he still prefers the old Jennifer.
Whenever she started cleaning, he felt some need to go help her, but he didn’t knew how, and while he was trying to think on what to do, she was already done. He dragged his lower lip between his teeth, and began to nibble on it, kind of nervous, as he waited for her to say something. It didn’t took her ong till she mentioned that she had to go to the police station today, or they would be back.
He said kind of disappointed. He turned aorund and wa about to leave, he was totally going to leave from the window again, don’t ask why, but then his body made him stop, he turned around to face her, and open his mouth, like he was about to say something, but he just closed it. If he said something, it would motly be like “I don’t want to leave”. But he figured that wasn’t what she needed to hear, he started to take closer steps towards her, while his mind was screaming to stop getting too closer. His body was only an inch away from hers, and he was already moving his head down towards her, well, not that down, since she was basically his size. Then there was his lips another inch away from hers, and he shouldn’t do that, he wanted to kiss her, that’s what he wanted, but he couldn’t always do what he wanted. Their lips didn’t even touched, and then he just pulled his head back and huffed out frustrated while his eyes looked towards a wall. The hell was he thinking? He would get his ass kicked, if he didn’t stopped allowing his feelings to do whatever they wanted.
“Ahum..I was going ask you if you need company, but I believe not. So I guess that’s all.”
With this, he turned around again, walking towards the window to leave. It wasn’t all, he wanted to say other stuff, like for her be careful, and not do anything she might regret, or if she was feeling better, and needed something. But help and support from her ex-boyfriend didn’t seemed the best thing out there.