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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 07:30AM
312- Amelia

With his eyes closed, Roger smiled as Amelia kissed his skin but then began to chuckle in his low voice “That tickes, Vampira.” Opening one eye, he looked down at her deviously and began to tickle up and down her sides. After tickling her mercilessly for what must have felt like too long to her, he grabbed her hips and yanked her on top of his body. Wrapping his arms firmly around her, the lieutenant began caressing up and down her back again. His lips nuzzled into her hair as he breathed in her rich scent. She was absolutely perfect.

But as they lay like that in peace, his phone rang. Sighing irritably, Roger gently rolled Amelia onto her back once more and rolled out of her bed. Padding across the floor naked to where he discarded his pants, he bent over and began to rifle around for his phone. Finally finding it, he answered it irritably “Marx.” Roger was quiet for a few moments as he listened and then turned his back on Amelia to murmur “I can assure you, Reed hasn’t been near Manzenli all day. Just trust me on this.” After pausing for another moment, he then snapped “Because I’m your superior and I have my reasons.” Hanging up the phone, he tossed it back into his pants and turned to look at Amelia with a troubled face.

He stood there like that for a minute or two before finally stepping back over to her bed. Crawling in beside her once more, he laid back on the pillows and folded his arms behind his head “We should talk, Amelia.” Putting pet names aside, Roger decided it was time they had a serious talk about where this was going. Turning to look at her, he smiled gently “This wasn’t just a hit and run for me. I’ve been waiting years to be able to hold you, to touch you like that. But I am the Lieutenant of the police force and you work for me. Things can get complicated, and that’s not even counting how that IA bitch is going to react to this.” Pausing, he took a deep breath and murmured quietly “If you don’t want to deal with this, just tell me. But know that I will always be here for you, no matter what you decide Vampira.”

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 08:15AM

The sound of Amelia’s giggles grew louder, as a tickle war was started on the bed, and Rodger masterfully swept her up ontop of him and held her down so she couldn’t escape. But she didn’t want to be anywhere else, and nuzzled him affectionately, every so often, a giggle came from her lips, that shook her whole body. Amelia felt so adored, and loved. He was like this big protective teddy bear, someone you wanted to hug the stuffing out of.

But like all good things, reality had a way of snapping the couple out of their romantic haze. The cellphone went off, and Rodger rolled Amelia off, so he could get out of bed and deal with the call. It was probably work, and sure enough…by Rodger’s replies, it was.

I can assure you, Reed hasn’t been near Manzenli all day. Just trust me on this.”

“Making love to me.” Amelia whispered, sitting up in bed, with the sheet falling away to expose her.

But then his tone got serious, as did his facial expression. “Because I’m your superior and I have my reasons.” This meant that she shouldn’t be saying anything more, and she actually pouted, cause she was frightened he would get in trouble now if people knew. Watching him hang up and crawl back into bed, she waited as he laid back with his arms behind his head. Something was troubling him. Sitting up, she listened to him speak.

“This wasn’t just a hit and run for me. I’ve been waiting years to be able to hold you, to touch you like that. But I am the Lieutenant of the police force and you work for me. Things can get complicated, and that’s not even counting how that IA bitch is going to react to this.”

This wasn’t going to be easy, and Amelia accepted this, but she also knew that she could be professional, and have the dream of a relationship with him. No one had ever made her feel like this before. Pursing her lips a moment, she knew she had to tell him what was in her heart. Curling up against him, her head on his chest, she whispered.

“Rodger…I’m in love with you. Regardless of whether I work under you or lay under you, nothing is going to change that. I just want to be your girl.” She looked up at him, and he could see the love there in her eyes. “I can deal with work and whatever the IA throws at me. But i am never walking away from you, not now. Not ever.”



Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 08:47AM
312- Amelia

Roger had heard her whispering but he was wise enough to ignore it. As much as Roger enjoyed making love to her, this was something they seriously had to discuss. Amelia meant more to him than his job, but he knew her job was important to her and wanted to make sure they had clear boundaries so he would know how to proceed with them. Laying there in her bed, it was hard to even focus since all he wanted to do was roll over and ravish her again. Closing his eyes, he began to breath evenly as he became relaxed. When she curled up next to him, he exhaled long and hard before pulling one of his arms down to wrap around her. Opening his eyes, Roger looked down at his gothic beauty and smiled gently “I assure you, Vampira, that after a day of working under me, you will be laying under me every evening as well. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve waited too long to just let this opportunity pass me by.”
When Amelia said she could be professional, he just chuckled again and leaned down to kiss her cheek “You sure about that? I can be very distracting when I put my mind to it…” He began to kiss her neck and soon had her earlobe between his teeth. Tugging on it gently, Roger’s breath fanned over her sensitive skin before he pulled back. Climbing out of her bed, he pulled his boxers and pants back on before he faced her with a large smile “Come on, Queen of Darkness. If I stay any closer to you, you won’t be able to walk into work tomorrow.” Holding his hand out, he looked down at her affectionately“Let me take you out to breakfast.”

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 09:00AM
312 – Amelia’s apartment

Rodger looked so damn cute in his boxers, and his hand stretched out towards her, to get her out of bed, and offered to take her to breakfast. She had been so caught up, that she totally forgot she was even hungry. “Okay Boss. Guess I gotta stop getting those dirty thoughts, cause like I will end up walking like John Wayne if we keep at it.” Sliding off the bed, she kissed his cheek, and went into her walk in robe, to fetch a cute black and white dress, matching knee high socks and these odd sensible shoes, with silver buckles. She dressed fairly quickly, then went to fix her hair and makeup, so she looked just like normal. The Amelia he knew so well, not the naked one he had taken on her bed.


With a fancy hat box like purse, she trotted out and did a small spin, as if presenting herself for him, before stealing a quick kiss on the lips, and then high tailing it down stairs, giggling. “I got my keys and the apartment is locked. Come on. I’m famished.”



Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 09:28AM
312- Amelia

Roger just stared at Amelia in wonder as she pranced off to get dressed. How could she be both a sex bomb and still remain incredibly adorable? No, she was no bomb. His woman was a sex kitten and it made his toes curl and his manhood become erect all over again. Groaning, he stared at the ceiling and began to count to one hundred again in his head to calm down. This woman seriously knew how to ruffle his lustful feathers.

As Amelia dressed, the lieutenant decided he should probably do the same. Buttoning up his shirt, he looked towards Amelia just in time to see her spin. Raising an eyebrow, her child-like outfit made his body ripple with the desire to toss her on the bed and have at her again. Exhaling sharply through his nose, he stared her down seriously and practically growled “I am going to have to punish you tonight.”
After she stole a kiss, Roger managed to slap her ass just in time before she went running down the stairs. Oh yea, she was going to get it. Shaking his head and chuckling, he just looked around her room and muttered “Bollocks.” Roger was in deep. Placing his hands in his pockets, he then came strolling out of her room and followed her down the stairs. Raising his eyebrow again, he gave her his playful smirk “I hope you’re hungry because I am…starving.” Lifting a hand, he ran his finger down her cheek as his eyes darkened suggestively. Pressing her against the wall, his own kiss he stole was hungry and demanding. After kissing her long enough to dazzle her, Roger pulled back and strode out of her apartment and called lazily “You coming, Vampira?”

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 09:47AM
312- Amelia’s apartment

Just when he couldn’t be any more sexy slapping her ass, he soon enough had her pinned to the wall. The kiss was so electric, she moaned softly into his mouth, as he kissed her hungrily. She wanted to melt beneath him, and have him take her again. But soon as he pulled away, she heard him call out to her almost lazily for her and if she was coming. Kinda a double meaning there, and she scooted after him, closing the door behind her.

“Any more kisses like that and I will be.” Amelia said with a musical laugh. Getting into his car, on the passenger side, she bounced eagerly, and then asked.


“Can we do this every morning? A girl could get used to having breakfast out.” her voice was chipper and she completely forgot about the whole deal with Jen and William and Galtem. As far as she was concerned, she was the luckiest girl in the world now. If only she could keep her hands to herself when they are working together. All she knew was, she was going to do her damn best not to let Rodger down.



Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 10:35AM
312- Amelia

Roger chuckled yet again at just how adorable his woman being in response to his kiss. Her laugh was perfect, making his heart skip a beat like he was a school boy. Sliding into the driver’s seat, he turned to look at her with a smirk “I don’t think so, Vampira. You’re getting this treat because I’m too worn out and dirty from your ministrations to be caught in a kitchen.” Starting the car, he slid his shades on and chuckled darkly again “Rest assured, I will be cooking for you every other morning. I make a mean omelette.” With that, he pulled out of her parking lot and sped down the street towards the diner downtown.

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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 27, 2013 12:22PM
100 – Jennifer & William

Jennifer just nodded when he turned to go. This day was bad enough and she just wanted to get it over with. It would be better if she was as far away from Galtem as possible. She thought about telling him there was a perfectly good door that he could use, but thought against it and was just going to allow him to go back through the window when he stopped and turned to look at her. Something about the look he was giving her made her nervous. There was a slight shake of her head as if she were telling him not to say whatever it was he wanted to say. As he stepped closer to her, her body froze. He kept walking towards her and she wanted to put a hand out. To stop him and tell him no. But she couldn’t. No matter how much she wanted to ask him what he was doing and to take a step back, she could not. She held his eye contact and soon he was incredibly close to her face. His lips were now almost to hers and she just looked down with her eyes and taking a deep breath. Her entire body was tensed up and her face held worry. Why could she not just step away from him? But he pulled away so that she didn’t have to. He didn’t look happy about it either. She relaxed a lot and let out the breath she didn’t realize she was still holding in a kind of sigh of relief. She did not need that right now. Just when she thought she had her feelings all figured out Galtem would come and change her way of looking at everything.

She looked up at him, biting her lip as he spoke. It did not look like he was going to ask if she needed company. It very much looked like he was going to kiss her again and for some reason she would not have been able to stop it. But when he turned away, for some insane reason, she did not want him to go. “Wait!” she said, before she could stop herself. No. Do not do this. William just left and you’re just feeling lonely. Galtem is not the company you should have right now, her mind told her but she ignored it. “I mean… company… wouldn’t be awful to have right now,” she said with a shrug, her voice unsure. “But none of… this.” She waved her hands in front of her face to sign for whatever he had just been about to do. With that she simply grabbed her keys and went out to her car, leaving the door open for him to follow her if he would choose.

Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 28, 2013 05:01AM
100 – Jennifer & William

Galtem was about to put his leg out of the window, till Jennifer’s voice stopped him, he slowly turned around to take a look at her, and perked up an eyebrow, wondering what she wanted. Whenever she said company wouldn’t be that awful to have right now, a smirk slowly started to show up upon his face, he wasn’t really waiting for her to allow him go with her, since he thought the last thing she wanted was have him around, even tho whenever he got so closer to her, and was about to kiss her, she didn’t moved. He thought the moment he got closer, he would get another slap from her, but she didn’t moved, its like she frooze on her spot, not like Galtem should complain about that, he should feel glad, because if he didn’t felt guilty about making Jennifer&William’s break up happen, he would have totally kiss her, but now that he saw her crying over William, he felt pretty damn useless and guilty, so he doesn’t want to cause her more pain.
Galtem folded his arms, and placed his index finger upon his lips, while listening to her words.
When she said that none of this, clearly talking about her face, and whatever he was going to do before, he just made kissy lips and poked his own lips with his finger. If she was wondering what he wanted to do, that was what he was going to do, kiss her, but this time Galtem wasn’t acting by impulse or doing what he wanted on the moment.
Waiting for her to start walking, he just followed her, and this time left her apartment by the door. He closed the door behind him, after taking a quick look at her dog, the fur ball on the couch.

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Re: [RP] Pearl Of The Orient Condos
September 28, 2013 03:47PM
312-Amelia’s Apartment

Amelia was actually pleased with the idea of being taken out for breakfast. They would be seen as an actual couple….Maybe. Amelia knew that they would have to be careful, especially at work, since someone like Carmen would pick up on it, and probably rake them over the coals. Amelia decided then and there, she was going to have to split herself, keeping in mind that her professional life, was not to be affected by her relationship with Rodger.


Looking at Rodger, he looked so damn sexy when he put on his sunglasses. A real suave move, and the said “Rest assured, I will be cooking for you every other morning. I make a mean omelette.”

“Mmmm breakfast in bed. Be sure to where one of those “Kiss the cook” aprons.” Amelia joked, then settled back to enjoy the ride to the downtown diner.


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