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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 17, 2013 01:12AM
Carmen had no idea what to do.

She was bound as tightly to Shane as anyone had a right to be…and yet she never felt so far away from him as she did in this moment.

It hurt.

She’d brought him enough grief in his life…and now this thing with Booker and David…it was too much.

Nothing could be changed…it was far too late for it.

She got to her feet and slowly walked toward the heavy curtains covering the windows. She pulled them open partway, standing in the shadows of the room as the morning sunlight filtered in. It burned her eyes to watch the beams of light splash across the carpet, but she’d never seen a more beautiful thing.

It would have been so easy to simply pull the curtains open the whole way and step into that brillance…that beauty…and let it take her where it will…

With a sad sigh, she closed the curtains against the light, sinking to the floor and burying her head in her knees. She was tired, she could feel the sun sapping her energy, but she didn’t want to sleep.

After everything that happened this night…where did that leave her and Shane? Would he still want her? Or would he push her out of his life. She was prepared to leave if that was his wish, because she loved him enough to let him go…though it would kill her inside to do so.

So…she huddled in her corner…tired…unable to sleep…and waited…

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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 17, 2013 01:31AM
Was this the first test of Shane and Carmen’s commitment to each other? If so, Shane was going to need to get over himself. The broken chess pieces littered the ground, and Shane started to reach to pick them up, when suddenly he felt a blinding pain in his eyes, as though he was staring at the sun. The force so strong, he cried out and brought his palms up to his eyes to try and stop the pain. Blinking, he then felt it recede, and he looked about, not seeing any sunlight, as the house shutters had all closed, keeping the sunlight out of the lower quarters. It was then that he realized…that Carmen, his love must be looking out a window, or door.

“Carmen.” He cried out, racing up out of his office, nearly tripping on the broken chess pieces and taking off up the stairs at speed till reaching her room. What he felt inside of him, was sorrow, and this ache in his chest that was growing. Opening the door, he saw her, crumpled on the floor in a corner, looking tired and worn out. He crossed the floor, and then swept her up into his arms, in a fireman lift, then carried her back to his own room, where he laid her gently upon the bed. Gazing down at her, he slowly disrobed, and got in beside her, as the dawn was now breaking across the sky.

Carmen was everything, and he started to dismiss his angered thoughts and self pity. She deserved better than that, and he needed to be a better man for her. He made a silent vow, that he would do all to protect her, and never let her go from his arms.


In the quiet and darkened room, Shane held her close to him, his lips kissing her head again and again, till finally he drifted off to sleep.


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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 17, 2013 01:38AM
Carmen was unaware of Shane’s thoughts and actions, the emotions of the night finally pulling her into sleep.

She didn’t know Shane had come into her room and had taken her into his arms. Didn’t know that he placed her at his side in his own bed. She thought she was dreaming when she felt kisses pressed to her head and she muttered in her exhausted, dreamless sleep a single word, full of love and longing. “Shane.”

Unconciously she moved closer to him, snuggling into his chest and fell into a deeper sleep.

Things would sort themselves out once she woke…she hoped.