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Re: [RP] Police Station
October 11, 2013 11:19AM
Homicide DepartmentRoger was quiet on their way to work, his thoughts preoccupied with how he was going to behave around Amelia now that he got to bed her whenever he seemed suitable for him. She was his colleague, however, and she worked beneath him. The lieutenant would have to be on his best behavior so Amelia’s job did not have to suffer from their passionate relationship. While driving, he absent-mindedly reached over to take Amelia’s hand into his own, his grip tight as his lips were.

By the time they got to the station, he was starting to feel ill at ease. If Carmen so much as sniffed in their direction, they were in deep shit. Parking the car, Roger climbed out and rushed over to open Amelia’s door. Reaching down with his hand, he offered a small smile and helped her out of the car. Still not saying anything, he quickly released her hand when she got out and shut her door. Turning away from her, he pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head and called over his shoulder as he stared walking “Let’s go, Vampira.”
When the lieutenant got to the homicide department, he was instantly bombarded by one his the cops that worked for him. Sighing softly, he folded his arms in front of him and tried to focus on the cop rather than let his eyes linger to where his woman was. It was hard to stay focused. Raising an eyebrow as the cop informed him they found another woman’s dead body in the park, he just snatched the file away from him and stormed to his office. Glancing over his shoulder, he snapped “No phone calls. I have work to do.” Without another word, he slammed the door to his office and strode over to his desk.

Taking a seat, he turned his computer on. After a few minutes of waiting, Roger’s web browser pulled up and he began to do some investigating of his own. Being inside the office and away from Amelia already had his nerves wound tight. But soon he found what he was looking for and he smiled triumphantly. Purchasing the collar, he then leaned back with his hands behind his head. Closing his eyes, he muttered “That’s better…”

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 11, 2013 06:27PM
Forensics LabNow, things were about to get hard. Reaching the parking lot of the Police station, Amelia felt Rodger’s hand tighten on hers, and then let her go, knowing they would not be touching each other or barely communicating while on the job. Getting her out of the car, he only offered her a small smile, then headed off on his own saying;

“Let’s go, Vampira.”

It…was hard to walk in after him, and not with him, her head bent down, and she sighed as she reached the doors, and saw him head off to the Homicide, while her department was downstairs in the basement, the forensics lab. Taking the lift, she came out to see her co worker, and autopsy specialist Thomas, already kitted up and about to go and deal with a body brought in the night before.

“Ah..Amelia there you are. Had started to worry about you.” The elderly officer said, with his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. “Everything okay?” He inquired, genuinely concerned about her. Amelia put on her lab coat, and then flicked back her ponytails, taking up a large slurpee cup that her other boss, Randall had left her.

“Fine, just got caught up after breakfast with a friend. I’m okay.” She said. Though the truth was she had been doing more than catching up. The memory of it still fresh in her mind.

“Well…now your here, can you do the tox screens on the latest case, and have the results on my desk by four?’

Amelia nodded, and picked up a kit of vials and medical equipment.

“On it.”

Her day had begun….but how long could she last without seeing Rodger?



Re: [RP] Police Station
October 17, 2013 02:19PM
Forensics Labhttps://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/4899d5b2b62adf217b310029d5fbd981/tumblr_inline_mrsqbtGObW1qz4rgp.gif
Roger was being a good lieutenant behind his desk for hours, focusing on work and doing all he could to keep his mind off of Amelia. Of course, it wasn’t working as images of their past rutting fests ran through his mind. Sighing softly, he pushed back from his desk and scrubbed a hand over his face. Standing up slowly, he buttoned up his shirt and adjusted his tie again. He didn’t care what he said to her earlier, he just had to see her. Only a few hours had passed and he felt like he was going insane. Just picturing her black pigtails had him hardening in his trousers.

Growling irritably at how whipped he felt, Roger wrenched open the door to his office and strode out. As he was walking, one of his fellow officers rushed over to babble in his ear about a tox screening from their most recent case. Pausing in his tracks, he took the file and smiled slightly at the perfect opportunity. Glancing at the file as he glossed over it, he murmured “Thank you, I can bring this to forensics myself. I have a hunch.” Walking away from the woman, he walked the long walk to the forensics lab.

Pushing open the door without so much as a knock, the lieutenant waltzed in to announce himself “The master is here.”Winking at Amelia suggestively, he then glanced around “I trust you’re keeping busy, Vampira?” Seeing that she was alone, he smiled wickedly and strode up to her. He didn’t touch her as he knew anyone could walk in, but he leaned in to whisper quietly into her ear “I’ve been thinking about just how busy you could be with me between your legs…”

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 17, 2013 02:41PM
Forensics Labhttps://i0.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/9328b7e6d53acc587a97269b6d859665/tumblr_mkalzfyQh91rdseqco1_400.gif

Amelia’s work was going so well, that he did a little victory dance in front of her panel of computers. Blue gloves on she had just typed in the last of the necessary information about a cold case she had been working on for about six months, and the suspect’s dna came up a match with the samples found on the victim’s underpants.

“Yes…Yes…Yes!” Amelia sang out, raising her hands up in the air, dancing about excitedly. Thomas Becks, was going to be so pleased with her, and after another victory dance, Amelia went to print off the results and place them in the correct file. Case resolved. Shane was going to be thrilled with her persistence to come up with the goods on the suspect.She was almost in two minds to get on the phone and call him up, to tell him the good news.

It was her work that had taken her mind off Rodger, and allowed her to focus. She had made a deal with herself, that she would not dare jeopardize his or her career due to their new found love, and so far she was keeping her end of the bargain. That was until she suddenly heard the door to her lab open and the sound of Rodger’s voice calling out to her;

“The master is here.”

It was him, Amelia tried to not squeal and spun around, her face lighting up at the sight of him. He looked so sexy in his suit, and when he winked at her, her knees almost turned to water. “Y..Yes. Sir.” She stuttered to his question on whether she had been keeping herself busy. “Nailed the Brenner case. Got a positive match on the sample. The traces were so tiny…the guy really knew his stuff.” She nodded with excitement, leaning back on the table with her hands down, so she could resist the urge to run and hug him.

“I’ve been thinking about just how busy you could be with me between your legs…” Rodger whispered into her ear, their bodies almost touching, and Amelia could feel the rush of blood to her nether regions. Anyone could walk in at this point, and Amelia struggled to keep herself composed.

“I wouldn’t get any work done, if you did.” Amelia said, almost now panting as her fingers clawed the table. It was taking everything in her not to touch him. “Oh Master..” She said breathlessly in a whisper, her eyes half closing as she started to remember about their earlier tryst in the alley. “It’s hard not to be able to hold you here.”


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 07:08AM
Forensics LabRoger chuckled at how excited she was over her work, but he was also amused at how she began to stutter when she spoke to him. That certainly changed a bit in the workplace between them. He so badly wanted to reach up and caress her neck, her cheek, her hair but knew it was inappropriate to do at work. Anyone could walk in, and if Carmen ever found out, they’d be in deep shit.
As Amelia spoke about the trace on the sample, the lieutenant shifted gears and leaned closer to get a look at her computer. Eyes widening, he turned to look at his lover “Ew.” He watched the way Amelia avoided touching him, and it irritated him. He knew she was just doing as she was told, but he so desperately wanted her. Again.

She spoke about not getting any work done, and right now, that was fine with him. Pressing closer to her, he pinned her to the table with his hips and stared down into her eyes. Reaching up to run his forefinger and thumb over one of her braids, he smiled slightly “Its really hard for me in general.” His eyes shifted down to his pants before he glanced at the screen again “Any idea who the sample matches?’

Letting go of her braid, he stepped back over to the computer screen as he placed his work cap back on mentally. His eyes scanned the screen as he reached up to run a hand over his chin. Instinctively, his thoughts went back to Jennifer. He heard she had come in for a statement and now he wondered how she was doing. His thoughts flickered back to the body. Male. Shaking his head slightly, he began to wonder just how this victim was tied to the club. Swiveling around to face Amelia with his arms crossed, he murmured “What do you know of Manzenli’s background?”

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 07:38AM
Forensics labhttps://i2.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/50ffcb25670f16513a67eb8aa27813b0/tumblr_inline_mqso8ixJqq1qhn9q8.gif

Amelia was finding the act of being professional to be growing harder and harder, as she had Rodger so near her, and yet she knew she couldn’t touch him. Not here, not in the lab. She tried to keep things work related, cause he would surely be interested, but then after finding the sample analysis pics and data to be on the nose, and exclaiming ‘ew’ she couldn’t escape him when he pressed her up against the table. His eyes drinking her in, so strong, and she couldn’t look away. He reached up and touched her braid, playing with it. Such a tease. Surely he would notice her suck in a sharp breath and hold it, savoring his touch.

Its really hard for me in general.” Those words, had a real double meaning, and she gulped as she wanted to press her hips hard to his. But then he looked back at the screen and he became professional again.

“The suspect, the one that we have been trying to nail for months. Without a doubt its him, and I was going to file the report and make the call.” Amelia said, only letting out a small cry as he pulled away from her. She tried to stay positive, and cheerful, but inside she was wanting to beg him to take her again. Instead he spoke about the murder victim at the club. Oh…that again. But it was his questions that had Amelia cough before answering.

“A total womanizing, back stabbing shameless excuse of a man….who can’t keep his dick in his pants.” She said bluntly, after he more or less dropped her in it, and had her nearly lose her job. Hard to believe they used to be friends. “All he cares about is number one. He dated Jennifer a while back, and knows my sister. He knew me, cause I was once in a relationship with his brother…but that was a long time ago. All I know is he had some teenage boy dumped in his lap the night of the murder and he was too busy drinking, feeling self pity and snogging Jennifer to do any killing.”


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 07:54AM
Forensics LabRoger was well aware just how much he was teasing Amelia, but it would do neither of them any good to continue this behavior while at work. Her little cry of impatience was very tempting, but he had a job to do. He wasn’t prepared to answer any questions about them yet and there was still a murder running rampant in the outside world. Sighing softly, he scrubbed a hand over his face and stared at the computer screen “This is really good news, Amelia. Really good news.”
Turning to look at her, his eyes narrowed in concentration as he mulled over her words. Her words towards Galtem were vicious, and he began to wonder if this was becoming personal for her. Sighing again, he chose his words carefully “Do you understand how complicated this is becoming? He is your friend, he knows your sister. Your sister was being questioned at the club. Do you understand how this looks?” Crossing his arms, his eyes became stern as he stared her down. The lieutenant didn’t want to believe Amelia could have a shady past with Galtem, but he also didn’t want her hiding anything from him. Stepping closer, he spoke in a dark voice “Are you hiding something from me? If I find out there is something going on with Galtem, and that he has anything to do you with you…you are losing more than your job.”

As Roger stood there staring her down, he started to realize he was being a bit too hard on her. He was jealous, and he was also very skeptical. Taking a deep breath, he exhaled slowly before softening his gaze “Is there anything I should be worried about, Vampira?”

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 08:12AM
Forensics LabHearing Rodger sigh after her slight rant about Galtem, Amelia felt she may have been a bit too emotional in her words. This was definitely not lost on Rodger, and now she was about to find out how this affected him, and their relationship. Both professionally and personally.

“Do you understand how complicated this is becoming? He is your friend, he knows your sister. Your sister was being questioned at the club. Do you understand how this looks?”

“Yes, and its not that way at all, I swear. Galtem left Derry after River’s funeral. I only just saw him again the night of the murder, and that is a good long time between drinks. He treated me like a kid sister if anything. I don’t even think he views me as a woman, and he never tried to butter me up or put the hard word on me. I mean, come on, do I look like his type?” Her hands came out and in a flurry of digits, she pointed to her state of dress. “As for my own sister, hardly see hide or hair of her. She was on the booze so long I am still surprised she even knows what day it is.”

Amelia started to flounder. He was questioning her integrity, her sense of worth. She cringed as Rodger stepped in close and darkly asked her if she was hiding anything from him. Backed up to the desk, the look on her face was one of shock.


“Nooo…I swear, I am not hiding anything. Please, believe me. I gave you my word, and…and I am so in love with you, I don’t want or need anyone else. I haven’t loved anyone since Galtem’s brother. That was a life time ago. I have been living with a snake for company.”

She was starting to feel light headed and the room started spinning.

Is there anything I should be worried about, Vampira?”

“No…please…there is nothing. I beg you…Rodger.” Her eyes were filled with tears and she was having trouble breathing. She just found love and now she was so scared of losing it, that it was making her sick.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 09:27AM
Forensics LabAmelia’s words were only making Roger angrier and angrier. He hated when she spoke of other men, and he hated that she asked if she were Galtem’s type. He didn’t care a flying fuck who’s type she was as long as he was hers. And it was the second time she had mentioned dating Galtem’s brother. That really ticked him off. Turning away from her, his breath grew ragged as the lieutenant tried to keep his composure. This was supposed to be a conversation involving work, but it was turning into something much more personal for him.
Hearing the panic in her voice, Roger turned to look at her wearily. He was going to snap if he remained around her any longer at this point. She was only poking the rattlesnake and he didn’t know whether to mount her possessively right here and now or just break something. Seeing as he wanted their relationship a secret…he went with the later. Storming up to her desk, he growled and whipped his hand across the surface. Everything that was on the desk went flying in his rage and he whipped around to stare her down. His voice was deadly quiet as he paced towards her “I thought I told you I never want to hear you speak of another man.” Reaching out, he gripped her arm and dug his fingers in possessively “You belong to me and me alone.”

Letting go of her, he turned his back on her once more as his shoulders began to shake. “Who is this ex of yours, hmm? Do you miss him? Is that why you keep bringing him up?” Spinning around, Roger then bellowed “I don’t care who you were with before! You are with me now and that’s all that should matter!” His eyes fell on hers and he didn’t even blink when he saw her tears. Shaking her head in disgust towards their conversation…and himself…he gestured towards the mess he made “I’ll have someone come down to clean that up. Keep up the good work, Reed.” Spinning on his heels, Roger stormed back towards his office without speaking or looking at anyone.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 09:59AM
Forensics Labhttps://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mazcg0XyZe1rbkb35o1_500.gif

And that was when Amelia’s world came crashing down. Her protests of innocence, and the mention of her ex, Lysander had set Rodger off in such a way, that he was not only violent towards her, he hit her with a barrage of questions, that had her desperately trying to answer, but he kept at her and at her, as she buckled and wilted under his intense gaze.

“You belong to me and me alone.”

All she could do was squeak in protest, and he let her have it, shaking his head in disgust at her, after wiping everything off her desk in a fit of blinded rage. Her files, her samples, her lap top…everything went crashing to the floor. Amelia’s hands went up to her face, as she tried to stop herself from crying. He marched out…calling her Reed. For the first two minutes, she just stood there, shell shocked, then sank to her knees, and started rocking back and forth, sobbing. Her shoulders heaving as she bent her head down to the floor. Amelia didn’t know what to do. She was completely lost and now confused.

What was she to him? Would he ever believe her? All her samples and work, smashed..ruined. The day had started so well…and ended in heart ache.

Gathering her things, she took off out the door, up the stairs and didn’t look back.

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Re: [RP] Police Station
October 18, 2013 10:29AM
Roger’s OfficeRoger had stormed back to his office without speaking to anyone, and everyone could tell he was in one of his moods. If any of the investigators had something for him, they ended up just slipping the file under the door and hoped for the best. It was rare that the lieutenant had such a dark cloud over his head and a storm brewing behind his eyes, but it happened from time to time. Normally Roger was silly and happy, but there was a flip side to the coin known as him. As he sat at his desk with his fingers pressed together, he heard a knock at his door. Frowning darkly, he raised an eyebrow and snapped “In.” If someone had the balls to confront him right now, he wanted to look into his eyes when he tore them a new ass hole.
The lieutenant was soon pleasantly surprised to see red hair peek out from the corner of the door as it opened. Soon a sing-songy voice filled the room as Gemma popped her head into view “Roger!” Stepping further into the room, she struggled with a vase full of daisies as she kicked the door shut. Spinning around, she smiled brightly while holding the yellow flowers up “These are just so lovely! I thought they would brighten up your office just right.” Strolling up to his desk, she plopped them down and began to arrange the flowers. Humming softly to herself as she worked, Roger could only stare in wonder as all the anger and irritation dissolved in her presence. When she was finished, she peeked around the flowers with her bright green eyes and simpered “Don’t they look darling?’ Her british accent dripped off of each word as she looked at her friend hopefully.
Raising an eyebrow, Roger looked at the flowers briefly before flicking his gaze up to Gemma “What’s the occasion?”

Confused, Gemma batted her long eyelashes while taking a seat. Smiling suddenly, she raised a hand to brush the lieutenant off with a laugh “Oh honestly, your pessimism is so contagious…and you are awfully grumpy. Does one need an occasion to come visit you at the office?” Her eyes turned pouty as she tilted her head “I haven’t seen you for a while and I got worried.” Roger had been the leading investigator on the disappearance of her brother and Benedict. During that time, Roger had been there for Gemma as a close friend and comforter. Truth be told, the redhead reminded him a lot of his sister back in NYC and felt an immense desire to protect her. In return, she gave him the gift of a relationship without the complications of sex. They were there for each other always to talk, cry, and whatever else they needed that did not require physical intimacy.

After a moment of not responding, Roger finally sighed and rubbed the back of his neck “No, you don’t. Especially you.”Looking away from her, he began to stare off as he remembered the look on Amelia’s face. Grimacing, he closed his eyes and tipped his head down.

Sensing something terribly off with her friend, Gemma frowned and leaned over to touch his hand “Roger, what happened?”

Not moving anything but his lips, Roger whispered “I hurt her. I hurt her really bad. The case is compromised. I’m finished.”

Standing up, Gemma made her way around the chair as Roger muttered under his breath about Amelia’s eyes and face. Grabbing his hand, she crouched in front of him and soothed “Shh…it’s ok. Everything will be ok. How bad is she hurt?”She never needed to know exact details when helping Roger, and she never asked for names. Roger loved that about her.

Looking up slowly, his eyes opened to reveal tears “Bad. I yelled at her. I wrecked all of her work. Everything is so broken.” Tipping his head back into his hands, he muttered “And so am I.”

The redhead shook her head furiously and leaned closer to kiss his cheek “You are not broken. Cracked, maybe. But not broken. Anything can be fixed with the right glue.” Squeezing his hand, she forced him to look at her “Roger, you can make things right.” Pulling back from him, she stared down at him with concern “Is she here?”

Roger sat up to run a hand over his face. Tears were running freely but he seemed to not notice. Shrugging once, he pulled his phone out. “I don’t know.” Staring down his phone as if not knowing what to do, he sighed heavily.

Gemma took her seat once more and chirped in her sweet voice “Why don’t you ask where she is? Then you can go apologize. Ooh!” Grabbing the daisies from the vase, she held them out “Bring these!”

Raising an eyebrow, Roger chuckled and took the flowers. Draping them in his lap, he texted Amelia.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 19, 2013 04:21PM
Roger’s OfficeRoger had waited a few moments before finally getting a text back from Amelia. When he read it, all color drained from his face. She was with Shane. Amelia knew how he felt about her being near another man…especially Shane. And after his fit of rage, that was the exact person she went crawling to. He didn’t know whether to be more angry at her or himself. His emotions finally settled on betrayed. He lost his temper, and in an attempt to meet with her, he found out she was with Shane already while knowing how he felt about it. It was a slap in the face. Leaning back in his chair, he ran a hand over his face slowly and breathed heavily through his nose. After long minutes of silence dragged by, the lieutenant looked down at his phone and texted her back. Sending the message, he stuck his phone back in his coat pocket and leaned forward to grab his sunglasses. “I think I’m ready for the vacation, Gemma.”
Gemma had watched Roger go through many emotions while he sat there, his feelings evident on his face. Sighing softly, she knew how hurt and angry he felt with himself. Of course, the only feelings he was able to express were intense rage and immense passion. When it came to anything else, he was locked up tight like a safe. The angel felt as if she could literally see the wall being put up by her friend, and all she could do was offer the comfort he would accept. Nodding, her face creased with worry as she spoke softly “Of course, Roger. We can leave now. How about we go to Alaska? I hear the sights are nice.”