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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 19, 2013 10:48PM
“I thought we were enjoying some quiet time. Movie and all.” He joked as he removed himself from her. He turned off the television, mid-movie and turned to look at her.

“Quiet time, my ass.” she grinned, rolling over and getting to her feet. She ached pleasantly and resisted the urge to stretch like a cat.

“Okay…maybe this was a hint to come downstairs. No one likes a party pooper.” He tweaked her nose with a grin before he left the room. She simply shook her head affectionately before she went into the bathroom to refresh herself.

Dining Room

Carmen walked into the dining room in time to hear Misty’s words to Shane. “We were all put off our food by the sound of you and Carmen having sex.” She stepped up behind Shane and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind in a hug.

“Sorry about that. I left him some of my blood to have with his dinner and he decided to drink it. From the reception I got, I’m assuming he didn’t eat.” she grinned, smacking Shane on his ass. She stepped around him to go help with the dishes, since she was the one who cooked.

She ran the water in the sink and added soap before she started loading the dirty dishes into the hot water. As they soaked, she got out some storage containers and placed the leftover food into them to be placed in the fridge. The other women in the house brought in the other dishes to be washed as she was placing the covered dishes in the refrigerator.

“Would one of you ladies be willing to dry these and put them away as I wash?” she asked.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 19, 2013 11:14PM

Amelia and Misty cleared the table, with Bianca scraping the scraps into the bin, the rest of the food was being covered by Jarvis, who knew his way around the kitchen. Shane leaned on the bench top and watched Carmen with affection, but was still processing what Jarvis had asked. He could picture Amelia as one of them, and it might be good for her, so if Rodger tried something, they would all know and could help. The turn of Shane’s world into a show of domesticity with even Carmen doing dishes had him comment, and one that would bring laughter from the girls.


“We are turning into the blood sucking Brady bunch. With the Queen of Domesticity, Carmen. I should call CBS.” he joked, and then smirked at Bianca. “Be bigger than the Vampire diaries. True story.”

“Yeah, maybe you would look good on television.” Bianca had some insecurities since her father was an actor, and she hadn’t been able to cut a break in the industry. She purse her lips and went in to help. Amelia raised her hand and stepped closer to Carmen, and picked up the tea towel.


“I can dry, if someone shows me where everything goes.”

“I’LL HELP!” Jarvis said enthusiastically, opening all the cupboards he could.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 19, 2013 11:23PM
“Oh hardy har har.” Carmen groaned, tossing a towel at Shane so that it covered his head. “You could help, too, Mr Funny Guy.”

Amelia stepped to her side and spoke, “I can dry, if someone shows me where everything goes.” 

Carmen almost dropped a dish when Jarvis practically jumped and yelled that he’d help with that.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” Carmen thought to herself, trying not to grin at the over-enthusiastic vampire. It was cute that Jarvis had a bit of a crush on Amelia. He certainly had to be better than Roger on a good day. She snorted as she thought of the police lieutenant. Where did he get off treating women like they were personal property? The way he treated Amelia was a damn shame. She was a lovely young woman who’d had a rough time of it.

Carmen extended her olive branch a bit further and smiled at Amelia. “Thank you, Amelia. I appreciate the help.” She leaned close so the others wouldn’t overhear her. “And for the record…I don’t hate you…despite what others may think.”

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 19, 2013 11:42PM
The tea towel hit Shane fair in the face, much to Amelia’s shock and Bianca’s amusement. He pulled it off and started to twirl it, walking around the breakfast bar slowly and tried to keep his intention from being easily detected. Thankfully, Jarvis was so busy trying to make a good impression on Amelia, it was giving him the distraction he needed.

Operation: Swat Carmen’s buttocks.

Ameila took up a wet dish from the rack and started to dry it, when Carmen leaned over and whispered;

“And for the record…I don’t hate you…despite what others may think.” This was a genuine admission, and helped Amelia to relax, since she was so wound up about work, the samples, Rodger and pretty much everything. Jarvis more or less stole the cleaned plate from Amelia’s hands and put it away, coming up behind her for the next plate. He never though doing dishes could be so much fun. Even Misty watched him with a curious expression.

“Down boy…Heel. Next thing you know, you are going to be humping the poor girl’s leg.”

Jarvis’s face went a spectacular shade of pink, as Bianca chuckled. “Sprung, Big Red.”


Amelia whispered back to Carmen. “Thanks…I didn’t know what to think, and the shock of seeing you with Shane was a bit of a surprise, even for me, but I can tell he loves you bunches.”

~WHACK!~ the sound of a tea towel smacking Carmen’s backside is heard, as the trio cheer.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 19, 2013 11:53PM
Watching Jarvis around Amelia was simple adorable. He hovered over her like a bee and Carmen wanted to pinch his cheeks.

Amelia seemed to relax around her, which was good to see and she whispered back to Carmen as she dried the dishes, “Thanks…I didn’t know what to think, and the shock of seeing you with Shane was a bit of a surprise, even for me, but I can tell he loves you bunches.”

At that Carmen got a silly look on her face, so out of character for her it made her blush. “Yeah…shocked me too, all things considered. Kind of like pulling ponytails at playtime.” Carmen laughed. “But…he’s been good to me, and for me.” she smiled warmly.

Distracted as she was by the conversation, wanting to keep Amelia at ease around her, Carmen lost sight of her lover and didn’t know he was planning an ambush.


It seemed like the whole room froze at the sound and Carmen had a look of shock on her face. She turned slowly, her mouth open but no words issuing forth, to look at her lover.

“Did. You. Just. Smack. Me. With. A. Towel?” she stated, her voice tight. Whether it was with anger or amusement remained to be seen.

“Oh, boy!” Misty grinned, watching in amusement. Carmen set down the dish she was holding before she dropped it and turned to face Shane full-on.

“Did you, or did you not, just smack me with a towel, Mr Williamson?” she repeated, slowly walking toward him.

No one had yet to determine what Carmen’s mood was at that moment as she looked deadly enough to kill…

But was she angry? Or was this all part of their mating game?

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 20, 2013 12:17AM
“Did you, or did you not, just smack me with a towel, Mr Williamson?”

Oh, she was doing that whole stalker panther movement, and Shane tossed the tea towel to Jarvis, who caught it and gasped. “I don’t want it!” Like it was tainted evidence. Shane backed up a few steps, as she made her approach, and he twisted his mouth up into a smile, his fangs protruding through his lips.

“I throw myself at the mercy of the court, Your honor.” Shane went into lawyer mode, and then retorted with. “That booty was calling to me, to be smacked, I had no charge of my senses.”

Jarvis burst out laughing at that one. “She’s about to bust your ass!”

Shane moved at lightning speed, to dodge the oncoming Carmen. This had Amelia gasp since she had never seen him use his powers before. He was now on the far side of the room, and then struck a pose like a Spanish matador’ “Ole!”


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 20, 2013 12:22AM
Carmen watched Shane move lightning quick to the other side of the kitchen and out of her reach…for the moment.

“Hmm…Hey Jarvis?”


“Do you like…apple pie?” Carmen grinned, picking up the fresh and still-warm pie dish from the counter beside her.

“Is there vanilla ice cream involved?” Jarvis wondered.

“I believe there may be a pint or two in the freezer.” she grinned, looking at Shane.

Amelia seemed to be trying very hard not to laugh.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 20, 2013 12:30AM
“My pie!

Shane froze as she picked it up off the bench and then was offering it to Jarvis. Suddenly the D.A Vampire changed tactics. He zipped across the room, and tried to snatch the pie from Carmen’s hand. This was turning into a sport, as Jarvis zipped to the fridge and was digging about in the freezer for ice cream.

“No one…but no one, has my pie…but me.” Shane said in a dominant tone. Though you had to wonder, if he meant the pie…or..”the pie” Amelia sung out. “We need whipped cream!” She started to dance, and Jarvis gave the thumbs up, trying to find the cream, as Shane retorted. “I shall report you for cruelty to dairy products. Whipping cream. Such abuse.”

Would Shane get his pie? Will Amelia be charged for going Devo on the cream? Stay tuned!


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 20, 2013 12:52AM
“My pie!” Shane exclaimed, moving quickly to snatch the pie from Carmen’s hands. But she was ready for him this time, zipping away at the last possible moment to the other side of the breakfast island. There was a smirk on her face. She held the pie up to her nose and made an exaggerated sniffing noise.

“Mmmmm….I can practically smell the fresh ground cinnamon. Makes my mouth water thinking about it.” Carmen said, licking her lips. “And the apples? So ripe and crisp, you can hear the crunch as you bite into them. And the crust…melt-in your mouth…flakey…so delicious.” she teased him, waving the pie around. She made as if to drop it, making a face as she did. “Whew…almost dropped it.”

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 20, 2013 01:13AM
“Mmmmm….I can practically smell the fresh ground cinnamon. Makes my mouth water thinking about it.” That dirty girl was teasing Shane shamelessly with the pie, taunting him with its goodness. The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture of the apples. Heaven in a dish. Warm, flaky pasty, with a sugar crusted bottom. Melt in your mouth goodness, and waved about with the elegance of a Bulgarian juggler on crack.

“Whew…almost dropped it.”

“Nooooooo!” Shane cried, darting across the room, as Bianca extended her right leg and Shane tripped, forcing him to tip forward and then landing face first into the pie top. A massive splosh sound is heard, and dripping hot pie goes onto the floor at his feet. Everyone gasps, as Amelia shakes the tin of cream

“Bet you won’t argue with cold whipped cream now, hey Shane.”