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[RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 12, 2013 04:26AM

Angel Kingdom: The Justice Kingdom

-This is the most peaceful and calm place, people in here are also trying to void the black death, but they spent their time praying at the church, or trying to do their normal routines, of course, we can see still tons of people in the corners of the street all sick, but the angels in here, are trying their best to save this people as much as they can, even tho everytime they try, after awhile everything goes back to normal, its like it has no use, well, not for long, that’s for sure.

-This family is warm, and welcomes everybody with their arms wide open, if you ask for help, they would do anything to help you out, its in their blood to be a nice person, so they are trying to save this people lives.

Angel Kingdom: The Justice family

King: Dean Justice
Queen: Diana Justice
Princess: Tamara Lynn Justice
Prince: Crispin Justice


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 12, 2013 05:29PM
Living Room


Diana was wondering around the house, cleaning everything around like a normal wife would do. While she did this task Diana would hum to herself a old lullaby that her mother use to sing to her years ago. A few minutes of still humming quickly brought up memories of her singing it to her daughter and son when they were only a few months old, but now since they are older it wasn’t the same. A weak frown slowly showed across her lips as she continued thinking of it. Diana loved her children very much but she knew one day they would suddenly leave her nest doing their own thing. Slightly she shook her head as she let out a heavy sigh and walked over to one of the glass windows that showed a great view of the village that stayed below the Justice family castle. Whenever Diana was near the window, her amber colored eyes scanned around at the human beings that walked around. She felt bad that all the humans had to run away from this illness that was spreading in large areas. They basically had to live in this little bubble until then. But Diana didn’t care about how long they stayed. She met new people and made new friends because of it.
After a few minutes of looking out the window, she had left the living room and headed back down to her bedroom, hoping and expecting to see her lovely husband still there. Oh how much she loved her husband. Diana wouldn’t have traded him for anything if there was ever a decision to be made like that. Once Diana had reached their bedroom door, she would knock one time lightly before opening up the door, and speaking. “I hope my amazing husband is up.” She said softly as she chuckled a bit. 

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 12, 2013 06:45PM

The King had been up early, sitting at his desk in a fine white robe made from spiders silk, and going over the many parchments that had come into the kingdom via messenger, from those humans that sought sanctuary within the realm against the hideous menace plague that had struck down so many of their kind. It was now a real issue within the realm and to cope with the influx, changes had to be made within the court. The King was hands on in this regard, and would get up early each morning to tend to the many requests for assistance, to starving families and others that were reaching out for guidance.


With his head bent down, as he sat at his desk, he was filling out a document in reply to one families request when he heard a light knock at the door. Raising his head slightly, he heard the squeak of the hinges as the Queen pressed the door to open, and the titter of her musical voice followed through.

“I hope my amazing husband is up.”

The King laughed at hearing her use such a term to describe him, and he set down his quill, pushing his chair back so that he may rise to his feet. As always his wife was radiating her angelic aura, and captivated him as she came into full view. The King was very much in love with Diana, as he had been from the first moment he had seen her. A true angel, there was no doubt. Together they had fostered a noble kingdom, had children and now were able to enjoy each other’s company once more without tripping over their young’s toys.

“I wouldn’t be so bold to say amazing…more like..busy.” The King said in a jovial tone, closing the distance between them and enveloping Diana in his arms. She smelt so fragrant, like that of a lily of the valley. Planting a kiss on her forehead, he asked.

“I trust you slept well, my Love?’ His blue eyes filled with affection.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 17, 2013 08:48AM
Dining Hall

Crispin had been up for a few hours now, drinking his morning away as he sat in his chair at the royal table. The black death was taking more and more humans away, and there were more and more men and women crawling disgustingly all over him to gain his favor. How he hated it. Taking another sip of his hard drink, he stared down a woman from across the room. Men were hardy creatures that used their strength and survival instincts to keep alive…but women were entirely different. They used their bodies, their sharp minds, and their pretty words to twist and warp a man’s heart to get what she wants. When they finish, they spit on men and leave without so much as a goodbye. The world was full of shit. Downing his drink, he turned to look at a servant lazily “Another.” Turning his gaze back on the lady across the room, he crooked his finger towards her to come to him. As she made her way across the dining hall, the prince did his best not to grimace. She moved with the sensuality of a jungle cat, and her dress hugged every curve just right. As a new drink was placed in Crispin’s hand, his knuckles were white from his grip on it.

The woman was now before him and she dropped into an elegant curtsy with a soft smile “Your grace.”

The prince just rolled his eyes and offered her his drink “Enough with the formalities. I seek your companionship only. No speaking.”
Nodding, the lady took a sip of his drink as he called for another. If he was going to get blasted in the morning, he’d have a pretty slut on his lap while doing so. Women were so predictable. Taking a sip of his drink, he smiled maliciously at the lady.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 17, 2013 04:35PM

Not waiting to hear his wife answer, he kissed the top of her head, and drew back, a slight tilt to his own head.

“Day is wasting away, and I am afraid that there are many that are in need of my special touch. My darling, I shan’t be gone long I hope. Try to keep yourself busy.”His voice was so angelic and musical, and he gripped the edge of his cape and strode out of the marital bed room, humming to himself as he did so.

The corridors were lined with all manner of servants and staff, that bowed to the King as he passed. Such a noble air he had about him. The King of course was on a mission. Word from his man servant was that there was a widower at the gates with at throng of children, that all sought refuge from the dreaded plague. How could a King? A man of such angelic quality let them go unheard. He passed the dining hall, and saw his son Crispin already taking care of some poor soul. What a good lad. And drinking this early. Must be to build up his strength, the King thought. Further on, the King strode, until exiting the castle and making his way across the courtyard, where two guards had a small family surrounded. A woman stood in the middle, and at her skirts were children, about four aged from eight years to just one. The woman curtseyed on seeing the magnificent King and though she was grubby and a tad smelly, the King took her hand and brought it up to air kiss.


“My poor dear…such fate has brought you to our door. What can we do for you this day?”

The woman had the most beautiful blue eyes, and they were rimmed with tears. “Plague…killed me ‘usband, and now I got no way to make the money to pay the Lord. I fear they take me children and make em work the fields. Please…help us.” her hoarse voice about to crack as she tried to stifle a sob. The King pouted and looked at each of the scruffy children. Such a rag tag lot. All could use a good bath. Thinking on whether he should help them or not, one of the ladies of the court emerged, a Lady Katherine. She swanned up beside the King, one whom she adored and saw the King was making up his mind. She gave the poor woman a knowing smile and then waited the King’s word.

“Hmm..well, I know things are getting a bit crowded here. What are you good at, my good Woman? What services can you offer the realm in exchange for refugee status?”

“I be a good cook, and I know ‘ow to work a copper.” Cooking and washing. That was always good to have on staff. The King snapped his fingers, and decreed. “Guards, escort this small family to the servants quarters, see to it they are cleaned up, and I shall check on them later to ensure they have fitting roles within our walls.” The two guards both nodded and ushered the grateful family away, as Lady Katherine threaded her arm though the King’s and whispered.

“You are too kind, my Lord. I only wish I could be as generous. But please, shall we go for a walk? Its such a lovely day.” The King shrugged and patted the Lady’s hand, strolling out to the royal gardens, to talk of all things…royal.


Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 20, 2013 08:07AM


Lady Katherine was glad that the King agreed with her on going for a walk. Every time she asked this to the King she knew where to go, she would always go to the part of the courtyard where it didn’t had anybody, that would always be the first place that the servants took care of, and then they spent the rest of their days, taking care of the rest, so they had no time on going back to the place. Plus it stayed away from the castle entrance, due the gardens be huge. She didn’t wanted anybody to interrupt her time with the King, the time is precious, since he’s always busy on taking care of people, or worry about any other king problems.
“Tell me, my lord. How are you in this lovely morning?”
She asked with her soft yet mature voice. Even if she was kind of tomboy, her voice sounded pretty much womanly. She used her free hand to uncover her head, since she had a white hood from her jacket, that was covering her head. Her outfit was basically mix of white and brown colors. She wasn’t wearing a skirt, she was wearing some trousers, slightly tight to her body, and helped her on moving around.
Whenever the both of them arrived the place she wanted, she headed to some bench that was there, made of stone, simple yet beautiful. Stepping closer to the bench, she waited for her King to sit down first, and if he did so, she would sit right besides him, but always keep a safe distance, sometimes she is insecure, if she should be affectionate to him or not. 

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 20, 2013 09:27AM

If anyone knew the King well, it was Lady Katherine. They had been through a great deal together, and he was proud of how she had fought the black plague so valiantly, and come through with only minor scars that graced her porcelain complexion. He deeply admired her, not only for her strong will, but her fashion sense. Most women got about in skirts and multiple layered petticoats, that made sitting and standing awkward. Lady Katherine was a step ahead of most women of court. Being an avid archer, she would have been aware that the flexibility of one’s clothes, made for a better sportswoman.

“Tell me, my lord. How are you in this lovely morning? her voice had a natural musical quality, a delight to be heard and the King was more than happy to reply. “Graced with good health and of course, good company. So far this day has been grand. But tell me, how have you fared in the tournaments? I know you have practiced a great deal.”[/b] Lady Katherine’s skill with the bow was lauded throughout the kingdom, and the King did so admire her for her talent and determination. Part of which was one of the reasons she had pulled through and was now very healthy. The King’s blue eyes shone as he watched her with marked interest. She dressed so well, in her white and brown mix, the white hood covering her dark tresses. When she drew it back her hair captured the sunlight and showed a certain radiance that was attractive to the eye.

Sitting right beside her, he reached for her hand, and stroked it gently. “You do so honor me with your company, Lady Katherine, and I had something to ask of you. Would you be interested in representing our realm in the next tournament of champions. I am willing to wager a large parcel of land to the winner, and I know you would do so well.”



Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 20, 2013 09:57AM

Katherine was glad that her king was enjoying this morning so far, days were always busy and sometimes we didn’t enjoyed it at all.
“I have been training, I want to make sure I will be ready.”
She knew the tournaments would be coming soon, and she wanted to make sure she would be in the best state to be able for the competition. Her healthy was becoming the less problem now, she just needs to keep on getting better with her skills and done. Sometimes she does fear that plague will get her again, and she knows the King will be there for her, but still, it slightly frightens knowing that maybe any time soon, the illness will get her again, and sometimes it can become a bigger deal than it was last time.

Whenever the King reached out for her hand, she stared down at his hand, and felt a shiver go up to her spine. His touch, so gentle, peaceful and warming, she loved it, yet it left her nervous, and happy at the same time. After staring for awhile at their hands together, she looked back up at him with her green eyes, and heard him talking about the tournament of champions, he wanted her to representing his realm. Oh god, that was something very important, what if she wasn’t ready? What if she just fails? She couldn’t fail, not in front of the king, and not for this kingdom, she knows through her kingdom she is well known for her skills, but what if she has to challenge somebody better? There’s always somebody better than us, and she knows that very well, that’s why she fears losing. She wouldn’t fear so much, if she didn’t knew she was going to represent the kingdom, she was honor yet terrified.
She looked up at him a bit surprised, before look down at their hands for a second, and smile, showing off her dimples, she was going forward it.
“I fear that I might fail, my lord. But for you, I will do anything, if you request it, I will do it.”

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 20, 2013 07:25PM

“Nonsense. You? Fail? That is not something I would ever believe, dear Lady. I have my full faith in you and your abilities at Archery. You know, some days, I have come to watch you practice in secret.” This was a bold admission from a married man and a King. But the warmth in his gaze showed no malice or evil thoughts. “Your skill and quiet determination. I have always admired you for that.”

The King slowly removed his hand from hers, but the lingering tingle of the electricity between them was evident, even to the King. It was well known throughout the Kingdom that the King was mad keen on sporting activities and the outdoors. Hunting at the top of his list. He might be an angel, and prayed for the sacrifice an animal makes to be a meal to many, but he will kill in order for others to live and well. He was not so sure his wife approved of his activities, and he knew his son was more of an indoors man, preferring wine and women, to riding and hunting. Each to their own of course.

“I do so request it, Lady Katherine. No matter what happens, you will do me proud.” He leaned over and graced her forehead with a kiss, before rising to standing, and then smiling down at her. “If you have time now, perhaps….we might get some practice in.” he suggested.