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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 24, 2013 12:35AM
Shane’s Room

Two nights after the Rodger/Jarvis Showdown…

Shane was in his den, making phone calls in his bid to keep his powerbase out of David’s hands. He was slowly becoming stressed over the whole thing and was snapping at people left and right. Carmen had been keeping out of his way when he got in those moods, letting him blow off steam in his own way. Having the other three vamps camped out in the house couldn’t have been helping matters either.

And so she began to make plans, with Mary’s help.

It was two nights before she could impliment them…

She snuck into his room while he was occupied and placed something on his bed.

Grinning in anticipation, she snuck back out, grabbing up the keys to her car.

“Shane, I’m going out for a bit! Catch you in a while!” she called out. “Oh! Someone delievered something for you! I left it on your bed!” Message delivered, she left the house.

If he went into his room, he would see a card on his bed…


Meet me at the cabin. I’ve got a surprise for you.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
October 24, 2013 03:18AM
The Den

Two nights had passed since the altercation between Jarvis and Rodger over Amelia, and Shane had been spending much of his time, either doing his work for the D.A’s office, or gathering support for his power base in the Vampire community. Factions were torn, since David was using underhanded tactics to influence those away from Shane. It took a great deal of sweet talking and some cold hard facts about David to make some see reason and stay, but others had already broken their vows, due to David’s methods. In his rage, Shane had broken a few ornaments and glasses, which he threw at various targets in his den, only then when he thought of Carmen, or spoke to her, that his tempered subsided.


Jarvis was keeping to himself. Mainly due to the hurt pride, and also losing his chance with Amelia, a girl he realized he had fallen in love with. Little did the others know, that he was secretly plotting his next move, but for now, that would remain his own secret. The girls were enjoying being house guests, and weren’t that much trouble, except for the non stop arguing about The Vampire diaries and Miley Cyrus’s twerking on the Video awards. Other than that….they were good as gold.


Finishing up on his latest case closing, he shut the file and was about to turn off his computer, when Carmen sung out to him;

“Shane, I’m going out for a bit! Catch you in a while!”

“What? Wait…Love. I’ll just be a minute.” He said, hastily trying to finish what he was doing.

“Oh! Someone delivered something for you! I left it on your bed!” Either she didn’t hear him, or was in a mighty big hurry. Shane would emerge from his den, only to hear her car start, and then let it sink in, she had left something on his bed. Like lightning he zipped upstairs, and entered his room, unsure as to what she would just leave on his bed. A sex tape? Walking over, he saw that it was an envelope. Ripping it open, it contained…an invitation.


His face shone as he read it, and then he tapped the corner of the invite under his chin, musing as to what to take with him. A romantic getaway? Maybe this was just what he needed. Grinning, he quickly packed a small suitcase, and changed into something less business like, before heading to the front door. Looking back, he figured the young trio would be fine, and chuckled at the thought of what Carmen would have in store for him up at the cabin. Not another word, and he left the house, getting his red sports car, and went off after her, for their romantic weekend away.