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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 08:52AM
Carmen’s Cabin


Carmen had managed to sneak out of the house a few times that week while Shane was occupied to get this night set up. Mary had stocked her food supplies as she asked and had been hard at work preparing a romantic dinner for the two of them. She had decided on Eye Fillets with a nice Marsala and mushroom sauce for the dinner, with a nice red wine to drink. For dessert, she had baked him the apple pie she had promised that he ended up wearing as face paint the few days before.

Keeping the food warm, she went into the living room and started a fire in the fireplace, arranging a seating area where they could eat and enjoy each other’s company.

That done, she checked the timer for the window shutters she had installed, making sure it was set to work half an hour before dawn broke because she was pretty sure they wouldn’t be leaving the cabin in time to get back home.

She set up the candles she’d purchased on her way in and set them up around the cabin. It was the only light she would need for the evening she had planned.

That completed, she headed upstairs to take a shower and get ready for what would probably be the most romantic evening Shane had ever experienced at the hands of a woman. She just hoped they made it through dinner before Shane decided that he’d rather have her on the menu then the food she actually prepared. She grinned at the thought.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 07:40PM

A thousand thoughts flooded Shane’s mind as he tore along the roads that led all the way out to the cabin that Carmen owned in the mountains. His last memories there, sadly were not good ones, and he hoped that things would be much different this time around. He had been caught up with the issues now brought on by David and his crew, and though he felt he had enough support from his power base, there was always a chance that they may turn on him, if David decided to play hard ball. Shane racked his fingers back through his blonde locks as he drove along, his tinted shades reflecting the road in front of him. This was going to take a few hours to get there. Putting on mood music, he eased back in his driver’s seat, and imagined his adored Carmen waiting for him in nothing but stilettos.

Finally, the long winding road turned to dirt, and he was driving with the head lights on, till pulling up just outside the cabin. The windows were illuminated with the candle lights, and Shane smirked to see the shadow of his Carmen heading down the past the window of her house. Popping the boot, he got out of the driver’s seat and then made his way around to get his bag, only to slam the boot closed, and then head up the stairs, of the cabin. He strolled along the balcony, and then tested the glass sliding door (which was unlocked), and he let himself in.

“Love…is that meat I can smell cooking?’ He said, slowly undoing his tie.

He dropped his bag on a nearby chair, and wandered up the hall way, in search of her.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 09:02PM
Carmen had just finished dressing when headlights splashed over the windows. She grinned in anticipation as she dabbed on a small bit of perfume. She brushed out her hair and slipped into her shoes before making her way back downstairs.

She was on the landing leading to the first floor when she heard the door open and close. She could smell his scent, that unique dark smell of the vampire with the cologne he liked to wear and her mouth watered.

“Love…is that meat I can smell cooking?” she heard him ask. She headed down the stairs to see him enter the living room.

“I’m making your favorite. Eye fillets with a nice marsala and mushroom sauce.” she smiled, leaning against the stair post. She made a provocative picture with her hair feathered around her face and the little black dress hugging her curves. “And apple pie for dessert. Hopefully you won’t be wearing it on your face this time around.” she chuckled.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 09:21PM
Living room

“I’m making your favorite. Eye fillets with a nice marsala and mushroom sauce.” Her voice led his gaze, till he saw her leaning against the stair post, looking and smelling a million dollars. Though he could feel the saliva build up about the Eye fillet, it was the sight of her that made his mouth water. Having already set down his bag, he then decided to tease her.

“Shall I crack open a bottle of wine, and we could…sit on the couch and cuddle before dinner?” He then started to saunter over to where she stood, and toyed with the fabric that just covered her cleavage, before pulling it forward slightly and peeking down it.


“One..and two. Both my girls are secure.” He grinned slyly as he glanced up at her face. “Or…we can just cut straight to the part where I rip all your clothes off and fuck you on the stairs.” Shane didn’t wait for an answer, he simple placed an arm around her, and rained kissed down her neck.

What would she say?


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October 24, 2013 09:30PM
“Shall I crack open a bottle of wine, and we could…sit on the couch and cuddle before dinner?” he sauntered toward her with a grin.

“No cuddling. I want you to actually enjoy the food first before you try and devour me.” she laughed. He toyed with the fabric at her cleavage before he pulled it forward and took a peek.

“One..and two. Both my girls are secure.” he smirked, looking at her. She shook her head as he teased her.

“You are incorrigable. You know that?” she smiled fondly, placing a hand on the back of his neck and toying with his hair. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her hard against his body, raining kisses along her neck. She tried to strike an unaffected air but he knew which parts of her body to touch to drive her insane. She groaned.

“Or…we can just cut straight to the part where I rip all your clothes off and fuck you on the stairs.” he murmured into her neck.

She wanted so much to take him up on that offer…but she played the concerned girlfriend and slowly, but reluctantly pushed him away.

“Lover of mine, you need to eat. I’ve seen you eating nothing but sandwiches and the occassional homeless person in the last few weeks. Between work and worrying over David…you’re running yourself ragged and I would hate to see you drop from exhaustion.” She was making sense, and as much as she wanted him to throw her to the floor and make love to her till she couldn’t walk straight, she had planned this night for him and she wanted to see it come to fruition.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 10:27PM
Things were getting hot by that stair rail, but then Carmen pulled back, and started on him about not taking care of himself.

“Lover of mine, you need to eat. I’ve seen you eating nothing but sandwiches and the occassional homeless person in the last few weeks. 

“Awe…everyone likes sandwiches. He pleaded, mocking a pout, and then rolling his eyes when the hobo was mentioned. Like he picked up a meal at the alley rather than McDonalds. She had a point, but it just felt like she got all dollied up and was now taking his toy away. Sure she was making sense, but he wanted to make love. Realizing that she had made up her mind, he drew his hands back, and then shrugged.

“Fine, I will go wash up before dinner, and you can…serve it up.” He poked her nose with his index finger, and headed off to the bathroom, to wash his hands and face. He really liked the cabin, had a very rustic feeling with a modern flair. And what surprised him was the sheer number of rooms. They could hold a vampire convention here….or something of that nature.

Once he was happy with his appearance, he came back down to the living room, and wandered into the kitchen, looking for wine….



Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 10:36PM
“Fine, I will go wash up before dinner, and you can…serve it up.” He poked her nose and moved around her toward the bathroom. She chuckled as she watched him walk away, admiring the way the material of his blue jeans molded to his ass. It made her drool thinking about getting her hands on those perfectly round globes.

Shaking herself out of her daydream, she went into the kitchen to start putting their food on plates. She had just added some veggies and roasted potatoes when he found her in the kitchen. She picked up their plates.

“Would you be a love and grab the wine and glasses? They’re next to the fridge. I thought we’d eat in front of the fire.” she suggested. “And if you behave yourself…” she winked at him, “…I have a surprise for you I think you will like. And you get to be naked for it.” She left him in the kitchen.

She eased down onto the cushions she’d set up in front of the fireplace and set their dinner on the little tray she’d set up. She waited for him to join her.

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October 24, 2013 10:48PM

Finding the bottle of wine in the fridge, then the two glasses that were on the right side of the fridge, he followed Carmen out to the living room, where there was a large open fire, and a small table to eat on, near some fine leather couches. Setting down the glasses, he uncorked the bottle, and then poured each of them a glass of wine. He placed the half empty bottle on the table, and squatted on the floor next to where his plate was, which was loaded with goodies, and smelt delicious.

“See? I knew you could cook.”

Shane tucked into his steak and chewed heartily, every so often reaching for his glass of wine and taking a sip. It really was a good meal, and he seemed to lose focus, devouring everything on his plate. Oddly enough, he didn’t actually make conversation. This was a strange trait of his. If she had bothered to notice, he rarely ate in front of anyone. She might have wondered why this was, but he was not about to bring it up. Every so often he stared at the fire, then took another bite, before dumping the cutlery on the dish. He eased back and leaned against a chair, and took another sip of his wine.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 10:57PM
“See? I knew you could cook.” 

She gave him a look. “Of course I can cook. I just needed the right motivation.” She stated, sipping her wine. She watched him eat his dinner, a vague look on his face. He didn’t try to make conversation and she eyed him curiously. She realized he’d not really joined in for mealtimes at the house with the others when they were around. “Do you always eat alone?” she wondered, cutting into her steak and taking a bite. “I only ask because I hardly ever see you at mealtimes with the others.”

She waited patiently as he finished his meal and sat back with his wine. At least he had a hell of an appetite.

But she really was curious about him.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 24, 2013 11:08PM
Shane can’t exactly remember when he became a vampire, so long ago now. Faded memories, and the will to thrive in this modern day world, meant having to adjust to how he behaved. Publicly, he was this extroverted and self absorbed man that had everything, or so it seemed. Naturally, it was a mask and very well used. Louisa never ate with Shane. She did prepare meals, and would ring a bell when they were ready, and he would come get it, and then leave her alone again till he needed her.

Eating a meal, is a very human thing to do. Its about togetherness, family….being at peace with others, and no issues with how you are viewed. Shane hadn’t felt that in so long he had forgotten, and since feeding to him, was about drinking blood, he saw meals at a table…as a reminder of what he had lost. He couldn’t even bring himself to look at others when he ate from a plate. Strange as that sounds. Very hard to explain. His eyes flickered up at Carmen, and he tried to force a smile.


“Bet that apple pie will be something.” Again, trying to get away without answering. “I’ll do the dishes tonight, Love.”….Yep, something was off.