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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 01:16AM
“Hmmm.” she murmured, nearly missing his statement. “I like your butt just fine. Don’t need to look at anyone else’s.” she grinned. She sat back to give her hands a rest and to straighten her back after being bent over for so long. She patted his ass. “Turn over and I’ll massage your front.” she ordered, taking up the blanket again. She waited until he settled before draping it over his hips once more.

Again she straddled his hips, doing her utmost best to ignore the growing hardness she could feel pressing against her, and set to work on his shoulders and chest, admiring the play of the firelight over his muscles.

“Have I told you that you are one fine-looking man?” she wondered, breathlessly.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 01:31AM
“Have I told you that you are one fine-looking man?”

“Not today.” Shane joked, rolling over as she raised up and arched her back, clearly it was a strain to have to hover over him. Course, with him now laying on his back, it was evident he was VERY happy with her tender touches. Hard, erect and moving with anticipation of her coming back, he put his arms behind his head, and stretched out, even raising his hips slightly, as if to tease her.

She straddled his hips, and he felt her wetness right away through the soft satin of her panties. This had the right corner of his mouth curl up in a crooked smile. Her hands glided across his chest and shoulders, and he gazed at her with wonder.

“You really are being professional about this. The way you are able to practically sit on my member, and not…use it.” He winked at her and then made it move beneath her.

Hint much?

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 06:50AM
She was really trying her best…but even she had her breaking point. And running her hands across his naked body was a fierce turn on.

“Oh to hell with this.” she groaned, laying flat and sealing her mouth over his. She sank her fingers in his hair, kissing him fiercely, as if she couldn’t get enough of him.

She ground her body against him, begging him with her actions to take what he wanted and damn the consequences.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 08:52AM
“Oh to hell with this.”

Shane wondered how long she could keep up this professional facade and when she sat astride his hips, and he wiggled beneath her, teasing her lower lips with his throbbing member, she caved completely. Sliding her body down, he reached up and curled his finger against her cheek, as she started to grind against his body sensually. His free hand gently caressed her buttocks, while she kissed his with an aching need of completion. Shane didn’t disappoint. He eased himself into her slowly, even though she was much more intent on a faster pace. His hand held down her buttocks, and so gained control of her lower body’s movement. The crackling of the fire beside them, and the warmth it gave off enriched their coupling experience.

This now became a very sensual moment, both were turned on, but they would enjoy each other to the full. She felt so good atop of him, her left leg lazily off to one side, and his fingers wandered between her ass cheeks, feeling the curve of her juicy cheeks. Finger kneading the softness. She had led them into this dance, and he intended to let her use him as she so desired.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:05AM
She didn’t know when the blanket disappeared between their bodies but she felt the slow burn of his entry and moaned into his mouth. When she would have preferred a faster pace, he placed his hand on her back and slowed her down considerably.

She felt like she was dying all over again.

“Shane!” she groaned, rotating her hips over his. As this was the first time she lay atop of him, he was deep, so deep and she could feel him press that spot inside of her that made her whole body quiver with need.

Releasing his lips, she trailed kisses down his neck, licking and biting his skin. Not to draw blood, this was much more than a need to feed. This was a need to love and be loved in return.

She followed her body’s demands and kept a slow pace over him, licking and biting whatever spot she could reach on his upper body while their lower halves slipped together in a dance as old as time.

She didn’t feel the warm fire against her skin, the flames of desire igniting her senses and setting her body into a raging inferno.

She bit at his nipples, soothing the hurt with little flicks of her tongue, enjoying the taste and smell of his skin.

Dragging passion-laden eyes open, her gaze met his as she sat up in his lap, running her hands over her upper body and slowly untying the laces of her teddy. She craved him, craved him like a woman drowning needed air.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:17AM
His name said out to the room, her voice dripping in sugar sweetness with it rolling off her tongue. Shane watched her now with an increasing fascination, as the woman within her broke free of it’s shackles, and she let desire be her Mistress. Her kisses were like fire on ice, melting across his skin. Shane lay beneath her, drawing his hips up just enough to tease her further, but his cock was now filling her tightness, expanding it right where she felt the most pleasure, that treasured G spot. Watching her was like seeing a rose bud unfold into the light of the sun. Beauty personified. Hunger was now taking over, with her nipping at his skin, teasing his nipples. This was not about a vampire’s lust, this was about her fulfilling her own needs.

Carmen sat astride him, much like when about to ride a horse, and threw her head back, as she mounted him fully. Shane gasped at the sight of her, her teddy coming undone with her pert breasts now showing. He reached up with his right hand, and smoothed his fingers over them, slowly. Not to break her from her concentration. Letting her know how much she was loved.

“That’s a good girl. Ride me….set yourself free again. Use me.” Shane urged, licking his lips and showing a smile of delight.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:27AM
“That’s a good girl. Ride me….set yourself free again. Use me.”

She heard his words, felt his hand on her breast and her eyes slid closed as she did what her body demanded. She ground her hips against his, moaning with wanton abandon. Her head was thrown back and she was panting harshly, as if had just run a marathon.

“So…good…mmmm….” she moaned, clutching at his arms as she rode him like an expert equestrian.

With the candlelight surrounding the room in its soft glow, if anyone had seen the two of them, they would have wanted to capture the moment on film. It was passion at its finest.

For them, there was no one else in the world but the two of them. In their cocoon of fire and dark they made their own paradise.

And in his arms, she found heaven.

“Shane! Oh!” she cried out as she tipped over that edge, gripping him in her silken heat, her body awash in sensations beyond what she’d ever experienced.

She trembled like an earthquake shaking the foundation of a house, the orgasm she was experience unlike any she had before.

She felt connected to him on a level she never thought possible.

Wave after wave, she rode him to completion, and as the last tremor left her body, she slumped against him, panting harshly, little aftershocks causing spots to appear before her eyes,

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:37AM
To see her fulfill her desires, was worth everything. He gently handled her with a Master’s touch, letting her use his body to the full, riding him into the floor. His own body rose and fell with her, giving her maximum pleasure, his fingers softly touching her skin, down her stomach as she cried out his name in Ecstasy. Shane closed his eyes tight as she locked her body onto his, and milked his member for all she was worth, riding in on the wave of her orgasmic bliss. He grunted in approval, and then felt her slump against his body, shivering and feeling the last of her aftershocks, leave her in a state of euphoria.

This was a tender moment, and he strummed her back lightly with his hand, letting her catch her breath and recover from what she had just done. No words were needed, his holding of her spoke volumes. He was satisfied to know that she had enjoyed him as she should have, and kissed her forehead lightly, as she lay upon him spent.



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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:42AM
She couldn’t speak for the longest moment, just lay upon him basking in the afterglow. When she finally managed to raise her head, there was wonder in her eyes.

“Wow.” was the first thing that popped into her head. She wanted to giggle, she felt so good. She went to move and discovered that he was still locked within her body, large, hard and throbbing and she gasped at the feeling. She looked down into his eyes.

“You didn’t…” her voice trailed off, unsure what to say. Had she disappointed him? Or was he gearing up for something more?


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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 09:52AM
No..he didn’t. Silently, he rolled her over and then was astride her, but still inside her. He had given her the chance to finish, but was he? No. Seeing her hair splayed out beneath him, the wonder in her eyes, he wanted to show how he could be towards her, aside from the dark vampire she had come to know and love. Slowly, he started to grind his hips, all the while staring at her, so she could read his facial expressions. Each move was precise, so she could feel every inch of him inside her, every vein and the texture of his skin, that was coated in her release.

Shane did this as much for himself, as he did for her. Wanting her to feel treasured, and not used like something from a back lot. He genuinely loved her, and this was his way of showing it. At one point, he leaned in to kiss her, and it was to seal her mouth, cover her with his whole body, claiming ownership.

Now he rode her…and if her legs wound around him, she would experience this as he intended. Giving to her as her man. It was a beautiful sight, their silhouettes with the backdrop of the flaming fire. There was no need to rush…she had just cum for him. He was going to build her up again, till she screamed his name.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 10:04AM
He rolled them over until she was beneath him and slowly started to grind his hips. Her eyes were locked on his, caught in his gaze as he made love to her, for that was what this was…and act of love. She could see the pleasure in his eyes, hear it in the little pants of breath he released across her skin and feel it in the muscles of his body as he thrust between her legs.

He leaned in to kiss her and she kept her eyes open still, seeing the passion flare in his own.

Master had become slave and she willingly submitted her body to him, wrapping her legs around his hips in supplication. He stroked her body like a maestro, leading her body through the chorus of desire.

A small cry escaped her lips as he slowly thrust into her, pushing deep, rocking her body on the seas of passion.

“Oh…” she breathed, pressing her hands against his nipples and stroking them with her thumbs. “Yes…just like that…” she whispered, her eyes finally sliding closed as the desire overwhelmed her.

It was a sensual ballet…two people…one heart…one mind…one soul…performing for no one but themselves, striving for completion on such a deep level that they would not know where one ended and the other began.

She cried out loudly as she tightened around him, not quite ready to let go just yet, but close enough to cause her to pant heavily, pressing her sweat-slicked head into his shoulder.

It was hot. It was beautiful. And it was perfect.

And it was what they both needed.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 10:15AM
There was no rush…no finish line. This sort of loving was what you secretly crave. It wasn’t fast hammering, or breaking someone’s will, it was about respect, honor, and cherishing your mate. He rode her to feel the maximum pleasure her body was designed to give him.

“Yes…just like that…”

“Good, isn’t it?” He whispered after breaking the kiss. He couldn’t help but smile at her, as she writhed beneath him, and submitted to him like a helpless kitten. So soft, he was gentle as he entered her, knowing her sex was aching and she needed to build up again. But this time, he was going to have her sing. Soon his eyes closed, and he focused on her fully. His head lowered and he buried his face in her neck. The soft grunts were timed with his thrusts. His chest rubbing up against her taut nipples. She was simply divine, a goddess in her own right. He was home inside her.

He tensed right across his body, his voice muffled as he reached that moment. He was about to cum, and she would know from the way his back arched, and he stopped inside her, once…twice…and then…

“Mmmnah!” He grunted as he started to fill her with seed.



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Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 10:25AM
She could feel him getting close, the way his muscles tensed beneath her hands.

She met him thrust for thrust, feeling the buildup between them. It was going to be explosive.

“Oh god!” she moaned, feeling her body tense. His back arched and he stopped thrusting.

“Mmmnah!” His grunt was full of surprise and she felt him throbbing within her, his seed filling her to the brim.

“Oh!” she moaned long and loud, clamping around him as her own body sung its praises to his expertise.

It was a while before either of them moved, locked together in their combined passions. She collapsed beneath him first, breathing harshly, her legs still locked around him. Her arms slipped from his shoulders and a few moments later, her legs slid down his hips until her feet were planted on the floor. He lay cradled between her legs, his breath brushing against the skin of her chest where he lay. She felt as weak as a newborn kitten and didn’t think she had the energy to move.

But she did find the energy to smile in the low light.

“I love you, Shane Williamson.” she whispered in the silence of the room, only broken by the crackle and pop of the logs in the fireplace. “And while I may not understand the grief of your past…I can only hope you let me be there to comfort you into the future and give you new memories to cherish.” She ran a hand along his sweaty backside, giving him comfort.

Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 10:35AM
He was almost as shocked as she was at the intensity that they both felt, and he rolled off her to her side, both spent. Shane was trying to catch his breath, and could only look at her in wonder, as she managed to find a smile, and whispered that she loved him. His hand cradled her cheek, and the kiss he gave her, was so soft. Still holding her close to him, their bodies wet from their exertions. He released the kiss, and listened to her speak about the fact she wanted to help him past the grief in his life.

He shed a tear as he said to her…

“You give me hope to carry on, Love.” He meant this with all his heart, in the face of all the challenges they had to face together.


Re: [RP] Vacation Destination.
October 25, 2013 10:42AM
“You give me hope to carry on, Love.” he whispered sincerely, shedding a tear. She beckoned him to her and pressed his head to her breast in comfort and love, hoping with every fiber of her being that she could give him the happiness he deserved.

She thought she was off to a good start. She’d never seen him so relaxed in all the time she’d known him.

The outside world could wait a little longer. For now, the weekend belonged to him and what she could do for him.

She ran her fingers through his hair, discovering it had become one of her favorite pasttimes.

The shutters drew over the windows as scheduled and she could feel the lethargy seep into her limbs. She pressed a kiss to his head and whispered to him in the silence.

“Sleep, love. I’ll be here when you wake.”