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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 08:28AM
Guest Room

Josephine let out a tiny laugh as Johan kissed her belly, her fingers tightening in his hair as she giggled “That tickles…” She didn’t push him away, however, and continued to play with his blonde locks as he touched his warm skin against hers. The sensation had goosebumps forming all over her body, and she loved the way his lips left a moist trail as he kissed up her stomach. As Johan rose higher and higher, Josephine felt her nipples harden in expectation as his soft kisses sent her reeling. Soon he stood before her, and she could feel his manhood brushing against her core. It excited her more and caused a blush to form on her cheeks. Suddenly she felt self-conscious. Monsters had ruined her, and taken what was meant to be Johan’s.

But Johna’s husky voice soon quieted the doubts ebbing at her mind that she wasn’t good enough when he requested a dance. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread on her lips as she looked up at him, swooning. He was making her fall in love with him all over again and her fingers slowly brushed over his shoulder to give him what he desired. Closing her eyes, Josephine rested her head against his shoulder as she remembered when they first had danced. Her heat beat sped up at the memory, and she instinctively tightened her hold on him.

The world melted away until it was only Josephine and Johan dancing in their own paradise. Soon they reached the bed and Johan carefully laid her down. Looking up at him with her bright blue eyes, she arched her back in welcome to him and reached out with a hand to touch his cheek. She so desperately wanted to speak her feelings, but all she could manage was to breath his name “Johan…” Josephine spoke his name with such reverence that she felt she was about to make love to a god. And he was the god of her life, the love that would complete her body and soul. Reaching up to meet his lips halfway, she let out a surprised gasp when he pushed himself into her. There was no pain, no reluctance as she felt him within her. In fact, she found she wanted more of him and she shimmied her hips to hold as much of her lover as possible.
Soon they found a rhythm and Josephine was rocking beneath him as her body hungered for more of him. She moved in response to his touches and her fingers trailed up and down his back. When she felt as though she couldn’t breath from the intensity of his love-making, she pulled back from his lips to gasp. Little moans of pleasure escaped her lips as she spoke his name over and over in his ear.

It wasn’t long when she came to completion, her orgasm spilling over her like a massive tidal wave. She road her climax all the way to the end, her body milking Johan as she soon grew limp beneath him. As she lay there panting, a blissful smile curved her lips. Looking up at Johan, Josephine reached up to brush her fingertips along his cheek as she whispered “I love you.”

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 10, 2013 08:44AM
Guest room

Whatever had happened to Josephine before Johan took her was now slowly being washed away, as he started to make love to her as he had intended to all along. They found their rhythm soon enough, but then Josephine strove to want more. She wanted to take control, and with her will, the power of her hips, she moved much faster, her hands running up and down his back, with the need to reach that sacred pinnacle growing. Johan was not about to hold her back. He felt the urgency, the way her moans of pleasure were growing louder. Deeper. This was going to be like the first time. Virgins to each other. The intensity was overpowering, and soon he concentrated on taking her there. Moving himself lower, and then thrusting up, so he was purposely hitting her g spot. Again and again, he could feel the tightness as her internal muscles pulsated and tugged, drawing him deeper and deeper.

Then he watched, her beautiful face as she reached the moment, the wave of ecstasy spilling out of her in a flood. The pressure she was applying upon him so great, that he started to gasp for air. The last three thrusts, his legs started to tighten, and he then buried himself within her, feeling her body drawing on him, sucking him dry. The feeling of euphoria clouded his mind, as he cried out. “I love you, my Angel heart.” As their bodies both grew limp, he rolled to the side of her, just holding her to him. Staring into her eyes. It was worth….everything he had suffered and he could now die happy.



Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 11, 2013 08:46AM
Guest Room

As Johan cried out, Josephine felt like all her troubles and sorrows had been melted away. This was the true healing she needed, and she never wanted to leave Johan’s arms again. With his arms soon around her, the angel let out a soft sigh and snuggled closer to him. Tangled in the sheets, they were a perfectly exhausted couple. Caressing her foot up and down his leg lazily, she sighed again before turning to look at him with a blissful smile “I love you so much.” Words could not fully express how she felt, so Josephine fell silent and was content enough to just relax with the man who completed her.

While cuddling with her lover, Josephine began to think about her future. She still was expected to star in the ballet downtown…and there was the matter of her father. Was he distraught that she had been gone? What would he say if he knew her innocence was truly gone now? Smiling slightly, Jo couldn’t help but be happy despite the worries that were in the back of her mind. Nothing could take away the joy Johan had just given her, and she was ready to face whatever the world gave her with him by her side.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 17, 2013 05:21PM
Guest room

How their love making had been so perfect, then laying in the afterglow, their bodies tangled together beneath the covers. Their feet exposed, and yet rubbing against the other’s idly. Johan’s face shone with admiration for her. How could a creature so beautiful every have found a way into his arms? She uttered the words he craved to hear, that she loved him and with all her heart. Nothing else in the world mattered, even if Johan had sacrificed his very self to save her from the cruel Katherine.

Now they had their lives ahead of them, but there would be decisions, like where to go from here? Would her father be accepting of their union? And now they were a couple, how would that affect their desire to live together, if they are not with much money. Relying on the generosity of others perhaps, till they can strike it out on their own.

Johan rolled on top of Josephine, his face once again eager, and his member had awoken and brushing her inner thighs. His eyes searched hers, and his smile was impish almost.

“A man would die of thirst if he could not drink from your well of goodness, my angel heart.” Johan then stole a kiss, before nuzzling her cheek, all the while his hips were pressing in deeper to hers, as the sheet was getting pulled down lower, with the movement of his legs. Johan’s chest rubbed against that of her pert nipples, and he released a groan of pleasure, his heart starting to beat rapidly.

“Is it wrong…that I want to be inside you all the time?” Johan urged, nipping at her long neck, his hands now pressing down in fists to hold him above her. “Let me fill you…let my seed swell your belly.” He was now pushing the head of his member against her opening, almost about to rut her, but begging at the same time. Johan was intoxicated by her beauty, transfixed. His body shook and trembled, as he resisted the urge to force himself inside her. Another stolen kiss, and his lips lingered as the fight to stop himself was soon to be lost.


Course..there was then a knock at the door. And it was her father.

“Josephine…we need to talk.”

Johan gasped and in his panic, he pushed himself inside Josephine, unable to hold back.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 17, 2013 05:50PM
Guest Room

Josephine felt herself about to drift to sleep when she felt Johan shift to move above her. Opening her eyes lazily, she looked up at him with surprised eyes before smiling slowly“What are you doing, my love?” Reaching up to caress his cheek, she listened to his words and her heart almost stopped when he called her ‘angel heart’. Such a term of endearment made her know she would belong to him for eternity. His pretty words of love made her smile more as a permanent blush seemed to settle on her cheeks “Oh Johan…how you can bear to say those words while looking at me after…” But her voice trailed off. She wouldn’t allow the past with Katherine to taint their beautiful moment.
Soon she felt Johan rubbed against her chest, and she let out a small gasp of approval as her fingers dug into his back to keep him pressed to her. Feeling his heart beat against hers, she turned to nuzzle into his neck while breathing softly against his skin “I am yours for the taking, my love.” As always, Josephine knew she was playing with fire. Her hips shifted beneath Johan as if beckoning him, her body taunting him with her own.

Feeling him nip at her own neck, she let out another sharp gasp as her toes curled within the sheets. Letting her head fall back, her own heart beat sped up as she began to pant “Wrong..? I would say it feels so right.” What a minx her lover was turning her into. As Johan braced himself above her, Josephine pulled her head down to look him in the eyes as his words sank in“Your seed?” Happiness blossomed within her like a flower as she realized what he was asking. Smiling again, she leaned up to brush her lips against his “Take me, Johan!”

She loved the way he was trembling, his body desperate with the need to be inside of her. She loved that she had the power to do that to him. Wiggling her hips more, she seemed to grant him access to her whole being as they soon tilted up to envelop his tip. His lips were soon against hers once more and she began to kiss him gently, almost teasingly.

But just as they were fallen into each other’s passions once more, her father’s voice spoke on the other side of the door. Gasping, she wrenched her body up in surprised, which only made Johan plunge deep within her. Falling back on the pillow, she immediately turned her head to bite down on Johan’s arm to stifle her screams of pleasure. Writhing beneath him, a small voice in the back of her mind reminded her that Reginald was just outside the door. But the desire to have Johan take her was too strong and she continued to move her hips just right beneath him. Her hands clawed at his back once more as she buried her face in his neck to stop herself from doing anything more than low moaning.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 17, 2013 06:42PM
Hallway outside guest room

Yes, Josephine’s father Reginald was rapping on the guest room door, looking slightly anxious to speak with his daughter, when Milly came up the stairs and gasped. She knew that Johan had been in that room with Josephine for hours, and what scandal it would be if they were caught together by her father. Hurrying towards him, she somehow managed to slide in between him and the door, as he was about to knock again, instead knocking on her chest.


“Excuse me, Milly….but I want a word with my daughter. What are you doing?” He looked down at her like she was half mad. Milly grimaced and then she tilted her head and showed a shy grin.

“Have I ever told you about the time my mother had her prized necklace stolen by the Surrey Snatcher?’

Guest room

Inside the room, Johan was like a bucking bronco, going from his tentative kisses, to full on fucking. The bed was actually know starting to thump the walls, and he was like a stallion, eyes fully dilated, thrusting hard. He got carried away, and started to bite and tug at her bottom lip, his toes digging into the bedding, and making a mess of the sheets. She was so tight, so deliciously tight. Josephine’s cry of “Take me, Johan!”, spurred him on like no other had ever said his name in the heat of the moment.

“Yes…..my angel heart!…So good…so good you arrreeeeee!”

“Hallway outside Guest room

“No Milly…you haven’t. I say, what is all that banging?”

“Ooo..that?…why it’s er…RATS..yes rats in the walls. Lord Bianchi has had such a time trying to stop those randy little buggers from mating in the walls. You would think they were wearing boots.” She said with a knowing grin, but secretly knowing that Johan was really giving it to young Josephine.

“Rats? Are you sure?”


Guest Room

The wall was shaking, for now Johan had flipped her over so he was astride of him, and he freely bounced her upon his erect member, watching with great love as her breasts jiggled freely. What a beauty she was? Oh how heavenly her sweet mounds. She was a goddess of milk and honey, and gave him such joy, he was unable to speak…almost…

“Angel heart..spread your wings and.fly..fly on me!”

Hallway outside Guest Room

“Oooo big rats. Wait, I think they are taking a rest now. Phew.” Milly wiped her brow, hoping the young couple had finished, when she heard Johan cry out “Angel Heart.. spread your wings and fly fly on me.” She suddenly looked lost for words, and said. “That’s right, Josephine was giving Johan …singing lessons. He sure can hit the high notes, don’t you think?”

“Well, he is pretty darn loud.”

Guest Room

Johan could no longer hold himself back, he was so close…so close, and then he cried out as he released his seed into the waiting womb of his beloved. Catching his breath, he smiled all dopey like, and lay back spent.

“My love…..my true angel heart. I love you.”

Hallway outside Guest room

Milly heard this last declaration and breathed a sigh of relief, turning and knocking on the door.

“Oh Miss Josephine….your father wishes a word. Please come to the door…now.”


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 17, 2013 07:02PM
Guest Room

Josephine couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have Johan taking her with such force and enthusiasm. She had completely forgotten her father was outside the door as she felt her body rock underneath him. Of course, the angelic beauty had to keep biting Johan to keep from screaming so the poor man was covered in love bites from head to toe. When he bit down on her lip, she released a feral growl that shook the walls. Her fingers found their way to his back as she began to claw at him while finally releasing her own cries of delight “Yes, Johan! Just like that!”

When she was flipped over, she let out a loud squeal of excitement, thrilled to feel him behind her. As he mounted her like an animal, she began to moan loudly as he plunged deeper into her womanhood. He hit her g spot just right and she began to scream even louder “More! I want more!” Her breasts bounced as he continued to pound into her, her ass rubbing against him just right as they continued their bout of rutting.

It was amazing when Johan released himself, for that was the exact moment when Josephine felt her orgasm was over her. Basking in just how well-loved she was, she collapsed onto the bed with a gasp “That…was…heavenly.” Turning to look at her lover, she smiled adoringly “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.” Her smile turned cheeky as she leaned over to nip his bottom lip. Pulling back to look at him adoringly, she whispered “Oh, how you complete me. I love you.” Leaning in to capture his lips with her own, she soon heard Milly’s voice.
Reality fell on Josephine like a ton of bricks as she shot off the bed and stumbled over towards her pile of clothes. Hastily pulling her dress on, she called “Just a minute!” After fumbling with her dress, she tossed her blonde locks over her shoulder to try and hide all signs of sex and rushed to the door. Opening it up, she smiled sweetly at her father as a deep blush settled on her face “Papa…is something wrong?” Moving her body to block Johan’s naked form, she forced her smile to remain on her face as she tried to keep her composure.

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 19, 2013 05:46AM

The Detective eyed his daughter suspiciously, as her appearance was like she had been very active in her room. The creases in her skirts, the way that her hair was slung over her shoulder. But the Detective instantly saw that sparkle in her eyes, and the radiating beauty of her skin. So like her mother, that it caught him off guard. She of course blushed fiercely and then asked her father;

“Papa…is something wrong?”


“Well no, but I was going to ask if you were going to perhaps consider coming home to live with me, instead of staying with the Bianchis? I mean, I understand that this is like a second family to you, but…I do miss you so, and since your Mother passed, I have been feeling very lonely. I will of course respect your choice if you wish to stay here. Johnathon is after all my best friend and colleague. I know he would take excellent care of you under his roof.”

Reginald waited for her response, while Milly pushed past Josephine and then nudged her backside so she got shoved forward, and Milly shut the door.

“Guess she really wants to clean your room, Sweetheart.” Reginald said, almost wanting to chuckle at the antics of the maid.

Inside the room, Johan was laying on the bed, with the biggest smile on his face, absolutely starkers.

“She loves me.” He proclaimed, as Milly gasped and covered him with a sheet.

“She may love you, but you need to get dressed. Her Father is outside, and if he catches you in here…like..well, like that, lord knows what he would do.”

Johan rolled on his side, and then grinned.

“I want to marry her.”

“Oh my!


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 20, 2013 01:48PM

Josephine self-consciously reached up to run a hand through her hair when she saw her father eye her suspiciously. Her smile was nervous but genuine as she gazed up at her father anxiously. It had been days since Jo had seen Reginald, and he found her broken and abused in Katherine’s lair. It seemed as though they hadn’t seen each other in years, and Josephine hated how distant that made her feel from him. Turning to give Milly a appreciative smile while getting out of her way, she silently reminded herself to buy the maid a large bottle of brandy. Turning back to her father, Josephine’s eyelashes fluttered innocently as she waited for her father to speak, clearly not prepared for what he had to say next.

Soon Reginald was asking if she wanted to move in with him, and the very notion had Josephine floored. It wasn’t an outrageous request as her father was no doubt lonely since her mother’s passing as well as concerned for his daughter that had been brutally abused. Still, Josephine had just found the love of her life and this request had her feeling completely torn. She wanted nothing more to be with both men in her life, but it of course could not happen. How could the angelic woman ask her father to allow a strange man to live with them without causing suspicion? Josephine was Reginald’s one and only daughter, let alone child. To suggest such a thing would be outrageous.
Taking a deep breath, Josephine managed to respond somewhat calmly “You want me to live with you? Permanently?” It wasn’t a very intelligent response, but she was very surprised. Replacing her look of surprise with a smile, she nodded once and stepped forward to loop her arm through Reginald’s. Her decision would be tough on her relationship with Johan, but Josephine had to be there for her father. Gently pulling his arm, she began to lead him down the hallway away from the guest room “Let us discuss the matter over tea. Did I tell you I am to be the lead dancer in Swan Lake?’

Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 21, 2013 04:27AM
Guest room

Johan was being difficult for young Milly. His youthful exuberance and buoyancy was nearly driving her to distraction, just to get him dressed. Gushing over his professing his love for Josephine, he could not get her out of his mind. The maid had clothing that was from Levi’s closet and Johan was a pretty close fit. She would have dressed him faster, if only he could stand still.

“Oh you devil. Keep still, I can’t be doing these buttons if you are jiggering about like a love struck puppy.” Milly tittered under her breathe, while Johan whistled and chuckled to himself. The notion of asking for Josephine’s hand, had him giddy with excitement. He chewed his bottom lip, and asked of Milly;

“Think she will say yes?’ His eyes filled with hope, and his dreams of his magical future with her like stars twinkling in his eyes. Milly wasn’t so sure how to answer his question, and remembered that Josephine was outside the door with her father.

“I don’t know what she will think. She is outside that door talking to her Da, and I am certainly not opening that door again, where he can catch you acting like this.” Finally the maid got his shirt buttoned, and suspenders clasped onto his trousers. His tie was last, and he wriggled and kept looking over his shoulder at the door.

“Can we go listen?” He begged as he tried to pull away and go put his ear to the door. “Maybe she is telling him all about us already.” Ever hopeful indeed. The maid tuttered again, and finished his tie, then she silently gestured that they go to the door to listen on what was being said.

Johan held his ear to the door, and could make out the voices clearly, but what he heard had his face fall.

You want me to live with you? Permanently?” Josephine was replying to her father’s question that she live with him from now on. Johan stepped back from the door, looking forlorn, and Milly watched him with a sad look. Then they heard the last thing said.

“Let us discuss the matter over tea. Did I tell you I am to be the lead dancer in Swan Lake?’

There was no mention of Johan, or their love…or anything. She was going to go and have tea with her father, rather than get Johan and introduce them properly. Johan lowered his head, and then uttered. “Have I been a fool?” His voice etched in sadness, his heart shattering. Milly patted his arm and sighed. “Girls are such fickle things….never knowing what they want.” Looking about Johan didn’t know what to do. He simply went to the door, and opened it, before creeping down the stairs, past where Josephine would have been with her father, possibly in Johnathon’s office. Taking one last look at the foyer, he opened the front door, and went off out the door.


Johnathon’s office

“So, Swan lake eh? That is a very important show to be in. Lead too. Why Josephine, I am so proud of you. They must have been impressed by your audition.” Reginald said, taking a seat and then picking up a fresh cup of tea. He assumed that his daughter would agree to come live with him, and he could not have been happier.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 21, 2013 07:31AM
Johnathon’s Office

Josephine strolled with her father to the good doctor’s office, her arm looped through his with a gentle smile on her face. It was good to be back with her father, and she missed him more than she ever had in her life when she was with Katherine. But Johan’s face kept appearing in her mind, along with snip its of what they had just done together not moments ago in the guest room. There seemed to be a permanent stain of rosy color on her cheeks from the memories, and ever so often she would bite her lip and stare at the floor with a wicked glint in her eyes. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would ever have a man like Johan, and now he was waiting for her in the guest room.

As they entered the office, Josephine was trying to decide how to tell her father about Johan. The detective had just lost his daughter and it was clear he wanted her close by asking her to move in. Reginald lost his wife, Josephine knew he did not want to lose his daughter so soon as well. The decision was a difficult one, and she knew in the end, someone would be hurt. Taking a seat, she reached for a cup of tea. Adding a little bit of sugar with milk, she leaned back on the couch with a distracted look. It wasn’t until her father mentioned the ballet did she look up to smile once more. Nodding, she then looked away with an anxious expression “Oh yes, they seemed to be. It’s just such an amazing opportunity I’ve wanted since I was a little girl.”
Looking back at her father, Josephine smiled again “Did you know Johan is also a very good dancer? Do you remember him from the circus?” She was attempting to ease her father into the conversation and hopefully bring light to his strong suits. He did, after all, rescue her from carpathian. Adjusting her legs so they were tucked under her rather unladylike, giving her the appearance of a child, she then took a sip of her tea. Setting it down on the saucer in her hand, her smile grew more “Oh Papa, he really is such a marvelous man. He makes me feel so…free.” Her eyes brightened cheerfully as her head fell back against the couch. She was swooning at the very thought of him again and there was a dopey smile on her face.

Their conversation was soon interrupted by the sound of another female voice. Phoebe had gone down from her own guest bedroom nervously, still feeling a bit out of place in the Bianchi house “That’s wonderful news.” She had come seeking company since Levi had abandoned her for Sam, and while she was walking to the office to find Johnathon, she had seen Johan slip out. He looked distraught, but Phoebe had absolutely no idea who he was. Walking over to a chair close to them, she sat down and braced her elbow on the back of it. Running a hand through her hair, Phoebe smiled slightly “You got the lead you were hoping for, then?”
Josephine turned to look at her with a pleasant smile “Indeed I did. How are you, Miss Lynch?”

Phoebe’s smile turned wry as she responded “Just Phoebe, please. Um, do either of you know about another young gentleman who was here? He is quite dashing and is wearing what looks to be Levi’s clothes. He just left looking very distressed.”

Josephine paled instantly and sat up “He left?” When Phoebe just nodded, she looked towards the door with a frightened expression “Did he say where he was going?”

“I did not get a chance to speak to him, he seemed to be in a bit of a hurry to leave.”

A look of hurt and sadness crossed her face when Jo thought about how Johan did not even say good bye or tell her where he was going. Looking towards her father with her own distressed look, she asked quietly “Why would he just leave?”



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Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 21, 2013 08:45AM
Johnathon’s office

“Why of course I remember the young man that saved you from that horrid woman, Katherine.” Reginald said, still feeling he needed to apologize for what happened in the cemetery that night. “What of him, child?’ Reginald was naturally showing his fatherly concern, after enjoying their talk of her future as a dancer and also coming home to live with him. This however might burst that perfect ideal.

Oh Papa, he really is such a marvelous man. He makes me feel so…free.” Watching her suddenly become love drunk, just talking about the man, Reginald knew that she was seriously acting like she was in love with the man. “I am sure he does, if the look on your face is anything to go by. I mean, the one thing a Father wants is for his daughter to be happy. And clearly you are.” Reginald was showing understanding, but he didn’t know that Jo and Johan had been intimate up in her room just earlier, that would have been a bit much to take in.

Just then Phoebe entered the doctor’s office and Reginald gave her a smile before taking a sip of his tea. Josephine and Phoebe got to talking and then Pheobe mentioned something, that would set the cat among est the pigeons.

Just Phoebe, please. Um, do either of you know about another young gentleman who was here? He is quite dashing and is wearing what looks to be Levi’s clothes. He just left looking very distressed.” 

“He left? Did he say where he was going?” Now Jo looked distressed and Phoebe had no clue where he had gone, only that he was in a hurry.

Street outside.

Confused and alone, Johan flagged down a carriage, and prepared to return to the Bizarre circus to get his things…and move on.


Re: {RP} The Bianchi Family Manor
October 21, 2013 11:54AM
Johnathon’s Office

Josephine was trying to remain calm when her father mentioned the look she previously had on her face. Smiling weakly, she nodded “Oh Papa, he makes me very happy…” Her voice was distant, however, at the sudden disappearance of Johan. Had she upset him in some way? She couldn’t imagine how as they had just shared a magical moment upstairs, and then her father showed up. It put her in quite a predicament, and she wanted to feel out how her father felt about Johan before plunging in with the news of her feelings. Josephine so desperately wanted her father happy, but she needed Johan in her life. Her world went from perfect to complicated in a matter of minutes.
Looking towards Reginald, she then spoke anxiously “Papa, I must go look for Johan. I believe something is terribly wrong.”

Phoebe watched how distressed the other blonde woman was and sighed. She didn’t mean to cause a fuss. Standing up slowly, she offered a small smile “I could help you look for him. Where might he be?”

The dancer contemplated that question before it hit her: the circus. Standing up abruptly, she shook her head fervently at Phoebe “No no…I must go to him alone.” Sensing that Phoebe still felt out of place and lonely, she gestured towards Reginald “Just sit tight and keep my father company. I shall be back shortly.” With that, she turned and rushed out the door to climb into their carriage. Once inside, she called out for them to take her to the circus.

Left alone with Reginald, Phoebe turned to smile weakly at the detective. Slowly taking her seat, she crossed her legs and reached over to pick up Josephine’s abandoned tea. Taking a sip, she wrinkled her nose “Oh my…that is far too sweet.”

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