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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 16, 2013 10:13AM
Esmeralda’s Private Chambers

Esmeralda stood in the hot springs that were just off of her private chambers and allowed the warm water to wash over her body. Two servant women were washing her, and Esme had her head tipped back in bliss as the women moved the clothes over her naked form. Seeing Death at the funeral like that…well, it made her pretty hot and ready. As she thought of his face, the way he touched her, and the power she felt behind his promise to reveal himself soon, she placed two of her fingers against her core. Biting her lip, she smiled slightly and began to pleasure herself. It had been so long since a man had touched her like that, too long since she allowed her wall to go down. And it felt good. As she pleasured herself, the servants were careful not to disturb her while she did so. They didn’t stop what they were doing as it would also displeased her and there would be hell to pay.

After her lovely little shower, they helped her into a thin, sheer, black neglige robe the clung to her wet form and revealed her hips. She was in the solitude of her chambers, why not be comforable? Walking towards her crystal, her darling Felix slithered towards her and crawled up her body. Curling around her shoulders, Esme turned to give him a kiss “Oh my baby…Daddy will be home soon.” The snake stared at her with beady eyes and she could feel her familiar’s excitement at the notion. Yes, soon they would be together again. Closing her eyes, she placed her hands on the crystal as she tried to learn Amos’ plan.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 16, 2013 08:33PM
Though the rain was fierce, the succubus could see as if it were as clear as day.

Lurking in the woods surrounding Count Marulo’s estate, she could sense prey closeby.

“So hungry! Must feed! Must live!” the she-demon growled.

And it was just her luck, someone was prowling the perimeter where she was hidden. She waited a heartbeat before her arm darted out, snagging the man around his neck before he could call out an alarm.

A moment later, he was nothing but a dried-out husk…

And still she craved…

Keeping to the shadows, she slowly made her way to the front doors, where she could sense another male presence.

And still, she craved…

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 01:40AM
The Foyer

The rains of that night were so fierce that it created a white veil around the grounds of the Castle, with the cracks of lightening illuminating the dark clouds. Ominous thunder claps rang out heralding the ferocity of the storm. The funeral had long been over and the Count had returned to his estate, where he had business of his own to take care of. Wandering the vast halls, he was about to head up the winding stair case, dressed simply in black silken draw string pants, that sat way down off his hip bones. The last of the candles were being blown out by the servants, and the howl of a lone wolf was heard in the distance. This was how he loved the night.

His first foot reached the stair, when the lightening struck down, and the shadow like blast of light through the front door panes, showed a figure was standing just outside. Curious to who could possibly be mad enough to trek through such treacherous conditions, the Count padded over to the front door, and then swung it open to see the sodden and bloody wreck, that was his Elvria.


“MY LOVE!” He exclaimed, scooping her up in his arms before she could say another word. She looked sick, starved and was shivering. He quickly closed the front door with his foot, and carried her with haste up the stairs to his chambers, where he planned to bathe her and place her into bed.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 09:27AM
The succubus was surprised for a moment when the front door was tossed open. Her subconcious mind recognized who he was, but her other half only saw a food source.

She was scooped up into the man’s arms and taken to his rooms, placed before the fire and wrapped in a blanket before she could blink. He ran about, starting water for a bath and adding wood to the fire as she shivered, cold and wet, from the rain.

She could not think, she could not feel anything but the aching hunger inside of her.

She got to her feet as his back was to her, dropping the blanket to the ground and removing her soddened nightgown until she stood naked.

“Hungry. Must feed.” she whispered, inching her way toward him, talons extended. She could sense he had a powerful lifeforce, much more stronger than her own. If she could surprise him while he was occupied, she could feed to her heart’s content.


She padded toward him, not making a sound, daring not to breath to alert him to her intentions.

Maybe she would leave a bit and keep him as her slave? He was very pleasing to look at.

“No! You musn’t harm him!” she could hear her Elvira half screaming into her mind. “He is our lifemate! You cannot kill him! You will die as well!

That made her pause. “Mate?” she stated out loud as she stood inches from Virgo.



Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 04:16PM
Virgo himself was tired, and yet to feed. With all that had happened, he came home from the funeral, and felt off. He couldn’t understand what this was. Perhaps he was coming down with something, though usually being a werewolf, he had no such afflictions. It all happened after he and Elvira had had intercourse in the carriage. Getting the bath ready for Elvira took some time, constant buckets and then testing the tepid waters. Adding the scented oils, and of course ensuring that there were sufficient towels. All this should have been done by the help, but as Elvira was in such a state, he didn’t want anyone to see her like this.

And so, he was leaning over, checking the water, when Elvira decided she was hungry, and started to stalk him. The Count was humming to himself, an old lullaby, when his fingers moved through the steaming waters. He didn’t hear Elvira approach….till the dying second, when the word ‘mate?’ was said…..


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 08:08PM
He was humming and she was paused behind him, still starved, still hungry…but calmed somehow. Her skin rippled, fighting the urge to attack this man knelt before her.

“Mate.” the succubus repeated, a bit louder this time. It was something she understood. “You are our mate.” She tilted her head to the side, waiting, expectant.

She clenched her fists, slowly backing away and shaking her head. “Must not harm mate. Mate die, she die. No. No.” She kept backing away until she was pressed against the wall in the bedroom. She sank to the floor, knees tucked beneath her chin and her arms locked around them. She pressed her forhead into her knees and rocked back and forth, slowly coming back to herself..

“I almost…oh damn…no…no…What must he think of me? Dammit…” she muttered to herself. “Why do I do this to myself. He’s going to be so upset with me…damn…damn…damn…” She felt tears in her eyes and just wanted a hole in the floor to open up and swallow her into the nothing.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 08:21PM
The Count turned and in his horror he saw what his beloved had become. A wreck that almost attacked him in a fight to stay alive. She needed to feed, and badly. In a way he pitied her, but he knew that to sacrifice himself to her, would kill them both. She was his mate, and one’s death would cause the others. For a moment he thought about what to do…and then…he heard a sound.

~Thud thud thud~ it was being repeated, like that of a bed board smacking a wall. The Count walked up to the wall and listened. Why, it was coming from one of the lady’s chambers and clearly she was having it off with one of the guards. ~Thud Thud Thud~ you could hear the groans and cries of intimacy coupled with the wolf like grunts. The Count snapped his fingers, and then crossed the floor quickly. He pulled his adored to standing, and then supported her, as he silently glided her out of the room.

Down the corridor, and the lady’s chamber door was opened just a crack. You could see the light of candles within, and a couple on the bed with the male guard on top, thrusting for all he was worth. A large bulking guard, with sweat pouring off him from exertion. This was perfect for his mate. Looking back at Elvira he said;

“I command you to feed from them. Enjoy and savour their sacrifice…so you may live.”

He then pushed the door open silently, and escorted her in….to do what she was now ordered too, as the Count watched on.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 08:45PM


She was still in her self-imposed prison when he pulled her to her feet. She stared at him, shocked that he would want to be near her after what she just tried to do. Without a word, he lead her out of the room, and down the corridor to a slightly open door. She could hear the cries of passion and lust echoing into the hall and her succubus reared up in delight.

She looked at Virgo, wondering what was happening.

“I command you to feed from them. Enjoy and savour their sacrifice…so you may live.” He gently pushed her into the room without hesitation.

“Hungry.” Elvira moaned with delight, slinking toward the bed. The woman saw her first and screamed out in fright. The man who lay atop of her turned and was instantly ensnared by the succubus. Like a mindless zombie, he pushed away from the woman on the bed, who screeched in outrage.

“Come to me…” she hissed, running her hands along her naked body, teasing him in mindless ecstacy.

“Get out of here! He’s mine!” the woman growled, jumping up on all fours into her wolf form. Elvira gave her a look of utmost contempt and loathing before turning back to the guard who was slowly coming her way.

“Yes…come to me and I shall show you such…wonders…” she whispered sensuously. The man nodded his head as if it was a puppet on a string. The she-wolf growled and made to attack Elvira, launching herself across the bed at inhuman speed. Enraged, Elvira’s hand swung out before the woman could bite her, sending her halfway across the room and knocking her into a table. It shattered on impact. Unpreturbed, the woman regained her footing and launched a second attack. Again, Elvira was faster and she had a taloned hand clamped around the wolf’s neck, nails piercing deep.

The she-wolf howled in agony, clawing at Elvira’s hand and arm to get her to release her. Elvira shook her arm like a dog with a bone, further deepening her grip and slicing through tendons and bones. The wolf gurgled, her struggles become sluggish. With a final yank, Elvira ripped out her throat, the body falling to the floor with a thud. Moaning in delight, she licked her fingers clean before turning toward the hypnotised man. She smelled him, frowning in disgust. He smelled of the woman he lay with.

She moved toward him, grabbing his head in her hands. He stared upon her, lust in his eyes as she moved in for the kiss of death. She sealed her lips over his and fed. The man, finally realizing what was going on struggled in her arms, but she was stronger and held on tight. His claws raked down her back, further fueling her desire to feed and she pulled even harder. His eyes rolled up into his head and he blacked out…and still she fed…

His skin started to fade to a gray color…his hair fell away…his skin wrinkled…and still she fed.

She could feel her energy returning, could feel her body reverting to its human form. Color returned to her cheeks and she felt warm for the first time in hours.

And then it was done. She tossed away the husk and stood to her full height, running her hands over her lucious body in delight. Not caring that she was still naked, she turned to face Virgo, the blood of the dead she-wolf still covering her in places.

“Thank you…and…I’m sorry.” she stated, bowing her head.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 09:13PM
The Count had never seen his mate show such prowess before. So masterful and dominant in her own right, but she obeyed his wishes, thus providing her with a feed she so desperately needed and also dispatched one of the lower members of the pack. He actually lent against the wall, arms folded, and a gleam in his eye. Elvira in his mind was the essence of true beauty. He himself became highly aroused, with the blood splattering, the carnage. Watching her take another man’s lips, only to suck the very life out of him.

And then she returned to her full health, her body once again round and delicious, drenched in the blood of a wolf. To him there was nothing more inviting.

The dried husk would crumple into dust and blow away, as a window opened, and its sheer curtains billowed in the breeze. The Count then watched her, coming towards him. Bloody and naked. A smile, so dark appeared on his lips, as she spoke to him in her submissive tone.

“Thank you…and…I’m sorry.”

The Count’s eyes started to devour her hungrily, and with a raspy pant, he said. “Never be sorry for wanting to live. I will provide you with the food, if you provide me with such erotic entertainment.”

The Count then growled under his breath. “Mine!” Swooping her up, in his arms and then forcing her to the nearest wall. His pants tie undid and fell away, as he started to rut and fuck her right there, not even saying another word, He bit into her neck and pushed her back hard to the wall, his wolfish side coming out, as he started to change and morph before her. Again and again he took her, then howled loudly as he made his claim. “Hoooooowwwwwwlll! He bit down a second time and started to drink her blood and continue to thrust into her with wild abandon.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 09:36PM
He was devouring her with his eyes, and she never felt more treasured in her life. “Never be sorry for wanting to live. I will provide you with the food, if you provide me with such erotic entertainment.” he panted. She looked him over from head to toe, noticing his arousal and she was secretly thrilled she had engendered such a reaction from him.

“I take it you were pleased?” she smiled. Instead of a long drawn out answer, he growled a single word: “Mine!” before grabbing her up in his arms and slamming her into the nearest wall. She had a moment to catch her breath before it was swept away once more under the force of his lust. She didn’t know when his pants disappeared, but she was more than ready when he thrust deeply into her body. She cried out in shocked delight as he pounded into her, biting her neck as he began to change within her arms.

Not willing to just lie back and take it, Elvira allowed her succubus free, her form also changing beneath his body. She clamped her legs around his flanks as he went at her again and again, a never ending stream of pleasure flowing between them. She could feel him elongating within her and she cried out in wild abandon.

He voiced his pleasure into the night’s air, the howl echoing to every part of the estate and out onto the grounds, announcing to one and all that the Count was about to claim his mate for all time.

Power flowed between them as bit down a second time, taking her blood into his body. She screeched like a banshee, tossing her head back in pleasure as she felt her lifeforce link with his own.

“Yessssssssss, my darling….claim me, mark me, make me yoursssssssssssssssssss!” she hissed in wanton abandon, clutching his shoulders, talons puncturing through his hide. She met each of his thrusts without fail, feeling herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her whole body trembled with desire and he did not let up, did not move away from her, pushing himself deeper and deeper as he strived to reach his own peak against her.

And then she was there!

Screaming his name into the air, she shattering the windows and every mirror in the room with the force of her pleasure.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 17, 2013 09:53PM
Two of the darkest of the night’s creatures were now entwined in a lover’s embrace, but not only joined physically, as the Count ploughed into her, but the mixing of blood, for as she took from him, he was now taking from her. Elvira’s blood was potent and intoxicating. The werewolf felt the renewal of energy racing through his body, which only made him larger, on all counts. This sudden girth would not go unnoticed by his female, and with renewed vigor he was more than able to keep up with his sultry temptress. His wolf like muzzle had her by the neck, his long tongue lapping up the blood that oozed from her puncture marks. Her wings unfurled like an ornate decoration that covered half the wall, while the furred beast continued his onslaught. The loud roar of claiming his mate would be heard across the estate grounds and in all rooms, as he went to complete their union.

Suddenly their minds locked, and he started to see things from her perspective. Their entire romance and love affair, to the time in the garden, the moment he stole the kiss. This just sent him wild, as he knew that she was the chosen one. Then she cried out;

Yessssssssss, my darling….claim me, mark me, make me yoursssssssssssssssssss!”

The Count felt the pressure of her talons, digging deep into his hide, and with a vicious growl he gave her four last thrusts, each one near to split her in two, with his massive girth. She came…and with all the power of her being, sent a scream that blasted every window and mirror, while the rumble of the floor, the trembling of the walls, pictures falling off their hooks, and smashing onto the floor, as he reached the climax of his life. He tipped his head back, the pride and power of the werewolf unleashed, as he filled her with load after load of his seed. Grunting with each spray, as he had her pinned to the wall, unable to escape. His head bowed and then he bit her shoulder hard, his teeth embedded, as their bodies jerked and shook from the epic coupling.

They were now one.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 18, 2013 08:55AM
Esmeralda’s Private Chambers

As Esmeralda was trying to locate Death, not an easy feat in and of itself, a sound shook her floors and made her windows rattle. Her eyes flew open and her hand relinquished its grip on her crystal as she spun around. Raising an eyebrow, she listened to the sounds of a woman being pleasured as the whole estate fell prey to it’s catastrophic effects on the poor house’s foundation. Raising a hand to her mouth, she burst into laughter and poor Felix bobbed up and down on her shaking shoulders. Shaking her head, Esme snickered and looked at him “Seems like the master has finally conquered the succubus.” Felix only stuck his tongue out, clearly annoyed with the loud piercing sound that filled every hall and room in the manor. He wasn’t particularly fond of Elvira, and Esme could feel it. Sighing, she kissed his head and murmured “We must be nice to her. She is Virgo’s mate, and he expects everyone to pay her the respect that he himself is to be given. Besides…she seems to be a strong one. A good match for him. I daresay, she may do a great deal of good for our plan with Daddy…when he decides to share that plan, that is.”
Scoffing irritably at the lack of Thanatos’ presence in her chambers, she stormed toward her table once more and began rifling through papers. It was time to take matters into her own hands. If Esme had to whisper ideas of gathering the major figureheads into the count’s home so she could summon her lost beloved, so be it. After gathering the information she needed, she spun around and headed towards the servant girls. Lifting her arms, she spat in her lovely accent “Dress me!” She was soon dressed in a black gown that hugged her curves just right and her black hair fell freely around her. Her dark caramel skin seemed warm in the candle light, and she was the perfect picture of death’s mistress. Looking to Felix, she murmured “Time to bring Daddy home.”

Elvira and Virgo’s Room (I think..)

Esmeralda left the sanctity of her room to go boldly speak to the count. She was aware he just had the joy of taking his woman in the bedroom, but she was too eager to wait any longer. The four horsemen would soon ride again, and it would be her orchestrations that she did so. Appearing in front of his door, she tried not to laugh at the smell of sex and pleasure that was wafting through the crack in the door. Shaking her head slightly to focus, she reached up and knocked on the door. Stepping back a foot, she folded her arms in front of her and waited patiently.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 18, 2013 03:58PM

The Lovers, hand in hand, made it to the courtyard of the count. The glass of the shattered windows littering the ground in a fifty yard radius about the house. The glint of the dimming sun light shone upon it all, and Edward’s eyes instantly flew to it. He stopped in his tracks, not completely sure whether it was a sign of danger, or the passing storm had been the cause. He held Juliet in place and accessed his enhanced senses to evaluate the situation. The moment he inhaled, the smell of sensual pleasures erupted in his nostrils. A smell he had ‘t experienced in far too long, and one he felt the urge to mimic right then and there with his beloved. The second scent was one he recognized well, Elvira. He’s seen her with the Count at the ceremony, but hadn’t guessed at why she was with him, but it made sense now. The third was the Count’s. A strong, commanding scent that almost made Edward want to fall to his knees and obey. He could feel the wolf within him stirring as though it wished to be released, to greet it’s alpha for the first time. Edward’s eyes flew a bright and delicate lightning blue and they fell upon Juliette. “It is safe.”

He instantly lifted her within his arms and immediately set to traverse the glass littered fields, which servants had just set to cleaning. It took him two lengthy bounds and seemingly little effort to clear it. He would enjoy this new found strength, and enjoy it well. They reached the door, and Edward set his beloved down. Then, he did nothing. He simply stood, and stared at the door. What was he going to say to the very man who changed his entire life for good? Would he accept it, and live as a member of the pack? Or would he rebuke it, and strike out on his own? My own…. he thought. No, he wouldn’t be alone. He wasn’t alone: he had Juliette. He had to man sure she was safe. From Lilith and Agares, from her family, he had to mak sure no harm came to her. Thus, his decision was clear. His eyes fell upon her once more, but only for a moment as his hand cupped her jaw, pulled her forward and planted a long, passionate, lustful kiss upon her lush lips. When they finally broke apart, he smiled softly and knocked in the door.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
September 18, 2013 06:02PM
Elvira and Count Virgo’s Chambers

The aftermath of their lovemaking was like a bomb had gone off in the room. Both the Count and Elvria were back to normal, but covered in sweat and sex. Laying on the floor surrounded by the debris of glass and ornaments, pictures and bits of ceiling, the Count was nuzzling Elvira and slowly licking her neck. The Count was still throbbing, yet satisfied and he looked up at her with a wolfish grin, saying’

“The cleaners have got their work cut out for them..

He wouldn’t have had it any other way of course, for that was the most intense feeling he had ever had with a woman. Elvira was his mate, so claimed and marked. Only death could separate them now. Hearing the knock, the Count raised his head from Elvira and growled in annoyance. Last thing he wanted now was to be disturbed when he was enjoying his woman. Reluctantly he got to his feet, then helped Elvira up, and gestured to the bath.

“Use it…clean yourself for me. I will see who it is.”

Turning his back on Elvira, he wandered to the door, naked as the day he was born and opened the door, only to see Esme standing there looking smug.


He leaned on the door frame and cocked his head, saying’

“Disappointed we didn’t call you to join in? Virgo said in a sarcastic manner. His member was still of size and glistening in his mate’s juices. “You’re a little late for that.”

Front Door

The knock was heard by one of the ground floor staff, who moved from their standing place and approached the door. The night was frightful and the House Master and Alpha was not to be disturbed by staff after what they all knew was his mating time. Opening the door, the staffer held up a torch and greeted the pair.

“Enter at your own risk”