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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 07:05PM
Virgo’s horse rocketed through the forest, its dark coat now gleaming and its muzzle covered in a light white foam, as it brayed and snorted, determined as its rider to catch up with the wily Jezebel and its rider. Virgo could make her out through the trees, and he had his plan to cut through a gap in the trees and overtake her, then pulling up his stallion and cutting her off. It was a fine plan…a brilliant plan, and he was so sure that it would work, a sly grin formed over his lips, and he urged the stallion on, to quicken the pace. He knew the forest trails here like the back of his hand, and he was aware of a break in the trees just ten feet away. A hard pull on the reigns and the horse tore left, galloping at speed, with its tail high, flowing behind it.

Both thought they were so close….he could make her out….almost there….victory was to be his!


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 08:56PM
Elvira looked behind her once more and could spot Virgo through the trees. He seemed to be gearing up for a sneak attack and she grinned deviously. She turned forward and whispered in Jezzie’s ear.

“Now, Jezzie!” she urged. Jezzie’s form slowly began to blur, her pelt taking on a dark sheen, almost as if she were made of smoke. Elvira laughed in delight, hanging on to her horse with both hands as her body blurred as well. An echo of a laugh flew through the trees as Jezzie moved through all obstacles, as insubstantial as smoke or a ghost. It was in this way that Elvira would win the race.

Horse and rider arrived at the stream and Jezzie’s form solidified, stopping on the shore line.

With a grin, Elvira dismounted and let Jezzie off to wander as she made herself comfortable, waiting for her lover to arrive.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 09:08PM
Forest on Marulo Estate

“Now, Jezzie!” These words were barely heard by the Count, but when he made the sharp turn, the form of Jezebel and Elvira altered to that of like the mist of a ghost. With speed so unnatural, both horse and rider rode off and practically flew through everything in their path. The distance she was able to put on him was considerable, and there was no way he could keep up with her and her magical horse.

“Damn!” The Count cursed, trying to keep on the track, for he knew his horse could not attempt to do the feats Jezebel could. It would be sometime before he would catch up, and sure enough by the time he did, she was waiting at the stream, with her horse having already been set loose to feed. But the Count didn’t stop at the edge, he plunged his horse into the stream, and then leapt off, laughing as the water’s spray from man and beast could have well soaked her in her daring outfit.


“HA! I may not have won the race…but I got to see through your shirt.” He was of course dripping wet, and his horse frolicked in the water, while he swam about.



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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 09:20PM
Elvira kept an eye out for her mate and sure enough, he came plunging through the trees. He didn’t stop as she expected him to. Both man and horse plunged into the stream, splashing water in a torrent that soaked Elvira from head to toe. She squealed as the cold water drenched her and gasped in shock at her man.

He was laughing uproariously and his horse seemed to be sharing the sentiment.

“HA! I may not have won the race…but I got to see through your shirt.” He laughed as he swam about, his stallion nickering as well.

Elvira wiped the water from her eyes and slicked her hair back from her face.

“Oh you are in sooooo much trouble, Mister!” Elvira grinned, getting to her feet. Leather was not the best thing to wear when wet, so she removed her leather corset and placed it over a branch to dry. He could clearly see her breasts through the material of the shirt she’d borrowed and the nipples hardened in the cool air. She removed her boots but left her pants on. She’d take care of them later.

Eying her mate, she took off after him, jumping into the water and splashing him in return. She came up with a laugh as his own wet hair now hung in his face.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 09:27PM
One thing about Virgo was he loved the water, and as he swam about, his stallion was snorting, and swimming around him. When Elvira called out that he was in so much trouble for wetting her, he simply blew a small stream of water out of his mouth, like a fish and then vanished beneath the water’s surface, not even leaving a ripple. Elvira entered the water, full of fiery determination to get him back, splashing the spot where he had been. A moment or two of just the horse swimming around, then Virgo breached the water behind her, and came up, snaffling her in his arms, and trying to take her under.

Under the water of course, he would let her go, but the bubbles coming out of his mouth were that of laughter. She was true beauty, with her hair floating about her face, like a mermaid. The Count breached the water again, laughing hard, as he waited for her to surface.



Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 09:36PM
Elvira pouted when her splash missed him as he ducked beneath the water. When he popped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, she squealed in surprise as he pulled her under with him. She could see him laughing at her, bubbles escaping his mouth before he launched himself upward.

She stayed under a few minutes more, planning her next attack. She swam toward his legs and grabbed at him, trying to pull him off his feet and back under the water with her. If she was successful, she would also steal his pants as he floundered about, making a break for shore with her prize in hand before he could notice what she did.

She had never felt more alive then at this moment with her mate.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 09:54PM

Virgo cried out, as his wily mate had done pretty much the same thing to him that he had done to her. All he was left with was his shirt, and how he could go back to the manor with no pants, was a mystery. He could see Elvira reach the shoreline, holding aloft her prize and laughing.

“That’ a low blow. What if Sally finds out about this?”

Virgo’s horse had already started to make its way out of the stream, and Virgo followed along behind, without pants. He strode up to Elvira and then shook like a big wolf, hoping to wet her again. That wolfish look on his face, with his genitals on full display.

“I think I could get used to dressing like this. More natural. Don’t you think?”

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 24, 2013 10:01PM
“That’s a low blow. What is Sally finds out about this?” 

“Sally’s too busy with Gerald right about now to even notice.” she grinned. “Didn’t you know the two of them were getting close?” she wondered.

Elvira laughed as he strode toward her in nothing but his shirt.

“I think I could get used to dressing like this. More natural. Don’t you think?”

She arched an eyebrow as he looked him over. “Well…I don’t mind it…but I don’t think you should do that in front of others. Could give them ideas about you and then I’d have to rip their throats out.” she smirked.

He shook himself, water flying everywhere and wetting her once more. She broke out into a fit of giggles as she held his pants up to him, waiting for him to reach for them before she snatched them away out of his reach.

“I’ll give them back to you if you give me a kiss. That’s what I want for winning the race.” she smirked, waving his pants at him like a matador.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 26, 2013 05:33AM
“You forget my sweet, I have very good hearing, and I can tell you that I have heard those two going at it like rabbits.” The Count said with a wolfish grin. “Probably got off from hearing us all the time.”

The Count’s wet shirt clung to his body like a second skin, and showed off his manhood easily, though he didn’t seem to be fazed at all by it. Shaking off the excess water all over Elvira was jolly good fun, and now she was teasing him with his pants. Holding them just out of his reach and snatching them away playfully.


“I’ll give them back to you if you give me a kiss. That’s what I want for winning the race.” So that was what she wanted. A kiss for the winner. His pants the prize. The Count’s voice deepened, and then he lunged for the pants, in an effort to tear them from her hand, probably actually tearing them in two. Either way, he wanted very much to play. Starting to stalk her, and making wild grabs at his pants.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
October 26, 2013 07:47AM
Elvira giggled as he made a grab for his pants, keeping him just out of his reach. Although she was distracted by his semi-nude form, she was enjoying their play far too much to let the game end so early.

She held out his pants once more, shaking them a little as he began to stalk toward her. Oh she was enjoying this.

“Ah, ah, ah.” she made a tsking sound, as he caught the leg. Before he could get a firm grip, she yanked them back, almost tearing the material. She laughed and shoved them behind her back as she took some steps backward. “Now, now sweetheart. That’s called cheating.” she smirked. For every step he took forward, she took one back.

She could sense his wolf was out to play and she grinned delightedly. It had been some time since she felt she was being hunted and she could feel herself getting wet at the thought of him stalking her like prey.

With a laugh, she made to dodge around him, hoping to extend their play for a little longer before he captured his prize…for that was what she was, His. It was instinct that drove her, as his Beta, to make sure that her Alpha was completely capable of the leadership of their pack. It kept his skills honed so there would be no one to challenge his strength and control, his honor and his integrity.

But he had to catch her first.