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Re: Character Sheets
November 05, 2013 10:38PM

Quote : “Okay: do it again, and I’m gonna pop those boobie implants of yours, make you fly around this bar like a loose balloon.”

FC – Jamie Pressly
Name : Fleur (Flower) De Prix
Sex : Female
Age : 25
Height : 157cms
Weight : 54 kgs
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Breasts : Real
Status : Single but hopeful.
Children : God no.


Occupation : Product Sponsor girl, and car driver groupie.
Likes : Fast cars, Racing Car drivers, wine coolers, trailers, wearing sponsor one piece swimmers in winter.
Dislikes : Other racing car groupies going after her driver, fake breasts, police, the sheriff.
Abilities : Gained the most beads at New Orleans last year.

History: Fleur (Pronounced – Flower) De Prix, grew up on the fumes of her Daddy’s Nascar dreams. Though he never made it to the pros, she was certain that one day her fine looks and ass-ets, would gain her the right to go track side and find her a Mr Nascar, dream driver. Working for the likes as Pepsi, Bud Light and Mobil 1, she is a regular fixture on the touring car circuit. Seen the insides of many car, and even sometimes, in the crew trucks, she has made a name for herself. “Nothing smells like Fleur in the morning.”