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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:19AM
“It’s your brother. Twice now he’s tried to take advantage of me. Once, that day in the back gardens when you were shooting clay targets and just now in our rooms.

That moment, the very room went deathly still as the look on Virgo’s face was one that could not even be explained. Fury, disgust, horror, jealousy and above all betrayal. Virgo didn’t even let her finish, he quickly marched out of the room, pushing past Sally and headed down stairs, and as he did so, he was shedding his jacket. Reaching the front door, he reefed it open, and spotted his brother, standing tall like a dandy leaning against his carriage.

“You SON OF A BITCH!”The Count roared, as he started to shed his clothes, the were wolf coming to the fore. Charles face went from one of surprise to shock as he witnessed the Alpha, his brother change to his true form in a fit of anger.


“The Bitch told you!” Charles yelled back. “Should keep her on a tighter lead, brother.”

That was it, Virgo leapt off the front porch and tore across the driveway, launching himself at his brother, who was only in mid morph. The two collided, with the carriage being turned over as the brothers were now in the midst of a terrible brawl. Virgo’s jaw locked around Charles’s throat, as he tried to tear it open with his large fangs.



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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:31AM
Elvira watched her mate’s face morph into one of complete anger and betrayal. He was her Alpha and no one, not even his own brother, should have taken advantage of it.

He stormed past Sally, nearly knocking her over in his haste to find his brother. Elvira was right behind him, wondering what was going to happen.

Virgo threw open the doors to the estate, knocking them from their hinges and spied his brother standing in front of his carriage. He seemed surprised to see his brother…that was until Virgo roared and charged.

“The Bitch told you!…Should keep her on a tighter lead, brother.”

Elvira growled. “How dare he!” she snapped, making to launch herself at Charles. Two pairs of hands grabbed her before she could step foot off the front step and she looked to see that it was Peter and David.

“Let him do this, Mistress.” Peter said.

“If he cannot defend you from his own brother, then he cannot defend this pack. It is a matter of honor that he do this.” David explained. Elvira understood what they were saying. It was now known that Charles had inadvertently thrown down a challenge for leadership of the pack.

The werewolves that had residence on the estate came from wherever they had been to watch the showdown.

Would there be a new Alpha for their pack or would Virgo be triumphant in defending his own leadership and the life of his Beta?

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:53AM
It was now a battle of the brothers, as they both were in full morph and the fur was literally flying. Virgo had already torn a hole into Charles’s neck, and now the clawing and full on biting was causing blood to be sprayed over each of them. The horses from the carriage bolted, dragging the ornate carriage behind it, though sideways. This left the area open, and the two were’s were facing off. Pacing and growling fiercely. The Alpha was bigger of course, but Charles was cunning. Again, Virgo launched at Charles, only this time, Charles drew back and so that meant the the Count misjudged landing awkwardly. This was when Charles lept onto Virgo’s back and tried to bite the back of Virgo’s skull. His aim…to break it. Virgo tried to shake him off, but it was proving to be a battle. A serious puncture and his skull was fractured, causing Virgo to yelp in terror. Charles heard this and then was going to swipe at his brother’s head to do further damage, and possibly incapacitate Virgo permanently.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 10:01AM
Elvira was becoming seriously worried. She had seen blood flying but couldn’t tell who it was coming from.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw the smaller were launch on top of the larger one and bite down on his head, piercing the skull. There was a cry of terror from the larger wolf and a sharp pain echoed in Elvira’s heart.

“Virgo!” she whispered, sinking to her knees. Her mate was fatally injured and she could feel his pain. “VIRGO! NO!” she shouted, tears springing to her eyes as she watched on in shock. If Virgo died, she would die with him…

“Oh we must do something!” she cried, looking up at the twins. They looked back with solemn faces.

“There is nothing we can do, My Lady. What will happen, will happen.”

“NO!” she cried. “I WON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!” she screamed. She whipped her head around to see the smaller wolf was still stalking the larger. “VIRGO! YOU NEED TO GET UP NOW AND FIGHT! IF NOT FOR ME AND NOT FOR THE REST OF THE PACK…THEN FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD THAT I NOW CARRY WITHIN ME!” she announced. It wasn’t the best way to let everyone know that she was pregnant but it was the only thing she could think of to reach through her mate’s pain and anguish.

But would it be enough?

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 10:16AM
Virgo’s vision became blurred as the image of his brother stalking him was now that of two not one beast. He could hear the muffled sound of his mate crying out, but it only added to the confusion. Charles was now confident that he had this sewn up and was proudly padding around Virgo, who was floundering. Blood was now pouring from his skull, and Charles seized his moment, with a foul swipe that should have contacted Virgo’s head, but as he made the swing, Virgo’s front leg came up and deflected, as he then mounted his return assault, when he flipped his brother over. This would be the final move…but who would win.

Virgo leapt onto his brother and smashed his paw into the rib cage of his brother, effectively destroying internal organs. Charles let out a roar that soon started to fade, as his heart stopped beating. His head fell forward, with his eyes staring ahead at death. Virgo stood proud over his Brother’s corpse and reaffirmed his standing as Alpha. But then he did a strange thing, and took off into the forest, a trail of blood following him. When wolves go off to die…they don’t do it near family.


The rest of the den stared at the defeated brother, then many at Elvira…wondering what destroyed the brother’s trust.



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Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 08:33PM
Elvira was in tears as she watched her mate run away after killing his brother. She needed to go to him. If he was going to die, then she was going to join him.

Before anyone could stop her, she had picked up her skirts and was off and running, whistling for Jezzie as she did so. Jezzie, sensing her mistress’s urgency, materialized beneath her so that Elvira was now riding bareback.

“Find him, Jezzie. Please hurry.” she whispered.

Jezzie became insubstantial as they raced through bushes and tree in search of Virgo.

“The stream!” she gasped, realizing that’s where he would go. It was the last place where they had been truly happy. hard to believe it was just that very morning. Jezzie turned in that direction and they were whizzing through the trees at a dizzying rate.

Bursting through the last of the foliage, she saw him. He was still in his wolf form and was laying at the shoreline of the stream. Leaping from Jezzie’s back, she ran to her mate’s side.


“Virgo! No! Oh please, no!” she whispered, pressing her hand to the wound at his temple. “Darling, please! You can’t leave me! I need you! Our baby needs you! Please!” she begged, pressing her tear-stained face to the fur at his shoulder. “I can’t do this on my own. Please come back to me.” she whispered.

Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:10PM
The Stream


Virgo lay in his wolf form, upon the stones of the edge of the stream, with his blood flowing into the water, that lapped at his feet. With a large gash in his head, and his eyes blood shot, he lay his head down upon the cold rocks. His breathing was labored, and you could hear a wheeze in his panting, that made it clear he was dying.

The fight against his brother had come at a terrible cost. The anger brought about by the idea that Charles would even try to make a play for the role of Alpha, and trying to mate with his beta.

Virgo’s hearing was fading, so when Elvira came to his side, he barely made a grunt of recognition.

“Darling, please! You can’t leave me! I need you! Our baby needs you! Please!” 

With a shaking head he raised it enough to place on her lap, closing his eyes…..he needed a miracle.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 09:41PM
“Please…someone help me!” Elvira begged, putting her whole heart and soul into her plea. She pressed her face into her mate’s fur once more and simply wept. She could feel Virgo’s soul leaving and she could not guard against the pain as her own lifeforce, and that of their unborn child followed him into death.

She was so deeply into her grief that she was unaware that her plea was heard until she felt a touch at her shoulder. Her head came up so fast, it was a wonder it didn’t fly off her shoulders. She had to clamp down on the urge to scream in renewed pain as a bright light coalesced before her. When the light cleared, an Angel, one of the most holiest of creatures stood before her.


“Who are you?” she whispered.

“I am Evangeline. And I have come to help you.” Evangeline stated, Her voice echoing with Her powers.

“Why am I not dead? My kind cannot stand to be near you.”

“I have the power to dampen My aura so that I do not cause you harm.” She stated.

Elvira nodded and looked down at her mate, running her hand along his flank.

“Please…can you save him? We are dying.”

“I can. But you must help Me.”

“How?” Elvira wondered.

“Feel him…and hold him with everything that you are. Do not let go.” Understanding lit across Elvira’s face and she closed her eyes. She felt for the bond that connected her to Virgo and grabbed onto it with all the love she felt for him. She pushed everything she had into the feelings coursing through her body, including the newfound love for her baby. Evangeline closed Her own eyes and reached out for their bond. Elvira’s was strong but slowly weakening as Virgo sank further into death. There were two other threads reaching for that of Virgo and She realized that this was the bond of the unborn children that Elvira now carried. She wondered if the young woman knew she was carrying twins? She touched upon the point where all four intertwined and searched for Virgo’s presence in the darkness.

“Lord Marulo…it is not yet your time. Return to your family, for they have great need of you now. Return and help your Lifemate raise the children she now carries. They will need your wisdom…your strength…and your goodness in the years to come, as will your packmates.” She murmured to him, latching on to his presence and pushing his soul back to the light.

There was a jerk in Elvira’s mind, as well as beneath her hands and she gasped at the sensation. It felt as if something she had lost was being returned to her. “Come back, love. Please come back.” she begged within her mind.

Beneath Evangeline’s hand, the wound at Virgo’s temple was slowly beginning to heal.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 10:49PM
Virgo could feel the pull on his life force, as he was slowly succumbing to death. This was not the way he wanted to go, and though he could barely make out Elvira, her soft warm lap and her scent gave him comfort in his dying breathes. His breathing slowed, as his heartbeat was losing strength. This…was the end.


Little did Virgo realize that there was one that watched over them from afar, and until now, had not made herself known to the couple. Her name, Evangeline. Known to the Bianchi’s she was sent with a purpose by God, and much to her own surprise, she had yet to discover what that purpose was. The bright light that radiated off the angel at first made Virgo flinch, but of course it was not like he could run from the light of God. All he could feel was the press of Elvira upon his shaggy coat, which was now cold and wet as his blood mixed with the water of the stream. Evangeline advised that Elvira push all the love and everything she felt into the wolf, to help stave off death, and while he could feel this trying to reach him….it was a little bit too late. A violent shudder coursed through his veins, and in pain, he howled pitifully, though it was like a whisper in the wind. Never before had Virgo been so hurt, always the strong one of the family. Even the unborn infant was trying to reach the father…and all seemed in vain.

The wolf spirit was ready to guide him home.

But then Evangeline’s voice was heard, speaking directly to Virgo, as he took his last breaths.

“Lord Marulo…it is not yet your time. Return to your family, for they have great need of you now. Return and help your Lifemate raise the children she now carries. They will need your wisdom…your strength…and your goodness in the years to come, as will your packmates.”

Virgo’s outer coat was bathed in an aura, as it started to lift off the ground, with dazzling white lights shining off it, slowly his body began to morph back to that of the human, his paws turning to fingers, his back legs that of humans. His body spun slowly as though scooped up the the hand of the Lord, turning him round and round, till the being in the air, was a fully grown male, that looked, like Virgo. The scar on his head started to close up, the bleeding stopping. Soon he was lowered back down gently, landing in a heap, as the sky cleared from above, to reveal him whole once more. His breathing was no longer laboured, but steady. The angel along with Elvira’s love had saved him.

He slowly tried to get up off the ground.


Re: {RP} Count Marulo’s Estate
November 02, 2013 11:00PM
Elvira’s eyes opened on a gasp as Virgo was lifted into the air by some unseen force. She watched as tears fell from her eyes as his formed was transformed back to that of a man. His wounds healed before her very eyes and he was lowered back to the ground, his head in her lap. His eyes were closed but his breathing…and more importantly his lifeforce and their bond was strong once more.

She looked up at Evangeline, gratitude etched in every line of her face.

“Thank you! I owe you a debt I do not know how I can repay.” she whispered, staring in awe upon the face of a true Angel.

“The only debt I require is that you both live your lives with love and joy in your hearts, for each other and those around you.”

Elvira nodded. Evangeline stepped forward and pressed a light kiss to both Elvira and Virgo’s foreheads…an Angel’s Blessing before she vanished back to wherever it was she’d come from.

Elvira stared upon her mate’s face, brushing her a fingers lightly over his cheeks as if to reassure herself he was still with her.

“Wake up, love. Open those gorgeous eyes for me.” she whispered into his ear.