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Of all the years I have been writing on IMVU for role play, this year, has got to be the busiest by far.  As a reader here on wordpress, you probably see me blogging up numerous role plays from the various forum ones that I do.  In fact, there are so many now, I am actually behind in getting them up.  Which is why I might post, say four chapters of a particular story arc in one role play ever couple of days.  Last one I think was Count Marulo’s Estate, which featured my wonderful co writer and bestie; LadyBelz.

LadyBelz and I have had the most fun, this last seven months I think, that we have been working collaboratively on many projects, as we find we get on so well, both in real, and with our matching of role play character personalities.  It’s like each day when I wake, or the night when she wakes, that we have posts waiting for each other in about five or six groups now.  The most recent, is No Limits (Racing car rp) that Belz came up with, and I think I have three characters in that now.  Based on Nascar driving and trailer park life.  So far the posts have been hilarious, and a breath of fresh air, with some new writers who are game enough to take us on.

One other challenge, as far as writing goes, is from the role play Rosas Spinis – Roarin’ Riches, where we had two characters meet at the bar at the Ball, and one was the son of Virgo and Elvira from Rosas, the other was a new character I came up with,  Sam Malone.  Who is gay.  And this being set in the 1920’s, it was a very dangerous time to be homosexual.  The fact that we have not done something like this before as far as character types, in a more serious light, has raised the stakes as far as how we wish to build the characters up and their stories.  I will be posting up some of that new role play soon.


My home group, which is Carrendar is about to celebrate its fourth year on imvu (30/11/09), and I’m happy to say, that it has never been as busy as it is at the moment.  When I am not posting in the other forums, I am working alongside some fantastic writers, and there are three new story arcs for the CD nation.  Plus we also have the new Terminator inspired role play, which is GM’d by Sora, and it’s doing really well.  Again, I am slow to post it all up.    Here is hoping I get caught up before the Christmas holidays.


Writing has seriously never been so much fun.  My thanks to you all for taking the time to read the role plays I post up here, and there is a lot more in store for 2014.

Bring it on!

Char ❤