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Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 18, 2013 07:40AM

Genevieve continued to sing and dance on stage, her sultry voice filling the ballroom as she used her angelic abilities to entertain the luxurious guests. The guests danced, they applauded, and the angel continued to sing and dance. Soon the band began to lull into slower music, and Genny felt like she finally needed a break. Turning to the piano player, he just smiled at her with a knowing look and nodded once. She offered a pleasant smile in return and climbed down off the stage. The same butler who had greeted her at the door rushed over to take her hand and help her down. With her feet firmly planted on the ground, she turned to look up at him with her big brown eyes “Thank you, sir. Could you point me in the direction of the bar, please? All that singing has be parched.”

The butler smiled warmly and gestured towards the back of the ballroom where the bar was “Yes, my dear, it is over there. Shall I order you a drink and bring it to you?”

Genny shook her head no with a gentle smile “No, thank you. I really would like to sit down with a moment to myself, please.”
The butler seemed disappointed but merely bowed his head politely. “As you wish, madame.”

The angel smiled once more before turning around and heading to the bar. Choosing the seat that was open in the back corner away from the loud crowd, she took a seat elegantly and turned to the bartender “A dirty martini, please. Shaken, not stirred. Extra olives.” The bartender nodded once and set about making her drink. Sitting in the corner alone, she noticed that all the guests seemed enraptured by the party. The music still played, the guests still danced, and still, she felt completely alone in a crowded room. When her drink was pushed towards her, she nodded once in gratitude and raised the martini to her lips. Feeling the cool liquid go down her throat, she moaned softly in relief and closed her eyes to relish the taste.

Maria smiled despite herself, knowing she was having a good time dancing with Landon. Feeling his hand on the small of her back made her look around anxiously. She felt as if people were talking about them, and it made her feel uncomfortable. Never comfortable with being in the spotlight, she shifted closer to him and rested her head against his shoulder again. Her fingers tightened around his but she still managed to smile weakly when Landon spoke of her father.
However, hearing the answer to her question, or rather, the lack of an answer, Maria looked up with a slight frown “You are avoiding the question.” Her dark eyes narrowed as her mouth tightened. She was not stupid. Landon was a member of the mob, and was just another one of Vincent’s goons. Of course he hurt people. Pulling away from him, she spoke in a distant voice “I’m feeling a bit light-headed. Excuse me.” Picking up her gown, she turned away from him and rushed towards the balcony just outside the ballroom. Stepping up to the edge, she crossed her arms and stared out towards the marvelous landscape. Sometimes she just wanted to escape.

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 18, 2013 07:55AM

Landon glanced down to her once she pressed her head back against his shoulder and tightened her hold on his hand. Maybe she did care whether people were talking or not, in response to this he let his hand move up slightly so that the way he held her was no longer so intimate. This got people nodding for a moment before ignoring them now that it seemed there was no scandal to talk about. He gazed at her as she narrowed her eyes to him, choosing not to comment on the statement that she made. He let her go once she said she was feeling a bit light headed. His dark eyes followed her as she made her way to the balcony. Part of him wanted to go after her but another part refused to. He knew what she wanted to hear. That he wasn’t like Vinny, he didn’t hurt people. He cared for people. But those were lies. He did hurt people and he would continue to hurt people until Vinny asked him to stop. Then he would continue to hurt people in Vinny’s place should the Don ever die or leave. That was his duty, and he had failed in his duty once. He wasn’t going to let that happen again, no matter who he disappointed.

Shaking his head as he ran a hand through his hair, he turned around and walked to the bar. Deciding that maybe he might need some liquid courage. As he neared the bar, he saw the girl from before. The angel. He glanced around, looking for Vinny but didn’t see him near so he figured it was safe to approach. “You voice was hypnotizing” He said as he took a seat beside her, without looking at her he ordered whiskey on the rocks. Once his drink was safely in his hand, did he finally glance at her. “Though that not surprising for a solider of God” He simply said, as he figured she was one of the newer angels.

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October 18, 2013 09:17AM

Genevieve sat at the bar with her martini in hand, her eyes watching a pretty young woman exit the dance floor in distress. She watched the woman walk out to the balcony alone as she lifted her drink to her lips. While taking a sip, she wondered silently what had that poor girl so distraught. But soon her thoughts were interrupted by another voice. Her peace and quiet destroyed, Genny turned to see who had disrupted her alone time. Seeing Landon, she smiled politely as her dark eyes scanned his aura. It was clear he had a heavenly light shining from within, and it didn’t take long for the angel to realize she was sitting among her own kind.
Listening to him compliment her, Genny’s smile grew but her eyes locked on his when he mentioned what she was. Raising an eyebrow, her smile turned coy as she held her drink in one hand “Your compliment seems less so when you tack on the secret of my trade.” Taking another sip, she allowed her eyes to roam over him briefly before they met his eyes again “Ah…I remember you. You were with that…charming gangster. Such a way with words he has. I imagine you picked that up from him?” Her tone was sarcastic, but playfully so. Genevieve was still unsure as to what purpose Landon had serving a dark man like that. He must have been a fallen angel for being able to perform such acts of violence without remorse. Then again, angels were always a just race. Recrossing her legs, she leaned back in her chair and asked “Did Vincent let you out to play for the night? I can’t imagine a mobster gets a night off. Then again…perhaps you were sent here to kill me. Perhaps worse.”

Her smile was full of playful conspiracies as she jested with the fellow angel. It was nice being around one of her kind for once, though it was surprising they found each other in a place ransacked with greed and deception. Still, she wanted to keep her eye out on Landon in case he proved to be useful to her. So far he seemed harmless.

Maria was outside getting a breath of fresh air and time to think while Landon was making his way to the bar. Her arms were crossed as her dark eyes fixed on the night sky. It shouldn’t have surprised or bothered her that Landon did not answer her question, but it did. She so hoped that he would be different from the others, but she knew that was not the case. One day Landon would take over in her father’s spot if he did produce a male heir that was competent enough to take over the family. That meant Maria would most likely be stuck serving Landon as well if she did not find a way out of this life.
As she thought about a savior that could come and take her away from this sort of life, she had swiveled around to look through the glass door. Across the dance floor she could see Landon speaking to the pretty performer that was entertaining the guests only moments ago. A feeling of disgust welled up inside of Maria as she realized just how alike Vinny and Landon were starting to appear. Raising a hand, she seemed to brush her escort off as she entered the ballroom once more. Spotting the slippery man that was actually a soldier for the Alvise family that had asked to dance before, she walked over to him with a polite smile. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, she murmured “I’ll take that dance now.” The soldier smiled darkly and nodded once, taking the girl’s hand. Pulling her close into a slow waltz, they began to dance as Maria’s mind filled with the dream of a life outside the mob.

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October 18, 2013 03:45PM

Rupert descended the winding stair case and blended himself into the crowd of guests so well, due to his suit matching many of the mens there, that he was no longer recognizable as the owner of the estate.This was normally how he did things, blending in, so that no one would notice, and think he was just another suit. The band had struck up another song, and the women whooped as they got excited with it being one of the favorites being played at the speakeasies.

The champagne was flowing freely, and many were sitting and enjoying their drinks, catching their breath after dancing. It was over by the bar area, that Rupert noticed one particular lady, who was enjoying the company of a man, or so it looked, and this was when Rupert had a cunning idea. He wandered through the crowd, and then on reaching her table, he reached for her empty glass, and asked’

“Would Madame like another?” She may well think he was the hired help, as he smiled gently at the woman, and then snapped his heels in the direction of the male. “Sir.”



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October 18, 2013 03:53PM

Landon smirked slightly at her as he took a drink from his whiskey. “It is still a compliment nonetheless. Even among angels, your voice would stand out” He said with a smile as he leaned against the side of the bar, resting his hand on his drink while still gazing around the ballroom. He was every observant. He glanced back to her when she remembered him. He chuckled slightly as he shook his head. “I don’t quite have his charm, nor do I intend to ever have it. I prefer my own method to anything” He said as he lifted his shoulder with a slight shrug. His eyes glanced down to her legs when she crossed her legs. She had a way with her body that was strangely attractive but he ignored it as he glanced up to her eyes once more. “No, I don’t get a night off…” He trailed off as he raised his brow at the worse part. “I’d rather think that Vincent would prefer to do that himself, I don’t tend to get involved with people he has a particular interest in” He said empathizing the world interest. He had about made it very clear that she was off limits to him and everyone else in the mob. “So exactly what about you has him all hot and bothered?” He asked her with a slight smirk.

His eyes flickered from her to survey the room once more out of habit. That was when he saw that Maria had rejoined the ball, his eyes narrowed slightly when she headed straight to that idiot from before. Some low man from the Alvise family. Made him more of an idiot in his mind. He took another drink of his whiskey as he watched her take the mans hand and let him lead her into a waltz. He shook his head as he watched them, making sure that the man didn’t try to do anything he would not approve of.

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October 18, 2013 05:37PM

Genevieve offered Landon a genuine smile before nodding towards his whiskey “Oh my…that is a terribly strong drink. I do not know if I could handle something like that. Then again, I like my own drinks tart.” Glancing at her glass, she frowned ruefully at seeing that it was empty. She hadn’t realized that while she was speaking to the angel, her drink had been dwindling. Flicking her dark eyes back up to Landon, she followed where his eyes were looking and realized he found her attractive. That made her very nervous because suddenly she seemed like a hot commodity when it came to members of the mob. That sort of attention couldn’t possibly lead to anything good. Reaching up to touch the back of her neck nervously, her smile faltered but her eyes flashed their defiant nature as she murmured in response to his question “Interest? That doesn’t sound as appealing as I think you want it to.” Brushing her dark hair off her shoulders, Genny suddenly felt uncomfortable in the corner of the ballroom. She didn’t like talking about Vinny, and she honestly had no idea why the don wanted anything to do with her. All the angel knew was that Vinny was up to no good. Shrugging softly, she turned to look at Landon slyly “I don’t know what he wants with me, but rest assured, I am not an easy woman.”
It was then that the stranger made his way over and took Genevieve’s empty glass. Turning to cast her eyes upon him, Genny was soon smiling despite herself. He appeared a bit older than the other man beside her, and she silently noted that men were flocking to her from every corner. That unsettled her greatly, but there was something about this man’s voice that caught her attention. Her peace and quiet had indeed been shattered and Genny was beginning to regret sharing the gift of her voice with the world now that it seemed to be attracting all sorts of men. Shaking her head, she smiled at herself when she realized how ridiculous she was being. He was not a suitor…he worked there. He was paid to attend to the party’s needs. Nodding once, she braced her elbow on the bar to rest her chin in hand. Keeping her eyes locked on the stranger, her smile was charming as it was bored with her surroundings “Extra olives, please.”

Maria was still dancing with the Alvise man, her eyes wandering around the ballroom curiously. The man was chatting her ear off, but she was not paying him any attention. She was doing her best not to look at Landon, but failed miserably. Every so often her eyes trailed back to him and the enchanting woman he was talking to. A pang of jealously washed over her but soon her eyes fixed back on her dance partner. The solider leaned in to brush his lips along her neck, his hot breath tickling her ear. Laughing softly at the sensation, she inched closer to hear him whisper sweet nothings in her ear above the noise of the music. She still couldn’t quite hear him, but by the way his hand was traveling down her back, Maria suspected she wasn’t supposed to. Closing her eyes, she began to feel drowsier and drowsier. She had no idea that the drink she had earlier in the evening was spiked. The man holding her just smiled as Maria grew weaker and weaker in his arms. Soon, if all went well, she would be easily kidnapped and held hostage for Vinny to deal with.

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October 18, 2013 07:31PM


He raised his brow when she commented on his drink, as he finished it in a last gulp. “It takes far more than this to get more drunk. I suppose you’re just younger” He simply said as he was half focused on her. Most of his attention was though focused on Maria. His eyes narrowed slightly as he watched them dance. Part of him already wanted to rip them apart, mostly he told himself because Vinny would not approve of having a man who was in technically their enemy mob dancing with his daughter but he refrained himself. Maria was already mad at him and if he interrupted she might get even angrier at him. So he stomached it and turned back to the girl trying not to look back at Maria but ever so often he would find himself looking back at her. “It isn’t appealing” He replied, not trying to sugarcoat.“In your case, not being an easy woman isn’t going to helpful in your case” He said as he watched her interact with the waiter, while she was doing that he glanced back to Maria. His eyes becoming more alert when he noticed that Maria was closing her eyes. He saw the man press his lips against her neck and his hand traveling down her back. He also noticed that her movements were getting more sluggish as he stood up quickly. He glanced back to the angel, as he leaned towards her almost like he was going to kiss her but his lips stopped near her ear. “Be careful solider of God, Vinny isn’t the type of man you want to mess with. And he has plans for you…”He whispered softly, almost intimate but it was more for show.

With that done, he turned around and easily crossed towards them. His movements were tense and intimidating so much so that everyone was getting out of his way. Once he reached them, he reached towards the man and yanked him so hard that he almost landed on his ass. The man cursed as Landon reached for Maria now, noticing the dazed look in her eyes. “I leave you alone for a minute…” He said as he wrapped his arm around her waist so that she could lean onto his side. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The man said as Landon turned to him. A look so dark in his eyes that the man took a step back. “It does not take a telepath to read your mind” He said as he glanced to two men to the side. They nodded as they came forward and grabbed the guy in between them. “This man drugged Vincent Amato’s daughter in an attempt to kidnap her. I, Landon Amato, dare anyone to come in his defense” He said his voice strong and powerful that everyone heard. They all stood as they watched the scene. Even though he was from Alvise, no one came to defend him. “Good, get him out of here” He said as the men nodded and dragged the man out. He turned to Maria now. “Come on, we’re getting out of here…” He said as he started to lead her out of the ballroom.

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 19, 2013 03:45AM

“Extra olives, of course.” The tycoon said with a gentle smile. The girl looked barely out of her teens, and the manner at which she held herself suggested that she was bored with both her present company and the gala ball itself. At first Rupert found it unusual, especially with the music and the dancing. All the gorgeous women, that were being wooed by men in tails, all across the expansive ballroom. The titter of gentle conversation, and the ever present guffaw of the older gents, that were trying to get a hand or two on the delectable dancers.

Rupert wandered back over to the bar, and the bartender almost died, when he saw his employer, acting like a waiter. He nearly dropped the glass he was trying to fill, and stammered with nervousness.

“Sir…you wish a drink.”
“Dirty martini for the lady over there. Extra olives.”
“Yes Sir…Right away Mister Dangerfield.”

A few patrons that were sitting close at the bar, heard the bartender drop the man’s name and soon a crush of girls flocked over like feeding time in the chook house. He dismissed them politely, then taking the fresh glass, Rupert headed back and placed the drink down before Genny.


“With extra olives. Enjoy.”

His errand done, Rupert then strolled out from the bar area, where Madeline was holding court with some of the other war widows, and she smiled brightly as her brother joined her.

“Ladies…my brother and benefactor to this glittering affair.”

“And New york’s most eligible bachelor.” Mrs Hancock said with a knowing smile, offering her gloved hand to Rupert to shake. Rupert caught her hand effortlessly, and brought it to his lips, kissing softly.

“Enchanted.” He said with a slight smile, and then leaned over to Madeline and whispered.

“Having a good time, Maddy?”


“Oh yes, this is superb. Course it will be all the more special when the Marulos arrive. Such gorgeous people. A real asset to the social circles, wouldn’t you say?” Madeline asked of her small group of friends, that all nodded in agreement. Rupert excused himself, and then wandered through the crowd, out to the back landing patio, to enjoy a cigarette.



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October 19, 2013 03:28PM

Genevieve nodded once and stared off towards the dance floor as she listened to Landon speak about getting drunk. She never drank enough to get drunk, usually. Most of the time, she drank to get more relaxed. When Landon spoke of Vinny again, her eyes turned to pause on his. He seemed to be warning her of something, but she already knew she was dealing with a demon. Why he wanted her, however, still remained a mystery. Smiling weakly, she nodded once more as if thanking him for the advice. Landon made her feel just as uneasy, perhaps even more than Vinny did because of his manners and charm. At least with Vinny, she knew how slimy he could be. With this angel before her, she felt like she was in uncharted waters. Her eyes then followed Landon’s to the dance floor and she realized he was being partially distracted. Her smile softened as her eyes sparkled “She’s very lovely.” But then the man was leaning closer, and her breath inhaled in shock that he was going to kiss her. Frozen to the spot, her eyes closed as she listened to him whisper. Swallowing hard, she watched Landon walk away silently.

Soon her attraction was pulled from Landon to focus on the mysterious stranger that appeared with her drink. Once more Genny was caught off by just how handsome he was and was pleased to listen to his voice. Taking the drink he offered, her smile turned a bit more genuine as she bowed her head politely “Thank you so much. This looks terrific.” Taking a sip, she then watched the man stroll away from her to wander through the crowd. To her surprise, he paused at a group of women and even swept her hand up to his lips. Frowning, she pulled the drink from her lips to stare in shock. It was becoming quite clear to the angel that he did not work here, but was in fact, a guest. Glancing down at her drink, she smiled slightly as a look of intrigue crossed her face. Pulling one of the olives out, she took a bite and turned to see Landon dealing with an issue. Swallowing the olive, she set her drink down and made her way through the dance floor. Her eyes looked around curiously, trying to find the man who brought her a drink. Seeing movement towards the back through the glass door, she smiled once more and strolled over.
Walking out to the back patio, she smiled to see the stranger. Pulling matches out from her bosom that she kept there to feed her own nicotine habit, she looked up at him with soft brown eyes “Got an extra cigarette, sir?”

Maria was unaware of what was going on, her eyes becoming cloudy as the man gripped her close to him. She hardly recognized Landon when he came over, but his voice rattled her to her core. Sighing softly, she blinked rapidly and tried to focus on him. He was saying something, but she couldn’t quite make it out. Feeling his arm wrap around her waist, Maria leaned into him and whimpered “What’s happening to me?” Soon her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fainted. She had no idea that Landon threatened the man, or even what was going on. Maria began to fall, her body feeling like dead weight as she passed out from the drug slipped to her.

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October 19, 2013 07:33PM

Landon let out a groan when he suddenly felt her dead weight against him. Not because she was heavy, because she wasn’t. She was like a feather but more of the fact when Vinny found out about this, Landon was going to be in deep trouble. “You’re lucky you’re stunning” He muttered as he easily swept her up off her feet and into his arms. Several people were already whispering as this was sure to get to the heads of each families but he ignored them as several of his men surrounded him as they walked out of the ballroom. This is why he preferred to stay inside. He headed out to the car, the door was already opened as he gently laid Maria inside. before closing the door and walking around the car to climb into the car. Once he was inside, the car took off followed by several other cars headed back to the compound. He let Maria lean against his shoulder as he gazed out of the window, trying not to think of the sleeping human.