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Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 20, 2013 04:47PM
Back landing


Outside was just as busy and fever driven as inside, with people flocking around the large cement pool, and dancers on platforms. Specially lit lanterns were hanging from the trees, and the back landing sparkled brightly in the warmth of the Summer’s night. The girls all looked so glamorous, and the men putting on the ritz.

Rupert had made it outside and had taken out his cigarette box, when the lovely young lady he had served a drink for inside approached. She withdrew a packet of matches from the front bodice of her gown, and twirling it in her hand, as he leaned against the balcony rail.

“Got an extra cigarette, sir?” the girl asked with a strong new york accent.

“But of course.” He flipped open the catch on his cigarette box and offered one from inside.

“Enjoying the party?” Rupert asked, as he placed a cigarette on the edge of his lip, and snapped the cigarette box shut.


Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 20, 2013 05:25PM
Back Landing

Taking the cigarette, Genevieve placed it at her lips. Striking up a match, her cigarette was soon lit and she took a big drag. Pulling it out from between her plump lips, she then held it between her two fingers as she looked at the stranger pensively. “Thank you kindly.” She came out only to learn who he was and was curious as to why he bothered fetching her a drink if he wasn’t a server. Clearly he didn’t have plans of taking her home since he simply gave her a drink and left. He intrigued her.
Turning to look around the party, her dark eyes scanning the rambunctious crowd. Was she enjoying the party? Still staring at the multiple men and women dance and have a good time, she smiled mysteriously “No, sir. I’m not.” After a few moments of not saying anything else, Genny then swiveled her head to let her gaze fall on him. “I’m not one for such outlandish extravagance. I grew up with luxuries, but I do not want to live my life a slave to them.”

Her eyes turned to rest on the crowd once more as her voice grew softer “Look at them all. So ridiculous and care-free.”With all the good in her life, Genny had also seen the horrible monsters that looked in the shadows. These men and women looked like dancing prey in her eyes. Greed, lust, and selfishness seemed to plague the air around them.

Genny fell silent once more, not one for holding conversations well. Reaching up to take another drag of her cigarette, she then put it out on the balcony. Flicking it away, Genny turned to smile at Rupert “Thank you for the cigarette, sir.” Bowing her head politely, she then wandered back inside with an aimless sway to her hips. She wasn’t sure if she should perform more, or just go home. Clearly the party would go on, no matter what she decided. As she wandered around the party, she smiled every so often at the multiple arrangements of entertainment.

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 20, 2013 05:39PM
Back Landing

The girl intrigued the tycoon, though he would not be so bold as to come out and say it. He was far too gentile for that. She spoke with a refined air, and grace, but clearly had a distaste for shows of wealth and power. Most women would be gushing over such a glittering affair, but Genevieve acted like this was mating season at the zoo. Her over all look was one of boredom. So her response to his question on whether or not she was having a good time was not a total surprise.

“I’m not one for such outlandish extravagance. I grew up with luxuries, but I do not want to live my life a slave to them.” 

Interesting. So she was either born with the silver spoon in her mouth, and grew weary of the trappings of wealth, and now saw all before her as fake and sinful. “Look at them all. So ridiculous and care-free.” He couldn’t help but agree of course, but he then had a counter for her, that may surprise her.

“Well this is easier to organize than going house to house and tipping them upside down and shaking their money from them. This ball is a benefit for the war widows fund. My sister lost her husband in the war, and so we are trying to raise awareness, and also bring the widows out into the light. For many this is the first social occasion they have had since losing their loved ones. I think letting one’s hair down for a good cause has its merits.”


As Genevieve thanked him for the cigarette, he offered a word of advice as she swanned back inside with a defined swagger.

“Don’t be so hasty to judge a book by its cover.”


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October 20, 2013 05:58PM

The stranger’s words echoed in Genevieve’s mind as she strolled around the ballroom. Was he the one that organized this glittering affair? He spoke of his sister being a widow, and she was instantly shamed upon hearing such news. She should never have spoken her mind so openly, especially when she had no idea who she was speaking to. Genny sighed softly and whipped around to try and find the stranger through the crowd.
The desire to apologize to him grew stronger as the music suddenly seemed louder. He told her not to judge a book by its cover…was that a warning or just some friendly advice?

Genevieve was soon lost in a flurry of music and dancing when a gentleman stepped forward to take her hand. Spinning her into a fast-paced waltz, he smiled at her warmly and shouted over the music “Care to dance?”

She quickly fell into step with the man and even allowed herself to laugh in surprise and glee “I believe we already are!”Looking down at their feet, she was amazed to see how fast they were going. Again, the stranger’s words echoed in her mind. I think letting one’s hair down for a good cause has its merits. Smiling slowly, Genny then tipped her head back as her hair fell whipped around behind them. The man dancing with her just laughed more and twirled faster so she could enjoy the feeling of the wind whipping around them, Letting go of the man as he slid his hands down to her waist, she raised her arms above her head and felt herself being lifted. The man kept a firm grip on her as Genevieve lost herself to the wild freedom the party offered.

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October 20, 2013 08:37PM
Front entrance

~The Jazz hot, Baby!~


The entrance to the Dangerfield estate was cluttered with people in dazzling outfits. You could hear the cat cries of the girls as they saw their favorite stars of stage and screen pulling up in long limousines, and the bus boys wandering around with trays of the finest champagne. The Count’s car pulled up. A black cruiser and he stepped out, waving politely to the gathered throng of party goers, before making his way around to open his wife’s door, and offer her his hand. Dominique and Damion arrived in the second family car, and were surely to be met by the press photographers as the most eligible.


Walking his wife up the steps with her on his arm, Virgo was as proud as punch, for she looked exquisite and was sure to catch the eyes of roving males. He kept her close to him and escorted her inside, knowing that many a head was turning at the arrival of the Marulos, one of New York’s most well known society couples.


As they made their way into the foyer, little did the Count realize, his favorite stalker was watching from the top of the stairs. Lady Annabelle Chamberlain had been waiting hours for the Count’s arrival and grimaced to see that he had his wife on his arm. She suddenly grinned as she had a plot in how to separate them this evening, and disappeared into the crowd.

From across the room, a squeal is heard, as Madeline spots the enigmatic couple.

“You came!” she blurted, and practically skipped across the floor, to sweep Elvira into a hug.


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October 20, 2013 09:33PM
Ballroom Entryway

If there was one family who could make the grandest of entrances, The Marulos accomplished it without batting an eyelash. Mother and Daughter, Elvira and Dominique were decked out in similar shades of red, offsetting their exotic skin, long dark hair and regal facial features while Father and Son, Virgo and Damion looked mighty fetching in their Jeanne Lanvin ensembles.


Many heads turned in jealousy and admiration, from both male and female as The Marulos stood in the entryway, surveying the floor.

There was a feminine squeal from across the room and a moment later, Madeline was standing before them.

“You came!” she grinned with what seemed to be childish delight as she pulled Elvira into a hug.

“Of course we came, ducks. We wouldn’t have missed this for anything.” Elvira smiled. She turned to her children. “May I introduce you to my children, Dominique and Damion. Darlings, this is Ms Madeline Groves, our hostess for the evening.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” The twins spoke in unison. It wasn’t often the twins used their “twin speak”, but when they did, it always seemed to surprise people.

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October 20, 2013 10:01PM


Madeline was simply gushing when she was introduced to the Marulo’s twins, who answered her in unison when they were introduced. Maddy gasped, and then uttered to Elvira “Oh my god, they are simply adorable. So much like you and Virgo. Like they were crafted by the hands of Zeus I swear. You must be so awfully proud of them.” Her enthusiasm was infectious, and she beamed as she replied to them

“Oh…the pleasure is all mine I assure you. Please…make yourselves at home, enjoy the bar. We have the most gorgeous singer a Miss Genevieve. But don’t try and ask me where my phantom of a brother is. He was just introduced to some ladies from my war widow’s guild and he took off faster than a salmon in rapids.”

Her description of her brother was pretty darn accurate, and even Virgo had to laugh.

“He won’t be making any catches if he keeps fleeing from the fish.” The Count said, placing his arm protectively around Elvira’s waist. He appeared to only have eyes for her, which was nothing out of the ordinary. A bus boy brought the group a tray of glasses of champagne, and Madeline took up hers to toast them.

“To your good health…..and may your marriage last for eternity.” She raised her glass and then took a sip, as the band struck up another song. At this moment, a gorgeous young man cut across the floor and bowed before Elvira.


“I couldn’t help but notice you Madame….I am Chester Forsters. Would you care to dance?” He was one of the notable bankers from Wall Street, and a real looker. Would she say yes, and would the Count be okay with it?

Madeline nearly spat out her drink at the young man’s boldness.


Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 20, 2013 10:14PM
“Oh my god, they are simply adorable. So much like you and Virgo. Like they were crafted by the hands of Zeus I swear. You must be so awfully proud of them.”

Elvira preened as Maddie spoke of her children. “They are my pride and joy.” she smiled, glancing at the twins. Dominique blushed as her mother spoke and Damion grinned like a Cheshire cat.

“Oh…the pleasure is all mine I assure you. Please…make yourselves at home, enjoy the bar. We have the most gorgeous singer a Miss Genevieve. But don’t try and ask me where my phantom of a brother is. He was just introduced to some ladies from my war widow’s guild and he took off faster than a salmon in rapids.”

“He won’t be making any catches if he keeps fleeing from the fish.” Virgo spoke, wrapping and arm around her waist.

“Oh come now. I’m sure Rupert isn’t that bad.” Elvira laughed at the both of them. “He just hasn’t found a woman who could challenge his senses just yet. Let the man work on his love life in his own time.” Elvira stated. A passing bus boy brought over a tray of champagne and Madeline took one to toast them. Virgo, Elvira and the twins followed suit.

“To your good health…..and may your marriage last for eternity.” She toasted them.

“And may you find the peace and happiness you deserve, Maddie.” Elvira stated, taking a sip of her own.

A good-looking young man strode up to the group and stopped before Elvira with a bow.

“I couldn’t help but notice you Madame….I am Chester Forsters. Would you care to dance?”

Elvira saw Maddie nearly spit out her drink and she felt the hand around her waist tighten significantly. Virgo had just gone into “protective mate” mode. She placed a hand over her husband’s at her waist to calm him.

“I thank you for the offer, Mr Forsters, but I promised the first dance to my husband. But my daughter, Dominique’s dance card hasn’t been filled yet if you are in need of a dance partner.” she replied. Behind her, Dominique was staring at her mother in shock and Damion was snickering at his sister. Elvira turned to look at Virgo, her eyes sparkling with the love she felt for her long-time mate.

“Dance with me, my love?” she requested.

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 20, 2013 10:26PM

Virgo’s arm did tighten around Elvira’s waist as the first of the gala hound dogs came sniffing at his wife. Was this how it was going to be all night? Batting off over sexed and under the influence high society suits? Course, he shouldn’t have worried, for his wife gave his hand a squeeze to show she knew what he was thinking. Virgo was this close to launching himself at the man, in full attack mode but he cooled his temper at the touch of his wife’s hand. He did let out an annoyed growl from the back of his throat and his face looked like thunder.

Elvira had other plans, offering her daughter instead. The look on Dominique’s face? Like that of a sea bass. Virgo wasn’t sure he approved, and would have voiced it, but instead Elvira asked him to dance with her. He had a double take at the young banker, then escorted his wife to the dance floor, like the proud alpha he was. On reaching it, he swept her up into the correct pose, his posture perfect, and his arm firmly around her waist. His show of dominance was like a beacon, that if any tried to remove her from him, he would destroy them, regardless of it being the Dangerfield estate.


Chester looked dissapointed, and shot a glance at a blonde in the shadows of the hall, with a shrug. Yes, it had been a set up, but he didn’t find Dominique unattractive, and so reached for her hand, to take her out to dance.

Out on the dance floor, Virgo was now staring down at Elvira with that look in his eyes. It was like he sensed his wife when she was on heat. (lol). He was contemplating finding a room later and teaching her the horizontal tango. It was quite a dance.



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October 20, 2013 10:43PM
Ballroom Entryway

Chester reached for Dominique’s hand, silently asking her for a dance. She looked at her brother.

“Go on, sis. This is a ball. Have fun for once.” Damion told her. With a sigh, she took Chester’s hand so that he could lead her to the floor. Once she was gone, Damion headed for the bar, keeping a keen eye on both his parents and his sister in case someone tried to start trouble between them. He was as protective, if not more so, than his father when it came to the two most important women in his life. He would see his mother and sister safe from all harm, whatever the cost.

He got to the bar and signaled for assistance.

“Yes, sir?”

“Scotch, straight.”

“Right away, sir.” the man nodded, going to pour his drink. He was back in record time and Damion paid him handsomely for the prompt service. He took up the drink and turned to face the floor, wondering who the first dame would be to try and snag and drag him into their bed.

Dance Floor

Elvira’s heart beat fiercely as her husband pulled her into his arms. She caught the look in his eye, the one that let her know she was inches away from being dragged away to the nearest quiet spot they could find. It still gave her a thrill to know he still found her irresistable. She smirked at him.

“Darling, you have that look in your eye again. Do you want my clothes to sizzle and melt right here?” she grinned, unrepentant, sliding her hand down his backside to squeeze one cheek of his ass.