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Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 21, 2013 09:28AM

“Sounds like some kind of fairy tale to me. I thought that there were no happy ever afters. Guess your folks are the exception to the rule. I seen so many unfaithful women…marry for money, some old guy then go prowling the speakeasies for some hot slab of meat.” Sam was telling Damion how he viewed women of their generation. He was not fond of them at all, and found his happiness in the company of men, and right now, he was more than happy with this conversation with Damion. “Another drink?” He asked…getting ready to summon the bartender.

Madeline’s room

Virgo was not in a good mood, and he didn’t even knock when he tracked down his mate, who was thanking Madeline for helping her get her hair up again. She was joking about how Virgo would bring it down again, and this was when he appeared behind the three women.

“May I have a word with my wife, please?’ The Count asked. Normally he would have barked the order in this kind of mood, and so it was something that he asked…nicely. If they left the room he would stand in behind his wife, and say to her

“You don’t believe I would actually consider a woman like Isabella? Our son, just gave me some lecture down stairs now, about integrity. Is it not enough how much I display my affections, and be then told by my son…not to entertain such notions with that sleazy woman?”

The alpha was deeply hurt, and this was his way of lashing out.




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October 21, 2013 09:30AM

Genevieve was actually starting to enjoy herself at the party when she heard a commotion coming from across the dance floor. Her partner set her down just in time for the angel to look around and see Isabella pulling a woman’s dark hair. Raising an eyebrow, she muttered“Now that’s class.” The man tried to keep dancing with her but she was firmly rooted to the spot. Turning to look at him, she offered an apologetic smile “I’m sorry, darling. I’m feeling a bit light-headed. Thank you for a lovely time, though.”

He seemed disappointed but he bowed his head respectfully nonetheless with a gentle smile. “Should you need another reason to smile, miss…You can find me at the bar.” Picking up her hand, he placed soft kiss on it before turning to head for the bar.

Genny watched him walk away for a moment before she heard Elvira snarling to get after the blonde. Turning around, she actually began to laugh at the spectacle. It was both pleasant and an alarming surprise to see the succubus after so many years, and she was just as feisty as ever. Reaching up to place her fingertips at her chin, the angel continued to giggle as she watched Elvira speak to her family on the matter.
She stood there waiting to see what happened when she noticed the stranger speaking to Virgo. He seemed to know the count, and that had Genevieve’s eyebrows knit together in confusion. Seeing the group disperse, she walked quickly over to Rupert before he had a chance to get away. Reaching out to touch his arm gently to get his attention, Genny smiled warmly and raised an eyebrow “I had no idea you were chummy with the Marulos…Allow a girl to be nosy and ask how that could be?”

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 21, 2013 09:58AM
Before Madeline could speak, Virgo found them and he looked pissed.

“May I have a word with my wife, please?” By the tone of his voice, something had happened while she was gone and it was her job as his mate to calm him down before he hurt someone.

“I’m sorry. We shouldn’t be but a moment, Madeline.” Elvira agreed, not taking her eyes from her husband’s angry face. She waited until both women left before she stood. “What’s wrong, Virgo?”

“You don’t believe I would actually consider a woman like Isabella? Our son, just gave me some lecture down stairs now, about integrity. Is it not enough how much I display my affections, and be then told by my son…not to entertain such notions with that sleazy woman?”

Elvira’s eyes widened in surprise. “Did Damion actually think that of you? I swear I don’t know where his head is at some days.” she sighed. She stood in front of her husband, placing her palms flat against his chest. “Darling, of course I don’t believe you’d take up with another woman. Number one, It would cause us both great pain. And number two, I love you and only you. You were it for me the moment I laid eyes on you and no other man can even possibly compare. So how can any other woman compare to myself next to you?” Elvira was not being vain, she was speaking true. So saying, she pulled the strap of her dress from her shoulder, where the claiming mark he’d given her many moons ago still stood out in stark relief upon her skin. “I am yours as you are mine. No one can seperate us without proclaiming our deaths.” She let her aura flare, touching her mind to his so he could see, with every fiber of her being, that they were one body, one heart, one soul. She took his hand and pressed it to the mark on her shoulder, staring him in his eyes. “Yours, darling. Always yours. Never doubt that, just as I never doubt that you are mine. That little tart doesn’t know who the hell she’s messing with and I will be more than happy to beat it into her skull. Partner or no business partner.”

She was angry all over again on her husband’s behalf. Someone had questioned his honor and integrity and it pained her slightly that it was her own flesh and blood that had done so. She made a mental note to discuss lifemate bonds a bit more thoroughly with her youngest child at the first opportunity. For now, her focus was her husband and mate.

She stepped away from him, and with a thought, locked the bedroom door and windows from outside intrusion. This needed to be done. Virgo needed to express his dominance over his mate once more. She drew the straps of her dress down her arms and let the material pool at her feet. She stood before him in only the jewelry around her neck, the garters holding her stockings upon her legs and her shoes. She turned away from him and knelt on all fours upon the floor, submitting to his will as her dominant mate. She spoke not a word as she performed this action. No words needed to be said.

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October 21, 2013 08:47PM
It was fair to say that Virgo had his self belief and confidence bent out of shape as the Alpha, due to the constant hounding of their children over his behavior which was perfectly normal considering what he was. He was a pack animal, and the head of the family and den. To be even questioned of his integrity and motives when it came to his wife and mate were a threat to his standing as the Alpha. The worst case scenario would be to show dominance over his own son and beat some sense into him, however that was something he had never had to do or wanted too. Elvira took on his pain as he explained himself in a way that showed he was truly hurting and needed reassurance from her that she not only believed in him, she would submit as is her role in their relationship.

Watching her step away and lock the bedroom door silently, checking the windows and covering them before slowly removing her gown straps and letting the fabric flow to the floor, she was preparing to let him perform the sacred ritual of reinforcing their bond and mate status. The mark glowed fiercely, as she knelt down on the floor on all fours, and waited for his reaction. Without word, the Alpha slowly removed his own clothes, with the waft of his cologne permeating throughout the room as his skin became exposed to the air. He discarded his clothes in a heap, then did what comes natural. Virgo strutted around Elvira, so she could see his masculinity and be in awe of his prowess as Alpha. When he stopped in behind her, he knelt down and snorted with approval of how her back arched, and the ripe roundness of her buttocks. He was already hard from watching her disrobe, and with a wolf instinct, he readied himself, getting in close behind her, then pulling her legs apart and positioning himself. This took more time, as he was building the anticipation of what was to come. Another deep throated growl emerged and he leaned forward, his upper torso now felt upon her back with one hand, fist down on the ground, and he forcefully pushed the head of his thick member deep into her, filling her to the brim. His free hand clutched her right breast and then his hips pulled back, then he took her again. His hot breath could be felt on the back of her neck, as his excitement mounted. This was more than a sexual act, but fulfilling his need to prove his worth, as the Alpha of the Marulo. her acceptance of him, and eagerness to bend to him, without struggle was the true test.


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October 21, 2013 08:59PM
She could smell his arousal and the underlying scent of his cologne as she knelt at his feet. She heard the rustle of his clothes as he disrobed and walked around her, displaying himself as he would if he were in wolf form. She couldn’t help but look upon his maleness, his masculinity. He was Strength personified, Alpha of their clan and she was his mate for all time.

She arched her back and purred in delight as he moved behind her, pulling her legs apart. She waited in anticipation of what was to come. The growl he emitted was deep and throaty and she could hear the longing within it. He knelt over her back, the rough hairs of his chest brushing her skin. He was rubbing his scent upon her, claiming her more thoroughly as his. Without preamble, he pushed his thick manhood into her body and didn’t stop until his balls were pressed flat against her body. She gasped at the sensation and moaned huskily. She still did not speak, it was not her right to do so, nor did she give in to the demands of her body to meet his thrusts with her own. His free hand clutched at her right breast as his hips snapped back and forward.

His hot breath left moisture upon her neck and she bowed her head, submission in every line of her body as his excitement grew.

This was animal mating at its most primal. Alpha to Beta, Dominant to Submissive. She accepted her role fully, bending to his will eagerly and without struggle.

Her body relaxed further in his embrace as she panted like a bitch in heat (and unknown to her…she actually was), little moans of pleasure teasing past her lips as he swelled within her, larger than ever.

“Forever and always yours.” she groaned throatily, clasping the hand with her own as it laid upon her breast.

Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 21, 2013 09:02PM

“I had no idea you were chummy with the Marulos…Allow a girl to be nosy and ask how that could be?” Rupert heard the voice of the girl that had bummed a cigarette off him out by the pool area of the back landing. The same girl that was bored with the party. Her sudden enthusiasm was surprising to say the least. Rupert had a quizzical expression and then replied with a chuckle. “I find it unusual that you know the Marulos, and you don’t have a clue who I am?

Did she even know he was the wealthy tycoon that owned the very house she was standing in, or even that this was his party? Amused by it, he didn’t wait for her reply, but carried on with the enchanting tale of how he met the Marulos.

“The Count is an avid hunter, and when I was on a tour of the United Kingdom, he was guest shot at the Tuckley’s hunt week. We found a common interest in guns and all things to do with hunting, and from there our friendship has grown throughout the years. He is a dear friend, and a noble man. Devoted husband and father. Elvira is a lucky woman, for I know many would love to take her place.”

His knowledge of the Marulos was extensive, if she wanted to know more. He offered his hand to shake and introduced himself.

“Rupert….Rupert Dangerfield. Welcome to my home.”



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October 21, 2013 09:14PM
Elvira’s submission, and the laying of her hand over his, while he cupped her breast to help him gain support of her frame pleased him to no end. This was how it was supposed to be. From the first moment he saw her, he envisaged how their ritualistic mating would be. His head curled in, and now he was ready to take her as the wolf. Each thrust was forceful and timed in with the heavy grunts that came from his parted lips. His curly chest hairs brushed against the smoothness of her skin, causing a fire like friction, a heat that would continue to grow. Full hard slaps of skin, his balls smacking her backside, Elvira feeling his dominance now. “Forever and always yours.” Words said with conviction. Elvira was the perfect mate, chosen for a good reason. Like the wild horses that roamed the plains, he had not only tamed her inner spirit, but allowed it to be free to explore and be adventurous. But there was another side to the equation. When he did tame her, he elevated her to a status, where she was the beta…the prime of females. No other would receive his seed, or his mark. She was the epitome of woman hood, and his treatment of her was not abusive. It was the true definition of love.

Now their movements were more fluid, as she bucked back to his timed thrust, and soon the room filled with the sounds of their mating. His grunts and her sweet moans of Ecstasy. Skin slapping hard against the other, and then he started to bite the back of her neck, closing his eyes, and losing himself to their love. Elvira would be able to feel the hardness growing and the size increasing. To watch them, it was an act of beauty, natural and free. How their love should be. Pulling on her skin with his teeth, the last few thrusts were forceful, and she could feel him stiffen as he was so close. The perfect timing for her to start to experience her orgasm. Rubbing her special spot inside, they would be able to cum in unison, and experience their utopia.


Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 21, 2013 09:30PM
Submission complete, she felt the change in the air and began thrusting back against him, as he touched that spot inside of her that made her head spin.

“Virgo!” she panted hard as his teeth sank into the back of her neck, not hard enough to cause pain and leave a mark but to let her know he was with her the entire way. She moaned, feeling every vein, the hairs brushing her back and her buttocks, the balls smacking against her and she cried out. It was the signal he seemed to be waiting for as his thrusts grew harder, deeper, as he clamped his hands tighter against her breast and hip.

Not caring if anyone heard, she screamed out her pleasure…and as before, the very foundation of the Dangerfield Estate began to shake, causing people to begin screaming about earthquakes and ducking beneath tables.


Damion had been having a pleasant conversation with Sam when the walls began to shake and a primal scream echoed through the estate. Damion’s gaze sought out his sister’s where she had been dancing with a young man. Dominique was glaring at him. She had seen their father storm off earlier and had asked him what he’d said to set him off. When Damion explained, Dominique punched him in the shoulder, hard enough to hurt and told him to ask their mother about the true nature of lifemate bonds. Damion felt like an absolute heel.

“Mother and Father.” he mouthed to her. Her expression cleared like rain clouds on a sunny day and she nodded in understanding before returning her attention back to her companion.

The shaking slowly began to subside and Damion breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed as if his mother had gotten his father calm once more and he made note that he would apologize to him the first chance he got.

He returned his attention back to Sam.

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October 21, 2013 09:52PM
The earth shattering climax that Elvira experienced flowed through and Virgo was able to complete the act by his own orgasm, that had built up, and then he was pushed over the edge, as her body reacted and her muscles tightened such that he was milked and pulled into her depths. The life giving seed coated her insides, with jet after jet spraying her inner walls. Virgo continued to thrust, till he simply had nothing left to give and was spent. Now came the favourite part of the ritual, to him anyways. As he pulled himself free from her, he turned her over, so she was laying on her back, and he covered her. The slow licking commenced, as he made soft sighs, swallowing his own saliva. Nuzzling between her breasts, and then suckling each nipple in turn, before tracing down her stomach and then lower to her warm heat. It was his way of showing his affection and joy, treating her body like a temple that he worshiped. Soon his long tongue found its way between her slick folds, and his head bobbed in and out, as he used his nose and his tongue to clean her juices. His voracious appetite for her never sated. The room would grow quiet again, as all you could hear was his constant licks and suckling of her lips.

No words were needed….



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Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 21, 2013 10:00PM
Elvira lay quietly beneath her husband, sated and whole once again as he nuzzled and licked her tenderly. She shuddered as he licked her slick folds, sensative to his ministrations of her body, but she knew it was his way of saying “Thank you for believing in me.” She felt treasured, as she always did.

She smiled, running her fingers through his damp hair. She didn’t want to disturb their quiet but she knew it was a must as they had practically kicked Madeline out of her own room.

“Darling, we really should return to the party.” she murmured quietly, continuing to run her fingers through his hair and along the skin of his back. “Unless you wish to return home?”