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Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 21, 2013 12:27PM

Before Diana could even speak, her husband had already given her a gentle kiss on the forehead and off he went leaving the bedroom. Now that she was alone in their bedroom chambers she would walk over to their king sized bed and find a sit on the edge of it. Letting out a heavy sigh her eyes would lower to the ground before she had gotten back up and exited the their bedroom chambers to go find something interesting to do. She was actually thinking of visiting one of the other kingdoms to keep her busy like her husband had told her to before she had left.



While Diana had walked down the halls of the kingdom she had spotted a few servants walking down the hall opposite to her. A weak smile would show across her lips before she had spoken. “I’m off to go the Barlow Kingdom. I want to talk to Elizabeth about some important information. I’m requesting at least one of you to tell my husband that I should be back later tonight.” Once that was said the servants would nod their heads and all bow before her then continue walking to where ever they were going as Queen Diana did aswell.


Whenever Queen Diana had made it outside the doors of the kingdom she had requested one of the guards that stood outside the door to take her to the Barlow Kingdom. Grabbing two of the horses that stayed in the pen house, herself and the guard would both mount up upon the horses and off they went to the other kingdom.  



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October 21, 2013 02:07PM


Katherine was still very insecure about this all situation, but the very moment the King just started to say that he was use of her skills and he had already watched her training only made her feel slightly happy. She keep staring up at him, like she was admiring a god. So he has been watching her secretly? She never felt his presence around, well, it was normal, she was a human, she couldn’t feel such thing, but knowing that the King watched her, only made her feel so good, she doesn’t know how to call out for his attention, but it seems he had already noticed her by her skills. Sometimes she has that idea, that she should be girly, and dress like those women in the court, or try to be like the Queen, they are married for a reason, right? Maybe if she was more like the Queen he would fancy her. Why was Katherine thinking about this? She was a mere human, a lady in waiting, she couldn’t have such thoughts about the King, she couldn’t destroy a royal marriage, if people found out, she would be dead. But damn her urges were so strong.
The lady bite down on her lower lip, and got a bit more confident, no matter what happen, he would be proud? That made her feel alittle more calm, so she didn’t had to worry about just be the best and please him, but she still wanted to be the best out of that tournament, and lead this kingdom to the victory in archery, it deserved, and if it was the King’s request, she would do anything for him.
“What? Now? Alright, that seems actually a good idea.”
She was finally going to train with the King, they practiced together one time, but every time was like a moment she treasures. Their hands wasn’t touching anymore, but the kiss he left upon her head, sent her a huge shiver through her spine, she felt like she was about to pass out right there, but she finally got control over herself, and turned around to start walking, her cheeks were getting with a pinkish color, and she didn’t wanted him to notice.
“Lets go my lord.”

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October 22, 2013 03:09PM
Training Grounds

“Yes now. No time like the present. As we have much of the day to enjoy some sport and get in some practise. Unless you have better things to do, than entertain the King.” Was this a joke on his part? His roguish good looks, mixed with the charm of sapphire blue eyes, that shone with merriment at her questions. He had to admit he liked the girl. A human, yes. But with such potential, and also the health of a horse. A wave of his hand, and he urged her to follow him down the hill and into the woodland area, known at the “Training grounds”. This is where they had targets set up in a large clearing, and trained archers teach the young and the keen how well to shoot an arrow. Already there was a small crowd gathered, and some damn good shots were already taking aim and the precision with which they hit their targets was surprising. The crowd cheered as their favorites took aim. To many this was as much a fun sport to take a part in, as it was to spectate.


The King could barely contain his excitement at watching Lady Katherine go up against some of the realms best. He found a good spot, and then handed Lady Katherine a bow, along with an arrow.

“Impress me.” The King said, standing back and folding his arms.


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October 23, 2013 12:50PM
Training Grounds

The lady was still feeling embarrassed by this. Especially when he said the part: “Unless you have better things to do, than entertain the King.” It sounded weird, yet silly, and somebody with her mind, of course, she thought of it in the wrong way, he was probably only joking with using the words, but still, it made her feel embarrassed, because the pinkish color upon her cheeks were getting darker.
Trying to push those thoughts away, Katherine just headed to the training grounds, whenever they got there, it had everything set up for those who went train over there, everything they needed was there. What Katherine needed was targets, a bow and arrows, nothing more than that, then she would be all set up. When she took look over the area of the archers, she saw few teaching the young ones, and impressive shots were already taking aim and the precision needed in this. It made Katherine feel uneasy due the fact there was other people, and the king was there, to see her, to see if she would do a good work. Now she felt the need to impress the others that were training as well.
Slowly turning around, Katherine looked up at her King and picked up the bow and arrow he was giving her. Taking a deep breathe, she turned around again, so she could face the targets again, now it was time for the truth.
Katherine, moved her left leg slightly back, and dropped her shoulders down, while moving her chest more to the front, she was slowly moving her arms in the right position, but it seemed like her hands were shaking, it wasn’t helping her out, it was bothering her a lot, she couldn’t calm down. Closing her blue eyes for a second, she took a deep breathe, focusing on the target, bow and arrow, there wasn’t anybody else in there, just those three things and herself. In the very moment she open her eyes, she allowed the arrow to go from the bow, and straight to the target. Where it hit? Right in the middle, with a wonderful precision. She felt relieved that she done a good job, because if she failed, she would basically panic.

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October 27, 2013 03:00AM
Training Grounds

Many others at the training grounds watched on with piqued interest with the girl who dressed like a man and fired an arrow like the very best of them. Truly a remarkable sight, that brought a round of applause from the happy onlookers. The King clapped and cheered, for he was more than happy to see her perform so well under adversity. It showed true courage and spirit. As she lowered her bow, he came up behind her, placing both hands on her shoulders, and then leaning in so to whisper into her ear.

“And this, my dear Lady Katherine, is why I hold you so highly.” Drawing back, he took a step to the right, and bowed to her, as a nobleman would. Sure, he was King, but he wanted all to know that she found his favour. One of the young squires ran up and took out the perfectly shot arrow and returned it to Lady Katherine, bowing low and especially before the King, who regarded the lad with a genuine smile of affection.

“Good shot, Miss.” The boy enthused, and the King ruffled his hair, before sending him on his way to do his work for the other shooters.

The day continued on, with the very best in the land, trying to out do the other, as the King found a tent that was serving cooked meats from the fire pits, and serving clay tankards of ale. Sitting upon a fallen log, he was enjoying the splendid fare on his plate, and watching Lady Katherine out of the corner of his eye. “Do tell me if I am ever forward with you, Lady Katherine. I see that rise of colour in your cheeks, and I find it very attractive in a woman.”



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October 27, 2013 05:09AM
Training Grounds

Katherine was able to clam down her nerves once everything was done, she knew there wasn’t many people who enjoyed her just because of her style and her duties, a woman should be wearing a dress and cleaning the castle, not outside, with man’s clothes and trying to be better than the others in archery. It was just her passion, and even if there’s people wanting to bring her down, she will keep on fighting. A small gasp escaped from her lips, as soon as she felt the King’s bare hands upon her shoulders, which sent her a shiver through her spine, and his whisper, oh my god, if she could, she was already melting, just by those two things, she was never a shy and uneasy women around people but the King, he always had this power on her, when its other people trying to get smartass with her, she just walks away, not wanting to make an argument, the intelligent, lets the fool speak. Katherine watched the King bow to her, and she just smiled, bowing as well. He was such respectful and polite person, he was the Kingdom, he didn’t had to bow to anybody, but he still did. This totally was giving her more strength to face this tournament that was up to come.
Her attention went to a little boy who just complimented her, Katherine couldn’t help but to giggle, and show the boy a lovely smile, just letting him known she was glad he enjoyed her shot.

The time passed, and Katherine was always by the king, she soon found herself in front of a tent, where they was preparing some food, that was good, because she was getting hungry. She looked at the King sitting down on a fallen log, and she just sat down on another one that was right besides him. Then just waited for them to give her the food and clay tankards of ale. While she was waiting, the King’s words, made the pinkish color upon her cheeks, get a little more darker. It’s like he even done on purpose, or her body found out he thought it was attractive in a woman blush, that her body wanted to blush more to please him. But the word attractive hit her deep, she wasn’t supposed to be an attractive woman, people had never called her such thing due her tomboish style. So this compliment at first surprised her, yet pleased her.
“I don’t know if I’m supposed to be attractive or not. Its not really my duty to be.”
She said a bit nervous, while she cleared her throat. She was a lady in waiting, she just needs to work for the royals, nothing more, that’s how her life is going to be till the end.

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October 27, 2013 06:45AM
Training Grounds

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to be attractive or not. Its not really my duty to be.”Katherine’s modesty was endearing, and in fact refreshing for the King to hear. Dean noted her nervousness, and tried his best to make her feel more at ease. He gestured for one of the staffers to come take their empty plates when they had finished, and a top up of the fine quality ale, so they could continue to enjoy the afternoon.


“You have a true independent streak, and for one I find that fascinating. Many women I know simply follow along willy nilly to the fashions of the day, not comfort. I truly don’t know how half the women wear those dresses with all those skirts, must make squatting a great deal of effort. Being a man, wearing strides, just a simple unclipping. Ha!”he spoke so boldly, it may have been the ale that loosened his tongue, but he was cheerful and that was all that mattered.

Their refilled tankards returned and the King tapped his mug against hers in a friendly manner. “You never did say if there was a lad that took your fancy, Lady Katherine. I dare say many would be lining up to court you.” now he was curious to know if there was a man in her life. Really, was this any way for a King to act and a married one as well. But he didn’t seem fazed, and this was much like two old friends catching up. Well for him, anyways. After all, what better thing to discuss, than love and dreams.

The King eased back on the log, crossing right foot over left, the look on his face, not a care in the world. He enjoyed Lady Katherine’s company and cherished the moments like these. The archery competitions were continuing, with many people milling about, and few bothered the King. He fitted in so well, and didn’t put up a big fuss, or have legions of guards with him where ever he went. A good king, but was he devoted to the Queen? That was a good question.


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October 27, 2013 07:20AM
Training Grounds

Katherine looked up at the king while holding her mug with her both hands. It seems he actually found fascinating the way she was never wearing dresses all the time, only when she was really forced, which rarely happen, but if a ball ever happens, she will have to wear a dress, and work as a good maid in there. Well, the only good thing, is that it doesn’t happen all the time. She couldn’t help but to chuckle at how he speak about being a man was more easy because of the clothes. That’s why she prefers this clothes, its more comfortable, and easily to move around. Sometimes she runs around the castle, from the edge to the other, because of work, so its more easy run like this.
She allowed him to tap his mug against hers, this was getting more friendly than before, so she was feeling more easy around him, of course, his next words, kind of shook her a bit. A lad that took her fancy? There’s no such thing, well, she already got “harassed” by stupid ones, that just start sexist jokes, and the only thing they really want from her, is just tease, nothing more.
“No, not at all. There isn’t anybody.”
She said with a forced smile. It wasn’t like she was totally emotionless about that subject, of course it bothered her that no man looked at her, and respected her, everytime they looked at her was more in a sexist way or joking one, there wasn’t anybody that really respected her, but the King.
“Most think I should be wearing a dress, and clean the castle, so. Its normal whenever they see me around, its never the best glare they give.”
She kept her forced smile, then just shrugged, while taking a sip of her drink. She was used on ignoring such things.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 27, 2013 07:34AM
Training Grounds

“Then clearly they are fools. For to not see the beauty in a woman, and just expect her to be a sheep, wear a dress and clean…that is demeaning. I have seen how you are outside of the walls of this castle. You have a free spirit, and shouldn’t be pigeon holed like some scullery maid. I really should make a decree, that women are free to wear pants as they chose. Heh, that would set the cat amongest the stiff and rigid of the Court.” He was cheeky in his delivery of this idea, but he did so love upsetting the old spinsters that tried to get their ideas approved all the damn time. “A modern woman should be comfortable, and I think pants are better looking on women. They certainly have the legs for it.” He was in good humor and handed over his empty tankard to a young maid, before rising to his feet. “Will you walk with me, back to the castle, perhaps we can cop a squat on the way back? Rest under a large oak, and I can read you some of my poetry.”


The King held out his hand to help her up, and hoped she would oblige him. For in his pocket, he kept a small brown leather bound book, where he made notes of poetry, some lyrics and thoughts.


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October 27, 2013 08:11AM
Training Grounds

Lady Katherine appreciated the way the King had with his words, he had his own opinion about women, which was completely different from most men out there in this kingdom, that surprised her and a lot, its not like she says men are all the same, but they think a like, yet, she always thought good about the King, so its normal if she always hoped he was the best example of a real man out there. Whenever he said he really thought he should make a decree, she chuckled, would even the superiors agreed with that? There’s things that not even the King can change, which is this people’s mind, we can change lots of things, but now change a way of thinking of somebody, that’s almost impossible, because there’s people with an extremely closed mind.
She finished drink, and gave her empty mug to some maid that was no leaving them alone again. It was on that moment, the King stood up, she only looked up at him, wondering what was in his mind. He wanted her to walk with her, back to the castle, and perhaps they could cop a squat on the way back. Res under a large oak, and he could read her some of his poetry. Oh that would just be lovely, she always enjoyed poetry, and if it was from the King, then she would totally love it.
She replayed him with a smile. Looking at his hand, she decided to stretch out her hand as well, and slowly wrap her fingers around his, so she could pull herself up and stand up straight. Once that was done, she just removed her fingers from his, even if she didn’t wanted to, she had to. Katherine thanked to those who had served her a wonderful meal, and then just followed her King to wherever he wanted to go.

Re: [RP] The Justice Kingdom
October 27, 2013 08:25AM
Forest walk

When one’s stomach is full, and they had enjoyed their ale, the walk back was fairly slow going, and enjoyable. The King walked with his hands behind his back, strolling along at a leisurely pace, looking back to see that Lady Katherine was not too far behind him. He at one point stopped, and waited for her to catch him up and walk along beside him. “Not far now, I know a favourite tree just up further.” He pointed to a very old oak that had soft green grass all around it, perfect for sitting under.

Reaching the spot, the King took off his jacket, and placed it upon the ground for Lady Katherine to sit upon, and then he sat down with his back supported by the great tree. The brown leather bound book had fallen out of a side pocket, and he unclasped it, and set it on his knee. This was then, he did something very bold, he brought the Lady Katherine to lay against him, so her head would rest on his chest, and he went to pick up the book, and open it at the right page. He coughed nervously, then started to read.

Without hesitation
Faces draw near
Eyes make contact
Do away with fear
Reaching out
Electric like sparks
First contact made
Caress of cool skin
Back of hand to cheek
Lover’s smile wide; a grin
Warms generous heart
Much Closer now
Our Arms embrace
Breathe so sweet
Lips to taste divine
Closing bedroom eyes
A kiss that unifies
Awaken from dream
Inner desire alive
Holding so close
Down on the floor
Surrounded by balloons


The King slowly closed the book, and then let out a yawn, and you could feel him relax, as the time of day to nap was upon him. He said softly to Lady Katherine… “Let us rest here…with our eyes closed and catch forty winks.” He drifted off against her, the book sliding off his lap.