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Re: {RP} Dangerfield Estate
October 28, 2013 09:07PM
(Please play the music clip as you read. LOL)


While Bart and Isabella were doing the tango to one very exciting new song. (lol) Virgo was puzzled as to why Elvira was so distressed. Damion had even come up and tried to find out why she looked so bothered, but she answered both in a small voice, that she wanted to go home…and now.

“Nothing. I just want to go home, please. You stay, enjoy yourself. I’m sure your father will send the car back for you when you’re ready. Keep an eye on your sister, make sure she stays out of trouble.”

At this point, Bart sailed past with a rose in his teeth and was wiggling his eyebrows at Isabella, the crowd around them all laughing and clapping at this new dance craze.

Virgo of course, wanted only to protect his beautiful wife and figured it was the hormones raging…or something like that.

“Come my Love….let me take you out to the car.” he then nodded to his son and added. “Make sure you get your sister home at a reasonable hour and safely. There’s a good lad.”

He then escorted Elvira towards the door….as Bart yelled out…“OLE!”


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October 29, 2013 02:05AM

“Thank you…that was quite charming. Wherever did you learn to do something like that?”


Rupert showed a tender smile, pleased that she was so taken with the simple gift of a rose. He quirked a brow slightly when she asked how he learnt to do something like that. Madeline grabbed a glass of champagne as one of the busboys went past and quickly downed it, fearing that Rupert would actually tell the truth of how he knew how to pull a rose from thin air.

“Truth be told our father taught me how. You should see what Madeline can do.” Rupert said with a light chuckle, while Madeline’s eyes widened and her cheeks went scarlet.

“She doesn’t need to know about what I can do. Ruppy, you are despicable. I am going off to …fan myself and get some air.” Maddy turned on her heel and nearly knocked over a busboy who was carrying a full tray of champagne glasses when her hands rocketed out and the entire room stopped. The only ones that didn’t stop moving were Rupert and Genny. Seeing what she had done, Maddy turned back on her brother and placed her hands on her hips.

“Look what you made me do!” It was quite comical, cause the tray was only half tipped, and Rupert stepped over and took the tray from the young man carefully and set it down, so it wouldn’t be smashed when the magic wore off. Finding all the people in some comical poses, he couldn’t help but chuckle as he tried to apologize. “Maddy…they will all be fine, and no one will be none the wiser.” Well, Genny would know. Madeline gasped and then gripped Genny’s hands. “I beg you, please don’t tell anyone. It would be awfully hard to explain…I mean…you know how American’s are about witchcraft.” Her eyes implored her, while Rupert also was curious if the young lady would drop them in it with the reporters. This was rather scandalous.



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October 29, 2013 11:28AM

Looking over at Elvira, Isabella smiled at her, though she could practically cut the tension with a knife. Before she could say anything, though, she was pulled to Bart, and towards the dance floor. The brunette shot a glance towards Elvira and Virgo, a frown turning the corners of her lips downwards. With a soft sigh, she looked up at Bart just as they began to dance. She could tell that his mask had fallen back into place once more – and also that he would not be having much fun tonight. Plastering a smile on her lips, Isabella danced with Bart to each new song, their bodies moving perfectly together.

Without missing a beat, Isabella dipped herself back, smiling at the flashing cameras and cheering crowd. She straightened up in the next second, her body pressed flush against Bart’s as they continued to tango. Looking up at him, she tried to smile for him, and for the cameras, but it wasn’t the same as before. It was less genuine, and more worried. Leaning up as they danced, Isabella murmured her words softly in his ear. “Bart, we don’t have to stay here, you know. We can go home, and you can relax.” She pulled back, her eyes meeting his gaze.


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October 29, 2013 06:34PM

Genevieve looked between Madeleine and Rupert curiously, finding it humorous that one sibling was open about his abilities while the other seemed terrified. She didn’t really know what to say as she wasn’t exactly modest about her own abilities. Then again, angels and saints were more accepted than witchcraft was at this point in history.

Curious to see what Madeleine could do, she just raised an eyebrow and smiled at her“Whatever do you have to be nervous about? You seem like a lovely woman, I can only imagine your ability is just as divine.” But Madeleine was not having any of it. Walking away in distress, she knocked over a waiter…but time had stopped.

Genny looked at Rupert in amazement, her heart seeming to still with the rest of the world. So it was true. They really were magical. Looking between Rupert and Madeleine, she was at a loss for words. This was truly remarkable. Rupert was laughing the situation off, but to Genny, this was quite serious.

Apparently Madeleine did as well for she came rushing over to grip her hands in hers. Smiling weakly, she only nodded once“You have my word..” But the angel was afraid. She was already being hunted by a demon, did she really want to be involved with witchcraft? However, looking into the woman’s eyes, Genny knew she could never betray them. Grasping her hands gently, she leaned closer and spoke firmly “I will speak of this to no one.”


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He started to brighten, and then he remembered something rather important, and tweaked his love’s cheek playfully.


“Remember on the cruise over, I said I was going to get you something very special in New York?” He had been talking about her engagement ring, and of course one of the best places to buy one was in New York. Taking her hand he led her from the dance floor and off into one of the small rooms, that led off the dance floor. Like a small office, I guess you could say. In the dim light, for there was only small wall lights on, Bart gestured for Isabella to sit in a velvet plush chair, as he took out a small black box from his pocket, and then bent down before her on one knee. His face glowed as he was building up the courage, to see this through. He felt tonight was the night to make her dreams and his a reality.

“My Bella. You came into my life, when I was truly at my lowest. I thought I had lost everything, and yet…I gained everything the moment you walked into that door. Your beauty, elegance, and especially your laughter, captivated me. You taught me to love again. I never thought I would.”


Opening the black velvet box, there was the largest diamond engagement ring you had ever seen. Sitting on a gold band, it was beyond magnificent and worth a King’s ransom. Taking her hand, he removed the ring from its box, and slided the ring onto her finger saying;

“Forever more, I will adore, and keep my Bella close. You are my stars and moon, my morning sun and the air I breathe. Be my wife….and marry me.”


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October 30, 2013 02:42PM

Once she realized that Bart wasn’t going to leave here anytime soon, nor talk to her about it, Isabella pursed her lips, blowing out a soft sigh. Though soon, she was smiling again. Fine, if Bart didn’t want to talk about it, she wouldn’t force him. And she would be sure to be happy with him. Her brows lifted slightly at his words, the tweak on her cheek making her grin. “Yes, I remember…” She watched him curiously, allowing him to pull her towards the small private room. Though she could guess what he was talking about… she figured that she could just let him show her.

Inside the room, she sat down on the chair, watching as Bart got down on one knee. Although they’d talked about getting married often, she hadn’t known he would propose to her tonight. Lifting her right hand, she covered her mouth as she smiled sweetly at his words. Their relationship had started out of chance… and now it had grown into something that was so much more than that. When he pulled out the box, and then opened it, she couldn’t help as her eyes widened. A soft gasp escaped her lips, and she held out her hand for him to slide it onto her finger. With shining eyes, she looked at Bart and then threw her arms around his neck, smiling. “Oh, yes. Of course I’ll marry you, my love. Yes, yes, yes, one thousand times over.” Tilting her head back, she smiled happily at Bart before leaning up to kiss him.


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November 03, 2013 01:40AM
Not wanting to spoil their happy moment, Bart decided it was time to fess up about what had happened earlier. When Isabella calmed down from the excitement of the ring and the proposal, Bart stayed knelt and then started to explain, what had happened.

“My love, I do need to get something off my chest. You have known me, well since my father died, and you were there, through my darkest days. The good and the bad we shared. But unfortunately, my Sister Elvira seems to think I hate her. Now, truth is, I don’t, far from it. All I know is that she went to live her new life at a time, when….I really needed her. Years have gone under the bridge since that time. She won’t let go of the fact I didn’t write back..and that I didn’t see her children or…do the family things, that I guess are expected of us.”

Bart paused, and then looked away for a second. He felt awful about burdening her with the truth, but he felt he needed to be upfront and honest with her.

“I know…I can be the clown and I can put on a performance for the reporters, the papers….the public, but you know me, and half the time, I’m not all that. So…Elvira had a cow at me earlier for the reasons I stated. She got all defensive, and chewed me out, that I didn’t love her. It’s like…every time we see each other its a fight. I really don’t know what else to say.”


Bart finally went silent, wondering if he said too much.

“All I know is…I love you, and I don’t want to hide the truth from you anymore.”


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November 03, 2013 07:38AM
Feeling Genny take her hand and swear to tell no one of the family secret, Madeline finally breathed a sigh of relief. It was a breath of fresh air, to not be afraid of being exploited or worse for what they truly were, and Madeline was always the one that feared that if the news got out, it could spell the end of Dangerfield industries.

“You have no idea what this means for my Brother and I. I mean that.” Madeline beamed, now getting over her fears, as the room returned to normal, like nothing happened, except for the drink waiter, who wondered what had happened to his tray.
Rupert offered his arm to Genny and said. “Care for a dance?” His eyes so kind and a smile that was endearing, he wished to lead her out onto the dance floor, since Madeline approved of the girl. If she accepted, he would lead her on a wonderful few dances, and leave her feeling like they were dancing on clouds.


The band struck up a new song, as the roof had a trigger release thousands of balloons onto the crowd, while outside the fireworks were going off, lighting up the night sky, with its dazzling brilliance. It certainly would be a night to remember, for a very long time. As they danced, Rupert asked.

“I would very much like to see you again, if you would allow me the chance.”


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November 04, 2013 09:42AM

Genevieve could only look at Madeleine with a kind smile. To see the woman look so grateful and happy warmed her own heart. It had been so long since she felt like she had a friend, or even able to help another woman. As Madeleine walked away, her brother soon turned to look at her with a smile that disarmed Genny. Turning her body to face him completely, the angel offered her own quiet smile and nodded once “I would love to.”

So she was swept away into a dance, and it was a dance that had almost left her breathless. Genny had no idea just who it was she was dancing with or what he was even capable of…but she liked him. Despite herself, she liked him. That just wouldn’t do. Genevieve prided herself on being Johnathon’s daughter that was capable of separating herself from girlish fantasies. She was practical and logical, unlike her brother who just threw himself into the fallacies of love. Genny did not want that for herself.
And yet, as they danced, she found her eyes closing in bliss as she enjoyed the music that swirled around them. She was actually having fun, and she didn’t want it to be short-lived. It had truly been years since she danced with a man, and Rupert was proving to be a worthy partner. As she was giving in to just enjoying life, she heard Rupert ask to see her again.

That seemed to have woken her up, and Genny’s eyes flew open. Still dancing with Rupert, she could only stare at him speechless. This night was turning into a night she would always remember…but she never imagined she would see this man again. Genny felt like she was looking at someone who was more than a man, and it frightened her as much as Vinny did. Shaking her head with a sad smile, she murmured “I don’t believe that is a good idea.” As always, she was a woman of few words and left it at that.

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November 04, 2013 08:54PM
Dominique was becoming bored. The ball had been going for so long and she was getting tired. She had danced with nearly every young man in attendance and no one caught her eye. She wanted to go home.

She began to wander around, searching for her brother and, surprisingly, found him still sitting at the bar, talking with the young man she had seen earlier.

She made her way to his side and stepped up behind them.

“Damion, I’m tired. I’m ready to go home.” she announced. Damion looked at her, clearly annoyed with the interruption.

“Mum and Dad said they would send the car back for us when we were ready. He’s probably out front waiting right now.”

“You aren’t coming?” Dominique was surprised.

“No. Sam and I were having a nice conversation and I’d hate to leave in the middle of it.” He indicated his companion with a nod of his head. Dominique looked at Sam, not seeing what her brother found fascinating about the man. He was kind of ordinary looking in her eyes.

“All right. Will I see you at breakfast?”

“Depends on what time I get home. I may sleep in if it’s later than 3.”

Sighing, Dominique leaned in and kissed her brother’s cheek.

“Have a pleasant night, then.” Dominique intoned, turning to walk away.

“Good night, sis!” Damion called. Dominique looked at him with a smile before continuing on her way.

Damion turned to look at Sam once more.

“Another drink?” he wondered. “My treat this time.”