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[RP] Haven Castle
August 24, 2013 02:29PM

The home of the royal family of Casterly, and the capital of the Vaas plains. Please state where you are.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
August 24, 2013 08:21PM
Royal Resting Room


Over the large couch that would be placed on the Resting Room, there was the Queen Metia sitting down on it, and having her back leaning against it. But she wasn’t alone, over her, there was her little daughter, Clarice. The girl was sleeping along with Metia. The both of them looked peacefully and angelic while sleeping, when they could be the opposite whenever they were awake, especially the princess. Clarice was seven years old, but she was very intelligent for her age, and it reaches times, its like you’re dealing with an adult. Unlike her mother, Clarice has a brown long straight hair, but her eyes, were the same color as Metia, a color that could change with the light, times it could look green, or brown. She was wearing some simple red dress, because she wanted that color. Her skin is pale as snow, sometimes it looks like she’s ill. Metia was wearing some white dress, with her jewelry and shoes matching, she wasn’t wearing her crown, because she didn’t wanted to wear it all the time when she was taking care of Clarice.
About the princess personality, its different. She can be an angel like her father, but her wings are black, they never had a white color, its like she has some kind of evil inside her. Metia thinks it is probably a part of her wickedness inside her daughter, but Metia changed with the time, of course she still has her issues here and there, but she started love Henry, with pure meaning and passion, and Clarice was basically the one able to save their marriage. But the time passed, and they noticed the changes in the child, she’s mean, evil, likes to hurt the others, or bring them down with her words. She tends to do pranks to the other maids and servants, or just insults them randomly and quickly, before leave. She’s a troublesome daughter, and sometimes Metia gets mad because her daughter wont behave. She always wanted her children to be evil like her, but time changed her, and now she wants her daughter to behave at least when her father is around.
Clarice would soon wake up, and stare around with her big eyes, she noticed her mother was still asleep, and slowly removed her mother’s arms from her small body, as she could finally stand up. Since her mother was asleep, Clarice was out of her sight. So the little girl, went do what she done best, pranks and hurt the others. She left the resting room, and walked through the hallways, when she finally reached a maids room, she looked around, making sure nobody was watching her, and finally stepped inside the room. Nobody was in there, so it was her chance, she went to the maids closet, and picked up her clothes, picking the ones they probably liked the most, inside the pocket of her red dress, there was a bottle of red ink, and she used that, to ruin the maids clothing. She was having fun, it looked like a little girl drawing, but Clarice clearly had bad intentions.

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August 25, 2013 02:37AM
The Dungeons – Calypso’s Cell

The light that was afforded her now permanent living quarters slanted across her eyes, but she didn’t turn away. The bright irises weren’t focused on anything specifically, just the wall. She sat the same she did every day, facing away from the bars at an angle. Her hair had been cropped to her chin when she had first been imprisoned, and it almost reached her collar bone now. She’d been permitted a white dress, but it was practically nothing more than a giant rag. None of her situation bothered her; in fact, she didn’t appear to even be aware she was in any kind of situation.

There was only one other prisoner, and he was always staring at her as she stared at the wall. Neither said anything, and really only the man seemed truly alive. Calypso seemed hollow, distant, lifeless. Her wings hadn’t been expanded in months, yet feathers littered the flooring and her cot, if you could call it that. The image was rather depressing.

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August 25, 2013 04:01AM
The Throne Room


The years of the War proved to be the end of an era for many of the Kings that ruled the realms. Some lived, some died, and others would be changed, forever. The once young clean shaven King, now had shoulder length golden hair, a goatee and mustache, and he had a new name. He was known as the “Lion”. When the wars came, he was right there, with his fellow knights, not one to stay back behind and let the Generals lead the forces into the battlefield. King Henry flew, and proudly, the crest of the Casterly upon his chest, his Angel sword held aloft. He called for the war, and he wanted to see Casterly rise high above all others.

Diplomacy however would find its way into the throne rooms of many of the major players, and to save complete collapse of Houses, that fell to the sword, a truce was put in place. This was only agreed to by Henry, after many hours of negotiation. He still believed he was right to call for the war, but in a show of good faith, he ended up signing upon the truce parchments.

That was seven years ago. They say that time heals all wounds, even those to the heart. King Henry had spent a long time, dwelling on the fact he believed his wife had deceived him, in not being who she claimed to be, or even if she loved him at all. After all he had done for her, and how he put her on a pedestal showering her in his affection and adoration, she more or less tossed back in his face. Over time, that anger and disdain seeped away, replaced by a different feeling. Oh yes, she had to prove herself to him, and in doing so, she gave birth to their daughter; Clarice. The King had thought that the child would strengthen their marriage, and in essence it did. King Henry was able to see that Metia did in fact love him, probably even more so now. He was not one to shower her in sonnets or poetry, but he treated her as she needed to be.

Clarice was nothing like her siblings; Derek and Selene. Both white angels, and both had the matching personas of what was expected angels. Clarice had black wings and a spirit that one could say was tainted. King Henry’s relationship with Clarice was somewhat strained, and he easily palmed her off to Nanny’s and her mother, than deal with her precocious behavior..

King Henry was seated at his throne, whilst around him were the court, the ladies and lords in waiting, as the Bishop is reading the latest reports that were coming in from around the Vaas Plains, of the faithful and how the church is seeing that the charity is reaching those in need, effected by a plague that had hit a small village. The King showed little emotion, as beside him a Lady in Waiting, dressed formally, handed him a list of the towns people affected.

“Sire…one hundred and twenty so far. Aid is being sent as we speak, along with medicines.”

“Very good, Lady Tanner. Please be seated.”

Lady Tanner dropped a curtsy and gripped the edge of her skirts, gliding along the floor to her seat off to the right. The King’s eyes followed her till settling back on the Bishop, who nodded in acknowledgement of the Lady Tanner’s report. The King then raised his hand and asked the Bishop. “What of that woman that was cast into our dungeons….Calypso, I think her name was.’ The Bishop motioned for the jailer to come forward, and a weazley like fellow came up, taking off his hat and bowing before the King.

“Speak jailer.” The King asked, looking down from the golden throne.

“She lives…barely. Does not speak, hardly moves. Just stares. Probably better if she was executed, Sire.”

“Enough…that will be all.”

The jailer bowed and fell back in line with the other members of the court, while the King drummed his fingers on the arm rest of his throne. He inhaled sharply, which had many hold their breath for his word.

“You are all excused. Leave.”

The court all bowed, and then left in two lines as the headed out of the throne room, leaving the King to his thoughts. Slowly he rose from this golden throne, his long robe flowing down on the ground behind him, as he took a walk to one of the open balcony windows of the Throne room, staring out at the wide lands that were under his protection. He clasped his hands together behind his back, and stared off silently.


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August 25, 2013 06:32AM
Metia would soon wake up, since she didn’t felt the warmth of her daughter’s skin on her anymore. How long has she been sleeping anyway, and why wasn’t Clarice her? Metia always had trouble with sleeping when it comes to Clarice, especially when she was a baby, she spent the whole time crying, and Metia to control her anger, she always went to an empty room and allowed herself cry out, it was super frustrating for her, because she just wanted a decent night of sleep, but the baby needs to be feed three in three hours, and it always took her almost two hours to make Clarice go back to sleep, so she actually never had enough time for sleep. Of course later on, when she couldn’t breastfeed the child anymore, she had Henry’s help, but the time passed, Clarice grew older, and she changed, making Henry stay distant from her, their bond was never perfect, it was strained, and if Clarice didn’t behaved around him, he would quickly make the maids take care of Clarice or Metia. It bothered her that they didn’t had a daughter and father’s bond, they always say dad is always the first daughter’s love, but that’s not for Clarice.
“Where is she now.”
Metia mumbled, as she rubbed her face softly, to not ruin her makeup. Pushing herself up from the couch, Metia picked up the edges of her dress, and hurried up to leave the resting room, she needed to find Clarice before she done one of her pranks. Metia always needs to have Clarice on her sight, or else she will do something, if its not Metia, it should be one of the maids, but Clarice is smart enough to fool anyone.
Metia walked through the hallways, her eyes staring at everything, trying her best to find Clarice, she passed by some room, and the door was slightly open, she perked up an eyebrow, and took a look inside, whenever she saw Clarice ruining the other maids clothing with some red ink, Metia gasped.
Metia called out for her, which made the little girl jump slightly and drop more of the red ink over the dresses. This girl needed stop with that stupid behavior of hers. Metia walked up to the girl, and pulled her away from the clothes, making her let go off the bottle of ink, without getting her own hands dirty.
“You need stop acting like that. You can’t ruin peoples clothes, that’s mean. A princess shall behave like one. Your father won’t be happy whenever he finds out about this.”
Metia always tried her best to keep her voice low, when she scolded Clarice. She didn’t wanted to sound like a evil mother, she was trying her best, so whenever she scolded it was with a low yet firm tone.
Clarice, stood on her feet, and looked up at her mother, as she slid her left hand into the pocket of her dress, so she could hide the ink over her fingers. She heard her mothers words, something usual that happen almost everyday, till she mentioned the word father.
“What you talking about? He doesn’t like me, so he won’t care.”
Clarice spoke with her little girls voice. Even if she was little, she knew very well her father’s thought about her. She wasn’t like the others, she had black wings, she was different, she didn’t had the angelic personality as everyone wanted her to. So it was more easy judge her then help her. She doesn’t like the fact her father rather be distant than deal with her, but with the time, she is trying to ignore it, and bother more the other maids and her mother.
Metia stared at the little girl, with an expression, that would basically say “I feel you”. Henry has changed, but Metia doesn’t blame him, because its basically her fault. Pushing those thoughts away, she slid her hands under the little girls arm, and lifted her up from the ground. Now holding her on her arms, Clarice wrapped her legs around her mother’s waist, and her arms around her neck, as she remained on her side, so she could see where was they going.
“Don’t say that again, that’s not true. Your father loves you, he’s just..busy. He’s the King, he has lots of work to do.”
Metia explained to her daughter, as she left the room, and walked through the hallways. She told a maid what had happen, they clearly knew Clarice would end up doing one of her pranks again, but Metia told them, she would give them money to buy another clothes.

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August 25, 2013 06:38AM
Derek urged the Bay palfrey on, the horse wined but did as commanded. The thudding of hoofs on dirt was calming for Derek, it reminded him of a song or some sort of music that couldn’t be named. The young prince had left early that morning for a hunt, his party rode behind him, young squires and old lord, Fine ladies clad in warm fur. Laughter bubbled every few minutes and Derek would have loved nothing more than to turn and join in with the banter…but he wanted to get home. His father was supposed to go on the hunt…not Derek, these were his friends not Dereks. As the castle came into view Derek slowed the Bay down but did not fully stop. He headed up the path toward the stables, the cobble stones clicking under the hoofs of his horse. As he appeared through the great stone archway the young stable boy lurched to his feet and bowed swiftly. Derek tugged the reins of his horse, who promptly stopped with a wicker and a snort. Derek swung his leg over the horses rear and jumped to the ground. The boy came rushing and Derek handed the reins over with a grateful smile.
Haven Castle was a great white stone keep, veins of black stone ran up the sides and from far away it looked as if glowed in the sun. Up close however, Derek could see the cracks and the crumbling stone and he frowned, the keep would hold however…it had survived Dragon attacks and armies with great swords and trebuchets in the past. Derek headed inside, the guards opened the door for him as he tugged the leather riding gloves of his hands. His Squire Arthur came running. The boy was 13 years old, with blonde curls and a comely face…until he opened his mouth. The gods had seen fit to bless the boy with gaped buck teeth, yet he had every milk maid and chamber girl swooning from Firemarsh to Stormhill. “Where is my Father?” he asked Arthur, tugging of his fur cloak and handing it to the boy “The Throne Room your Grace” he answered, wrestling with the heavy fur. Derek nodded and gave him a pat on the shoulder before gripping the handle of his sword ‘DawnBreaker’ at his hip and darting up the 3 steps to the doors of the throne room. However, he spied his mother and sister before hand. Smiling Derek abandoned his quest with his father, which he was sure would end in an argument anyway. “Well well, what do we have here.” Derek strode forward and gave his mother a peck on the cheek before ruffling his sisters hair “Who have you been terrorizing now little one?” he asked with a grin.

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August 25, 2013 07:18AM
The Throne room

As the King stood silently by the balcony, gazing off into the mountains, his face matching that of his mood, which was dark, Lady Tanner emerged from behind a pillar. The soft sound of her slippers could be heard across the expansive hall, and the King pricked his ears to the sound.

“I thought I told everyone to leave….Lady Tanner.”


Lady Tanner stopped in her place, and then held her hands in front of her, fingers intertwined. She regarded the King thoughtfully, and said softly. “Aye you did, Sire. However, you don’t always send me away. What ails you, M’lord?” Lady Tanner crossed the floor, and stood alongside the King, gazing up at him, as he kept his face straight ahead. The gold of his crown glistened, its prized jewels sparkling. He looked and held himself as a King should. Regal, defined. The crisp air teased at his long golden locks. The King turned his head slightly, watching Lady Tanner out of the corner of his eye.

“You dare to defy me, Lady Tanner?”

“On the contrary, I wish to serve you…as I always have.”

“Then if you serve, you would have left with the rest of the court.”

“Forgive me for saying this, M’lord, but I have known you for years, and this current state you are in. It breaks my heart.” At this point, she actually made a bold move and placed her hand upon his arm. This caused his lips to twitch, and he reached for her hand, to take it from her, when she moved her other hand to cover his. Lady Tanner moved closer to the King, and you could see him pull his head back, unsure of her intent.

“Why do you shut everyone out….Henry?” She had gone as far to use his real name, and this was even a step too bold for the likes of the King. “Mary…you know better than to speak my birth name. People have been sent to the dungeons for less.” He moved her hands off his arm, in a motion that was not heavy handed, but showed he did not appreciate being touched. “Don’t ever do that again.” The King said, with a deeper tone, as Lady Tanner shook her head. “I won’t give up on you. Not like the rest of your family. Please….let me in. Talk to me. You were once able to do that. What happened to you?” At this point she reached for his cheek, and he seized her wrist, in a grip that was like iron.

“Do…NOT…touch me again.” This time, he released her with a flick of his wrist, and turned away from her.

“I asked before NOW, I am commanding you. LEAVE…” The King’s voice was raised and Lady Tanner knew she had pushed too far.

“Forgive me, M’lord. I shall honor your request.” A quick bob and she hurried from the Throne Room, leaving the King again to dwell on his thoughts.


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August 25, 2013 09:19AM

Metia had her left arm under Clarice, so it could be as a support for her to be able to sit down, while her other arm would be wrapped around her small body, as she kissed the little girl’s cheek. Yes, the little princess gave Metia tons of work, but that didn’t meant she wouldn’t love her own children. Selene was never as evil as Metia wanted, but she still loved her daughter with all of her heart. Of course now, they have been distant, since she mostly spends her time with her husband, Joffrey, another thing that Metia wasn’t still pleased about it. But its her princess role, so Metia is trying her best to not interfere.
As they walked, Metia’s oldest son, showed up, Derek was finally back from the hunt, it was usually Henry’s work, but they all know they shall not go against his word now. She felt a kiss upon her own cheek, which made her smile a little, as she allowed him to mess around with his sister.
Clarice was playing with the inside of her cheek, by biting it, as she looked up at her brother. Not much amusement in her expression.
“You’re the next one.”
Clarice mumbled, before look down at her mothers hands. Her comment was towards Derek’s question about her terrorizing people around. Of course, Clarice had already done something to her brother, mostly hide his stuff, but nothing more than that. Her goals was mostly annoy her mother by causing troubles to the maids, and letting her father getting annoyed as well, by having this behavior, she knows it pisses him off.
“Oh god, stop that, Clarice.”
Metia told her, as she looked down at the little girl, and passed a hand over her hair, fixing it.
“Anyway, she’s being a little devil like always. How was your hunting?””
Metia asked, looking back up at her son, waiting for some replay from him. While she was waiting, she noticed Lady Tanner leaving the throne room, she never enjoyed that woman, she was one of the ladies more closer to Henry, and knew him for awhile, then she was young and beautiful, another reason why Metia hates her.

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August 25, 2013 05:22PM
The King made a low growl sound under his breath, watching out from the corner of his eye, as Lady Tenner more or less fled the room. What was she even thinking to so much as touch the King? Had he not been direct in his orders, and yet she openly defied his decree. Women. He thought to himself. Once he was a foolish King, who believed in the beauty and honor of women in his court. That was a lifetime ago in his eyes. If one was to make an observation of the household, it was as if Henry and Metia had changed places. The light that used to shine so brightly from Henry’s heart had diminished to the point it was a miracle that his wings were even white. Sadly, he did not find the love and comfort he sought from the birth of their daughter Clarice. Ideally, the child was to bring them together, and in a sense she did, but the child just could not be tamed. Was this his fault? That he was not the joyous and doting father to her, like their son’n’law Joffrey and his spoilt brat; Tempest, his grand daughter. Out of earshot, the voices of Clarice and Metia could be heard. The part that had him curl up his nose, was when he heard Metia say;

“Oh god, stop that, Clarice.”

So the child was already up to no good, and her Mother unable to control her. A low grunt and he spun on his heel, with his majestic robes trailing in his wake, as he made his exit from the ballroom, only to see Derek had returned from the hunt, and standing addressing Metia and a cheeky looking Clarice. Clarice was being held on her mother’s hip, and the way she nuzzled into her, you could see that the child wanted attention, and yet at the same time was scheming something. The wheels in the King’s mind were turning over, and you had to wonder what exactly he had thought. It was then, it dawned on him. If the child could not be tamed by her Mother, then the girl should be sent to a place where she would learn the harsh realities of royal life.


“Metia….a word with you, when you are free.” He then nodded to his son, Derek and offered what looked to be a smile…of sorts. “Always good to have you home, Derek. I take it the hunt went well.” The King then waited for Metia to speak.


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August 25, 2013 06:13PM

Metia while waiting for some answer from her son, she heard a familiar tough voice. It was from her husband, that slightly sent a shiver through her spine. She tilted her head to the side, and heard him talking about wanting a word with her, whenever she was free. This meant, the conversation was private. Well, then. Derek could take care of Clarice, he at least wouldn’t allow her to do some prank, well, Metia hoped.
“Ah-hum. Sure”
Metia replayed with a soft voice, before look back at her daughter. She unwrapped her legs from her waist, and slowly bent down, so she could place the little girl carefully on the ground. With this done, she fixed Clarice’s red dress, and planted a kiss upon her forehead. Metia always thought giving the girl a bit more love would make her change, since she could see that was something missing in the princess life, she thought maybe giving a bit more of love, letting her known she’s loved, her behavior will get better. But sometimes, mother’s love isn’t enough.
She started walking, and when she was besides Derek, she mumbled into his ear, to take care of Clarice on her absent. With this done, Metia just keep on walking, gracefully and confident. She went inside the throne room, since that’s where her husband come from, then she just waited for him to get inside as well, and whenever he did, she lanced her own fingers around each other, and placed her both hands in front of her.
“So, what did you needed to talk, my King?”
She asked, curious.

Clarice, snuggled herself into Metia, even if she liked to annoy her mother, she sometimes wanted somebody to give her attention, and that person was always her mother, at least, she was the one giving her 24/7 enough of attention. When she heard a familiar voice, that would belong to her father, she quickly hide her head into Metia’s neck, not really wanting to see him on coming scolding Clarice. But it seemed, she wasn’t the context this time, he just wanted to have some private word with her mother, which made the little princess wonder what was the matter.
When she was placed on the ground, she still didn’t looked at her father, her back was actually facing him. She tilted her head down, and a small sigh escaped from her tiny lips whenever her mother kissed her forehead, letting her walk away. She heard her mumbled, about Derek take care of her, it was always better Derek than the stupid maids, who were boring. Her brother was probably the only one Clarice tends to show some kindness. Sometimes with her mother, but Clarice is always more calm around her brother, if he does what she wants.
The sound of the throne room door closing, would warn Clarice that her parents were now in another room. Clarice stretched out her skinny arm, and wrapped her small fingers around her brother’s large hand. She rose her head, and looked up at him. She loved the way he was so tall, compared to her.
“I want a turtle.”
This was totally random, but it was Clarice’s wishes.
“I want a small tiny turtle, just like me.”
She said with a small smile, as she balanced herself to the right and left. Waiting for her brothers replay. She had now a wish, and it would only leave her mind whenever she had what she wanted. She hoped she could have this, well, she had almost everything she asked for, but we never know what she really wants, its always hidden in her.