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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
September 10, 2013 08:53AM
Road to Haven Castle

As Selene sat in the carriage, tears continued to fall for what she had lost. Her husband, her one true love, banished her from their home. Joffrey didn’t even give her the chance she deserved to explain herself. What would she explain though? She had thought it was her husband who had returned and made love to her. When she awoke, she was pregnant and giving birth. It was a frightening situation and she had to deal with it alone. Then her husband flew into his rage and banished her after hurting the child she knew she already loved. Joffrey had forsaken her and now he and their daughter were against her. As much as Selene grieved for the relationship, her heart also hardened against Joffrey. She felt as though he had only used her to create Tempest, and he snatched the first opportunity to get rid of her. He didn’t even give her the decency of hearing her out. In her heart she knew he would never be forgiven.
Her child could sense his mother’s pain and he reached over to hold her hand. Looking up at him with his big green eyes, he asked softly “Why are you said, Mamma?”

The princess looked down at the child she now called Lucan and smiled softly “I’m just very happy to be home…to see my mother and father.”

At the mention of her father, Lucan tilted his head “Mamma, who is my father?”
The question tore what was left of her heart. She was silent for a moment, wondering what to say. Selene would never tell Lucan about Desmond, not for a long time. And as for Joffrey? He had hurt the baby and clearly wanted nothing to do with either him or her. Looking down at her son, she began to caress his curls “You have no father, my love. You are a gift from the gods themselves and hold a great amount of power and magic. But do not fear, darling, you will have your grandfather and uncle to show you what a true man ought to be like.”

Lucan sighed softly, wishing he did indeed have a true father. However, he could feel his mother’s pain and it saddened him greatly. Snuggling closer to her, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Throne Room

When the carriage lurched to a stop, both Selene and Lucan woke up with a start. As a man helped the princess out of the carriage, she held her son’s hand tightly and looked at the castle that she was born in. So ironic that she had returned here to live, and with a child that wasn’t even the son of the man she had left for. Walking up the steps carefully, she wondered how her mother would receive her. Selene hadn’t written many letters to her parents or brother for fear they had rejected her. And now she had to beg their forgiveness and hoped she would take her and Lucan in.

Lucan tugged on his mother’s hand and whispered “Is Grandmama nice?”

Selene laughed softly and nodded “She is a very lovely woman whom I sure you will love dearly.”

With that, they fell silent as they walked into the castle and down the halls. Finally they were ushered into the throne room after many servants recognized Selene. Though she was recognizable, they all still saw the heavenly runes that were now etched into her skin to show she was now a Saint. When she was inside the throne room, she saw her mother and smiled softly. She was still so beautiful. Stepping towards the throne, she fell to her knees urged Lucan to do the same. Not meeting her mother’s eyes, she spoke “Joffrey has banished me and my son for a scheme I had no part it…not purposely, at least. He has used me for the sake of having a child and has sent me away without hearing my side of events. He cares not for me or my son, and I come asking to return to my home here.”

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September 10, 2013 10:27AM
Throne Room


The Queen was still fighting against the struggle she had to want to strangle that Lady’s neck, that woman pissed her off so much, she was clearly more younger than Metia, she would live longer, and she was an angel, plus she was beautiful, that’s clearly enough reasons to make Metia hate her. Then there’s that major reason, that Lady Tanner never leaves her husband alone. If people knew what Metia always wanted to do to that Lady, they would think she was mental ill or something.
Whenever the Lady left, Metia forced a smile and stared at the door.
“I hope you fall down from the stairs.”
She said, mostly for herself, even tho, the maids and servants that were around, was able to hear her. They was trying their best to not pay attention to Metia and the Lady Tanner, but they was clearly curious on what was going happen. Everybody knew how Lady Tanner always followed Henry, and how Metia hated her, so of course, they wanted to know how would a meeting of the two of them go.
She ordered a maid to go put Henry’s belongings on the right place, so nobody would touch it. Then Metia just walked up to the throne, and sat down on her own chair. She slowly turned her head, and looked at the chair besides her, which belonged to Henry. It was empty, he wasn’t there, he was gone, run away from his family.. She felt her eyes getting watery again, and she had to place her hand against her mouth, trying to hold back a sob, before use her free hand to control her tears.

After awhile, Metia was finally able to calm herself down, but she still remained in the throne, not moving that much, only letting herself have flashbacks about her life before this seven years, everything seemed perfect, everything was perfect, she wont say having Clarice was a mistake, because it wasn’t, she loves her daughter, so much, but she misses Selene, she missed the old Henry. Also, she got a letter from her granddaughter, she got extremely confused with that letter, how could such little kid write so well? But everything got explained when she said she had grownup, how so? Selene has no magic to do such thing, she’s an angel, she was never a witch like her mother. This left Metia very curious, yet ashamed and furious, with Selene and Joffrey. Joffrey because he kicked his own wife out of the castle, and Selene for allow herself fuck up with her life.
She just wrote her granddaughter back, and was already waiting for Selene to show up, which wouldn’t take that long. She brought her son with her, who did this child belong to anyway? If it wasn’t Joffrey’s, who was the man? Why in hell would Selene sleep with another man?
Metia heard her words, and basically facepalmed herself, gently, as she rubbed her temple. She felt like yelling at her daughter, because it has been years since she last saw her, and now she just come because she was alone. Family wasn’t only for that. But she tried her best to remain calm, and not yell, it wasn’t the child’s fault, plus, this is her grandson, after all. God, she’s getting old.
“..I got a letter form your daughter saying you was coming. She also said you got a child with another man, a warlock. It took me awhile to understand how such young child could write, but I noticed that lots of things changed, and you, my dear, you changed your entire life.”
Metia started, as she took a deep breathe, and stared at her daughter, waiting for her to look at her in the eyes, but she didn’t. If this all was new to the boy, well then, Metia feels sorry for him.
“You acted reckless, and foolish. You allowed a man fool you, you got pregnant at young age, and ran away with him. Which could clearly not be the man of your life. You stopped talking with your family, and now you’re only here because you have nowhere else to go. I feel like you’re using me. Family isn’t only for the bad times.”
Of course, Metia was going to scold her daughter, but she never rose her voice, she was just too tired to even raise her voice.
“You’re my daughter, and the boy besides you is my grandson. I’m not gonna reject you, and kick you out of my life forever. You’re allowed to live here, since this was always your home, and I’m not gonna blame the poor boy for the reckless decisions his mother done, so he’s welcome as well.”
On the letter, Tempest asked Metia to not be too harsh, and she wasn’t being too harsh, those who saw her real mad, they would think she was being an angel right now.
Pushing herself up from the throne, Metia stared down at her grandson, before look back at her daughter.
“But first. Stand up, look me in the eye, and tell me that you wasn’t part of this “scheme”. Admit that you failed on your decisions.”
Metia wanted Selene to admit what she done, to make it look more real. Not for make the poor girl to suffer, just for let her know there’s no way back now, she done that, she would have to deal with the consequences. Right now, she wanted to hug her daughter, tightly, and not let her go, but first, she needed someone to shake her back to reality. 

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September 10, 2013 10:58AM
Throne Room

Selene’s shoulders began to shake from the weight of her mother’s words. She could understand why her mother felt used. The princess never kept in touch after fleeing from her family to marry the man who could very well have destroyed her. And now he almost had again. With her heart hardened against Joffrey, she knew things could never be the same with him. He had cast her aside after bringing harm to her son, and it was something she would neither forgive nor forget. Lifting her gaze to meet her mother’s eyes, she stood up slowly and lifted her chin boldly. Selene would not deny the wrongs she had done. She had been foolish and made mistakes. Perhaps it was even a mistake to marry Joffrey in the first place since he seemed to not care about her enough to at least listen to what she had to say. He had Tempest now and that seemed to be enough for him.

With a long exhale, she finally spoke calmly “You are right when you say he must not be the man of my life. He is no man at all, but a monster.” Placing a hand on Lucan’s shoulder, she continued “I believe there was dark magic at work. Tempest had gone missing and my husband was about to make love to me when a witch arrived to take him away so they could look for her. A warlock who I was loved as a dear friend must have impersonated Joffrey and made love to me. I should have known it was not my husband…but perhaps I was too consumed with the desire for another child. Tempest has always despised me and I craved the affection between Joffrey and our daughter.”

Realizing she was speaking words from the heart she had never dared admit to herself, she began to tremble as she fought back sobs. She had to be strong in front of her mother, for that was how she was raised. After noticing that she was looking at the ground again, Selene forced herself to look up at her mother and ran her fingers through her hair with a nervous habit she had since she was a child.
“I will not make any more excuses for myself. I allowed myself to fall prey to dark magic and I slept with a man who was not my husband. Because of it, I became pregnant with a child who should be considered a bastard.”

Lucan’s stood up slowly and hugged his mother around the waist as his face buried into her leg. He did not like being called a bastard, and there was a brief moment when he felt scared for his future. Sensing his fear, Selene placed a hand in his hair and began to caress it reassuringly. When her son seemed to calm down, he spoke softly “I still love you, Mamma…”

The princess smiled at her son’s words and looked down at him “My darling, never think that you are unloved. You are my greatest treasure.” Lucan snuggled into his mother and Selene looked back at her own “I wish for my marriage to Prince Joffrey Brax to be annulled. It was a mistake to ever think he truly loved me and I want to live out my life here with those who always have and always will. I understand you may never forgive me for my wrongdoings, and I will learn to live with that. All I ask is that you accept Lucan into the family and love him unconditionally. Joffrey attacked him in rage and it nearly killed me. My hope for Lucan is that he can use the powers that were bestowed upon him by the warlock for the greater good, and perhaps one day he will be a knight. As for myself, I will spend every waking moment making up to you and father for all the misdoings I have done. Mother, I want nothing more than to please you and father. Please, will you protect my son?”

Selene was pleading, but there was nothing she wouldn’t do for the child she had almost lost. Though Lucan was born from dark magic and evil schemes, he showed signs of the innocence and purity that was once hers. He displayed a great deal of power and magical abilities, and Selene hoped that under Metia’s guiding light that her son could use that power for good.

When Selene finished speaking, Lucan looked up at his grandmother and smiled nervously. She was so pretty that he wasn’t sure what to do. His grandmother seemed unhappy with Selene, but she said he wouldn’t be rejected. Stepping forward, he spoke in a quiet but strong voice “Mamma wants me protected, but I want you to know that I will never let anything happen to her. She protected and loved me, and she speaks highly of you. I wish to protect you too.” Though he appeared so young, it seemed he had inherited his biological father’s wisdom and magical abilities. Who knew when he would stop growing so rapidly?


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September 10, 2013 03:18PM
Throne Room

Metia just waited for her daughter to admit the wrong she done. She needed that, she needed to see how much her decisions could ruin her life, and she was glad she was starting to admit the truth, even if it was hurting her, and being hard for her to face her own mother. Metia wouldn’t censure her, but her daughter needed to be strong, she taught her to be strong and not break down in front of anybody, or people will see that as weakness and one day, they will destroy you.
Metia nodded when her daughter asked her about her and Joffrey’s marriage, of course it was annulled, that’s for sure, and she felt more anger inside her, when she heard that Joffrey tried to hurt this poor boy. It wasn’t the kid’s fault, it wasn’t his fault, that his father was a bastard and decided to ruin an entire family. Even if Metia was angry at her daughter, she wouldn’t hurt her grandson, its not his fault. The poor boy was brought to this world by the wrong way and at the wrong time. Now Metia wondered where would be that warlock, the father of this child. What did Selene do to him? It was obvious she wouldn’t tell her in front of the child, so she remained quiet.
Metia’s eyes watched the motherhood from Selene, while she was showing affection to her son. Why Clarice couldn’t be that calm? The boy seems to love his mother, but she never heard Clarice saying that she loved her, she never heard Clarice saying a nice thing before. Pushing those thoughts away, she noticed her grandson come up to her, and tell her that he wished to protect his grandmother as well. This clearly touched Metia’s heart, and she wouldn’t deny.
“Then welcome home.”
She told her as a smile slowly appeared upon her face, a warming one, but small. She wasn’t really on the best mood to be all cheerful and stuff, but she would if she needed to. Selene wasn’t the only one who lost the love of her life, Henry ran away, and Metia still didn’t knew what to do or what to tell to Selene. Everything changed so much, she had a daughter as well, but not as big as Lucan, Clarice was three years or something more younger, and Metia could clearly see the boy had magic inside him to be able to grow up so fast. And Tempest, was suppose to have Clarice’s age, but Tempest was already a teenager.
Metia walked up to Lucan, and kneel down. She placed her palms over the boy’s shoulders, and planted a kiss upon his forehead.
“You’re safe in this kingdom. This is now your home.”
She knew the boy would need some protection, and Metia would give him that. After this, she pushed herself up, and stepped closer to Selene, staring at her for awhile, before take a deep breathe and wrap her arms around her daughter, hugging her tightly, that’s what she needed somebody to comfort her. That’s what both needed.

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September 10, 2013 06:39PM
The Throne room

A great burst of light, heralded down from the heavens breaching the clouds, as the three Thrones; Orion, Rashna and Henry came down from the Temple of Thrones and floated through the balcony window that the King was always partial to spending time. The King had returned, and with him his older brother and sister had accompanied him. Rashna was more concerned to keep an eye on Henry, so that he did not slide back into his depressed state, while Orion had come…to see what all the fuss was about. The trio wore the robes of their kind, long flowing silk, though Orion was bare chested and had his robe sitting loosely upon his hip bones. His wings were still out and proud, as he turned around to grin at his Brother.

“Nice…very nice.” Impressed by the surrounds and the fittings, he knew he could get comfortable in a place like this. Henry drew his wings in behind him. He did not grin, or show pleasure in his brother’s antics.“Might want to close your wings, before you start knocking things over, Orion.”

Rashna landed daintily, and placed her bag down on a nearby sofa. Her eyes were wide with what she saw before her. Truly different from the temple, she wondered if all the fancy furniture and fittings were necessary. “It’s a bit..gawdy.” Wrinkling up her nose and then sighing.


It was then that the trio caught sight of Selene, her new son and of course Metia. Metia was actually hugging her daughter, but the boy Henry did not recognize. Orion was the first to speak.

“Are we…interrupting a family moment?” he said with a crooked smile. Orion was amused to see Metia like this. He always remembered her as being standoffish, not huggy in the least.


“Orion, mind your tongue.” Rashna said, then looked at Henry so they could be introduced.

Henry stood quietly, unsure of how to approach his family before his brother and sister. He said simply;

“I’m home.”


“And?” Orion asked, as Rashna nudged him in the side.

“May I present, my brother Orion, and sister Rashna….Thrones of God.”


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September 10, 2013 08:40PM
Derek laughed and nodded, he tugged on the reins of his horse, bringing it around and trotting up beside her. His bay was larger than her pony, but he bent down slightly to make sure she was holding on tight enough “You’ve got it right” he said with a smile. As his sister seemed to come to terms with her horse, Derek sat a top his horse as she tried to get her bearings “Hold tight Clarice” he told her, once she had set of. He followed at a snails pace behind her, carefully to keep on her flank encase she fell.”Shall we try to speed up?” he asked with another smile, trotting up beside her.
Derek glanced from his sister to the road that lead to the castle doors. A carriage was pulling up, it bore no crest and was simple in design, pulled by two brown horses. Frowning slightly, Derek fought back the urge to ride after it before it got any closer. However, his mother would certainly flay him alive if he left clarice, so he stayed by her side, trying his best to ignore the unmarked carriage.
He couldn’t afford to let his mind wander around Clarice, his sister would most likely bolt the first chance he got, so he was trying to keep her mind of their father and running away, and on her new pony.

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September 11, 2013 07:46AM
Throne Room

Lucan smiled happily as his grandmother kissed his forehead, his arms wrapping around her to pull her in for a hug. After letting her go, he turned to see Metia standing before his mother. He suddenly feared for his mother, but these fears were soon quelled when his grandmother hugged Selene. Sighing happily, he knew they would be safe.

Selene watched her mother warily, mentally preparing herself for more scoldings when Metia stood before her. She was instead surprised when she was pulled into a hug. Closing her eyes, she wrapped her arms around her mother slowly and returned the embrace. It had been too long since she held her mother, too long since she had been home. After a few moments, she pulled away to smile and laugh with relief. She was home, and her son would be safe.
The happy reunion was interrupted, however, and a familiar voice mixed with the unfamiliar. Turning around, the princess’s eyes fell on her father and a couple of guests. Raising an eyebrow, she tilted her head “You’re home…? But where did you go, Daddy?” Stepping forward, she smiled at her father. She had always been a daddy’s girl when she was younger, and oh how she missed Henry. Selene only wished she had remembered to write both her parents. Seeing his two guests, she dropped into a curtsy and smiled graciously “Forgive me, I am Princess Selene Casterly.” She was careful to leave her Brax name behind as she faced her uncle. He was rather handsome and she soon found herself silent in awe.

Lucan hopped down and rushed over to stand in front of his mother. Bowing low, he then straightened up and leaned against Selene. “I am Sir Lucan Casterly, the queen’s personal knight and guardian!”

He said it with such sincerity that Selene began to laugh at her son’s boldness. Caressing his hair, she placed her free hand on his shoulder and looked down at him tenderly.

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September 11, 2013 08:35AM

Clarice was having her fun by riding the pony around, for her, pony was only a fat useless animal, sometimes she comes to pet them, but then leaves. There was time she splashed ink over a pony, for her own amusement. Then she has her own pets, two dogs, one cat, and a black fish, that her brother called it ugly, but it wasn’t. Those ones, she doesn’t hurt, she sees them as mini animal versions of her.
She followed her brothers instructions, by holding it tightly, and kicked the pony again to make it walk around, it worked like this for awhile, till the pony stopped.
“Whats your problem? Keep moving”
She complained, as she keep on kicking the pony’s side, why wasn’t it moving? On the last hit, she done with all her strength, and that made the pony get mad, and she just fell from it. The height wasn’t that much, so she wouldn’t get seriously injured, only a small wound on her forehead, that would bleed for a minute or something. Whenever she fell, she sat down, and placed her own palm over her wound, while trying to hold back the crying. She wanted to cry, to yell and to kill that pony, but she never liked to cry in front of people. Her brother, Derek, saw this and just ran towards her, making sure she was ok, he asked her if she wanted to go back inside, and she just nodded, while pouting, and keeping her view down, since she didn’t wanted to look him in the eye, even tho a tear was already rolling down.
Derek took her inside, he lead her to her bedroom, so she could change her clothes, and clean the wound. They changed her red dress into a white simple one, she didn’t wanted the white one, but there was no other for her to use. Then the maids just cleaned her wound, even tho her eyes were still red from crying. Whenever the maid was done, Clarice just began to run away from her bedroom, she wanted to find her mother, to tell her mother what happen to her, to make her mother care, even tho Metia cared a lot. Plus, last time she saw her mother, she was going talk with her father, and Clarice feared he told Metia something, that could prejudice Clarice.
Reaching the Throne Room, Clarice noticed the door was slightly open, so she peeked in, trying to see what was going on. She saw her mother, with another young woman, then a little boy, but then there were three other people, they was probably angels. A woman, and two men, one of them, seemed to be her father, but she had never seen her father without that beard and long hair.

Throne Room

Metia smiled a little when her daughter finally hugged her back, comfort was what she needed. After awhile of hugging each other, they broke the hug, and Metia tried to remain a strong figure, it was on that moment she heard some male voice, someone asking them if he was interrupting a family moment. She took a look over Selene’s shoulder, and saw three people, a woman, and two men, one of them was Henry, Metia just gasped, because he looked young and beautiful, like he always should, it has been years since she had seen him like that. Plus, he was back, half of her wanted to rage on him for leave like that, then the other half just wanted to hug him and never let go. She was controlling herself to not have another break down.
Metia listened to Henry introduce the two people who come along with him, it was his siblings, then Selene asked him, where did he go, and that’s when Metia quickly spoke.
“Nowhere. Your father had to take care of some business as a King.”
Selene had already lost the man of her life and her daughter, Metia didn’t wanted her to think she could lose the rest of the family as well. It would be too much pain for the young woman. The Queen rose her left hand, and used her index finger to press against the corner of her eye, while she was fighting back some tears. Never have a break down in front of people.
When Lucan bowed and said he was the queen’s personal knight and guardian, Metia forced a chuckle.
“He’s so cute. Another grandchild. I’m getting too old.”
She said trying to change a bit the tense atmosphere.
She looked around, and when her eyes laid on the door, she saw the dark hair of her daughter, Clarice, she was peeking in. Metia quickly forced a smile, and stretched out her hand, calling out for Clarice.
“Come, dear.”
Clarice didn’t knew if she should go or not, but she just pushed the door with her both hands, and stepped inside. The first person she looked was at her mother, and she directly went towards her. It was on that moment, Metia noticed a small wound on Clarice’s forehead, upon her eyebrow.
“What happen to your head? I told your brother to take care of you.”
Metia exclaimed, as she lowered her body slightly down to touch Clarice’s forehead.
“It was the stupid fat pony.”
Clarice answered, while looking up at her mother.
Metia huffed out when Clarice already started with the insults, even tho it was only for an animal.
“Does it hurt?”
Clarice just shook her head, as a replay.
Metia stared back at the door, and she saw Derek about to step inside, but it seems like whenever he saw his father, he just walked away. This family was unbelievable.
Metia rose her body back up, and stared at the others.
“Well, this is Clarice, the Casteryl youngest princess.”
She thought this would be enough to tell everybody Clarice belonged to the family. Selene had never seen Clarice before, Clarice only saw Selene from the portraits, but seemed to never pay much attention to it.
Clarice, remained quiet besides her mother, and stared up at the others, her eyes slightly red from the crying, and with an expression that didn’t showed much emotion. Her eyes laid on her father, and she noticed how different he was, it was even hard for her to recognize him, and if somebody said that was her father, at first sight, she would say no, or mostly say no to annoy him.
Even tho his appearance changed into a better one, did his personality?

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September 11, 2013 09:10AM
Throne Room

Though all those gathered were in fact family and related, you could feel that the room was filled with tension. Henry only had eyes for Metia, who was doing her utmost to keep herself together. He knew her well enough when she was forcing somethings, and that it would be a good idea if the two of them could be alone to talk things through. When he had left, she wanted to sleep in a separate room, but he really had given her no option, since he had shut her out of his life. Course, when Selene spoke, his attention was stolen and he looked to her fondly as she asked where he had been. The Queen decided to answer on his behalf, and this even caught Rashna’s attention. She had spent time with Henry and knew the truth. Rather than say anything, she kept quiet, though Orion was enjoying the goings on. Looking to Selene, he said simply; “Yes, I was away on business matters.”

Seeing the plucky young prince get in before his mother and announce that he was Sir Lucan Casterly, the queen’s personal knight and guardian had Orion laugh loudly. “They start them young here, hey Henry?” The King was confused, when both Selene and Lucan called themselves Casterly. He was of the opinion they were Brax. Something was definitely off with that, but again, now was not the time or place to question it. Orion strolled up to the boy and ruffled his golden hair with his large hand.“Such a fine lad you have there, Selene.” Orion said with a wink, before looking at the little one that had entered; Clarice.“And this is the little girl we have all heard about. Got a cut from riding a fat pony?” He asked, staring down at her with deep blue eyes. “Little girls are made from sugar, spice and sticky plaster, so I dare say you will be back bouncing on that pony again in no time.” He said with a wink and a knowing nod to Metia.


Henry watched on as his older brother did his usual trick, of turning on the charm like a tap, something that often annoyed Henry, but as Orion was older, he always had a way of getting away with it. Rashna sensed the tension, and then she glided across the floor, and knelt down to Clarice’s level.


“I’m your Aunt Rashna. Would you like to show me where your room is? I would like very much to see it.” she wanted to give Henry and Metia a chance to talk, and she gave her brother a sly look to keep Selene entertained. Rashna wanted to try and get Henry to save his marriage, even if it meant splitting up this family reunion.

Henry was still looking at his wife, and if she cared to look back, she could see that…he had changed, in more than his appearance.


“Metia….may I speak with you?” Henry asked, offering his hand out to her.


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September 11, 2013 09:28AM
Throne Room

Selene nodded as though that were a sufficient enough answer. Henry was king after all, and he had to be very busy. She was glad to see he was home and looking happy, though she sensed some tension between Metia and her father. That struck her as odd since the last she knew, her father simply adored the queen. The princess decided to not involve herself in such matters since it wasn’t like she was one to speak on relationships. Hers just ended with the love of her life and she herself was an emotional wreck. Not very ideal for advice. Her attention then fixed on Orion as he spoke to her son. A blush creeped into her cheeks when he winked at her. She smiled proudly and bowed her head “One would think that, wouldn’t they? You will have to forgive my son. He thinks he could save the world.”
https://i2.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/83073a7d9be991f663177345475dc2dc/tumblr_inline_mftw7vt7dV1rvw81k.gifLucan looked at the ground, afraid to meet Orion’s eye as he ruffled his hair. This strange man spoke to his mother, and that unsettled him. For reasons he could not explain, he had a bad feeling in his gut that his mother experienced pain with the last man she was close to. Perhaps it was memories locked away in his subconscious, perhaps it was Desmond’s magic shining through. Still, he felt it was his duty to protect his mother and he was very wary of this uncle. He allowed his eyes to look at Orion’s shirt and he mumbled [b]”I am a knight, I tell you. You musn’t get too close to my mother. I will know if you try to hurt her…”
Feeling brave, Lucan looked up to meet Orion in the eye “You are an angel. So is my mother. Are there many of you?”

Selene laughed softly and rushed forward to grab her son’s hand. She could feel her son’s anxiety, and she was saddened that she could not yet explain about Joffrey. Kneeling down, she pulled him in for a hug and sighed “No one will ever hurt me or you again. Please understand that, darling.” Looking up at Orion over her son’s shoulder, she smiled weakly. Things were indeed tense and awkward in this castle.