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[RP] Mountains
August 26, 2013 05:47PM
Just some mountains in Eranor. Please state your general area. Please note that Angel’s Hideaway is not easy to find, and that you should ask for permission to do so out of character (if you have a character that we know needs to find it to further their planned storyline, it’s safe to assume you have permission).

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 07:37AM

Tempest knew she had to land soon. She had been flying for hours and was growing weary with fatigue and hunger. She never thought about how far the mountains were, only that they were there.

Her eyes were beginning to droop and she had to snap herself to attention before she hurt herself. She pinched and slapped her cheeks to keep herself alert but it wasn’t to be.

She flew another few miles before she finally succumbed to her exhaustion, her eyes closing of their own volition. Her wings kept her aloft for a short moment before they stopped their movement as she fell asleep and her body spiraled toward the ground.

She had been closer to the mountains then she realized for her exhausted body fell to the earth at its base, fetching her up against the rocks as she landed hard. She cried out in agony as the fragile bones in her left wing snapped in three places. Her head snapped back against a large boulder and she knocked herself unconcious as the dust settled around her.

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 08:31AM

Selene’s mighty white wings had her soaring threw the air with an inhuman speed. All she could think about was her daughter, and where she could be. She couldn’t believe that on the king’s watch, she had disappeared. Flashes of memories were swirling in her mind, and she could recall Tempest running off before as a child. Though the princess should have been overjoyed that she was starting to remember, she was not. Instead, she was fearful that she would not remember enough to bring her daughter back, to fail. But that was not an option.

As she came upon the mountains, her calculating eyes searched high and low. She just had to find Tempest. If she or her husband couldn’t, the princess would never forgive herself. But as she flew, a figure appeared among the fog hanging over the mountains. A cry of agony echoed among the mountains, and Selene felt her heart stop. Her baby.
The angelic princess flew down with as much speed as her wings would allow. Landing gracefully on the earth besides her daughter, her wings folded back down and the armor seemed to melt away. In its place was a simple black toga that wrapped around her body. It revealed her Saint runes on both her stomach and arms, and her long blonde hair fell down in waves behind her. She was barefoot, and she had an aura of peace around her. Stepping closer to her unconscious child, a lone tear rolled down her cheek as she began to murmur a heavenly language. As she crouched down beside Tempest, a wind began to pick up around them as she placed a hand on the young princess’s head. Closing her sharp blue eyes, Selene continued to murmur in the language, calling on heavenly power to heal her daughter and hopefully wake her up.


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Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 01:37PM
-As Ryo walks through the mountains, he sees a shadow moving up overhead and looks up to see the figure of an angel. He looks back down and finds a cave and ducks into it, not knowing if they were looking for him or not. He thinks to himself that he was getting quite tired of being on the run, and not being able to actually put up any roots anywhere. Since the end of the war, and his home kingdom being destroyed, he had become a fugitive. He had traveled through all of the realms, always staying on the run, so they would not be able to find him. As he sits there, he set up a small fire, once it was lit, being careful not to let the glow leak outside the cave. As he sits there, he sits there, staring at it, thinking about his past and the outcomes of the war-

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 07:48PM


Thalion stood at the base of the mountain, hidden in one of the many paths that led to the top of the mountain. His eyes gazed up at the sky, his eyes making out the smallest of details. Thats when he noticed the angel being held up in the air, with her daughter. Tempest. The angel was Selene, the princess and the mother of the hybrid spawn. He narrowed his eyes slightly, this made things a bit harder but not impossible. What she wanted, she got. He thought to himself as he heard the angelic language that was spoken from her lips. She was a beauty, that should be expected of an angel especially an angelic princess. He let his eyes roam the princesses body since that black toga hid little to nothing from his view but then he refocused on his task. He would wait until they were on the ground again. He sensed someone else near by but as long as they didn’t get in his way, he didn’t care enough to search.

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 08:25PM
-As Ryo stares into the flames, he snaps himself out of his trance and stands up. He walks over to one of the walls of the cave in the back and bends over, retrieving his flask of blood that he kept in his left boot and takes a few sips. He pulls his sword off of his back and sits down, leaning back. He clutches his sword close to him, so that if he were to need to, he could draw it faster. He was getting very sick og always being paranoid, and had even sunken down to the level of only letting the ones that he intended to kill see him. In the time since the war, he had not only become a fugitive on the run, but also a complete recluse, he would often go an entire moon cycle without saying a word. He longed for the days where he could once again be able to walk freely among others and maybe even have a select few that he would be comfortable enough with to hold a conversation. In the time before the war had broken out, he had been a civil, non-confrontational being, and longed for those days to return-

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 24, 2013 08:44PM

The Demon Prince had been searching high and low for his beloved daughter. Furious that his daughter had been taken from the cell, but by what and who? He had told his wife to search the skies of the Angels for her, and he would criss cross the Night lands in search of her. Oddly enough, searching for Tempest was something he seemed to do a lot. Past the rivers of lava, the mountain crags of the highest castles, his roar would be heard loud and clear, his desperation evident, as he felt a terrible pang of guilt at her disappearance. Circling around the top most peak, he could see far across the horizon, and in the east a bright light burned. White and glorious, though it did hurt his eyes. Had Selene found her? It was a sign, that was for sure, and the Demon Prince launched himself back into the air, and spirited in flight in the direction of the light. An hour and he would start to come into land, his form altering slightly, losing the red of his skin, though it was clear he was still demon.


He could see Selene cradling Tempest, and she was injured. He closed in his wings and ran the rest of the way on clawed feet, only coming to stop a metre before them.

“What happened? Is she alive?”

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 26, 2013 08:35AM
Selene was one half of the Brax, and Tempest was the child of the couple. In order to heal her, she needed both sides to work as one, to give her the power of their unity, to help pull her through. Joffrey reached for his wife’s cheek, and shook his head.

“Your chants aren’t enough. You need me….she needs..Us.” If Selene looked into his eyes, she would know this was the truth. He kneeled down, and then unfurled his wings into full, their magnificence shown with the pulsating of his demonic blood, coursing through his veins. He urged her to do the same, and so the pair had both wing sets in full display Gently placing the young Tempest between them, Joffrey brought his arm around her back and then looked at Selene to do the same, so their arms intertwined. Each with a hand free, Joffrey then suggested what they had to do.

“Only our combined power, can heal her. We must place our hands to her heart, and give of ourselves, the love that made her in the beginning. On my count……One…*he then looked down at Tempest, as his face creased in sadness at the guilt he felt*….Two….*Joffrey then looked at his wife as his hand started to charge with a blue fire flame aura, burning brighter than it ever had before.*…THREE!” At this, if Selene followed, both with their powers charged, would slam their hands to Tempest’s chest in an explosion of raw power…dark and light fusing as one….to regenerate their daughter and return her to them.



Re: [RP] Mountains
October 26, 2013 04:08PM

-As Ryo sits inside the cave, he hears the faint sounds of screaming and puts more wood onto the fire. He gets back into the back corner of the cave where the fire was just barely reaching him. He squats back down and begins to stare up to the ceiling, and keeping his eyes open and feeling comfortable enough. He drifts off into his sleep, keeping his eyes open. He had gotten used to sleeping in this way, though it kept him from really getting a decent amount of rest. As he rested, the light of the fire got brighter and brighter, lighting the entire room, and projecting out into the surrounding area.-

Re: [RP] Mountains
October 28, 2013 01:12PM
Selene felt tears roll down her cheeks as she realized her chants were not working. She was not enough to save her daughter alone. But soon she heard her husband land close-by and her heart filled with hope. Joffrey would know what to do. Looking at her husband as heavy tears ran down her cheeks, she choked out “I cannot save our poor baby alone.”

But it seemed like the demon prince knew that as he reached over to touch her wet cheek. Turning to nuzzle into his hand, Selene felt like hope was being restored by his touch. He was her other half, her life, and together they had to save the life they both had created with their love. Looking into his eyes, she knew this to be true.

Seeing her husband then crouch beside their daughter, Selene walked over to kneel beside Tempest. Reaching over to link her arms with Joffrey, she looked at him with a small smile and nodded “I’m ready.” Listening to him count, she picked up one hand to prepare herself. When he got to three, she slammed her hand down and waited for their powers to take effect.