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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 02:54AM
The Cells


Last time on….House Brax…

“How could those mongrels let this happen?! I hope your father is pleased now! He has driven our daughter from the castle and into the unknown!” The calm collected Selene was gone and the protective Mama Bear was coming out. Whipping around, she stormed toward the guard and gave him a swift kick to his dick. Digging her hands into his neck, she hissed angrily “WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?! WERE YOU NOT IN CHARGE OF WATCHING OVER HER?!”.

The guard gripped his now very blue balls and collapsed in a heap crying “Mummy!” Twas a sad sight, and even Joffrey winced, for everyone knows, that to strike a man in the goolies, is not cricket. Even so, Selene had every right to be angry, hell, Joffrey was livid. Their beautiful daughter was sent to the cells to teach her a lesson in respect and manners to the King, and now had fled…to God knows where. Joffrey was also livid and now was morphing into the Demon of Desire…all hell fire and brimstone, as he grew so large, so fast he was outgrowing the cell. Fire balls were appearing on his hands, and he was throwing them at guards, prisoners…anything that was standing still or chained to a wall. The small of burning flesh, the screams of dying men and women could not drown out the rage of the Royal couple. Flashes of blue lightning were appearing around Selene, as Joffrey smashed a huge hole in the wall. His voice was like it had deepened ten fold, and he whipped around, his massive spikey tail, taking out another poor unfortunate.



His massive wings erupted from his back, and without another word, he took off into the sky, the cry of the Demon Prince sure to be heard by all, including the King……


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 08:07AM
The Cells

Selene turned around to see her husband was growing larger and larger, his demon taking over. A slow smile spread over her lips as she let out a horrifying shriek, her white wings ripping through her dress and leaving it in tatters around her feet. Her body began to glow heavenly white as she became air born, her electric blue eyes staring down at the pitiful guard with a cruel smile. The Saint was just and cold, a creature of brutal and swift justice. Armor scantily clad her as she was prepared to fight for what was hers: her family. If anyone got in her way, she would end them without another thought.
Swiveling around in the air, a sultry smile curved her lips as she beheld her husband in all of his dark glory. He was beautiful to her, a creature both terrifying and stunning. Her wings flapped around her, causing large winds to rattle the chains throughout all the cells. The sounds of treacherous screams chorused around them…and it only made her rage colder. She wanted vengeance against the king, and she wanted her daughter back. Nothing would stand in their way, for they were both light and dark, and they were pissed.

As her husband commanded her in his dark voice, an aroused purr escaped her lips as her sultry smile only grew. Flying closer to him, she stared into his eyes with her own lightening blue eyes “Yes, my love. As my prince and master commands. We will bring our beloved child home.” As he took off into the sky, she did not tell him to be careful. She knew the rage of her husband, and all would be wise to shy away from his wrath. Launching herself into the air, Saint Selene took off towards the mountains in hopes her daughter would think the way she herself did.

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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 24, 2013 10:54PM
Blackfog Castle Gates

Lord Ash Arriving near the gates with his men he spied the sentries and hailed them as he moved forward making sure his presence was known. He did not want to be shot down in a hail of arrows being thought a hostile party. As he made his way forward he spied a group of guardsmen approaching from the castle. Their armor black and bearing what he believed was the sigil of the house of Brax.


The guard encircled the Lord and his party as they poured out of the gates to greet the newcomers.
Head Guardsman stepped forward towards the would be noble, not recognizing any symbol or crest.
“And whom might ye be?” 


Lord Ash replied quickly to the overzealous guard. He obviously was doing his job but also did not know he was in the presence of a king or would not be speaking to him in such a manner.
“My name is Lord Ash FlameWarden. I am a King of a far off realm and looking for a friend, by the name of Magnus whom I am told is in the employ of your King Lord Brax. I would like to speak with both of them.” 


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 26, 2013 02:52AM
The King’s Chambers

The guard had yet to return to speak of how Tempest was in the dark dungeons, and in that time, Minerva had been kept in the King’s bed. His erotic temptress was wearing the jeweled collar, and she lounged much like a jungle cat, moving in a fluid motion beneath a simple silk sheet. Minerva watched her adored King with renewed fascination, for his presence did so set off the collar, and allowed her to link with him on a level that few would ever understand.


She toyed with her long blonde tresses and asked the King;

“Shall I make myself scarce while you deal with the Princess Tempest?” Her green eyes like slits, as she let the sheet slip from her ripe bosom and settle at the lower part of her stomach. The King may wish to go to the Throne room and deal with family, and Minerva was unsure of whether or not he wanted her there. After all, she was for the King’s pleasure, not an adviser.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 26, 2013 04:05AM
King’s Chamber’s

King Brandon was glad for this work when Magnus asked if he could address him in an official manner.


” I had asked that I get a small request or favor before your highness” said Magnus….

Brandon looked at the warlock and said “What is this favor you would ask?” 

I should like to be named your advisor my liege. said the warlock.

Brandon thought for a moment, it seemed this one had high hopes. Yet he was good at what he did. There was much
work to do and he had need of him. It would do to keep him close for a lot of these affairs.

That would be useful, he mused.. You shall become my magical advisor. 


Just then both guards came in to tell of news… seemed they both wanted to speak..

His personal Guard was ranting screaming about tempest… it seemed she had escaped! WHAT!!!!!

His head guard it seemed had this Lord Ash awaiting him downstairs. At this Magnus seemed to perk his ears..

I know this Lord Ash if he is the same I believe him to be. He would be an ally to you Lord Brax. said Magnus.

Brandon was angry and beyond contempt yelling for his guards to find Joffrey.

Magnus take care of this Lord Ash. Minerva and I will await Joffrey. See what you can find out. Im about to lose my mind today. 

Minerva’s calm touch and smell was about the only thing keeping him from going on a killing spree at that moment. The blood was pounding in his ears.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 27, 2013 08:33PM
Main Foyer

Magnus :The warlock made his way down the stairs. Having been promoted to a ranking officer of the court he did not even blink at the guards as he made his way down to the the front foyer. He was a confident self assured man who had long held that the art of appearances meant far more than knowledge in many respects even if one held vast stores of knowledge. He in fact did but he had seen many undone because they thought knowledge alone would protect them. That would not do as he represented Brax. He also had heard the name of who he knew to be a long known friend. Though he wasnt sure If it was him, he had thought him dead, The last he had known his company was assualted by the faceless men in the siege. Though he was sure the Lord had not been a target he thought to himself they might have attacked him for the secret to his power. He knew something of his power. If it was the same Lord Ash, he was not of this world.


Rounding the corner he spied the guardmen and the Lord Ash. He was indeed his old friend.

“You can let him through guardsmen. He is an old friend and loyal to the house. Welcome Lord Ash. We have a lot to talk about I suspect. 

Lord Ash looked out towards his friend after the exchange with the guardsmen he was glad to finally see Magnus.
It had been quite a journey to find him.
” I see you have made a name for yourself here. Yes, I agree, We do have much to discuss. ” 


he then followed the young warlock where he led so they could have a more private discussion leaving the guards in the barracks.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 30, 2013 01:23AM
The Throne Room

The Black sphere rippled and then out from its center, Joffrey strode. But this was not the same Prince that had just turned and walked away from his daughter, this was but a shell of a creature, that had no heart left, after nearly being torn out by his daughter. His daughter. The one and only thing that he felt his love had created and done right. No, he had forsaken her, and in doing so, she had written him off. No longer seeing him as her Father. Still in the demon guise, he rose the two steps and sat himself down in the throne next to that of the King. He knew his father would be along soon. Had no clue about Selene…but did any of that truly matter now?


A staffer came by and saw the lost Prince seated on his throne, and came down bowing before him.

“May I get you anything, M’lord?” He asked, bowing low before him. The Prince looked up with eyes the colour of night.“Wine…definitely. I need something to take the edge of my mood.”

The Staffer scurried off and then came back with a generous goblet filled with wine, and held it up to him. With clawed hands he took the goblet, that was covered in sparkling jewels. Bringing it to his lips, he tasted it and smacked his lips. A simple nod and the Prince was pleased.

“Inform my father of my return. I await his audience.”

“Yes, M’lord.”


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 12:04AM
Throne Room

A knock was heard on King Brandon’s Private Chamber’s informing him of his sons return.

The King had been waiting for sometime since hearing of his grandaughter’s escape from the dungeons.
He was surprised by her determination but understood it as well. She was much like himself.
Brandon had not been able to speak with his son yet, Joffrey had been absent for sometime.
The guard advised him that he now awaited him in the throne room.
It was perhaps good that he have a chance to really speak to him. This situation with Tempest was not boding well.
She needed to understand it was not well for the kingdom, running off like this only showed her disloyalty to her parents.
Her disloyalty to the house and herself. It was a lesson both he and Joffrey learned long ago.
Something that was learned as you came of age as a royal.
He gathered his clothes and dressed as he looked at his beautiful Minerva.

“Though you are always with me, it might be better for me to take your leave for this conversation with my son. Perhaps you might like to enjoy my quarters and take a bath while I am away? Feel free to enjoy yourself. I shouldnt be long. ” 
he said to Minerva.

He then walked down the stairs and headed for the throne room, shutting the door as he left.

Finally making his way to the Thone room he nodded to the guards as he made entry. Pointing towards a small chamber on the side he suggested that the two of them go talk privately….

“Welcome back Joffrey, Why dont we retire to the council chambers so we can talk a bit more privately? I am sure we have a lot to discuss.” 


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 02:32AM
Throne Room


“Welcome back Joffrey, Why don’t we retire to the council chambers so we can talk a bit more privately? I am sure we have a lot to discuss.” The King’s voice roused the Prince, who had been sitting in his throne for some time, and had nearly fallen asleep due to the wine, and the lack of strength he had within him. He rose unsteadily to his feet, the cup falling from his hand and clattering to the stone floor. It was clear just by looking at him, that something was horribly wrong.

“I fear that I did not do well, in bringing my daughter home, Father. But of course, if you wish to talk in the Council chambers of this matter, I will of course oblige.’ Each step down off the podium, you could see his body shake, and tremor. Joffrey walked slowly towards his father, and then said. “I failed as a father…a husband, and now a royal. I gave all…for so long. There is no right way to say this, Father. Tempest is never coming back. I’m sorry, Father.” He stopped suddenly, and then said. “One moment, while I lay on the floor.” And with that, he simply collapsed from exhaustion….and a broken heart.

King’s Chambers

Minerva had been left to her own devices in the King’s chambers, and got up off the bed, twirling happily, though completely naked. She loved being in this position, feeling the King as she did. Reaching up she stroked the collar, and then smiled brightly, as she skipped off to have a nice bath, and luxuriate herself with oils and creams. She would make sure she was a treat for the King on his return, and pleasure him to no end.

Slipping into the hot waters of the bath, she eased in and then leaned back, giggling and chuckling as she played with the bubbles, and then started to wash herself thoroughly. Being the King’s Mistress really had its perks.



Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 02:57AM
Throne Room

Joffrey was in no shape to go to any council chamber he thought at that moment.
Looking at his once proud son, he could only think of what the women of the Casterly house had done to this once
Proud house of Brax. He had much to talk to his son about. But for now he needs to help him first. He quickly grabbed him up calling out to the guards to open the doors of one of the rooms. He would not have Selene come in on him while resting.
“No-One is to speak to him until I have. Bring Magnus! I will wait with him, he needs healing.” 

He then sat in a chair quietly by his son.


He would restore order in this house. If it was the last thing he did.