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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
October 31, 2013 03:48AM
Council Chamber’sMagnus shut the door as the guards posted outside the chamber. Turning to his friend he gave him a quick hug. It has been a long time Ash, I didn’t think you had survived Bravvos. When I asked you to look for the feather I thought that you were killed in the battle. Not many survived and the faceless men take no prisoners.  Ash hugged him back quickly. “You are quite right. However I didnt fight any there as the object I sought wasnt of this world. It took me a long time to find. I had to search between world’s to find a feather shed from the line of the Casterly’s. Can you still do as you promised? ”  Magnus smiled at his friend in a sly way. “That I can. I still have the jewel and it will lead you to the one you belong to. I always keep my word. ”  Ash quickly produced a singled long fluted white Angel feather. Handing it neatly to Magnus, he smiled.
Magnus accepted the feather and admired it. Putting it carefully away in his bag, he then produced a gem. ” During the next full moon you may use this gem to begin your search. It will help you find her. This is the key to finding her. ” 
Before he could say more a knock was heard at the door..A guard saying the King needed him. “Go and enjoy the guest quarters for now Lord Ash. I shall see you soon. The King needs me. “Healing RoomMagnus knocked on the door carefully. hearing him knock the King Brandon bade him enter. Magnus looked upon the scene as he entered aghast at what he was seeing. The King was sitting next to his son who was laying supine on the bed. His demonic form was now looking tormented and withered as if half of the life had been torn from it. trying not to betray his own worry he stepped into the room and spoke calmly and evenly. ” My King, What can I do to help you? ”  Brandon bade the warlock to heal his son, speaking to him plainly. “Use you arts. Heal my son.”  Magnus came forward and knelt next to the demon on the bed, feeling his aura as he lay dreaming. His mind was not there in this form at this time. He felt out with his mind and began a series of incantations. Pulling out a small set of stones from his bag he placed five different obsidian and onyx figurines around his form. Chanting audibly he began to speak in the demonic tongue….
E podd ihaf odd swy zhelesz ab swy oxuzz sa xlefr uail yfylreyz balqolk efsa swez zaid. Xlefr uail haqyl ihaf wet faq! (translation: I call upon all the spirits of the abyss to bring your energies forward into this soul. Bring your power upon him now!)

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 06:40AM
Healing Room
For all the years, and all the tears..there came a time when the fight was gone. Joffrey lay in the bed, his breathing was now shallow, his face sunken, and his skin a pitiful sickly orange smudged with green. It was like the very love he had was being strangled out of him. His form even appeared to be shrinking, with his veins protruding, and as his hand slipped out from the cover, black blood was dripping upon the floor into a puddle…..Joffrey…was dying. Within his mind, he was walking the final part of his journey in this life. Whispers from those that he had loved came at him from right and left, and in the distance, the fires of hell. Damned for eternity, damned for having cared, for having loved and from it gained nothing but heartache and despair. What a sad existence…for the Demon Prince of Brax. The shadows lengthened out behind him as he was soon to finally be consumed by the flames, that were now licking at him, like hands reaching out to pull him in. At last, a lingering smile…a blood tear ran down his bony cheek, as he was about to embrace his fate. So close…So close. Take me now….please….Make it stop. Suddenly there was a screaming, and this was followed by dark laughter as another emerged from the flames, and when Joffrey raised his head, he saw….himself. At first he didn’t understand. Why would he be coming out, was it even him? “Joffrey…Joffrey…Joffrey. We..got plans for you.” His mirror image gripped his chin, as he opened up his mouth and a long black snake like tongue oozed out and then rocketed to slam into Joffrey’s mouth, stunning him into submission. The two were becoming one. E podd ihaf odd swy zhelesz ab swy oxuzz sa xlefr uail yfylreyz balqolk efsa swez zaid. Xlefr uail haqyl ihaf wet faq! In the real, Joffrey was going into spasms, as the healer was chanting for the spirits of the abyss to bring their energies forward to his soul. Joffrey’s eyes flew open, but the look was one of absolute horror, his arms raising as though trying to strangle whatever it was that had him in his grasp in the afterlife. .
The demon from the flame changed forms, and then became the body of the snake, and pushed its way into Joffrey, slowly filling him, making his body fill out, and then everything in his mind, exploded into flames, with the images of Selene and Tempest melting, their skin falling off, and their eyeballs falling out of their heads in a sickly goo, that ran down their bony faces. Evil laughter and darkness filled Joffrey’s mind, no longer seeing the flames. Slowly in the bed, he lowered his arms, as the force of the snake consumed and fed at the same time. Joffrey’s appearance started to morph, as the unnatural healing took place. At last his body stopped jerking and fidgeting, and he was breathing normally. Ten minutes passed, and finally Joffrey’s head turned towards his father. His eyelids opened slowly, and the colour of his eyes were yellow. The edges of his lips curled slightly, and a hoarse voice spoke. “Long…live the House of Brax.”

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 07:27AM
Selene and Joffrey’s RoomSelene had flown back to the castle as fast as her wings could take her. Her heart felt heavy and there were so many memories flitting around in her head. Such a monstrosity of a mother and wife she was before…and now it seemed as though she remembered too late. She had to seek one of the angels she revered the highest to know what to do. With his guidance, she hoped to heal the wrongs she had inflicted on her family while also figuring out how to heal the bridge between father and daughter. It was a bond only Joffrey and Tempest could share, and now it was severed. Selene felt like she had ruined her bond with her own child years ago because of her own selfishness. But she would not give up, not after all the work she had her husband put into bringing their child back. Tempest was made from their love, and only their love could heal their family. The princess opened the doors to the castle and came striding in. She was still wearing only her black toga that revealed a bit of skin and runes, but she did not care. Selene had one person in mind that she had to see immediately, and then she planned on summoning her husband to their chambers to talk. As she stood in the center hall, she called out “Magda! Please make haste, we must speak.”https://i2.wp.com/images.wikia.com/fiftyshadesofgrey/images/2/20/-Alexis-Bledel-alexis-bledel-8377523-263-400.jpg
Magda came obediently out of the shadows, fear written all over her face. She saw where the prince and king took off to, but she had no idea what was going on within the chambers. All she knew was it was nothing good. Coming before the princess, she bowed low and offered a small smile “Yes, your grace?” Selene smiled gently and stepped closer, knowing she had previously inflicted pain on the poor mermaid. Placing a hand under her chin, she smiled at her as though she were also her daughter “Darling, could you please go find my uncle? I would like to have a word with him.” The mermaid blushed at the mention of Orion but remained professional. Nodding once, she removed herself from the princess’s gentle grip and curtsied. “At once, your grace.” The princess nodded in return and watched Magda turn and make haste down the hallway. Turning around slowly, Selene then made her way to the chambers she shared with her husband, sadness and determination both written on her face.

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November 01, 2013 07:51AM
Guest Chambers
Not yet aware of the changes that were taking place within the walls of the House of Brax, Orion was enjoying talking to one very beautiful hand maiden, who also happened to be one of Joffrey’s old flames. She was a real sort, a right dish. With hips to nom on and breasts you just want to….-cough- So, as he was staring at her gorgeous red hues, he found himself leaning on the stone pillar and saying with his chest all stuck out and proud. “Ever made love on the ceiling?” Course he was talking of such naughty things, you would think that he had lost his angelic streak, or maybe being in the House of Brax so long, temptation was becoming hard to ignore. The hand maiden giggled and then swatted his arm. “Ooo you are a hunk in white leather…but…I prefer a horny devil to one of God’s flight attendants. Try your luck on some other maiden.” That said, she sashayed off, and left the room, with Orion pouting. “Who knew they play hard to get?” The demon maiden left the door open, and of course who should wander past, but Magda. Orion’s hopes were rekindled, and he strode out to greet her. “You really shouldn’t wander these halls alone. Not sure if you noticed, but there are demons, all over with lustful urges.”
Was he kidding? <3>

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 09:06AM
Magda was walking by just to hear Orion pouting over someone. Sighing softly, she paused in her tracks and slowly turned around. She was never in the mood to be hit on since she was always being forced upon, and there was something so alluring about Orion that even she couldn’t shake off the feeling of arousal. Taking a deep breath, she faced the angel with a tight smile “M’lord, you are just the person I was looking for.”
The handmaiden ended this statement with a polite curtsy before meeting him in the eye again. Hearing his warning, she tried not to roll her eyes “Yes, m’lord. I have noticed. Lust-driven demons have their way with me every night. But thank you for taking my non-existent virtue into consideration.” Normally Magda was much more polite and quiet, but there was just so much going on with the Brax family that she felt like every single one of her nerves was being danced upon. Clearing her throat, she continued on with a more polite smile “M’lord, Princess Selene wishes for your council within her private chambers. She seems distraught and she is…dressed…for battle, I suppose. If you could call it dressed. She is making a spectacle of herself.” She did not add the word ‘again’ like she was thinking, but it was because there seemed to be something different about the princess. Magda did not know if her memories had return, but she did know Selene would not like that her husband was having a private audience with the king. Smoothing down her poor excuse for a dress, Magda asked“Would please follow me, m’lord?” Spinning around slowly with a knowing smile on her face, she began to lead the way to Selene’s chambers.Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers
Selene was sitting on her bed, feeling distraught and like a failure. She was a horrible mother, a selfish wife, and now she had to run from her daughter because she feared further damaging her family. The princess wanted a level head when she spoke to her husband and daughter again, and she knew she needed help. There was no way she could see the light by herself, and she needed the council of a more revered and respected angel. Wrapping her arms around herself, she began to count to one hundred silently in her head to keep herself under control. Her emotions were running rampant and she did not want to lash out.

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November 01, 2013 09:30AM
Walking along with Magda, Orion went over in his head a few things she had mentioned, in particular about being used by Demons on a regular basis. That couldn’t be right, but on further inspection of her attire, he did start to wonder. It really wasn’t the life for a mermaid in his view, and he felt he owed her something, after the way she spoke on seeing him. Stopping her in the hallway, by taking her arm, he pulled her over near a large tapestry, and then bent his head forward, so his lips just brushed her earlobe. “What do you want in this life, my dear? Surely not to be used and abused. A woman such as yourself should be treasured and adored. To make love to you would be classed as a high honor.” He said, just brushing his chest against hers before pulling back, so he could read the look on her face. Orion then remembered what he was sent for, and pulled back, before heading back to his niece’s chambers. What he found there, was a woman torn. Entering without knocking, he noticed her sitting on the bed, and walked over, sitting down beside her. By the way she was dressed, the runes…her markings, a lot happened up in the mountains, none of it good. Orion reached up and brushed back a stray lock of her hair tucking it behind her ear, and giving her a fond smile.
“You look ready to go to war? Am I right?” Orion said in a gentle voice. “But would it solve anything?” <3>


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 09:48AM
Magda was too busy worrying about what was going on with Selene to even see Orion coming at her like that. Letting out a child-like yelp, she was pulled over to tapestry and Orion’s lips were on her ear. Instantly going rigid beneath him, the mermaid was frozen to the spot as he kept a grip on her. Squeezing her eyes shut, she waited for the sickening words of a sex-crazed monster to fill her ears…but it was the opposite. Hearing him question what she wanted, Magda slowly opened her eyes as she stood there trembling. His words struck a chord within her, because it wasn’t love she wanted at all. What she wanted was to get out of this forsaken place and plunge back into the ocean. It had been years since she had last seen it, and it was tearing her down more than the demons were. But then Orion added that it would be an honor to make love to her, and she instantly flushed a deep crimson. What was he playing at. Looking up at him in disbelief as she had heard him hitting on a demon of all creatures just moments ago, she felt his chest brush hers. Tingles planted her feet firmly to the floor, though her body swayed against his. Her blue eyes remained wide as both confusion and desire coursed through her.
But soon Orion pulled away from her as if remembering Selene and soon he was walking away. Magda was left there looking like an idiot as she felt like a ton of bricks just landed on her. She looked like a deer caught in headlights as various servants walked by giggling at her. Shaking her head as if trying to clear it, she turned and took off after Orion “M’lord, wait for me!”Selene and Joffrey’s ChambersAs Selene was sitting there, she ran a hand over her runes. So much had changed, and she wasn’t sure if any of it was for good. If she were surprised by Orion’s appearance in her room, she did not show it. Keeping her eyes fixed on the floor, she felt the angel sit beside her on the bed. It wasn’t until he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear that princess looked at him. Hearing his words, she smiled sadly “But I am already at war.” Her eyes looked down at her own figure as she then murmured “With myself.” Selene was silent for a few moments as if trying to process what to say.
It was then that Magda came racing in. Out of breath, the handmaiden’s chest heaved up and down before she gasped “Your grace! Lord Orion is ready to speak with you.” Seeing that both angels were already side by side and speaking, she blushed yet again and curtsied with mortification plastered on her face. Looking up, Selene couldn’t help but laugh weakly “Yes, dear. I can see that. Thank you.” The mermaid just offered a frightened smile before scurrying into the corner where she waited for any further instructions. The princess took a deep breath before looking at Orion “Tempest believes that I have abandoned her. And its true. But I’ve always been a negligent mother, and that has to change. When I wasn’t ignoring her, I was cruel. But she is the very gift bore from mine and Joffrey’s love. She should be celebrated, not stifled. And now she has left and does not return. I fear my family is broken.” Tears formed but they did not fall “And my poor husband…so much responsibility is on his shoulders. He is to rule both the Brax kingdom as well as his family. But I feel his love for us is what is making him so torn. I feel like he must choose between his duties and his family. How do I form a bridge between the two?”Hope sparkled in her eyes as she sought out the council of the higher angel. Deep in her heart, Selene felt as though Orion could help mend her family.

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 01, 2013 01:56PM
Selene and Joffrey’s Chambers
Orion sat in silence, listening to Selene explain what she believed to be her failings as a mother and wife, and how this has impacted on the relationships with those that she holds dear. Every so often, he cast a glimpse at Magda, who was sitting in the corner, probably listening into this very conversation. In a sense what Selene was facing applied to Magda too, only in a different way. Both were far from their natural homes, both were out of their element, and try as hard as they might did they ever really belong? Magda was a mermaid, and by rights belonged in the ocean, her true home, where she would easily be the pick of any merman’s eye. Selene…well right now she appeared fierce with the runes and the toga…but beneath it all, she was still the sweet angel that had come from the Casterly family in an arranged marriage. This whole drama started over arranged marriages. But were they practical? Sensible? Or even right to force on the young. Orion took Selene’s hand and played with her fingers, coming with the conclusion he felt was best for all. He knew in his heart, Tempest would not come willing, now marry one chosen for her. Selene had changed, and become a woman who though toughened, still had a fragile nature, needing care and love from those around her. And so, he came up with a solution. “Often the way forward, we must go back to where the damage started, and see just what we did wrong. My advice would be for you, Selene, to return to the Casterly. It is your birth home, and your family. If I know Tempest, I do believe that is where she will end up. I can practically guarantee it. If this be true, then you can show her the side of you, that few ever see. And perhaps a chance to renew that bond.” he knew this would be a bitter pill to swallow, but one that he thought was most important. “As for Prince Joffrey, I think he needs time to heal. He has been burdened for so long, trying to do all that is right for all around him….but has failed in the care of himself. And how can he be a better man for you, and your daughter, if he is unwell, and unfit to be so. I know you love him and wish to help, but I think he needs to find his feet on his own. He will find himself, and mature, then…come to repair his family.”Orion then looked over at Magda and said confidently. “And you…need a trip to the seaside. I imagine you miss that salt water on your skin. Am I right?’ He had offered advice to both women, but would they take it? <3>

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 02, 2013 08:35AM
Healing Room
Magnus watched his patient as the ritual had finished its completion and he was recovering. The new demon had fused with his spirit.It would give Joffrey new strengths and powers and and will strong enough to restore honor to the house. He had done what the king had asked he thought. “Long…live the House of Brax.” Joffrey had intoned. “It is done my King. ” Magnus said bowing slightly and moving towards the side of the room. Brandon looked on his son restored and whole again. He had hated to have any unnatural magic to have to be used. However it had been the only thing capable of restoring him. The House of Angel’s had taken so much from them, a bastard heir, now half his son’s soul to a child without a care for the honor of the house. His spirit broken he saw himself in him in many ways, he sought to help him. ” Joffrey, no woman or daughter should do this to you.There is no loyalty in the blood of angel’s. I think it is time for war.” 

Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 02, 2013 11:37PM
~Return of the House of Brax~
” Joffrey, no woman or daughter should do this to you.There is no loyalty in the blood of angel’s. I think it is time for war.”  At last…a voice of reason! Joffrey swept back the covers and looked down at what he was wearing. GAH, who dressed him in these god awful clothes. Swinging his legs off the bed, he stood up, at first unsteadily, then he started to nod his head as he got his bearings. It was pretty clear, that the one known as Joffrey, the father and husband…was long gone. This creature, who slithered out of the pits of hell, was getting used to the new vessel, and was definitely going to want some changes. A sick smile was plastered upon his face, as he raised his left hand, and saw the wedding band on his finger. Shocked by it, he struggled to pull it off his knarled digit, only to have it pop off, injuring his hand. He promptly threw the ring out the window, like it had cooites or something terrible on it.
He started to have visions of what he wanted to wear, and hopefully his father wouldn’t pick up on it. Let’s just say, the Demon Prince of Brax, had some odd new fetishes. He was going to be tearing apart Joffy’s wardrobe later, but first things first. The wedding band gone…he was all set for fun before the War games. “There..that solves that. Right Father. To war…but first, care to show me where we keep the whores of sin?” <3>