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Re: RP – The Curse of the Ring.
July 02, 2013 04:58AM

The Curse of the Ring. 

Chapter three 

Forever and ever. 



LilithValeFluer: Midnight could feel the air returning to her lungs, the feel of her hair hitting her back made her smile. She slowly curved her lips until he grasped her ass, making her yelp as his clawed pressed inward. She could feel the difficulty he was having with his transformation and all she knew to do was watch, offer words of comfort, love and solace. Her eyes never left his and before she could speak further his mouth spiraled onto hers, his tongue slipping through and dancing with her own. She closed her eyes and could no longer hold her composure, her body fell slightly limp and she could feel the way his body longed for her. His actions had said it all, and just like that the glowing mark upon his neck sparked, illuminating the room ever so slightly before filling the area. The passion burning between them was unmatched by anything she’d ever felt and then she heard his words. ” No other shall have you… ever again.” At this her eyes opened slowly and she couldn’t help but laugh into his lips before speaking. “I will be forever yours… my dear, sweet Izu.” }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- The stabbing pain within his own form, as his back creaked and then he tilted his head back in full, roaring loudly; a demonic roar that would shatter the very glass behind the bar, knocking bottles from their shelves, row after row, as he drew to stop the process. Regardless of her words or laughter, he couldn’t chance it. He knew that his rage and passion in full form would be a danger to her. Gritting his teeth, snarling, he pulled back from her. Bringing his hands up to his face, shaking as he struggled to regain control. “I…can’t…I..don’t…want to…hurrrrrrt…you.” Then as easily as it started, the trembling stopped, and he panted, visibly distressed. “That…was close.” He gripped onto a chair to regain his composure, before looking back at her under a shock of his silvery hair, that had broken free from its binds, and now swept over his shoulders. “Midnight..I’m so sorry…give me a moment…to catch my breath.” <3> 

LilithValeFluer: A sudden roar and a push was all it took for Midnight to get what was happening, his words echoing into her head as he spoke them aloud. “I…can’t…I..don’t…want to…hurrrrrrt…you.” Hurt her, he couldn’t. She shook her head and then stepped back after hearing the glass shatter amongst the ground. He was definately going to need her, his body shook and he bared himself at nearly full force. Teeth glistening and dripping with malice before the trembling ceased. Her words spoke out in a soft tone before she took a step forward, daring to envelop him with her arms. “I can help you through this… But yes, you’re right. That seemed very close.” She motioned for Sebastian to step through the doors for she knew he watched, and as he did she looked to him and spoke ever so softly. “Get me a rack of towels and some water, now.” Her voice was calm and authorative as she spoke to him, and all he could do was bow and exit the room. It was then she turned to look at Izu before letting herself draw a breathe. “I’m taking you home…. It isn’t often I give orders to anyone else but my butler. But I need to get you home, so come, let’s go.” She smiled brightly and raised her hand towards him, so as to remove a lock of his silvery hair from his point of view. “You need to rest, love.” }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- The tender touch and the way she brushed back his stray tresses of hair, had him release a chuckle, though he was still out of breath. “I’ll be fine…I..” Izu caught her gaze, and the way she had just ordered Sebastian to fetch towels and water for him. Quite the little Miss when she sets her mind to something. Maybe, this was what he needed. A lowering of the head, almost as if giving in to his intent of affection had him baffled. “I’m taking you home…. It isn’t often I give orders to anyone else but my butler. But I need to get you home, so come, let’s go.” First time for everything, in this case. Izu caved. “Maybe you’re right. My place is a shambles anyways. Bachelor pad. And I don’t have a maid.” With that, he took the offered hand, and rose up to his full height, flicking back his hair. “Lead on, fair Midnight.” <3> 

LilithValeFluer: Her body swayed to the left as she ran her arm around him, slinking her wrist under his so she’d better fit herself in helping him move. “No you won’t be fine,” She spoke in mid-sentence. “Not unless you let me take care of you” Her eyes glimmered as she neared him, his chest bound close to her as she moved her body toward the entrance. “Maybe you’re right.” Damn right she was.”My place is a shambles anyways. Bachelor pad.” Of course he’d have one she thought to herself. “I could care less if you lived in a shack, so long as I can take care of you… that is all that matters to me at the moment.” She looked at him and smiled brightly before turning her head towards the entrance, lifting her head, chin up the doors swung open with a mighty whoosh. Continuing to lead on she felt the oncoming storm and looked to the skies, holding tight to him. “I sensed this was happening.” The rain of course. Her mind raced as she walked through the mud and debris of the streets, wondering where her butler was. And in not a moments notice he appeared, reeling through the streets like he was a drag race driver. Door swung open and Midnight eyed him before turning to Izu. “Forgive me…” And she instantly brushed him in, most uncomfortably. “Izu will instruct you to his place, gathered he can speak the words.” She didn’t mean harm in saying the things she did, her intentions only speaking on the fact of how drained he must have felt. The door slammed shut and instantly they were off, down the streets of Lorewall and headed in whichever direction instructed. The pelting of rain clouding the view made things semi-difficult and Midnight took a deep breathe before closing her eyes and concentrating. Clouds splitting and the weather calming as she whispered to herself, hoping dearly that she wasn’t startling Izu in the process. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – For such a petite little thing, she certainly had some power in those muscles of hers, as she ran her arm around him to help steady him and assist him to walk. This sort of attention from a woman was unusual at best, normally THEY like to be carried, not the other way around. He then chuckled at the idea of her doing a fireman’s lift, but quickly dismissed it as she took on a school Ma’am’s approach to his predicament. He had already tried to warn her about his apartment, but she wasn’t buying that either. Talk about insistent. “I could care less if you lived in a shack, so long as I can take care of you… that is all that matters to me at the moment.” Not in a long time had a woman said something like that…the only recollection was when his own Mother cared for him when he got a tropical virus as a child. The doors of the club flew open, to reveal a raging storm approaching, which was the last thing either of them needed. But as luck would have it, a Taxi appeared, and the door was flung open, as though by magic. Midnight ushered Izu into the back of the cab, much like you would be trying to dodge the paparazzi. He almost banged his head on the door frame, but soon was pushed over and he planted his feet on the floor, reaching for a seatbelt, as Midnight spoke to the driver, who happened to be Sebastian. “Izu will instruct you to his place, gathered he can speak the words.” Izu drew his fingers through his wet mane and coughed, saying. “Its..Mancino Place, corner of Albert and long street. You can’t miss it. Skycraper. I live in the penthouse.” With those instructions, they should be able to find it easily. The rain now was easing back, but by glancing at Midnight, and her facial expressions, she had something to do with it. <3> 

LilithValeFluer: Inhaling deeply she opened her eyes turned her head to Izu. “Well, this has become quite the afternoon, it’s already 4 pm and I think we’ve accomplished a lot.” Her tone was still serious as they drove down Alabastor road, turning along Plume Avenue and stopping briefly at some form of light. “It’s odd, for some reason. I honestly enjoy taking care of you.” She blushed and turned her eyes towards the road before looking out the window. It was still raining, and the sound of it gave her comfort as she tried to collect her thoughts. Less than a week and she was already going back to his place. Izu was in bad shape, whether he wanted to admit it or not, she knew. It wasn’t moments longer till the car parked once more, and Midnights head turned to view their surroundings. “Looks like we’re here.” She smiled and opened her door before reading the sign before them. ‘Mancino Place.” She coughed and winced as her bangs fell over her face, her body moving towards the opposite side of the Taxi to open the door and help Izu out. “Come on, let’s get you inside. This storm isn’t going to be good for your health.” }e{ 


CharlotteCarrendar: Macino Place, one of the tallest buildings in the city heart. A silver monument, with reflective glass, black that stood out against some of the smaller buildings that barely measured up to half its height. At eighty six floors, it was more of a monument to Nemauen construction, then anything else. Izu helped himself get out of the taxi and straightened his coat in the light drizzle that now fell, wetting his hair further. “Right…this way.” He steadied himself as he approached the gleaming silver entrance, were the doors were opened by a man wearing a somber black suit and matching cap. “Lord Carrendar, tis good to see you again. Miss.” He tipped his hat and got the door, so the two were able to enter easily. Striding across the marble floors, that had a massive flower in the centre piece and past a sparkling fountain, that was of a large fish in the centre of a pool, spouting water out of its mouth, and trickling down its side. Reaching the lifts, Izu padded down his coat with his hands then found the card which he pulled out and swiped, before the doors opened, and he ushered Midnight in. Pressing the P, the doors closed, and there was a light classical music playing through the vents, as Izu stared straight ahead for the moment. The lift travelled at lightning speed, reaching the top and opening with a light hush, and presenting to Midnight, a magnificent apartment, art deco, with black fittings, walls, and furnishing. Walls decorated with art, and a large dining room area, fit for a King. There was a walk out balcony with sweeping views of the city skyline. A bar in the far left corner, and a massive lounge with enough seating for fifteen, on corner couches. State of the art entertainment system. And plaques on the walls, of his ships, as well as pictures of his five sons. Strapping lads, who were at home on the lost island retreat, where he spent much of his time. Taking off his cloak, he hung it on a coat stand, then ambled in, the soft lights dimmed, and he was more of a silhouette in this backdrop of luxury. “I don’t come here often…” That was clear, the place looked like it had been set up the day before. <3> 

LilithValeFluer: Midnight could easily get used to this, her home was nothing compared to his. She glanced around and immediately fell in love, the decor was beyond amazing, and if the landscape didn’t enchant her. His penthouse sure did. She found herself lost in the magic that filled the room, and then suddenly the lights dimmed. Whether they’d always been dimmed or they’d just done so was a mystery to her, she didn’t seem to care nor wonder before she approached Izu, just as words left him. “I don’t come here often.” She giggled and then pointed to the couch as if ordering him to sit, her motives were clearly that of love and heart. “I can see why…” She smiled and then looked towards the wall, glancing at the strappingly handsome young men before turning to face him once more. “They look like bright young men.” With this she could only smile and continue speaking, having lost her train of thought in the process. “I just need to know 3 things. Bathroom, kitchen and… “She swallowed hard dreading the last two words releasing from her mouth. “Master bedroom.” Her dress draped across the floors and she picked the reigns of it up and walked down a small flight of stairs, total of 4 before looking into his silvery hues, awaiting his response. Hoping, he’d remember, she wanted to take care of him. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Midnight certainly seemed to be swept away by the grandeur of the penthouse, and walked slowly through as though she had entered an art gallery or museum. With a feminine giggle, she directed him to sit on a couch, and he would have gone straight to it, however, she then had a request. “I just need to know 3 things. Bathroom, kitchen and…*paused for a moment*….Master bedroom” Izu brushed back his hair again from his eyes, and then pointed to the large kitchen area, with all gleaming silver and black appliances, and black marble benchtops. “Kitchen, just through that door way, and if you take the spiral staircase, over by the library, you will find the Master bedroom on the top landing, with a full bathroom. Spa bath….jets. Kids used to love it. Towels, and a built in robe up there.” With that, he then sat himself down on the large corner couch, and propped his arm on the top head rest, and with his palm resting on the side of his head, he watched to see how she was going to take care of him. <3> 

LilithValeFluer: Izu must have frozen at the sudden movements she’d made, her sea foam hues glancing in the directions he spoke. “Well then, I know I just told you to take a seat… but I’ve changed my mind. As his hair brushed back she took note the sudden sparkle held in his eyes, smiling but not giving too much away she cleared her throat and walked towards him, offering her hand and speaking in unison. “I know it’s odd, but I did say I was going to take care of you, so I think the best thing to start you off with, is a bath.” Her eyes wandered up the direction of the stairs and then back to him. “Please, just trust me on this… I know it’s not often someone does take care of you, so why not relish in the moment.” She giggled and blinked at him as her hair continued to fall over her face, dripping wet and practically staining the floor. “After we’re done. I can make you dinner.” She raised a brow and smiled widely before leaning forward, placing her forehead on his, her hot sweet breath lingering onto his face as she listened to the ticking of the clock. }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar:- A smile crept upon Izu’s features, as she spoke of how she wished him to take a bath, before she cooked him a meal. His silver like eyes twinkled and he nodded, caving….sort of. “Alright…bath time for Izu.” He got up from the couch, and started to take off his shirt, with his back to her, so she could see his rippling muscles beneath, the tattoos on his back of his flight squadron, along with another mysterious mark. He glanced back over her shoulder at her, and then with a flick, he draped his shirt over his shoulder, and headed for the stairs, where he went up two at a time till reaching the top. The landing was an open area, clearly visible behind glass panes, and you could hear him humming to himself, as he went into the ensuite, and turned on the water faucets. The running of water hitting the enamel coated surface of his bath made a din, as he came out and undid his pants, dropping them and stepping out, to reveal his black cotton briefs. A quick bend over and off those came too. Standing up, he then leaned on the glass railing, looking back down at Midnight, and chortled, with his head cocked to the side, completely naked. “So…going to scrub my back before dinner?” He wiggled his eye brows, then sauntered off into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. <3> 


LilithValeFluer: She couldn’t help but watch him, considering the side turn of her head to give him privacy. His muscles pulsed from all over his body, throbbing as if each point had a beat. The tattoos on his back elegantly marked with mystery and then his gaze met hers. “Sorry, I um…” She sighed and removed her shoes from her feet and placed them at the foot of the couch before picking up the hems of her dress and making her way towards the kitchen, her eyes occasionally wandering up the staircase, enchanted by his beauty and grace. It wasn’t until he reached the top of the stairs did she continue to venture towards the kitchen, which even now seemed so far away. She could hear his steps and tipped her head to the side ever so slightly, but not before her eyes fell upon his glorious naked body. Her mouth instantly began to drop, but she knew better and closed it before giving him a small wink and a smile and making her way onto the tile floors of the kitchen. Speaking out into the distance as she opened the fridge and began pulling things out. “Only if you beg me too…” She giggled at this and moved around in a somewhat dance, as if the kitchen was a ritual she was performing. Tossing things into a bowl and adding an assortment of sauces and spices, stirring and then placing to the side while leaning over to grab a pan. It wasn’t long before she’d finished cooking her meal for them. A plate of salmon, baked potatoes and vegetables with a few slices of vegemite toast.” I can’t believe I just cooked this. Goodness it’s been forever.” }e{ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – If she listened carefully, she would be able to hear the splosh sound of each foot being place into the full bath, and his audible sigh, at how good the steaming hot waters felt, after the cold of the raining afternoon. Course, when she sung out her reply to him, in regards to whether she was going to scrub his back, he let out a belly laugh that was so loud, she was sure to hear it downstairs. More splashes heard, and he was busy lathering himself up, more used to having a shower, but what the hey….she might come up. Who knows? As the bubbles got larger from his scrubbing, he started to sing out…again, loud enough to be heard. “From the moment I wake….before I put on my make up….I say a little prayer for you…Just combing my hair now….wondering what dress to wear now…I say a little prayer for you…Forever and ever…you’ll stay in my heart and I will love you…forever …and ever, we never will part and how I love you… …Together, forever that’s how it will be…because it will only mean heartache for meeeeee” You then heard the squeak of a rubber duck and another splash…as Izu kept scrubbing away, and then washed his hair. <3>