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Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 05, 2013 10:11AM
Selene’s Chambers

Selene had the carriage flown to her home without stopping…and she made the journey with godly speed. Arriving outside the castle, she looked towards her home with tears and sorrow written all over her face. Her family…her husband, children…it all just seemed shattered in her eyes. Her mind was shutting off, her heart barely pumping as she stood before her family home. Had she been defeated?
Tipping her head to the ground, her white wings burst out from behind her. Taking to the air, the despairing princess flew past Clarice’s room to land on the balcony outside her own. She felt defeated, broken, and empty without her husband and children. Opening the doors to the room she had lived in since she was born, she stood in the entryway and swiveled around. Salty air hit her face from the ocean that was just below her side of the castle. Peace. It was what she needed. Spinning around slowly, she disappeared into her room to lay on her bed in silence.

Throne Room

As Lucan and Magda poofed into the castle, the young warlock was able to get them to appear in the throne room. How? Because he had photographic memory and had been there before. Now he stood in the center of the throne room with his arms wrapped around Magda protectively. When he opened his eyes, he looked around with a satisfied smile. He had done it. Pulling back from the mermaid, he looked down at her with concern “Are you all right?”
But as soon as the handmaiden was let go, she collapsed on the floor in a pile of her own agony and tears. Orion was dead, and she had no idea why it pained her so. But it felt as if her heart was ripped in two…and she feared for Selene and her children. As she sat on the floor trembling with her sobs, she could say nothing to Lucan. Everything just seemed so wrong. There was just no hope.
As Lucan watched the way Magda seemed to give up, he shook his head. He wouldn’t accept that. His mother and sister had been through enough, he didn’t need Magda to give up, too. Crouching down slowly so he was eye-level with the mermaid, he gently lifted her chin up so he could look into his eyes. Lucan’s eyes were compassionate and stern, his mouth grim as he spoke “Magda, look at me. You are the strongest woman I know. More so than my own mother. I need you. I need you to be strong and to help me fight this war against the man who is ripping apart my family.”

Magda lifted her eyes to his as she whispered sadly “But what can I do? I fear all is lost. The Brax family is coming to destroy your mother and her whole family.”

The young warlock looked deep into his eyes and gripped her shoulders “What can you do? You can fight. We all can. We must, Magda. We must fight for what is right…not only for the sake of my family, but for all that is good in this world. Orion will not die in vain. Do you understand me?”

The mermaid looked into Lucan’s eyes and finally saw hope. Lucan was a born leader and fighter. Nodding, she stood up slowly with his help and grasped his hands “We can do this.”

Lucan nodded with a gentle smile “Yes, we can.” Leaning down, he kissed her on the top of her head and pulled her in for a close embrace. Turning his head, he spoke to a servant that was close by. The servants weren’t hard to come by as they were all staring in wonder and amazement at Lucan and Magda’s sudden appearance. “Please, go and find my grandfather. War is coming.” The servant nodded hastily and took off for Clarice’s room.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 05, 2013 03:17PM
Clarice’s Bedroom


While Metia was being all silly with her husband and enjoying the sound of her daughter’s laughter, it seems her husband decided to join the silliness as well, by just put black ink on her as well. He was trying to make some kind whiskers on Metia’s cheeks. Metia didn’t moved since she was surprised, then she looked down and played with her own tongue in her mouth, before bite on it, then bite on her own lips and lick them.
“You just declared a ink war, my dear.”
Metia told him, and was about to sink her fingers in the black ink, and this time just have way more ink so she could basically put it all over his face. She was like this, kind of brute, but funny at the same time. If people slightly slapped her arm, she would slap back, but not slightly, it was with almost the all strength she had. But on the very moment she was going to do this, somebody started to knock on the door of Clarice’s room. This was odd, maybe it was Rashna or a servant calling them out for eat or something. Metia frowned and pouted slightly, since this person basically ruined her revenge against her husband with the all black ink thing. While Metia was still confused, it seems Clarice was able to feel something her mother didn’t on the moment, which was Selene presence. She was extremely good on feeling people’s presences, that’s why when she played hide-and-seek nobody found her.
Metia stood up from her place, and walked up to the door, so she could open it. She had already a napkin on her hand so she started to clean her cheek.
“Excuse me, majesty. But it seems your grandson is asking for the King, and it seems an important matter.”
The servant spoke as calmly as he could, and he didn’t said anything about a war because Clarice was in there. Metia figured out it was serious her grandson, Lucan was here, what for? Did something bad happen to Selene. She quickly felt her motherhood getting more worried and she looked at Henry with a slight frown, which was enough to let him known to come and just see what the hell was this all about. She didn’t waited for him to come, she just followed her servant to the throne room, so she could meet up with Lucan.

Clarice watched how her father got his revenge on his mother, by putting ink on her cheek. So silly, but that made the little girl laugh more, this was fun, spending time with her both parents, was actually fun. She had never tried anything like this before, because her father barely looked at her, and he’s so different, he looks more healthy, younger and nicer, she likes that, it makes her feel more comfortable around him. Their fun wouldn’t last for long till somebody come knocking on the door. Clarice just watched everything and could quickly feel Selene’s presence, and Lucan, and another woman she didn’t knew. This meant they was here, but how the servant spoke it seems to be serious. Clarice wanted to see Selene, she still didn’t had a chance to talk with her older sister, and she was in a room where Clarice knew it belonged to Selene, she had already been in that room lots of times before, to just play alone or hide herself from the other people. Also, she liked to see through her sister’s childhood and teen-hood stuff, and see how her life was.
“I’m going play hide and seek with the maids.”
Clarice said out loud to her father and mother, and just rushed out of the room before her mother could leave. With the little box of the turtle under her arm. She ran through the hallways till she was finally able to reach Selene’s room.

Selene’s Room


Reaching her sister’s room, Clarice looked around making sure nobody was coming, and then she just stepped inside. The very moment she closed the door behind her and looked at Selene laying down on the bed, she pressed her tiny index finger over her small lips like she was telling her to not make any kind of noise. Like she said, she was going to play hide and seek with the maids, well kind of. She walked up to Selene’s bed while staring around her room. Once she reached the huge bed, she climbed it, and sat down on it, besides Selene. Clarice didn’t said anything, she just stayed there, and removed her turtle from the little box. She placed the turtle over her own palm and began to pet it gently. The little girl remained quiet, and would only speak if Selene said anything, sometimes a person only needs somebody else company, words aren’t needed.

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November 05, 2013 03:45PM
Clarice’s bedroom

“You just declared a ink war, my dear.”

Oh things were getting feisty between the King and his Queen. An ink war declared, and Metia had that look in her eyes. This was going to get nasty and fast, though by the comical expressions and current markings on their faces, they were going to have more ink on them then the drawings. Course, that was the plan, till they were interrupted. A knock at the door, and one that startled all including Clarice, who got to her feet in a hurry. The King reached for a small napkin, and started to wipe off the black that was on his nose, as he overheard the conversation at the door.


“Excuse me, majesty. But it seems your grandson is asking for the King, and it seems an important matter.” 

It sounded serious, especially since it was his grandson that sought audience. Rising to his feet, he hated leaving his daughter at this time, but she already had other plans, scooping up her turtle tank and darting out saying she was going to go play with the maids. Least she would be doing something fun, rather than being ignored up in her room. Placing down the discarded napkin, the King then followed his wife to the Throne room, where they both expected to see Lucan, and hear his news.

The Throne Room

Outside the throne room, one of the guards was holding a box that had a strange smell coming from it. Delivered to the front gate by a travelling gnome, it was said to be for the King. The guard had a green expression on his face, as the smell was not a sweet one. If he had bothered to notice, there was a drip coming from the box, and his boot was turning crimson.

Rashna came running up the hall from her quarters, having had an attack, like an anxiety attack. “Something’s happened. I heard him cry out…and then silence. Brother!..I fear that something terrible has happened.” Rashna cried to her brother Henry.

The guard then looked down at the box he held in his hand, and heard the cry of the elder Throne. Something bad? And he was holding a box that smelt funny for the King. His eyes darted left and right, before he nudged his counterpart, and said.“Psst…can you..take a look in this box. I have…a horrible feeling.” The other guard shrugged and lifted the lid, both seeing the head of Orion. The guard holding the box dropped it at once, with Orion’s head rolling out onto the floor.



Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 06, 2013 11:38AM
Selene’s Chambers

Princess Selene was laying on her side, her head rested in her hand as she looked out towards the balcony. She could still see the ocean from where she sat, and she wondered if Magda had made it to the castle yet. With a distant expression on her face, she was silently hoping to reunite the mermaid with the ocean soon. Her handmaiden deserved it and then some after dealing with everything she had been put through. Most of it was Selene’s fault, anyways. But while she was laying there, her bedroom door opened. Rolling over with a curious expression, she was expecting to see her mother. Instead, she was met with the sight of her little sister. She sat up slowly and was about to speak but Clarice made it clear they were to be quiet. Nodding once with a faint smile, she watched the little girl climb into the bed beside her. Silence passed between them as Clarice pulled her turtle out of the box. Tilting her head, Selene asked in a hushed whisper “What is your friend’s name?”

Throne Room

Magda was waiting in the throne room for the king and queen to show up, her eyes searching around for signs of Selene. Sighing, she mumbled “I really hope your mother made it here ok.”

Lucan had released the handmaiden and was watching her intently as if afraid she would collapse again. After a moment or so, he nodded once “I’m sure she is fine. Home is where the heart is, so they say. And her heart is going to be ripped out soon from her blasted husband.”

Frowning, the mermaid turned to look at him “You mustn’t speak of your father that way. Who knows what he is thinking right now.”

Scowling, the young warlock stepped towards her “That man has forsaken me since I was born, and now he is about to do the same to my mother. He was never my father and never will be. I am my own man without him.”
A sad look crossed Magda’s face as her bright blue eyes stared into his. Stepping even closer to him, she reached up to caress his cheek with a soft whisper “You are still so very loved, Lucan.”

He smiled softly and rested a hand on her hip. Opening his mouth to say something, he was then distracted by voices coming from the hall. His eyebrows knit together as he stepped away from Magda again “Wait here…” The handmaiden nodded once as he walked away from her. Pushing the doors opened, he saw Rashna and bowed his head respectfully before asking “What seems to be the problem?” But then Lucan’s eyes fell on his uncle’s head on the floor. Stopping in his tracks, his face paled“Orion…”

Magda could hear the commotion going on, but even more, she could hear Orion’s name pass Lucan’s lips. Picking up her dress, she rushed over and pushed Lucan aside “Is he alive? He is here? But then her own eyes fell on Orion’s head, and she let out an ear-piercing shriek. “No! Falling against Lucan, she then passed out and slumped in his arms. Lucan caught her swiftly and lifted her up bridal style. Looking at Rashna, his eyes were filled with sorrow and fear. “We are going to need help.”

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 06, 2013 12:48PM
Throne Room


Metia just rushed her way with her husband to the Throne Room, the clacking noise of her high heel shoes against the ground would echo around the hallways. Thankful she was used to high-heel shoes, so she didn’t fell. The closer she get, a familiar voice made her stop, it was Rashna, what was wrong with her? Metia turned around to face Rashna and see her basically having a panic attack, Metia was extremely confused and this only made her worry more about everything. Things happen so fast around her, that on the next second she was seeing Orion’s head on the ground. She couldn’t yelp but to let out a small yelp escape from her lips. She closed her eyes, and turned around so now she would be facing her husband, and placed her palm over her lips, like she was going to puke. The smell was horrible, there was a head on the ground of her hallways, and it belonged to Orion, she didn’t knew him for long, but this shocked her, and her eyes were already getting slightly watery.
Lucan was here too and so was another woman, who just passed out on her grandson’s arms. Whoever this woman was, wasn’t the question now nor was it important, the important thing was that, she needed somebody to help her, and Metia needed an explanation what the hell had happen while Lucan, Selene and Orion were away!
Metia didn’t said anything, she looked at the servant who was holding the box, and he was extremely paled as well, he needed to get out of here too, so she had the idea on him just take Madga to an empty chamber and make sure she would be okay. Metia’s look was enough to make the servant just pick up Madga from Lucan’s arms and go to chamber to take care of her. Metia still refused herself from looking at that head again. She had killed thousand people before, hell, more than thousand. But now that she changed, this disturbs her and a lot. But she’s still strong enough to not have an attack in front of everybody, as long as she doesn’t look at that head again.

Selene’s Chambers


Clarice keep on caressing her turtle, till the little animal finally showed herself, the head was finally out, and that made Clarice grin, it was just adorable, and she loved it. Taking care of this turtle was like her new favorite thing to do now.
“I don’t know, still didn’t gave it a name but I’m thinking about, Cami.”
She didn’t even knew the gender of this pet, but she wanted it and hoped it would be a female, because she saw this turtle as a mini version of herself, even if it was animal and Clarice was a person, she always picked her pets that were alike her, in beauty or not, she knew she wasn’t perfect, one of the reasons why none of her pets are perfect, one dog of hers only has one leg, he’s always sleeping or just laying around, she still loves him, and carries him around when she thinks he wants to go to another place.
Clarice finally stopped giving attention to the turtle and looked up at her older sister. She noticed by the blue eyes of her sister, that she had been crying, they were still red. Now if Clarice looked better, Selene was pretty much alike their mother, maybe it was because of the hair, it was blonde, Clarice wondered if she was blonde, she would be alike her mother too, but different is also good.
“Why have you been crying? Is that a family thing or what? Mommy cries a lot too.”
Clarice had witness her mother crying tons of times, mostly because she just felt alone, and was taking care of a troublesome child like Clarice, and Henry was never around or showing any kind of affection, so Clarice knew that affected her mother too. Even tho Metia’s excuse was just saying that she just missed Selene, and she did, but Clarice always knew it was something else. Now she’s glad, she won’t see her mother crying anymore, because her father is finally good.

Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 07, 2013 03:24AM
Throne Room

All who saw the head of Orion reacted differently. Metia wanted to be sick, Rashna was in a state of shock. Magda passed out cold, and Lucan tried to keep hold of Magda, while himself being overcome. To the King however, this rotten, and putrid head, belonged to his brother; Orion. Though in the past they had their differences, they were still kin. Orion had protected Selene, and Lucan in the return to the Night lands, and somehow he paid the ultimate price for his loyalty to the House of Casterly.

The King slowly removed his coat, and then took a step towards the head, kneeling down, and covering the head so that it’s smell and sight would no longer upset those of his family. He treated the head with the utmost respect, not placing it back in the horrid box it came in, and summoned a staffer that would ensure that the head be properly dealt with, so the remains could be cremated, as part of it was their law. Once the staffer had taken the head away, King Henry became quite serious. Just as his family were becoming whole again, fate it seemed wished to deal them a cruel blow.

First things first. He asked.

“Where is Selene, Lucan? I feel that you both know much of what has happened at the Night Lands, and why my brother, Orion is dead. Once I have washed, I wish you all to join Metia and myself in the Throne room, so we may discuss this declaration of war, between Brax and Casterly.”



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November 07, 2013 10:52AM
Throne Room

Lucan rocked Magda back and forth as though she were a baby, despite the fact that she wasn’t sleeping but actually passed out from shock. Still, it seemed like the young warlock was just trying to remain calm. He frowned and kept looking from Magda’s face to Orion’s head. His family was falling apart around him.
And yet, the king arrived, and he seemed the most composed of all…despite the fact that it was his brother. Lucan watched in wonder and amazement at how calm he reacted, and his respect for his grandfather shot through the roof. As he was addressed, Lucan lifted his head and spoke quietly “I know not where my mother is, but I can find out. She was last seen heading for this castle. If she is not here, I assume she will be soon. When I find her, I shall inform her of your wishes.” Glancing at Magda, he continued “I shall get her out of here as well.”

As he began to walk away, it was then that he noticed his grandmother. Offering a weak smile, Lucan walked up to Metia “I am so sorry you had to see that, Grandmother. I am sure Tempest and my mother are safe. If you will excuse me.” With that, he turned and carried Magda off as he tried to mentally scry where his mother was.

Selene’s Chambers

Selene watched in fascination as her sister stroked the turtle. Was she trying to coax the creature out of its shell? Finally, they were both rewarded with the sight of its head poking out. A smile crossed her lips as she nodded “Cami…that seems like a perfect name for your adorable friend.” It was hard to tell the sex of the turtle, so she tried to be vague so she didn’t hurt her younger sister’s feelings. A few moments of silence passed before Clarice looked at Selene. As the princess listened to her sister, a frown tugged at her lips again. Was it truly that obvious she had been crying. Reaching up, she absent-mindedly brushed a tear from her own cheek before offering a small smile “I just miss my family, is all. Your niece is off having her own adventures. Your uncle…well, I believe something terrible has happened to him.” It was a lot to spring onto a small child, but Selene felt like it was so good to finally have someone to talk to. When she heard that Metia cried often, her eyebrows drew together [“Whatever does mother have to cry about?”

As the two sisters were speaking, Lucan stood outside the door. With a lot of concentration, he was finally able to locate his mother. Stepping inside, he couldn’t very well knock with the unconscious mermaid in his hands. Seeing his mother with a young girl, he offered a small smile “Hi there. You must be my mother’s sister. I’m Lucan…your nephew.” Saying that to the little girl was difficult while keeping a straight face. But trouble had settled on the castle, and it was not a time for laughter. Setting Magda carefully down the nearby chaise, he then turned to look at Selene with a somber face.“Mother…something…bad has happened.” The young warlock chose his words carefully in front of Clarice. Looking between the two, he then continued “Grandfather would like an audience with us in the throne room. We fear the worst.”
Selene stared at her son as these words sunk in. Something terrible had happened. Was Tempest ok? What of her husband? By the look on her son’s face, she could tell something was wrong. With a sigh, she stood up slowly and turned to face Clarice“Oh my darling sister…would you be a dear and keep an eye on my handmaiden, Magda? It seems she is not feeling too well.” Turning slowly to look at Lucan, she nodded once.

Lucan stepped forward and offered his arm to the princess “I will be by your side the whole time, Mother. I will protect and love you always.”

Seeing her son look so brave and protective made Selene smile. He truly was turning into a magnificent young man fast. Taking his arm, she looked at her sister again “I will be in the throne room with mommy and daddy. Thank you, dear.” With that, she turned and began to lead Lucan out of the room. Lucan turned to wave with his free hand and a cheerful smile before facing ahead. While walking with his mother, he took on a more serious composure and walked his mother to the throne room.


Re: [RP] Haven Castle
November 07, 2013 11:59AM
Throne Room


Things weren’t right, something horrible was going to happen, hell it already happen, but something worse was coming up. She was still extremely confused about everything, but she refused to look back. Only when Henry covered his brother’s head, and a servant took it away, it was when Metia was able to calm down, because that horrible smell wasn’t so strong as before, some maids were already opening the big windows, so the smell could totally go away. She slowly turned around and faced her family. She watched Henry talking to Lucan asking him about Selene, and it seems he didn’t even knew where she was, but she was in her way to the Haven Castle, Metia just hoped she would arrive as soon as it was possible, it wasn’t safe for anybody anymore. Especially now that Henry spoke about war. Angels against demons..Metia gulped and looked down before look back up at her husband, she would follow him in whatever he done, and his decisions would be something she would support. But this all thing about the demon kingdom, only made her have stupid memories from the past, that she didn’t wanted to have at the moment. However, she was pretty much angry at the fact, her own daughter married that horrible demon, but glad that Tempest were safe as well. She still didn’t saw her granddaughter, but she already liked her, by the letter she sent her. The poor girl was probably confused at this moment, lets just hope she can make it up here.
Trying to recompose herself, Metia started to follow her husband, so they could have the chance to discuss about this war.

Selene’s Chambers


Clarice keep staring up at her sister, and nodded once she said she just missed her family, which was basically the family in this castle, and her children. probably her husband, but Clarice’s little young mind wasn’t able to catch up with everything, and sometimes she stays better by not knowing few things, she will be safer like that, and doesn’t held such problems on her shoulders at such young age. As soon as Selene asked her about what their mother cried, Clarice bite down on her lower lip before speak again.
“Well when somebody is away lots of things happen.”
It was all she could say before her nephew stepped in. Yes, nephew, it was weird, because Clarice was younger, and he was already a teenager, because of his powers. This was an awkward moment, but Clarice just looked at him and watched things unfold in front of her, something serious happen? She still could feel her father and mother presence around, and Lucan said her father wanted them in the throne room, it meant her parents were fine by now, and Rashna too.
When Lucan placed a woman over the bed, Clarice just looked at her confused, she seemed asleep? Or something. Selene told her to just take care of her, while she went to the throne room with their parents. Even tho Clarice wanted to go, she figured that would be like an adults thing, so she just nodded to Selene’s words, and allowed her to go with Lucan.
Once they were gone. Clarice poked Madga’s cheek, just making sure if she was even alive, then she placed her turtle over her box, but not inside it. So she could watch the little thing, till it decided to pop out its head again.

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November 08, 2013 02:22AM
The Throne Room



King Henry washed using a large basin, with jugs held by servants, all solemn as the King was overcome by the grief of the loss of his older brother Orion. He had just experienced the most wonderful afternoon with his daughter, Clarice, reaffirming a bond with the child, and Metia, his beloved wife. How quickly joy can simply slip through your fingers, like that of silvery sand. Such moments are truly precious and too few. Shaking his hands dry, a servant handed him a small towel, and he patted his hands, knowing he was keeping his wife and others waiting, however, after handling his brother’s head, he felt it best to cleanse his skin and rid the stench of the rotting flesh. This done, he nodded to those that served him so faithfully, and turned back to his wife. Reaching for her hand, he would escort her to the throne room and take their places, side by side upon the podium, where their thrones stood. On reaching, they each would sit, the King’s robes splayed out on the floor, as Rashna, who had taken time away to gather herself, reentered the room, and curtseyed before the King and Queen, then took her place to the side of the room. All eyes, now upon the door, while the King reached for his wife’s hand. He would look at her, blue eyes like crystals, shining with unshed tears. He could not cry…he was King.

“United, we shall overcome.”



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November 08, 2013 09:30AM
Throne Room

Selene and Lucan walked in silence, and the young warlock could only guess at what his mother was thinking. With a heavy sigh, he turned to look down at her face. Days had passed, and he was already taller than the princess. He was practically a man. Leaning down, he kissed the top of her head and murmured “How are you holding up, mother?”

The princess’s blue eyes focused ahead of her, but her lips curved into a tiny smile at how attentive her son was “I’m…alive. For today, that is good enough. Have you heard from Tempest at all?”

Lucan shook his head sadly and murmured “I have not. But she is a smart young woman. I suspect she will find her way here soon enough.” Looking down at his mother as they walked, he felt his heart grow heavy. Selene had yet to hear about Orion, and he figured he should be the one to tell her. But how was he to say her husband was the one who committed such a foul deed? Stopping his mother gently with a tug of her arm, he looked into her eyes “Mother, there is something you should know.”

Selene looked up at her son with a worried expression “What is it? Is there something actually wrong with Tempest?”

Her son shook his head quickly to console her “No no. What I spoke was the truth. But there is something else you should know before facing Grandfather and Grandmother. Prince Joffrey…Well…he….” Alas, his voice trailed off. If ever there was a moment to test his strength as a young man, it was now.

The princess saw the look in her eyes and leaned against the nearest wall “Is he…is he dead?”
The young warlock stared into her eyes and wished silently he could say that were true. The man was a monster now, and he was no longer the man Selene loved. Shaking his head slowly, he spoke softly “He is not. But he has done something terrible.”

Selene frowned slightly and lifted her chin, but already tears were forming. It was as if she sensed what was coming. Her husband was, after all, a demon. He was filled with a darkness that even she had to fear. Had it completely taken over him? With a shaky breath, she asked “What is it?”

But Lucan couldn’t speak. Not at first. Seeing his mother look so close to breaking had him almost collapse. It was wrong for Joffrey to do this to her, and to Tempest. Finally, he cleared his throat and answered “Prince Joffrey has beheaded Orion. Uncle is dead, and his head was sent here to Grandfather’s castle. The demon prince has declared war on our family. Grandfather is waiting to speak to you on this matter inside. He was…he was the one who opened the box.”
The princess could only turn her head away and stare off as if she were in a dream. She did not doubt Lucan’s words, and she did not question him. However, she didn’t believe her husband was a monster. She believed he was a prince of darkness born into a world of monsters. It had to be his father. But her uncle…her flesh and blood. Joffrey had rejected her and Lucan not long ago, and she forgave him. But to kill one of her own and declare war against all that she loved…she just couldn’t handle it. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she felt Lucan reach out to touch her cheeks. Turning to look at him, she spoke in her soft heavenly voice “We must unite as one. Father will know what to do…Come, we face this together.”

Taking her son’s hand, she pulled him into the throne room. Seeing her father and mother on their thrones, she stepped forward slowly as if she were still lost in a trance. Lucan kept a firm hand on his mother, but paid no attention to the king and queen. His focus was on Rashna who was off to the side. His own eyes filled with sorrow as he watched her. Her brother was dead. When Selene stood before her father and mother, he left her side to go up to Rashna. Bowing his head, he spoke in a reverent voice“I…I am so sorry. Your brother…my uncle…he was a great man.” With that, he looked down at the ground, feeling a loss of words.

Selene stood before her parents, her eyes flicking between them before she finally spoke “I am loyal to the Casterlys, and to my family. Please, whatever you wish me to do to keep Tempest and Lucan safe, I will do. I fight for the Casterlys, and I fight for my family.”

Selene’s Chambers

It was breezy, and it was bright. Wind swept in through the balcony, and Magda could smell salt and the ocean on the wind. A slow smile curled her lips, her arms stretching over her head lazily as she purred quietly with bliss. A hand reached over to brush her cheek. Turning to look beside her, she saw him. Orion lay beside her, his eyes staring into her adoringly. A blush settled on the mermaid’s cheeks as she whispered “Good morning…”
https://i2.wp.com/media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7djpctFoT1rtzlzf.gifThe angle rewarded her with his own pleasant smile, but he said nothing. Brushing his hand along her cheek, he trailed it down to the back of her neck as he stared into her eyes. Orion slowly pulled her in for a kiss, his free hand reaching up to grasp her shoulder. Magda leaned in closer, her lips almost close to Orion’s…but just as their lips were about to meet, his head fell off his shoulders. She pulled back in horror as a scream escaped her lips.

Magda sat up quickly, sweat coating her pretty skin as her chest heaved up and down. It was then that she realized she had screamed. Her body trembled with the memories of her dream, and she knew. She knew Orion was dead. Turning to look beside her, she saw a little girl. Tears streamed down her face and no cohesive words formed in her head. All she could see was Orion’s head on the floor. After a few moments of crying while trying to control herself, she gasped “Hi…You..You must be Princess Selene’s sister?”The handmaiden was trying to play it off that she was ok…but the dream haunted her still.