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Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 15, 2013 03:17PM
Throne Room


The large oak doors of the Throne room flew open, as a dark Knight or so it would appear, entered the chambers. He wore the most hideous suit of armor, with the glow of a golden hue coming out from where the eyes would be. Course, it was none other than Prince Joffrey….and how much this armor suited his current demeanor was shocking to say the least. It was almost as though it empowered him and his inner most desires. He had had his way with Elisa, and left her a bleeding mess in his chambers. But knowing she was a vampire, she should heal…in a few days. Joffrey didn’t care of course. Well, not this Joffrey. He had but one goal. Destroy the Casterly.

“Father…I have returned, and I must say, the feeling of relief to my scrotum is without doubt…amazing.”

This would bring a titter of laughter from the Royal court, who found the new Joffrey’s wit to be vulgar and yet cute all at the same time. Joffrey noted Drakkar and raised an eyebrow, though it was well hidden under his helm. “He’s coming to fight too?” Joffrey pointed one of his sharpened armour covered claws at Drakkar. Not having heard that this man would be the King’s personal squire.

The witches were on the side lines, and they all approached the Prince, who was standing oddly, then turned his helm to watch them approach, scaring them slightly, as a black mist emerged from his form.


“Don’t get all shy now, ladies. What is it?”

“We have made a special potion…using those feathers of Orion. You might want to take a vial into battle.” Portia said with a chuckle, as Delilah sensed something was not…quite right about the Prince. Joffrey suddenly liked this idea, and extended his hand awaiting the vial to be handed over.

“I am about to head off with my father and army…SO…hand it over.” Portia took it out from her cleavage. A bright blue vial, that seemed to sparkle to the light of the candles. “This is so potent….you would be amazed what it can do.” Portia thought the new look Prince was scrummy, and unwittingly handed over the vial, as he took it and held it up to the light. “What does it do?” Portia crept forward and then whispered to the Prince, while the other two witches held back.


“It does?!” Joffrey grinned and then patted Portia on the head with his metal covered hand. “Oh..you’re a keeper.” Portia blushed and squealed, as the Prince placed the vial around his own neck, and strode up to his father.

“I don’t know about you, Father….but I’m all set. To war then?” He chimed, with a malicious grin.


Re: [RP] The Blackfog Castle
November 15, 2013 04:31PM
Throne Room

Brandon watched as his son came out of the chambers. He had been patiently awaiting his return. His squire had already come and gone. His horse was readied and the army awaited. All was prepared. As Joffrey made his way in his presence was much changed. He could sense his strength. The change in his demeanor was much more apparent.
He said.. “I don’t know about you, Father….but I’m all set. To war then?” 

However, he also heard him say he might leave without him to the witches and the exchange of an item which power was unknown to Brandon. Seemed the new Joffrey had much more ambition. He thought to himself he must be careful with his son. He was quite hungry for power. What would he do after this war? He would keep his eyes open on his son. He needed to take care with him. He didnt acquire the power he had by being a fool either. But for now he had bigger fish to fry. The Casterly’s must pay for what had been necessary to save his son’s life.


” Yes let us march. Come on Drakkar. To the Gates and The Army.” 

Drakkar nodded in acquiescence and followed his lord.

“Yes, sire.”

~Thread Change Night Lands~

~The war…begins…..~