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Another year is nearly over, and when I look back, I am truly blessed to have enjoyed writing with my friends and co-writers around the globe.  That is the one of the great things about the internet that has opened up a world of writing to me, that I could never have imagined.  What started out as casual role play back in 2009, slowly built as I got better I guess at writing back to other people in a live setting on the 3D chat client, IMVU.  From making one character, then two, then slowly building I have found a love for character creation, bio building, and story telling; done with a number of people.  Sometimes its one on one, others it can be up to eight or more, depending if it was live on the client, or then moving to forum, which really took off this year.  Work in real life ate up a lot of my time, and also being Australian, its hard to get online at times when the rest of the world may not even be awake.


Finding those special folk to write with, in particular, I have been honored to write with several amazing people.  Some I have written with for a few years now, others more recently and the stories that we are weaving are fantastic, amazing and also challenging on certain levels as a writer.
















When I became more involved with forum writing, I joined a lot of groups and then found many of the preset female characters were all taken.  This left me with little choice but to take male characters.  I had written male parts before, such as Captain Moon, from the “A Pirate’s life” series, but he was more of a stereotype, I guess of the likes of Yellow Beard mixed in with a little Jack Sparrow.  You can’t help but be inspired by these classic movie pirates, as they set the way for many to portray their pirates like.   In Death club, my favorite male character is Kraus Zimmerman, the comic book collecting nerd who gets the girl.  But as I wrote more on forum, the male characters were all from different genres, from human, to supernatural.  Different eras, say Victorian to the roaring Twenties, and a lot of fun I had was researching the eras as far as social interactions and fashion, language and culture for these male characters.  To make believable was to me, a real challenge as I had usually always portrayed or written female parts.  Then again, playing someone like Nanna Noonie, from the Boobs Inga Boobs stories; who just so happens to be a very hip Great grandmother, was also a wonderful challenge when I wrote her history back in the era of WW2 and the fall of Singapore.

Role play, to me should be called Collaborative writing, cause that is exactly what it is.  We gather and put together ideas for plots of stories, then create the characters.  Then, we start posting their tales, and weaving them together in such a way, you end up with an amazing story.  Some have been playing out for years, and thanks to wordpress, I am able to record these stories and place them here and on the carrendar chronicles blog, for all to enjoy.  Sharing our stories and our ideas with people around the world is a unique and fulfilling experience.  To know that your post might move one of your co-writers to tears or laughter is a true gift I believe.  Sharing a part of yourself, through the words that bleed out of your fingers and onto the keyboard.


Char ❤