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Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 09:41PM
Carmen’s Office

She stopped off at the coffee shop to get her cup filled before she headed to the office. She had a million things on her mind, the least of which was the big case she had coming that necessitated a trip to the US Capitol that coming weekend.

Walking into the building, she met up with some fellow workers as they took the elevator to their floor.


Stepping out, briefcase in one hand and coffee in the other, she headed toward her office, seeing Mary was hard at work on one thing or another. Mary handed her some messages and mail as she walked up.

“Your morning appointment is in your office.” Mary announced. Carmen stopped in her tracks and looked at her.


“Your morning appointment? With the D.A.? Don’t tell me you forgot?”

“Forgot?” Carmen hissed, stepping back toward Mary’s desk. “I asked you to call and cancel it!”

“I tried. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Mary gave a helpless shrug.

“Well go in there and tell him I’m home sick or something!” she whispered furiously.


“Mary, I loathe that man and I don’t want to be anywhere near him, especially today!” Carmen told her, the dreams from the night before still at the forefront of her mind.

“So…you want me to lie…to the state’s top D.A.?”


“Like he couldn’t smell that lie from a mile away.” Mary snorted.

“Do this for me and I’ll throw in some extra for your Christmas bonus.” Carmen begged.

“30 percent.”

“15.” Carmen countered.

“25.” Mary glared.

“Fine! Done!” Carmen turned on her heel and started to quickly walk back to the elevators, hoping to get there before she was spotted.



Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 10:20PM
Carmen’s Office

Shane had been waiting patiently in Carmen’s office for well over half an hour, when he started to snoop through her desk, and cupboards. Various shadows passed the frosted glass partitions, but none of them was Carmen or her secretary Mary. Bored at not finding anything of worth, Shane decided to sit in Carmen’s chair, and was spinning around in it when Mary entered.

“I’m so sorry….but Carmen won’t be able to make the appointment today.

Shane looked up and mocked a look of surprise. “Well, that is disappointing.” Shane uttered, getting up out of her seat, and starting to walk around the desk slowly. “Can you tell me, if she has taken ill suddenly, or perhaps a family matter has called her away? If so, I totally understand and offer my kindest regards.”


At this, the D.A got close to Mary, and his aftershave had a potent scent to it. He stared into Mary’s eyes and then took up her hand, and brought it to his lips. Acting the gentleman, he said. “Mary, has anyone ever told you…you have the most beautiful eyes?” Shane exuded charm, and if she listened closely she could hear a slight growl in his voice.

“I know this is going to come off as forward, but….would you care to join me for dinner this evening? My secretary is away and…I get so lonely in that big old house. I do a wonderful lasagna and salad. What do you say?” His smile now was endearing as he stole a glance into her eyes again. “I can even send a car for you. Hmm?”


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 10:39PM
Carmen got all the way to first floor and felt guilty about leaving Mary to do her dirty work. She was going to have to face the man sooner or later. And Mary was too nice for her own damn good.

“May as well get it over with.” she muttered to herself, getting back in the elevator.

Once more she stepped out onto her work floor and started toward her office. Mary wasn’t at her desk, but she noticed that her office door was ajar.

With a frown, Carmen stepped in and saw Mary…with Shane…holding her hand. She heard his last statement and her frown moved into a scowl.

“I know this is going to come off as forward, but….would you care to join me for dinner this evening? My secretary is away and…I get so lonely in that big old house. I do a wonderful lasagna and salad. What do you say? I can even send a car for you. Hmm?”

“Get your slimey hands off my secretary!” Carmen snapped. Mary jerked back from Shane, blinking rapidly as if she were coming out of a daze and looked at Carmen. Carmen kept her eyes on Shane. “Mary, why don’t you go and take an early lunch? Take all the time you’d like.” she ordered.

“Yeah. That sounds like a…fine idea.” Mary muttered, frowning at Shane as she left the room. She closed the door behind her. Carmen hadn’t moved from where she stood, nor did she take her eyes from Shane’s.

“Try that shit with her again, and I’ll rip your heart out with my bare hands!” Carmen snapped, still staring at him, anger pouring off of her in waves. Her hair was beginning to stand on end (not that she noticed as angry as she was) and little bolts of electricity were arching back and forth between her fingers.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 10:51PM
Carmen’s Office

“Get your slimey hands off my secretary!” 

“Slimey? They are super clean.”

“Mary, why don’t you go and take an early lunch? Take all the time you’d like.”

Poor Mary, she looked like a possum hit by high beam and just as stupified. She agreed with Carmen, without so much as an argument, shuffling out the door, but looking back at Shane oddly, who was pouting like his feelings had been seriously hurt.

“Try Joe’s diner, their hot pockets are breath taking.” He said after her, till the door was closed and the devilish grin re appeared on Shane’s face.

“Let me guess…Nanna had a miraculous recovery, and answered the cellphone in her coffin at the funeral home.”He said with that golden voice of his. “No wait…you realized you left your ten inch dildo in your left drawer of your desk and couldn’t bare to leave without it. Lying…doesn’t suit you, Lou.” He started to chuckle as he walked towards her. Stopping just before Carmen, he licked his lips and said. “You are better looking in the flesh, then in your dreams. I personally loved the one, where you fucked back, moaning….loving the feel of my bite. Delicious, wasn’t it?” He said with a raspy voice.


Grinning, he then headed for the door. “I think I have wasted enough of your time, Lou. We shall reschedule, when your not so…busy.”

And with that, he walked out the door.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 11:01PM
“You are better looking in the flesh, then in your dreams. I personally loved the one, where you fucked back, moaning….loving the feel of my bite. Delicious, wasn’t it?”

And with that, the last bit of restraint she had on her temper broke free.

Carmen had never been so angry in her life. With a scream of rage, she picked up a snowglobe, a Christmas present from a past lover, from the corner of her desk, ran out after him and threw it at his head as he was walking away. Whether it hit or not, she didn’t actually notice.

“You are scum, Shane Williamson! One of these days, someone will fucking end you and I hope to God I’m there to see it!” she shouted, storming back to her office and slamming the door so hard, a couple of pictures fell off the wall.

Her anger was absolute and with a blast of kinetic energy, she exploded the potted plant she had in the corner of her office, the chair next to it and part of a bookshelf, scattering papers, dirt and strips of leather every direction.

It took her several moments to get herself under control. She stood in the center of her office, admist the destruction, fists clenched and pressed to her eyes as she struggled to calm her breathing.

She placed her hands on her desk, palms down and bent her head, struggling.

“Why can’t he just leave me alone? Goddamn it!” she muttered miserably.

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 24, 2013 11:12PM
Outside Carmen’s Office.

As Shane was walking away, the mail trolley boy was doing a quick mail drop, and pushed his trolley out in behind Shane, right as the door to Carmen’s office flew open, and the christmas snow globe was hurled with force in the direction of Shane. Sadly however, Tim the Mail room boy had just bent over to give Henny her mail, when he stood up and got hit fair in the head by the Snow globe, knocking him out cold and showering him in water, sparkles and broken pieces of glass and ceramic. There was a collective gasp from the other officers and office workers, who saw the mail boy collapse to the floor bleeding, and Shane turning around looking at surprise at the fallen boy. He then looked up to see a screaming banshee, otherwise known as Carmen.

“You are scum, Shane Williamson! One of these days, someone will fucking end you and I hope to God I’m there to see it!”

Shane looked around at the sea of faces and said. “Women’s problems. She gets like this at least once a month. Uhm…might want to take the lad to sick bay. Hoo roo.”


With that he whistled as he headed to the exit, with other staff members helping the injured mail boy.

The Police Commissioner saw and heard the incident, and ordered his secretary, to get Carmen into his office, to explain her actions.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 25, 2013 07:06AM
Car park – Police station


Both David’s and Matt’s motorcycles pulled up side by side in the police station car park, when David felt the vibration of his cell phone in his pocket. Turning off the engine of his bike, he removed his helmet, then withdrew his phone and went through the text messages. One was from Carmen. When he read it, he looked confused for a moment. Normally David was unfazed about such things, but this had him scratching his head.

Matt had parked his bike and dismounted, and was waiting for David, when he had stopped what he was doing.

“Bad news, man?” Matt asked, still a bit miffed at having to leave Nicole behind the way he had. David shrugged his shoulders, and pocketed back his phone. “Just a job cancelling…its nothing unusual. So long as I get paid, I don’t give a shit what they do.”

One of the other office girls was coming out of the station, gossiping with her colleague, and this was what David and Matt overheard.

“Can you believe it? Two week suspension, for assaulting the mail boy and hurling obscenities at the D.A. What a bitch. Shane is like…the coolest guy in Haven. That dragon bitch needs to get laid if you ask me.”

David’s lips suddenly curled up darkly, as he heard the news. So, Car was on suspension, and it had something to do with Shane. He really must have got to her this time. Matt was unaware of what the significance of this conversation was, and just dismissed it as idle office gossip.

David slapped Matt on the back, and chortled. “My office, bud. Got some leads I want to chase up on the Brenner case.”Matt of course followed along with David, thinking that was what he had been dragged into work for. Truth was, he always wanted in on the undercover branch, and now was his chance.



Re: [RP] Police Station
September 27, 2013 06:30AM
The Police Station

Matt was bringing back a box of files, when he set it down on David’s desk. It was to do with the Brenner case, and David had a keen interest on some of the forensic reports that Amelia Reed had filed. Surprised by the sheer size of the file, Matt tipped the lid off the box and pulled out the first yellow file and flicked it open. “This is going to take weeks.” Matt said with a groan, sitting down in the chair opposite David. David didn’t seem to care, so long as he got what was owed to him. “Well clearly they missed something, or we wouldn’t be reopening the cold case.” Matt nodded casually and went back to reading, when Shane’s cellphone went off. He pulled it out and then read the text message. It was from Shane.

“Get a trace on Carmen, she’s vanished. Top dollar if you find her, D.O.A/”

David suddenly sat forward in his seat and then mumbled. “Matt…close the file, and shut up the box. Looks like we got a bigger case to work on.”

Matt wondered what David meant, and maybe the text had something to do with it. “Are you going to fill me in?” He asked, placing the yellow file back in the box and sealing it up again. David toyed with his cigarette packet and grinned slightly. “We have to hunt down a woman.” Matt was intrigued by this, and he leaned forward. “Who?” David stood up and adjusted his coat. “Can’t tell you here. We are going round to the Boss, and he can explain.”


Both men then headed out of the police station, and to the carpark.


Re: [RP] Police Station
September 29, 2013 10:29AM
Parking Lot

Jennifer had simply rolled her eyes at Galtem’s kissing motions. Some things never change. He may be over a century old, but sometimes he could really act like a seven-year-old. He had met her at her car and she’d simply driven off without a word. Who knew why she had wanted him to come along? Not her, certainly. He was the sole reason that she was having the worst day of her life. Galtem was the only thing in her way of her and William having a happy life together forever. He knew it too. He must have known. William obviously did. It was the reason she’d left her. And yet she felt that he was her only option since all of the friends she considered close would most likely be horrified at her since they were William’s friends too. Galtem was the only one left. That and she was still madly in love with him. But she didn’t let herself believe that part.
The ride to the police station might have been a long and awkward trip, but Jennifer was so deep in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice that Galtem was their half the time. They pulled into the parking lot without her realizing it before she looked up and took a deep breath. She did not want to do this. At all. It was making it official. As if William walking out the door hadn’t been official enough. Now she had to put in writing what horrible thing she had done to him. “I wish I could take it back,” she muttered, staring straight ahead and refusing to look over at him. Of course she meant the kiss, but it was not all that she meant. “I’ve never hated to love someone this much in my entire life.” Harsh words. But they were true. Not that it made a difference in saying them out loud, but who else would she be able to say them to without William? “What’s the point if all it ever does is bring you this much pain? Love is not supposed to hurt this bad. I should have been able to move on after you left. I was supposed to realize that you were no good for me. I should have believed what everyone said. That you were using me and you didn’t love me, but I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried. Now I’m here. At a fucking police station. Where I have to write out what a horrible person I am because I kissed the man I could never truly get out of my head. You know I had a dream about you the other night? Out of nowhere. What kind of girlfriend does that?” She looked up at Galtem at that point, almost expecting an answer. “What girl has dreams about an ex-boyfriend from so long ago when someone who truly loves her is sleeping right next to her? Why can’t I get you out of my head?” They probably should have been rhetorical questions, but her tone was almost pleading with him, begging for an answer. Because she had no idea as she turned off the car and laid her head back on the head rest of her seat with a heavy sigh.

((The Jennifer Monologues? XD Think I could use that for a theatre audition??))

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 29, 2013 11:51AM
Parking Lot

The time they were in her car was just awkward, they didn’t said a thing, and she seemed to be to lost in her thoughts to even notice he was in the same car as her, well, he just looked out from the window, and tried to entertain himselfwith the things he saw, or just get lost in his thoughts as well, such as still thinking how William broke up with Jennifer, he never thought this would happen. Galtem knew William would find out sooner or later, but he neer thought he would walk away and leave Jennifer, he thought William would just forgive her a try to fix their relationship or something.
After few minutes they would finally arrive the police station, and right now they were in the parking lot, Galtem was about to remove his seat belt and get out, but she stopped him by something she was muterring. He perked up an eyebrow and stared at her, wondering what the hell was she saying.
Whenever she spoke again, and the more she spoke, he would just get that awful guilty feeling, but also surprised that she admitted that now matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get over him, or just believe that people said he was using her and didn’t loved her. He wanted to say something, but she didn’t let him, even tho there wasn’t much things he could say, so. This all speech from her, left him shocked, surprised, yet guilty, hurt, and frustrated. She even had a dream of him last night, he ws glad it was a dream, and that he didn’t got caught when he went over her place last night.
Galtem stared at her with some frown upon his face, and a concern expression, like he wanted to know her problem and wanted to help her out.
He started and took a deep breathe trying to figure out what to say.
“Sometimes we just try to replace what is missing, even tho, its never enough. I mean, I can talk by myself, people know me for have such bad reputation, womanizer, troublemaker, and so on. I have just been trying to replace something that has been missing, but its never good enough.”
All this years, the all women he had on his hands, was only for help him get over Jennifer, he actually thought Selene would be able to do that, she was different from the others and more alike him, so maybe she could help him out with that, but then later on, they figured out it was far from meant to be.
“I regret leaving you, I do, and I learned with my stupid mistakes. But right now I don’t regret kissing you in the VIP bathroom, I don’t regret nothing of that, what I regret is that William left you becuse of that. Its basically all my fault, sooo..If this is your way of saying that I should never had come back, then I can get myself in the first airplane out there.”
Why the hell was he even saying this? He just felt himself saying stupid things, that made no sense at all, and he shouldn’t even be saying that, i didn’t semed pretty much of his character, he was showing the good/soft side of him, and that for himself could turn his stomach.
“But I’m only going to leave because you need or want, not because I’m running away from my problems, because I’m trying to face them, hell I even spent a night in a stupid cell with other stupid prisoners.”
After saying this, he just turned his head to the window, and rubbed his forehead, now he was literally feeling the urge on wanting to run away again, but if he wants to do some changes in his life, that’s something he cannot do. He needs to stay here, and face the consequences.
“I’ve just had a lame moment, talking about feelings gets so hard for me. Anyway, you’re not a bad person. You probably don’t even love me, you just love William. Whatever had happen in the VIP lounge was just some mistake if that makes you feel less guilty.”

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 29, 2013 02:46PM
Parking Lot

Jennifer let out a frustrated sigh when he told her that if she wanted him to, he would leave. “Don’t you get it? That’s the problem! When things get hard, you get out. Yes! This is all your fault! But only because this wouldn’t be happening if you never left in the first place! You could have stayed. We could have worked things out. Maybe we’d be together and William would be the last person on my thoughts…” She was not sure if that’s what she really wanted. To be with Galtem now and never had had a relationship with William? Surely not, but she’d definitely be hurting right now. She did not know what she wanted. Of all the female stereotypes, that one was the most true. Women truly did not know what they wanted.
She looked up at him for a moment, confused, when he spoke about spending the night in a cell, but remembered they were at the police station for a reason. So, they had really thought he was a suspect in their case. That seemed silly to her. Galtem was a lot of things, but he was not a murderer. Or at least that’s what she thought.
“I don’t want you to leave, I just… I want… I don’t know what I want,” she admitted, furrowing her eyebrows together in a frown. William or Galtem? Wasn’t that the question she would have to face sooner or later? Maybe not if William was as hurt as he seemed. Maybe in the end she would simply lose both of them because of her stupidity. Immediately she shut that thought down. It was too difficult to even imagine.
“That’s the thing, Galtem.” Jennifer turned her whole body to look at him now. “It wasn’t just some stupid kiss. As much as I want it to be…” She shouldn’t be telling him this. She should just let it go. Let him believe that she didn’t love him. Let him go. “I really do…” She stopped herself and looked down. No, now was not the time. Maybe no time would be. Jennifer shook her head and turned back to face the steering wheel. “It doesn’t matter,” she mumbled and opened the car door and swung her long legs out of it. “Let’s get this over with.”