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Re: [RP] Police Station
September 30, 2013 01:52PM
Parking Lot


Galtem turned his head around to face Jennifer when she began to speak. One of the things he changed about himself, is that, whenever he is having a serious talk, he doesn’t turn his head around, he faces the person, and tries to look into their eyes, or just looks at their lips, or any other thing on their faces. Its not easy for him to deal with people, and this all feelings thing. The way she said it about him always leaving when things get hard, just made him bite down on his lower lip and gulp harder. That was the truth, and he had to swallow it. Plus if he had stayed, if he had never left, maybe at this moment they would still be together or be something more. Who knew? But at least he would spend more time with her, that was for sure, now he wants her back, and he’s stuck on the situation that her heart is basically half to one and the other half ot the other one, and she needs to decide who she will be with.
Now he was stuck if he should leave or not, because she had told him to not leave, she doesn’t want him to leave, but she also doesn’t know what she wants. She’s in a very fucked up situation, but she isn’t the only one suffering. The conversation seemed to get abit more interesting whenever she turned her whole body to face him, and started to say the kiss did mattered, even tho she wanted to believe it didn’t, but after that, she was totally going say something important, but didn’t finished and that bother him, pretty much.
“What no-“
She was already on her way out, and he wanted her to finish her words. He quickly got out of the car, and walked over her door, he basically made her stay inside the car, and made her lean all the way back, like she was going to lay down, however, he placed his plam on her back, so she wouldn’t hurt herself with the gearbox. He placed his other hand on the wheel, to have some support of his own body, and done his best to lean his own body extremly closer to hers, they was even touching, but no pressure was being made, at the moment.
“Finish your words..”
He mumbled, and stared into her eyes, before look down at her lips, and back up to her eyes, his lower lip was poking hers.

Re: [RP] Police Station
September 30, 2013 02:42PM
Parking Lot

Jennifer was very much taken by surprise when he sped over to her side of the car and stopped her from getting out. So much so that she couldn’t say anything for a moment. He was leaning her back with his hand keeping her from lying down all the way. She was very aware of how quick her breathing had become as soon as he had done that. One arm kept her supported on the chair and the other simply rested beside her. She didn’t dare move because their faces were even closer together before. His body was against hers now and every nerve in her body was screaming at her to do something about it. “Galtem don’t,” she whispered, but he was staring so intensely into her eyes and his lips just barely brushed against hers. Jennifer closed her eyes and swallowed, terrified of what she would do. She had not finished her sentence for a reason. This was much more than she ever wanted him to know. Telling Galtem how she felt would be giving him power. A power she only wanted William to have over her. Her eyes were now open, but she didn’t meet his gaze. “I really do… still love you,” she spoke quietly and finally looked up into his eyes again. “How could I ever stop?” It was almost instinctual that her right hand would come up to the side of his face. Their lips were already touching and it didn’t take much. She leaned up a little to press her lips to his. This kiss was much different from the one in the ladies room at his bar. It was not as fierce, but had just as much passion. It was almost sad. She knew she loved Galtem and now he did as well, but she did not want to love him. She did not want to have the urge to kiss him whenever she saw him. After a moment she broke away, but was forced to say in the same position since he was leaning over her still. “Are you happy now? I can’t help but love you and I’m tortured every single day because of it. If we were meant to be, you wouldn’t have left and we’d be together. What’s done is done. We can’t change that.” She didn’t know if she meant what she was saying. If she and William were meant to be does that mean he wouldn’t have left her? Or would that never have happened if Galtem hadn’t showed up? What she wanted was to get William back, but how could she do that if she couldn’t keep her hands off Galtem every time she saw him? She didn’t dare meet his eye and simply waited to see if he would move now.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 01, 2013 07:19AM
Carmen’s New Office

Mary had been in absolute shock when she met Carmen for dinner, Shane’s gift giving Carmen a look of such beauty and sexiness, men that wouldn’t give her the time of day stopped to try and catch her attention. It was heady stuff to the brunette, but she only had eyes for one man.

Over dinner, Carmen told Mary parts of what had occured over the last few days, spinning the story the Police Commissioner had given to the press. She left out the events at the cabin, stating only she had hidden away to mourn Louisa’s death in private. She explained how Shane had tracked her down to make sure she was all right, shocking the woman when Carmen told her they were actually VERY good friends. Mary thought the whole thing kind of romantic.

Carmen hated lying to Mary, but it was a necessary evil.

And now, they were at the police department, checking out Carmen’s new office. Carmen was nervous about walking into that place again, but the few officers she came across during that time of night were quick to assure her they were on her side. She had earned their respect, something she’d been trying to achieve since she moved to town.

She would have to remember to thank Shane for that next time she saw him.

Mary took her to their floor in the building and lead her to an area that Carmen had never been in before. The reception area was as big as Mary said it was and Carmen was impressed.

“Welcome to your new office.” Mary smiled, throwing open the doors. Carmen stepped inside and her eyes went wide.


“I’ve already had all your files and books moved up here so you won’t lose anything when you return.” Mary smiled, watching as Carmen walked around to admire everything. She left her to it and closed the door behind her. With a delighted laugh, Carmen sat in the chair behind the desk and spun around in it a few times. Leaning back with a smile, she laced her fingers behind her head and grinned.

“Oh yes…” she smirked to herself. “Things are going to get so much better.”

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 01, 2013 02:10PM
Parking Lot

Galtem knew he shouldn’t be so closer to her, it was dangerous, dangerous for his feelings and urges. Having her this closer to him, only made him want more of her touch, hell, his body was already pressed against hers. His lower lip was just joking hers, like he was extremely tempted to kiss her. His eyes never left hers, even tho she stopped looking at him for few seconds.
We couldn’t really blame a guy who wanted to know the “truth”, her words seemed importante, he needed to know, so badly, but would her answer be something he wanted to hear? Screw it, he was going forward it. As soon as she spoke, he just frooze, she said she loved him and never had stopped having that strong feeling towards him. But why was he so shocked? Wasn’t it obvious? They was basically going to make out in the bathroom last night, she didn’t stopped him from doing such thing, just like in her house. He could kiss her if he wanted to, hell, he wanted, but he needed to control himself.
However this time, he didn’t had to go after her lips, she was the one who first kissed him. Feeling the touch of her cold hand against his cheek, gave him some goosebumps, then his lips was finally against hers. This kiss was different from the other one, it wasn’t so rough, it was more calm, but still full of passion. He found himself enjoying it, a lot, it was weird having something so calm happen for somebody like him, but he loved it. The only thing he hated about this, is that, it didn’t lasted as long as he wanted to, and he hated that. Her next words made him feel like he was forcing her to kiss him, like she had no self will, that bothered him. He didn’t moved at first, he just stared down at her, with some gaze into her eyes, like he was telling her his true honest and real feelings. After few seconds, he finally backed away, but didn’t let go of her, he helped her getting out of the car, and closed the door once she was out.
He didn’t said anything anymore, he just began to walk away from her, like he was upset or something, but it didn’t lasted that long til he turned his head around, and gave her some smile with a wink along, and moved his head in a way like he was calling her to come into the police station, so they could finish this quickly.
Was he upset? That is a question with no answer, yet.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 01, 2013 05:53PM
Parking Lot

When Galtem said nothing to what had just happened, she began to get a little nervous and just sort of looked around for a second as he watched her. After a moment he moved to get up and she let out a small sigh of relief. As he got out of the car he took her with him and easily pulled her out of the car after him. Without a word he walked away and she assumed what she had said had upset him. Well the words had to have been said. There was no happy ending for Jennifer and Galtem. The sooner he came to accept it the better. But then he turned around and did that Galtem smirk that drove her insane and nodded his head for her to follow. She took a deep breath, trying not to let his appearance get to her too much, and pulled all her hair to once side to make sure it was not messed up. Walking into the police station looking somewhat disheveled with Galtem would not look very good for her. Standing up straight and taking a moment to collect herself, she followed him in.

She walked in and went straight to the front counter. A man held up a finger to her telling her to wait. She didn’t look over at Galtem, but leaned on the counter, resting her face on the palm of her hand with an expression that made it clear that she did not want to be here. It would be so much easier if she could blame this whole situation on someone else. Galtem had even tried to take the blame for her. Something he tried to do for her sake, but it rarely worked. Galtem may be at as much fault as she was in the situation, but Galtem was not the one dating someone else. That was all on her.

Finally the man came back and she explained what she was here for. He raised his eyebrows and glanced over at Galtem, but said nothing, giving her what she needed to right on. Jennifer took a moment before she began to write. The lieutenant had said she didn’t need to be too detailed in her statement. At least that’s what it had seemed he had been hinting, so she decided to leave out the part where their tongues were down each other’s throats and made it sound like they had merely been catching up. Though anyone looking at it other than to simply glance could probably figure out what had really gone down. It ended with where Amelia had walked in and she had walked out, leaving Galtem with a kiss. But you know, without the kiss part. “Am I done here?” she asked, not bothering to be her usually polite self. He didn’t seem to mind because he dismissed her and she simply turned to Galtem with raised eyebrows, asking if he was ready to go. Without waiting for an answer, she left the building, wanting to get out of there as soon as she could.
She got in her car and waited for him to get in as well. When he did she started the car. “I left my stuff at the club last night and have to go get it. Mind if we go get it?” she asked. Just saying the word ‘club’ made her feel incredibly guilty. She knew it was a bad idea to go at the moment, though. When Galtem had left both times she’d made a habit of drinking way too much and acting like someone she was not. Going to the bar right now would most likely bring that out of her, but between her heartbreak and her guilt, she was not much thinking about what was a good or bad idea. Only what sounded good to her at the moment.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 02, 2013 01:54PM
Galtem keep on walking and stepped inside the police station, he allowed Jennifer to go first to talk to the cop, he just stayed behind her, and noticed the look the cop was giving him, which made him frown and look away while licking his lips. Always getting judging looks, this was so annoying. He decided to walk away from Jennifer, not that far tho, he was just walking around in the room, trying to see other things that could distract him. What caught his attention was some kid getting scolded by a cop because he got high and drunk at the party, he wouldn’t go to jail due be under aged, and also because he didn’t had drugs with him anymore, he just consumed them. The cop was probably being nice on the part on not putting the boy into much trouble, other than call his parents, and then his parents would scold him. If Caleb was in the same situation as this boy, Galtem would snap, and would scold him as much as he could. Caleb was here to behave, not to start destroying his life or other people’s lives. With this thought, Galtem decided to text Caleb and ask where would he be, luckily for him he had saved Caleb’s phone number in his phone, or else he wouldn’t have remembered it.
After this, Galtem placed his phone back into the pocket of his jeans, he folded his arms in front of his chest, and stared around trying to get his mind busy till Jennifer was done. He only knew she was done, when he noticed her walking out of the police station, she didn’t even warned him or something, or waited for him, she just keep on walking. Rolling his eyes, Galtem just began to follow her, they was heading into her car. He didn’t knew if he should go after her or not, since he didn’t knew if she still wanted his company for that long, but he didn’t wanted to leave her either, not after what she said, the both of them loved each other, why couldn’t it happen? Why not give a second chance? This time start all over again, like they had never met each other before, just start from the begining, it would only be good for them, right? But Galtem only sees Jennifer want William, and only William, which bothered him and a lot. William left her right? Then her and Will wasn’t meant to be either. She said if he didn’t had left her, then it was meant to be, but he did. However, isn’t the same thing with William? He shouldn’t bring that up, or else that would piss her off, so he stayed quiet.
Sitting down on the passenger seat, he started to put on the belt from his seat, and turned his hed to look at her, she was asking him if he minded to go with her to the club to go get her stuff. He just grinned and stared at her.
“You’re enjoying my company? Sure blondie, lets go.”
He teased her a little, and smirked.


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Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 08:09AM
Carmen had been determined to give Shane the best weekend of his life and she felt she accomplished it.

They had spent the weekend in solitude at the cabin, doing all the things two people in love should do together; making love before the fire, having rough sex on the porch under the stars, out in the woods under a canopy of trees, feeding on the locals, having sex in between the dead bodies…you get the picture.

And so it was a relaxed and focused Shane that returned home once their weekend was over.

But Monday evening appeared with a vengeance and with it, Carmen’s two-week vacation was over. Back to the daily grind of work.

Police Station

Nervous about the reception she would receive upon her return, she took a few minutes to sit in her car, staring up at the building she hadn’t been in over 2 weeks.

“Okay, I can do this.” she murmured to herself, stepping from her car. She gathered her bag and locked her car before heading inside.

All movement stopped when she stepped through the doors, and she swallowed hard as she became the focus of many stares. And then the applause started. It was slow at first and then picked up steam, traveling around the precinct in a wave. Then the whistles and catcalls started as she made her way to the elevators.

“Way to go, Carmen!”…”Good job, catching that psycho!”…”I knew you didn’t murder those people, Carmen!”

She smiled and waved before stepping into the elevator, glad for the silence when the doors closed. She felt like such a fraud. She bit her tongue, silently berating herself for feeling like she did.

Carmen’s Office


Mary was sitting at her desk when Carmen finally arrived. That surprised Carmen.

“Mary, what are you doing here?”

“You didn’t think I was going to leave someone else in charge of the place while I was sleeping did you? Not on my watch. I adjusted my sleeping schedule so I could be here with you. Nothing short of death will get you rid of me.” Mary grinned. Carmen, in a rare show of emotion, hugged her friend and long-time assistant.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, Mary.”

“Hopefully you won’t have to find out for a long time yet.” Mary laughed. Carmen grinned before stepping into her office.

Time to get back to work!



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Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 09:12AM
Police Station

In the sea of officers and detectives that applauded the return of Carmen to active duty, sat one man, who clapped along with everyone else, but had a different reason for doing so. Sitting at his desk, with a yellow file upon the desk top, he had been waiting hours for Carmen to show up. The response from everyone around him showed that Shane’s PR skills were certainly up to par, for all believed the story of who killed Louisa and Amanda. Even he was astonished by that fact. Knowing what he knew, especially from the cabin, and after speaking in depth with David, the history of the couple was not one of two star crossed lovers. David could see opportunity in taking advantage of Carmen, using the very evidence she provided when hiring him to get the “goods” on Shane. The funny part was….he did.


Rising from his desk, Matt made his way silently over to Mary’s desk, and with the folder under his arm, he asked.

“Is it okay if I wish the Lieutenant well in person? I won’t be five minutes.” He said, with that doe eyed look of his. Would she say yes?




Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 09:44AM
Mary’s Desk


Mary was hard at work, organizing files and taking phone calls when she sensed someone standing at her desk. She glanced up.


“Can I help you, young man?” she asked politely.

“Is it okay if I wish the Lieutenant well in person? I won’t be five minutes.” he asked, giving his best kicked puppy look. Mary always was a sucker for a cute face.

“All right. But she’s a busy woman, so don’t take up her time. And I won’t even tell her you’re here. Just go on in.” Mary waved him past her desk and went back to work.

Carmen’s Office

Carmen had been pacing around her office, catching up on some files. It helped her to think as she did this and she was twirling a pen in her hand as she worked. She was walking back to her desk when she dropped her pen. Swearing as it went beneath one of her office chairs, she got down on her hands and knees to look for it. Her backside was facing the door and she didn’t hear or see Matt when he came in.

But the view he got was probably wasn’t what he was expecting to see.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:03PM
Carmen’s office

The view…wasn’t at all what he was expecting to see at all. Carmen’s rounded backside facing him as he wordlessly entered the door. Closing it behind him, he had the file under his right arm and then coughed loudly, so she would know that there was someone in the room with her now.


“Last time I saw you, I believe it was from the back as well.” Matt said, in a light voice, not intended to scare her, he really wasn’t into all that intimidation stuff like David. Looking around the office, he could see that this was what it was like to make it in the world. All the trappings of fame and fortune, but the truth was she deserved none of this. He knew she killed Amanda in cold blood…and he also knew that Shane was the one that pulled the strings to make this all possible.

Matt of course was on a mission, sent by David to let Carmen know of the war that was about to take place for the power position amongst the vampires of Derry. In the file under his arm…damning evidence, that was about to spoil Carmen’s first night back on the force.

“Bet you’re not overly happy to see me, Carmen.”


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:16PM
“Last time I saw you, I believe it was from the back as well.”

Carmen froze in place for a moment before she quickly climbed to her feet. She whirled around to see Matt standing in her office.

“Shit” was the first word to pop into her mind. The last time she’d seen Matt, he’d been intent on sampling her blood before jamming a needle into her neck. She was not going to be caught off-guard like that again. She glared at him, ready for anything.

“Bet you’re not overly happy to see me, Carmen.”

“What the fuck clued you in?” she snapped. “How did you get in here? Where’s Mary? If you harmed one hair on her head, I’ll kill you!”

She picked up the letter opener from her desk, brandishing it like a weapon.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:25PM
Carmen’s office

Seeing Carmen pick up the letter opener and brandishing it like a weapon, Matt looked at her like she must be mad. A letter opener wouldn’t do a great deal to a vampire. He looked at the file tucked under his arm and brought it out. “What? You want something to open this with?”

Matt sat himself down calmly in one of the plush leather chairs, and set the file down on his lap. If she bothered to notice, it had her hand writing on the cover. He didn’t seem fazed by her reaction either. He was already dead. What was she going to do, kill him a second time.

“Mary kindly let me in, so I could wish you well on your…appointment. As to whether or not she is fine..she looked great. A bit over worked, but happy.” It would be abundantly clear by now, that Matt was nothing like David or Shane…he was merely the messenger boy.


“I have something that might interest you, or you can just ask me to leave.”


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:34PM
“Just tell me what the hell you want and leave, Matt.” she snarled, realizing the letter opened wasn’t much of a weapon.

She set it down and stared at him calmly. Inside she was raging. She wanted to call Shane but realized that if something were to happen, he wouldn’t arrive in time.

So…she would have to do this herself.

“Well?” she demanded.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:42PM
Carmen’s office

“Hmm, I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to be hospitable. Not to worry.”

Matt opened the file, and then flicked through the papers, all of which were the investigation that Carmen herself had ordered, before she changed her mind. Truth was…David carried it out, and in doing so, uncovered a secret that had even the hard arsed David shocked to the core.

Matt found the piece he was looking for and slowly pulled it out. A simple photograph…its edges worn and taken some time ago. It was of a teenage girl, with haunting blue eyes and wintery blonde hair. Matt set it down on the desk wordlessly, and then closed the file, giving Carmen a crooked smile.


(FC – Cara Delevingne)

“Well that was easier than I thought. Congrats on your new office, and title.”

He then turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The picture on her desk….only one man knew who she was. Shane…had not told her everything.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 29, 2013 03:50PM
She watched Matt rifle through the file in his lap before pulling out an article, which turned out to be a photograph.

“What’s this?” she asked as he set the picture on his desk.

He didn’t answer, simply tossed her a smile and walked from the room.

She stared down at the picture on her desk, eyes wide. She could instantly see the resemblence to her fiance.

She needed answers.

And there was only one person who could answer them.

She slipped the photo into her bag, and continued with the rest of her work. She wasn’t going to screw up now by leaving early. There would be plenty of time to talk to Shane when she got home.

Unless he came to her first.

Re: [RP] Police Station
October 31, 2013 12:01AM
Matt’s desk

Having done the delivery as David had instructed, Matt handled the situation pretty well he thought. He knew that Carmen didn’t trust him, but her defensive nature was something of a surprise. He certainly didn’t expect her to wield a letter opener against him. Novel as it was. The young Officer sat down at his desk, and placed the file that he had taken into Carmen’s office and placed it in the bottom drawer of his desk. With a key he locked it, so the cleaning staff couldn’t rifle through it later on, after hours.


Matt stared at Carmen’s door, wondering just how long it would be, before she burst out that door, and went in search of Shane. Oh, she was going to want answers alright. Matt of course, he knew what the photograph had represented. David had pulled out all the stops this time, having dug so deep into Shane’s past that he uncovered a mystery that even Shane had not been able to crack himself. The most powerful Vampire in Derry, and this had alluded him for years.

How many nights had he searched for her? Who was to know? One thing was for certain. When he discovered that Bridget was still in Derry….and who she was with, the shit was about to hit the fan and hard. Smirking to himself, he went back to writing reports up on the local clubs and kept himself busy, till the phone rang.

“Matt Reed.”

“You deliver the photograph?”

“Yup…should have seen her face. Shocked and confused come to mind.”

“Good….now…we wait.”

Matt hung up the phone, and went right back on to his work.


Re: [RP] Police Station
October 31, 2013 12:17AM
The work was mind-numbing to say the least but she couldn’t seem to keep her mind on it. The photograph beckoned to her and she pulled it out a second time to give it the once-over. She could see Shane in every inch of the girl’s face.

She pulled out her cell phone and started to dial Shane’s number. When she wanted to press “Send”, she ended up pressing “Cancel” instead. She looked at the picture one last time before shoving it in her bag. She set aside her phone and got back to work.

She trusted Shane, and knew he was always honest with her. He had been from day one. And she had felt the grief of him losing his family. That kind of grief couldn’t be faked, not even by Hollywood actor standards.

So who was the girl in the picture?

She was scared to find out.

She picked up her phone and buzzed Mary at her desk.

“What’s up?”

“You’ve got a good view of the squad room?”


“Detective Reed, what’s he doing right now?”

“Um…he just locked something in his desk…and now he’s on the phone. Conversation looks intense.”

Mary kept a keen eye on Matt without letting on she was observing him. She was good at her job, that was why Carmen hired her.

“Do me a favor…find out who he’s been talking to. If you can, get the LUDs for his phone.”

“Think this might be related to you-know-what?” Mary whispered.

“I’m almost positive of it. He sought me out for a reason…and I want to know what it is.”

“You got it boss. How soon?”

“Before you leave in the morning would be preferable.”

“I’ll get right on it.”

“You’re the best, Mary.” Carmen smiled.

“Christmas is around the corner.” Mary grinned before hanging up the phone. Carmen sat back in her seat, curious about Matt and his extracurricular activities.

Re: [RP] Police Station
November 01, 2013 05:15AM
Matt’s desk

The night was proving to be a long one, and Matt finally got through with all his reports, and not before time either. Closing down his terminal and then filing away the last of his reports in his tray, he eased back in his chair, stretching slightly, his arms up over his head. One thing he did notice, was that Mary; Carmen’s secretary kept looking at him oddly. Strange, she was pretty friendly when he first went in Carmen’s office. Maybe, Carmen had a quiet word with Mary after the photograph was dropped. it made sense really, since Carmen had yet to leave her office. He had expected her to go running off to Shane right away, but she must be up to something else.


Switching off his desk light, he rose up and pushed his chair back. Moving out from it, he reached for his jacket, and his kit. Bike helmet and bag, getting ready to head off before sun up. His mission, was accomplished. Question was, would Carmen take the bait?

David had been pretty sure she would. In fact he could have bet on it. As he made his way out of the office, he passed Mary’s desk, and waved casually.

“Night Mary….have a good one.” Matt winked and sauntered out the door, heading for the car park, where his bike was parked. Not far from Carmen’s car.