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Re: [RP] Police Station
November 01, 2013 06:41AM
Mary’s Desk

Mary had been working diligently on getting the info Carmen wanted before she left for the day and hit the jackpot when her phone rang a couple of hours before sunrise. She listened to the information spoken to her and kept any emotion off of her face as she committed everything to memory. It wouldn’t do to leave a paper trail for someone to find and get her boss in trouble again. She hung up the phone and sat back in her chair.

“Interesting” she thought to herself. She glanced toward the squad room to see Matt closing up shop and grabbing his coat. He walked past her desk with a wave.

“Night Mary…have a good one.” he winked at her before strolling out the door.

“You as well, Detective.” she called back with a smile. Once he was gone, she waited another 10 minutes before she took up a couple of files for other cases Carmen had been working and headed into her office.

Carmen’s Office

Carmen was on the phone when Mary stepped in, closing the door behind her. Carmen held up a finger to Mary as she spoke into the phone.

“I’m pretty sure his First Amendment rights have no bearing on his plea bargain. Either he gives up his sources or into the tank he goes.” she stated. She listened for a moment. “Yeah…see that it happens and call me back tomorrow.” She hung up the phone and looked at Mary.

“Another satisfied customer?” Mary grinned.

“Idiots.” Carmen rolled her eyes as Mary handed her the files. “These those Martin case files?”

“Yeah. Just came in. I took a glance at it and highlighted the parts I thought you’d be interested in.” Mary stated. Carmen opened them up to look at them and saw a small Post-It note on the top of the first page. It held one word.


She looked up at Mary, eyes wide. “You’re right, these are very interesting. I’ll take them home with me and look them over. You heading out?”

“Have a couple of things to finish filing them I’m off. See you tomorrow.”

“Night, Mary and thanks.”

With a nod, Mary left the office and returned to her desk. Carmen stared down at the Post-It and frowned. This did not bode well. With this information, on top of the impromptu visit from Matt…Carmen was getting a very bad feeling. Snatching the note, she tore it into tiny little pieces before she went into her in-suite bathroom and flushed them down the toilet. No sense in tempting Fate if she could help it.

She closed up shop for the night and headed out, stopping to talk to a few of the rookies on her way out the door.

“She clicked her alarm for her car and headed for it. She was casual in her movements, not in any hurry whatsoever. To anyone watching, it simply looked as if she were heading home after a hard day of working. She was in no rush to confront Shane…but she would let him know what was going on…and maybe get some answers in the process.

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Re: [RP] Police Station
November 13, 2013 07:13AM
The next evening…

Carmen’s Office

Carmen was locked in her office, not working on her usual things, but using her power and status to dig up whatever she could on this “Victor”, if that was even his true name. If he was as old as Shane implied, then he probably changed his name several times over the centuries. She had started digging through files of unsolved murders in Derry over the past 70 years or so and came up with about 10 that could fit the bill.

She got on the phone and started to call around to see if anyone official or unofficial knew anything about the murders.

The only common denominators were the fact that all the victims were drained of their blood and that there were no fingerprints left at the crime scenes. No broken locks on doors or windows and nothing was stolen.

If she had to lay a bet that “Victor” was in the area and had been for years, she would have won the jackpot.

She sat back in her chair, crossing her legs and stared out the window. The moon was full this night and she stared up at it’s beauty with a sigh.

“Something wicked this way comes.” she murmured to herself.

Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 06:07AM
Carmen’s Office

“Something wicked this way comes.”


And right on cue, Shane opened her office door. Talk about timing. He had a huge smile on his face, and spotted Carmen sitting by her window, in her chair, looking up at the pale full moon. He didn’t knock, but tread lightly across the floor, then out from behind his back he produced a large spray of red roses, with a fragrance that would fill the very room with its subtle sweetness.

“Now, who would be burning the midnight oil then, and not like some company?’ He mused, setting down the roses on the desk, and then sneaking up behind her as she was deep in thought.

“I say, let me call for some Chinese, and then we can go at it like bunnies on your desk. Christen it.” Shane beamed, full of his usual bravado. It would appear he had some of his old spark back, though the question was why?



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Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 06:25AM
She was so deep into her thoughts, she didn’t hear Shane when he came into her office. For a good-sized man, he was pretty stealthy, but being a vampire had its perks.

The smell of roses hit her first and surprised that she hadn’t heard anyone come into the room, she turned in her chair, claws extended and ready to tear flesh from bone. When she saw it was her lover and mate, she sat back in her chair with a sigh, her claws morphing back into a normal hand.

“Shane, if I had a heart, you would have given me a heart attack with that stunt. Not that I’m not pleased to see you, because I am very pleased to see you. So what’s the occassion?” she smiled, brushing her hand across the roses and spreading their pleasing scent around the room.

“I say, let me call for some Chinese, and then we can go at it like bunnies on your desk. Christen it.” he grinned at her, the spark that had been absent from his eyes these past few weeks, shining brightly before her. She grinned at him.

“Chinese food and hot sex…you trying to butter me up for something?” she smirked, sitting forward in her chair. As he was leaning over her desk, this had the distinct advantage of giving him a clear view of her cleavage…and the pink lace bra that was barely visible beneath her shirt.

Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 06:37AM
Carmen’s Office

Shane spied the claws being extended on Carmen’s fingers, and knew that she probably got on the defensive with his sudden intrusion into her office without being announced. He of course breathed a sigh of relief when she retracted them. Not that he didn’t mind a little bit of scratch and tumble, just he was wearing one of his best silk shirts, and hated to see it get shredded so quickly. He sat on the edge of her desk, swinging his feet back and forth like a little boy at the candy store, oogling her sweet lace pink bra that was just revealing itself out from her shirt. His mouth practically watered and he had to wonder if she had the matching briefs. He went as far to lean over to see if she would do a Sharon Stone and give him a flash.

“Chinese food and hot sex…you trying to butter me up for something?”

“Honey, with my saliva…I don’t need butter. Mhmmm mmm” He joked, though he had a hint of seriousness in what he said. Oh Shane was back, that was obvious.



Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 07:15AM
“Honey, with my saliva…I don’t need butter. Mhmmm mmm” he stated with a hint of seriousness. She stared at him for a full 5 seconds before she burst out laughing.

“Oh my god, that was so cheesey, lover.” she grinned, getting to her feet. She went around the desk and inserted her body between his swinging legs, wrapping her arms around his neck. “But I am so happy to see you.” she smiled, leaning in for a kiss. It did her soul good to see her mate with that spark in his eyes once again. She drew back from him. “I seem to recall…someone has a birthday in a few days. What did you want to do? I’m up for anything you want.” she grinned, knowing she’d just given him carte blanche to do anything he wanted.

Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 07:24AM
Carmen’s Office

“Oh my god, that was so cheesey, lover.”

Shane looked at Carmen, his jaw dropping as though mortally wounded by the suggestion he was cheesy. Course, it was a pretty slick line, kinda like the ones used at the bar, to moisten the lips of some floosy. Shane could have come up with a better line, and he had started to think of one, when Carmen rose from her chair and made a beeline to place herself between his legs. He couldn’t help but think of that as a win in itself, and enjoyed her wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I seem to recall…someone has a birthday in a few days. What did you want to do? I’m up for anything you want.”

“Anything?” Shane said with a roguish smile. “Oh now you are just making it hard for me to chose. I…would like you…in a red bow. On a bed….yes, I think that would be good for starters.”


Course, she was going to want something a little more serious to go with, and he really had to think about what he would like most of all. “Dinner, just the two of us. Say, some swanky restaurant in town…followed by…” he then whispered in her ear, of how they could go hunt something on two legs, to dine on together. His eyes glowered red just at the thought of it.


Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 07:36AM
“Oh now you are just making it hard for me to chose. I…would like you…in a red bow. On a bed….yes, I think that would be good for starters.”

“Mmm. I think I can accomodate that wish.” she grinned, leaning in to nibble on his jaw. But then he came up with an even better suggestion and she purred with delight.

“Dinner, just the two of us. Say, some swanky restaurant in town…followed by…” And he whispered his desires into her ear, how they could go on a hunt together, making her growl with need.


“Oh I love how you think, sexy.” she whispered, her voice husky with desire. With barely a thought, she locked the door to her office as she stepped from his arms. In a repeat of a previous encounter, she took off her suit jacket and tossed it across a chair. She didn’t do the dance this time around, as his eyes were pinned to her like a heat-seeking missle. Her hands deftly unbuttoned her top, revealing the pink lace bra in all it’s glory and she could have sworn she heard him growl. Smirking, she reached back to unzip her skirt, letting it fall to her feet where she kicked it away.

She stood, nearly naked before her man in nothing but a bit of pink lace, her heeled shoes and a smile.


Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 07:52AM
Carmen’s Office


Shane could hardly believe his luck, when he mentioned that they may well go hunting for a meal together. He knew how turned on that would make her, after all, some of their best moments were whilst dining on a blood doll. He did mention something about a red bow, but when Carmen locked the door, and then started to do a little strip tease, that revealed that naughty pink number; lacey bra and panties, Shane’s lips curled upward into a smile that showed off his elongated fangs, that always descended when he was on the prowl. Carmen was quite a woman. Brilliant, sexy and above all his. She stood there, like one of those Victoria secret models and he half thought she would have wings appear out of her back. By the light of the pale moon, Shane turned off the main light, and then stalked her as she stood with such an elegant pose. Reaching her, he gazed down at her lace covered mounds, and then his hands reached for both, cupping them as he then focused his gaze into her eyes.

“Fuck…you’re beautiful.” Not exactly romantic words, but the way he said it with a gravely voice, husky with want, she would know exactly what he was thinking. Shane bent his head down and started to kiss her bare shoulder, raking his fangs across her skin.


Re: [RP] Police Station
November 20, 2013 08:08AM
She placed her hands on her hips and eyed him speculatively as she waited for him to make a move. He turned off the lamp on her desk, sinking the room into a pale darkness that was lit by the light of the moon. His eyes glowed with the supernatural light of his vampire coming to bear and she caught the gleam of his fangs as they distended from his mouth.

He stalked toward her, practically towering over her, his power a tangible thing within the confines of the office they were locked in. It made her feel desired. His hands reached out, cupping her breasts through her bra and she inhaled deeply, his scent surrounding her in a haze of lust.

“Fuck…you’re beautiful.” he groaned in a deep voice. For him, that was a term of endearment, one she was all too familiar with and it gave her a thrill every time he said it.

“All for you, baby.” she moaned as he bent down to kiss her bare shoulder, his fangs racking across her skin and making her shiver.

She groaned at the feelings this caused to snake through her body and as he nibbled across her soft skin, her hands were not idle as she undid the buttons on his shirt. Once they were open, she ran her hands along his exposed skin. As he was occupied with her neck and shoulders, she leaned in and paid homage to his own neck, tasting his skin and inhaling his scent.

It was always this way for the two of them. Some would think they had one of the most unconventional relationships ever known…but for the two of them, it worked.

She shoved his shirt from his body and went to work on removing his belt from his pants, tossing it across the room a moment later as she whipped it from the loops. With practiced ease, she had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped and her hand was diving for his silken hardness she could feel straining against her leg.

“Oh yes…this is all mine.” she moaned as she stroked him to full hardness in her hands.