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Re: [RP] Lake
November 19, 2013 09:20PM
The Lake


Stephan had followed on his bike and listened with rapt attention. His senses alight with the smell of werewolf. It had been a long time since he had been on a true declared hunt. This was indeed going to be fun. He knew almost immediately as they came upon the firepit who was the were. The scent was full on him and though the others werent so quick to move Stephan had remembered Davids words all too well..

“If you want a chance at the dog, you need to step up, man.” 

Wasting no time, he moved with this speed of an ancient vampire off his bike to attack the were. Moving to bite and drain him quickly irregardless of the spectators. This was going to be fun.


Re: [RP] Lake
November 20, 2013 10:12AM
Christina turned around slowly when she saw Shannon goading William on. Rolling her eyes, she snapped “Yea, yea, can we cut this pissing contest short? Whether or not you hate each other doesn’t matter anymore. There’s a vampire showdown about to start and there’s a pregnant woman in the vicinity.” Her eyes turned black as death as she took a step towards Shannon “You don’t want to endanger her or her unborn child further, do you?” Her lip was curled, revealing a fang as she practically snarled at Shannon. Christina never liked getting involve with vampire bullshit, and she only spoke up now because there was an innocent woman and an unborn child involved. Hearing the vampire’s hooting and hollering, she turned to step back towards Simone. Placing an arm on the mermaid’s shoulder, the vampire looked down and smirked. As Nick blew her a kiss, she just raised her free hand and wiggled her fingers at him playfully.
Simone seemed less than amused and turned to look at Christina “What are they doing here?”

The vampire just shrugged as she looked down at them all “Looking for something to do, it looks like. Being alive for hundreds of years without sleeping can be quite boring.”

The mermaid just frowned more and stepped back to look at Shannon. It was clear he didn’t give two shits about her and all he wanted to do was to hurt William. The father of her child. Shooting Shannon a dirty look, Simone stepped towards William with a confused look on her face “Let’s just get out of here, ok? You can drive me home so I know you aren’t doing anything stupid.”
She was going to reach out to touch William…but another vampire moved to attack the werewolf. Seeing the vampire flash off his bike, Christina instantly reacted. With her own ancient abilities, she launched herself at Simone to yank her back. Her arms went around the mermaid’s waist and she had rushed her over to a tree. Pressing her against the tree, Christina spoke sharply“Don’t make a sound…I need to get you out of here before they decide to make a game out of you.”

Simone winced at the impact of slamming against the tree but instantly looked around for William “But they’re going to kill him!”

Re: [RP] Lake
November 21, 2013 01:27PM
((Between, I always thought if a vampire bites a werewolf and drinks his blood, not only the werewolf dies but so does the vampire.))

William keep staring at Shannon till he felt Simone right behind him, she was telling him to get out of here, and that he could drive her at home so she knew he wouldn’t do anything stupid. He isn’t doing anything stupid, well at least not now, but he really should get going. However, there was no time because he felt a vampire coming to him, he was glad that Christina instantly reached out for Simone and took her away from here, so she wouldn’t get hurt by this vampires. However, William got attacked, luckily for him, all that happen was just fall down on the ground, and have the vampire on him, but he was able to at least push him away either with a strong push of his palms, or just grab his neck and throw him away, enough distance to make William step away. He was really going to get in trouble because of this stupid vampires, and this one was totally crazy.
Shannon watched everything unfold in front of him, even Christina told him that he didn’t wanted to warm the mermaid and her unborn child. This just made him smirk at her, but once he saw the vampire attack William, he took a deep breath, and stared down at the ground, as he bite on his lower lip, before licking it. Should he just help out this werewolf for once and get out of here with Simone? He was already feeling sorry for her, because she messed up with his self, and now he’s worrying about her, and if saving the father of her unborn child, would be something good for her, then he would do it. The poor child wouldn’t be left without a father right?
Shannon used his vampire speed to reach out for William. He quickly grabbed the werewolf’s arm, and pulled him up, just for make him stand back on his feet.
“Don’t get your hopes up, I’m so not doing this for you.”
Shannon showed his fangs once again and licked them. He stared at the vampire that was right in front of him, if he wanted the werewolf he would have to get over Shannon first.
“Just get out of here with the blondie and the brunette, before its too late.” 

Re: [RP] Lake
November 21, 2013 06:58PM
The Lake

What was beginning to look like a showdown, was now turning into a circus, with Stephan taking it upon himself to make first strike, against William. William easily deflected the attack, and left both rolling on the ground, as all the other vampires now focused on this melee. But what caught David’s eye was how the other vampire (Shannon), reached out and used his own speed to pull the were free and to standing. Was he…saving the were?

“Just get out of here with the blondie and the brunette, before its too late.” 

Misty, Bianca and Jarvis, who were already worried about David’s crew being here, were also confused by what was going on. Stephan did not appear to be one of the local vampires, not that any of them had seen before, so his attack, though vicious was right on target with how they behave. Shannon however, was going against the code.

David actually placed his hand up and then roared.

“STOP!” His crew fell back, and Matt wondered what David was doing, since him even calling for a cease was unheard of. Normally, he would encourage it. The white haired vampire marched through the parted throng, and right up to Shannon, whom he had not met before.

“What…are you doing?” David asked incredulously, shooting a look at William, and then refocusing on the lip licking Shannon. “You…are actually SAVING a were? What are you, Doctor Dolittle?” David looked at him waiting for an answer, as all the others fell silent. “Were’s…are our enemy, or did you have the sense knocked out of you?”



Re: [RP] Lake
November 23, 2013 12:54AM
The Lake

Stephan emitted a low growl as the vampire managed to push him off his intended prey. He hadnt expected that. His own kind had signaled an attack on the were. Once begun this was to be seen by all as fair game. For one to intrude on anothers sport was a crime in and of itself according to ancient law. The other vampires in the gang had already started to move in around to keep the lone vampire from getting away. Stephan and David both were on either side of him when David had signaled a cease attack on the were. Stephan quickly ceased all attacks on the were. He no longer wanted a piece of the dog. He wanted to tear a chunk of flesh from this moronic vampire. As he spun to face him his eyes were glowing with fire and rage and he began to move quickly at his prey. A series of sharply aimed maneuvers were executed quickly. He began with a series of kicks and punches a flurry of movement aimed with precision to take his opponent down quickly and incapacitate him, if the attempt succeeded he would be knocked down and able to be bitten and drained as he was now stuck between both David and Stephan.


Re: [RP] Lake
November 25, 2013 10:46AM
Christina said nothing but just growled irritably when Simone said they would kill William. Whipping her head around, she turned to see Shannon step in. Pulling back from the mermaid, she turned to look at her again and spoke in an exasperated voice “No, apparently not. Your little boyfriend is going to help, but we need to get you out of here. It’s too dangerous and this is a mess I do not need to be mixed up in. Got it?”

Simone frowned at the vampire but looked past her to verify Christina’s words. Sure enough, Shannon was helping William up. Hearing Shannon’s words, she seemed frozen to the spot and stared at the male vampire. He was doing this for her?
It was just all so confusing to her because just a few minutes ago, it seemed like Shannon didn’t care. He was more intent on hurting William than he was to talk to Simone about what was going on. But here he was saving William, despite the fact that it clearly pissed the other vampires off. Watching David step up to Shannon, she took a few steps towards them but Christina reached out to grab her arm “Blondie, no! You do not want to get mixed up with that guy. Trust me on this.” Simone spun around to look at her questioningly but said nothing.

It was then that Shannon was attacked by Stephan and Simone whirled around at the sound of the attack “No, stop it!”
That was enough. Christina stepped forward and yanked Simone back before snarling at Stephan and Shannon “That is enough! I am the law around here and will not watch you tear at each other! There is a pregnant woman here! Do you not fucking understand that?!” But she had no idea if her words fell on either of the vampires’ ears. Shannon was being attacked and Stephan was obviously reckless. Turning to stare at David, she frowned “Will you do nothing?”

Simone was frozen to the spot in fear as she watched in horror “Someone help him!”

Re: [RP] Lake
November 30, 2013 07:44AM
The Lake

“Someone help him!” That was the cry that escaped Simone’s lips as she watched Stephan take on Shannon. Clearly frightened out of her mind from the attacks on William and now Shannon, it brought out the rage in the most unlikely of Vampires; Matt.

Launching himself at speed, he flew past David and intercepted between Shannon and Stephan, which would cause both to be pushed well apart, as David started laughing. His laughter only grew, as Matt got to his feet, his eyes red like fire as he roared at David.“What?! Someone had to stop this fucked up mess!” Matt wiped back the smear of blood from his nostrils and then looked at both Shannon and Stephan. “Get up!” This was a complete turn around from how Matt was usually, but what neither of the two vampires realized was that Matt was still a cop. He had sworn to protect the innocent, and even though he was not on the clock, he was doing his job.


David’s dark chuckle finally subsided as Christina was saying she was the law in this area. She may have thought that the case, but she still didn’t have it in her to stop the fight. Only Matt was able to achieve that. “And to answer you, Miss…Course I would do nothing. I was enjoying the show, but of course….faithful Matty over here has a conscious, don’t you, Matt?”

Matt snorted and then reached to grab Stephan by the scruff of the neck. “Enough fun for one night, okay Sport?” Matt was now fulfilling his role as second to David, who already had plans in store for Stephan. This had been something of a test. One that he passed. David turned his attention to Simone, whose screaming earlier had grated on his nerves. He cocked his head and then gestured to both William and Shannon. “So you were knocked up by one of these two clowns? And you came down here to watch them slug it out for your affections. Hmm…you must be quite the catch, doll.’ He then showed a diabolical grin, before whistling for Sarah to come to his side, which she did with her head bowed. She was naturally submissive to her Vampire Master, only glancing up under her golden bangs at Simone.

Having had enough fun for one night, David urged his crew to return to their bikes, pushing past Misty, Bianca and Javris, who thankfully they didn’t get into a war with this night. Starting up all their bikes, David threw a look back at Christina and yelled out. “We’ll be seeing you….you owe us.” That said, they all revved their engines, as Matt walked past Shannon, to head to his bike, with Stephan.


“You’re one lucky son of a bitch.”


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