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Re: [RP] Downtown
November 28, 2013 09:39PM
The Fallen Fig leaf – Restaurant


It was always a fabulous crowd for the late dinner clients of the Fallen Fig Leaf restaurant, and also a favoured haunt by one Marissa Tomeii. After having been working as Shane Williamson’s PA now for a few weeks, her earnings had tripled, as well as her lucrative management company that handled some of Derry’s biggest names. But tonight was not about business, tonight was about feeding and pleasure. Looking dazzling in a strapless sequin blue cocktail dress, that suited her hourglass figure to a T, she strutted in and beamed a smile at the matride; Garson.


“I have your favorite table, Ms Tomeii. Will you be having company this evening?” He asked expectantly, knowing that she always drew a crowd of desirable men to her table. Marissa was already scanning the bar for possibles, and then wrinkled up her nose and pawed the air.

“Probably. I just haven’t decided who as of yet.” Marissa replied with a slight drawl to her voice, that gave it a husky edge. The waiter snapped his fingers and a crew of about three waiters got her table ready as she walked over to the bar. She was unaware that someone had already noted her presence, and watched her over the lip of his glass. With his dazzling blue eyes, a wry smile formed on his lips, and he downed his drink quickly, before sauntering over to stand just in behind Marissa, who was ordering a cocktail.

“Cosmopolitan, if you would.”

“Can’t believe you still drink those, Marissa. Thought you would be onto something with a bit more…kick nowadays.”


Marissa turned around, and then saw him with her own eyes. At first she was shocked and then she couldn’t help but grin.

“Vincent….you sly devil. What are you doing here? I thought you went to New York.”

Vincent stepped up to Marissa and brought her into a sudden embrace, kissing both her cheeks, before holding her out at arms length. He marveled in her ageless beauty, and cocked his head with one eyes closed and asked.

“How long has it been…eight…nine years?” You never age. I always loved that about you. Like a fine wine, that just keeps getting better.” This was of course said with that smooth tone of his, that always had a woman go weak at the knees.

“It’s been too long. Oh Vincent, remember those nights up at the lake…when we errr….you know.” Course he knew what she was talking about and then paid for her drink, before ordering another scotch. “I would have thought they would name that place after us. Especially after all the places we made love….and fed.” He said with a dark chuckle. Marissa found herself slowly falling for him again. What was it about this mysterious man that was so captivating?

“Well, since your here, why not join me for dinner. I have my favorite table, and I can fill you in on the missing years. Oh and you will never guess who I am working for now. Remember Shane Williamson. The D.A. Him.” There was something in the way she said the name Shane, that made Vincent tighten his grip on Marissa’s arm, and then he remembered himself and loosened it. “Marvelous, last I knew he was a simple lawyer. Sounds like he moved up in the world. So are you dating him?” That was of course the next obvious question, to which he was deeply intrigued to know about. Marissa threw back her head and laughed, thinking it was a tremendous joke.

“Shane? Date? Hell no. God, I have a more voracious sexual appetite than him,and he wouldn’t be able to keep up. No, he is dating Carmen Marquez.

At this Vincent’s eyes narrowed, as he tried to picture her in his mind…if he knew her. Then Marissa added. “She got this huge promotion after she started dating Shane. Works for Internal affairs at the local precinct. Her area covers the state. She is gorgeous. I mean really beautiful. I can see why Shane’s got his hooks into her. Brilliant mind and a body to die for.”

This was now getting very interesting, and Vincent started to guide Marissa to her table, unaware of the dark thoughts that Vincent now had for Carmen.

“Please…tell me more about this couple. They sound…intriguing.”