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Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 06:48AM
She knew she was asking for trouble the moment she began to whisper in his ear, hoping to get him to agree leaving as soon as possible. Her efforts paid off as he swept her into his arms and announced to one and all that they were off to start their honeymoon. Everyone stood and applauded as Virgo swept Elvira off to the waiting carriage that was awaiting them outside the pavilion.

The moment the door was closed and they had some modicum of privacy, Elvira found herself in her husband’s lap and being kissed within an inch of her life. She moaned huskily, thrilled to be in his arms once more.

She took no notice of the scenery outside of the carriage as it bumped along the road. Her whole attention was focused on the man who was her whole world. The father of the children that she now carried. Her body was aflame with desire and she had to struggle really hard to keep herself from tearing the clothes from his body and allowing him to have her right then and there.

The whole day had been one surprise after another and she didn’t want to ruin it with a quick tumble in the seat of a carriage where anyone could see what they were doing.

They had the whole night…and the rest of their lives…to stoke each other’s passions.

Cabin by the Lake

The carriage pulled up outside of the cabin and the footman opened the door for the newlyweds. Elvira’s eyes widened as she took in the scenic view.

“Oh! It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed in awe. The area he’d chosen was very secluded, their nearest neighbors some distance away to give them a sense of privacy. She was captivated by the view of the lake she could see past the tree line. The cabin itself wasn’t as rustic as she imagined it to be. It was very modern for this day and age and looked as if great care had gone into the building and the lands surrounding it. Late autumn flowers bloomed along the walkway and she bent down, as much as her burgeoning stomach would allow to sniff at the Chrysanthemum’s lining the path.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 06:58AM
Cabin by the Lake


The footmen brought the trunks of luggage to the cabin door, and the driver had already gotten ahead and opened the door, making sure the couple would be able to enter easily. Once they would be inside, the staff and carriage would drive off, and leave the honeymoon couple to their privacy. Seeing his now well rounded wife struggle to pick up flowers that lined the footpath to the cabin had him beam with pride and he waited for her to stand up right before coming up behind her and whispering.

“Now for a tradition.” Saying this, he picked her up once more and carried her over the threshold and into the warmth of the rustic cabin. Candles were lit right across the room, and there was a large king sized bed in one corner, with a living area and small kitchen in the other. It was simply the most romantic of settings, and everything had that fresh and clean smell to it. Virgo placed Elvira down gently, and then, he knelt down on one knee and rested his head to her bulging belly, cradling her hips with his arms. Totally devoted, and though an alpha, he treated his new bride like she was his Queen. He nuzzled and rubbed his cheek against the silken covered belly, growling softly as he did. So in love was he, nothing else mattered but her at this moment. Elvira was all he ever wanted in this life, and he had gone out of his way, to make this day truly memorable.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 07:27AM
She plucked a couple of the beautiful flowers and got back to her feet. Virgo stepped up behind her as she did so.

“Now for a tradition.” he announced. She looked at him quizzically for a moment before he once more swept her into his arms and carried her across the threshhold of the cabin door. She laughed with delight and pressed her forehead against his neck at the romantic gesture.

She looked around as he set her on her feet and instantly fell in love with the place. There were lit candles on almost every surface, giving her the feeling like they were the only two people on the planet. She turned to look at Virgo, the candle light giving the appearance of stars twinkling in her eyes.

“I love you…so much.” she whispered, not daring to break the quiet between them by speaking normally.

He got down on one knee and rested his head against her belly, wrapping his arms around her expanding waistline. Her eyes shone with tears as he pressed his cheek to his growing children, making soft snuffling and growling noises as he did so. He was rewarded when there was another kick against his cheek and Elvira smiled, resting a hand on top of his head.

“I’m going to go change out of this dress, darling. Will you unzip me?” she asked, brushing her fingers along the fine hairs at the back of his neck.

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December 03, 2013 07:37AM

Virgo looked up at his blushing bride, and could only smile at her as she professed her love for him. One of the babies had just kicked again, a wonderful sign that they were healthy, and so to was their mother.

“I’m going to go change out of this dress, darling. Will you unzip me?”

“Of course, my heart.’ Virgo answered, slowly rising to his feet, and then moving around behind her, sweeping back her hair over her shoulder, and then finding the catch to the top of her zipper. Slowly, his fingers brought the zipper down, exposing her delicate back, which he could only gaze at. Such porcelain like skin that glowed in the fire light of the candles. Her shoulders exposed, he brought his lips to brush against her left shoulder, and the weight of the dress she wore should have started to have it slip from her form, and pool at the floor at her feet.

Seeing her now like this enraged his lust and he had to hold himself in good stead, not wanting to take her forcibly. He actually tremored with excitement, wondering what she was going to put on now. For he could only see himself tearing it off later.


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December 03, 2013 07:51AM
He moved in behind her, sweeping her dark locks over her shoulder to get at the zipper of her dress. He slowly brought it down and she didn’t bother catching the material as it pooled at her feet. He had seen in naked enough times in the past that all thoughts of covering herself were left by the wayside. She felt the press of his lips to her exposed shoulder and she turned her head to look at him beneath her lashes. The look in her eyes was smouldering, as if she could burn the clothes from his body with just a glance.

A smart man would feel the heat of that stare all the way down to their toes.

The succubus was fully out and she wanted her mate.

Stepping out of the silk material, she kept her back to him and moved to one ofthe cases that had been brought in for them. She pulled something from one of them.

//Back in a moment, darling.// her thoughts whispered across his mind as she gave him another smouldering look before disappearing into the bathroom.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 08:02AM
You could see Virgo’s Adam’s apple rising and falling, as he struggled to contain himself within his pants. But what was worse was the fact that she whispered to his mind, that she would be back in a moment, leaving him standing there as she disappeared into the bathroom. Virgo wanted to break the door down, and throw her to the ground, and take her then and there, not caring what she was wearing.

At first he started to pace back and forth, slowly taking off his jacket, then his shirt. You could hear the odd whine in his voice as he was growing impatient, and engorged. The whole day he had been an absolute gentleman, in every sense of the word, right up to this moment, but now, all he could smell was her, and he lusted hungrily for her.

Soon his pants would be discarded, and now he was pacing absolutely naked. Eyes fixed to the bathroom door. His clothes were scattered haphazardly, and he was near ready to leap at the door the minute it opened. One thing though, he knew her succubus was released from her form, and she would probably take some of his life force, when they did copulate. This only excited him further, and he now was sporting a raging hard on, that was standing proud before him. He was the epitome of man hood, with his six pack abs and rippling muscular arms. His face darkened as he made the final few steps and looked to the door, to hear it click.


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December 03, 2013 08:16AM
Cabin Bathroom

Elvira stood before the bathroom mirror, brushing the curls from her hair that Sally had painstakingly prepared for her earlier that day. Her hair flowed in a silken wave around her body, heavily pregnant and she smiled.

She picked up the silken gown she’d brought with her, another fashion marvel, created especially for this occassion and slipped it over her head. The material flowed over her body like water and she smiled. Her husband wouldn’t be able to resist her like this, and if the pheremones she could smell oozing through the door were any indication, the material wasn’t long for this world. She could only hope he would appreciate how she looked in it before he ripped it from her body.

Turning toward the bathroom door, she unlocked it and slowly opened it.

The dim light behind her and the candle light in the room illuminated her body in its unearthly glow and she struck and amazing figure to Virgo.


The succubus smirked at her mate.

//So…what do you think?// her thoughts whispered across his mind once more, dark and sensual and inflaming his passions like no other woman could.

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 08:31AM

It was that special moment, when Elvira finally opened the door, that Virgo’s heart almost stopped beating in his chest. She was simply radiant, a vision in white satin, and he was simply at a loss for words. Torn between wanting to run to her and fall at his feet, he could only stand and admire her, as her question invaded his thoughts.

~So…what do you think?~

The problem was, he couldn’t think, he was so caught up in the moment, he nearly forgot to breath. Any worse, he would have swallowed his own tongue at that moment. This must have been the secret she had been keeping from him, this their wedding night, saving the best till last. He finally found himself free of this lustful haze, and started to pad towards her only to reach her and then reach out, to run his hand over her flowing hair, that went down to her shoulder and covered her bosom. She had in fact tamed the alpha, just by what she wore, and the fact she carried their children.

“You’re so beautiful.” It was all that he could think to say, torn between his urges and treating her gently. Instead he led her to the bed, with one hand, and drew back the sheets. He wanted her to be comfortable, and he doted on her now. Odd as this may have been. How she would react…remained to be seen.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 03, 2013 11:36PM
She stood in place, waiting for her husband to say something, anything. He was as still as a statue and she feared for a moment that his heart had stopped beating. His eyes seemed clear of the haze of lust she had seen in them and his gaze turned soft and awed. He stepped into her personal space and ran his hair over her hair.

“You are so beautiful.” he finally stated, leading her toward the bed. He drew back the sheets and she eased herself onto the bed, scooting until she was laying back on the pillows, her hair spread out beneath her like a dark, silk fan. She snaked out her hand, grasping his wrist and pulled him on top of her. She got a kick from the babies for her efforts, but didn’t let it bother her. She had her man right where she wanted him. She gazed deeply into his eyes.

“You have made me the happiest woman on Earth, Virgo. And I love you with every fiber of my being.” she whispered, just before she pulled him into a kiss that would have singed the hair off of a lesser man. She ran her hands over his magnificant naked form, squeezing the rounded globes of his ass as she did so. He was hers and she wasn’t ever letting him go. Not even death could seperate them.

She moaned into his mouth as she deepened their kiss.

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December 03, 2013 11:54PM

One thing about pregnant women….they get incredibly horny. Another thing, though this is more in relation to Elvira; when she wanted something, she grabbed at it with both hands, refusing to let go. This would happen to be Virgo’s butt cheeks, which she clawed at with sharpening nails. Her succubus was truly awakened. Elvira lay upon the pile of cushions and pillows, oozing sexuality, her scent now without a doubt luring her mate into her arms. He hovered over her, the swell of her belly between them kicking slightly. Virgo couldn’t help but smile down at his bride, as she confessed her love for him. She had been made the happiest woman alive by this day, and now this night would be the fitting tribute to their love. The temptress Succubus drew Virgo into a sizzling kiss, that had his body jerk in response. Hungry to be sated, having waited for this moment. But when she moaned into his mouth, the deepening of the kiss signalled the lowering of the wolve’s guard completely. Love struck, and on cue, the head of his swollen cock pushed deep into her delicious folds, tightening around his shaft the further he pushed in. Claiming him as much as he claimed her. Virgo was now a slave to her desires, though for the longest time he had been the Alpha. Now he growled into the kiss, before trailing his lips to her neck, burying his face. His eyes closed and the rhythm of his thrusts grew as he became lost inside her. A fitting tribute to the succubus, preparing himself to be consumed, should she feed on his soul.


He mounted her, his muscular form glazed by sweat and illuminated by the candles. As hips met and grinded together, you could hear the slap of skin, mixed in with the moans and growls of her lover and soul mate. She was his temple of desire, and he worshiped her at that moment.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 04, 2013 12:11AM
As she kissed him, she got the response she wanted as he pushed his hardened member into her waiting body and it felt as if he’d finally come home. She cried out her desires into the silence of the room as his lips trailed over her neck. His thrusting became more forceful as his wolf took complete control and she reveled in his embrace.

Her aura flared as her form began to shift to that of her succubus. She growled into his ear, biting at his lobe as she locked her legs against his thrusting hips.

//Kiss me, darling. Let me feed upon your lust.// she hissed into his mind, pulling his face toward hers to give him The Ultimate Kiss. She did not take much as she knew to take more than she needed would kill them both, but it was enough to energize them both. She threw back her head after feeding from her mate and screamed out his name as she felt her orgasm approaching. It was too soon, as far as she was concerned, but she’d been in a constant state of arousal since the slicing of the cake at the reception.

Her body had demands and was determined to fulfill them. She squeezed him tightly into her body as her orgasm exploded from her, her breath locking in her throat for a moment at the intense feeling.


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Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 04, 2013 12:22AM

~Kiss me, darling. Let me feed upon your lust.~ Her voice echoed within his mind, as she wanted what her body so desperately craved. Any mortal would be sucked of their very soul in this kiss of death, but the succubus knew that to take too much from her love, would not only kill him, but her as well. Virgo’s face hovered over hers, panting as he wildly thrust into her, eyes wide and pupils dilated. It was always painful this moment, but he did it because of his undying love for her. Virgo lowered his head, and as their lips met, you could see the very veins in his face, the life force being sucked from him, as he moaned in pain and pleasure. Usually he provided her meals, lost souls and wayward men, but this night, he would be her meal.

When she broke the kiss, she screamed out his name, in euphoria from the delight of tasting his very soul. A powerful one at that. This coupled with the intense thrusting of her mate, drove her to the very edge, and with raging hormones, she could not hold back from experiencing an explosive orgasm, that had her lock her legs around him, her inner muscles pulsating and sucking the life out of him. Elvira was never more empowered than she was now. Virgo, though depleted of energy continued with his thrusts, till at last he felt his wife becoming softer beneath him. He withdrew from her, and rolled over so he was on his back. His breathing was labored, as he struggled to recoup from the feeding.


Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 04, 2013 12:30AM
Elvira thought she might have overdone it as Virgo slid away from her and she struggled to roll upon her side, her body resuming it’s human form once again. She hovered over him, her hair acting as a cocoon between them, concern etched in every line of her face. She had forgotten how feeding from him always sapped his energy. It was why she didn’t do it very often, despite his objections to the contrary.

“Virgo! Oh, darling! Are you all right?” she gaped, pressing a hand to his cheek and drawing his gaze toward hers. His pupils were dialated and his breathing was ragged. “Please be all right!” she murmured, pressing her cheek to his chest. His heart was beating, reassuring her that he was still alive. It always made her feel guilty when she fed from him and she wished there was another way she could feed and not have to take from him and cause him such distress. She looked up at him once more, her face inches from his own. “Virgo, love. Please speak to me. You are worrying me something awful right now.”

Re: {RP} Wedding Chapel
December 04, 2013 12:39AM

Wedding days are always the ones that take a lot out of a person, and in this case a were. Virgo lay on his back, trying to recapture his breath and regulate his heart, when he had rolled off Elvira. Her reaction was so endearing, for she felt she had taken just a little too much of his soul in the kiss of death. Slowly Virgo’s eyes blinked and his panting subsided as he regained focus. He felt her rest her head, cheek to chest against him, all worried.

“Please be all right!” 

The Count coughed a chuckle and brought his hand to smooth over her head, in a reassuring gesture to let her know he was alright.

“You took my breath away…that’s all. I’ll be fine.” Virgo urged, seeing her look up at him, waiting to acknowledge her. He pecked her lips lovingly, then rested his head back on the soft pillow behind him.

“Told you I would make this night memorable, my heart.” Virgo said with sincerity, wrapping his arms around her, the best he could. He hated to frighten her like this, and put on the best face he could, so she would stop worrying. “I’m more worried, I upset the babies if anything. I know rocking them to sleep is one thing…but I probably tipped them right out.” He joked.