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(RP) London Zoo
December 04, 2013 05:38PM

This is the thread for London Zoo, please state what part of the zoo you are at in your post.
Zookeeper/Head Vet : Lord Thomas Bailey

Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 04, 2013 07:30PM
Penguin Exhibit

Within the small compound that housed the penguins, Thomas was crouching down beside a blue pail that was full of small fish, to hand feed the penguins, as it was their feeding time. This was something he always enjoyed, since they were such comical creatures at the best of times. One such little penguin, that Thomas affectionately regarded as Ping, came flapping up to where he had his hand held out holding onto the small fish. Ping suddenly tripped in his excitement, and slid over smacking into the pail, while doing a fantastic recovery, in stealing the fish from Thomas’s hand, and then racing away with it, as though he was some little tuxedo wearing thief.


It was moments like these that Thomas treasured, and he spent the rest of the time, talking to the other penguins and encouraging them to come and take the fish from his fingers. Leaning on the fence to the enclosure, Daisy Mayweather, who was Thomas’s assistant, beamed to see Thomas working so close with his beloved penguins.

“They are right little gentlemen, those chaps.” She chortled, twirling her plait with her free hand, as behind her, the Elephant Myrtle, was giving children a ride and being led past by her trainer.

Thomas rose to his feet and tapped the bottom of his pail as the last of the fish fell into the water and were quickly gobbled up by the hungry penguins.

“They are indeed, Daisy. So, next stop the hippopotamus enclosure?” Thomas said, wiping his brow with his gloved hand. He strode over and handed Daisy the pail, which she put onto a small trolley, and watched as Thomas skillfully hopped over the fence.

“Yes, Sir….I have her meal here on the cart. You know, you really need some more staff. You have been up since dawn with the feeding and cleaning. I don’t know how you do it, Sir.” Daisy said, as Thomas adjusted his cap.

“Well, unless you know someone else with a great way of handling these animals, I have to do a lot myself. Come on, Mabel doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”


Together, the two headed off towards the hippopotamus enclosure.


Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 01:23AM
-In front of the Zoo gates-

-The carriage came to a full stop outside the front of the Zoo itself, Vivian was already fidgetting and having a minor coughing fit from being nervous, However when she got out of the carriage and onto the form stone ground, she felt oddly calm, as if to tackle a war instead of a fight-

“It’s beautiful M’lady, You sure I will be able to work at a place like this..well I hope I do get hired, I do love animals and I hope everyone there is adoring, Talking more of the animals themselves Miss..but I do hope Lord Bailey will take me”

-She ruffled her dress lightly and made sure her hat was on perfect before turning around and holding out her hand for the Miss, wishing to have her walk in with, not for comfort but so she didn’t get overwhelmed and leaped into the pengiuns hold-

Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 01:42AM

Already there was quite a line up of patrons keen to enter the gates of the London Zoo, and Winifred spied from the carriage, she could see this would be a lovely day to make introductions for Vivian. Alighting from the carriage, she heard Vivian’s coughing fit, and reached into her small clutch purse and took out a small brown paper bag, offering it to Vivian with a shake.

“Cough drops, they do wonders if you suck on them.” Winifred said with a smile. The driver closed the carriage door, and then Winifred popped up her parasol and walked Miss Vivian towards the front gate. The ticket master, one Herbert Cummings, tipped his hat when he spotted the stylish Miss Child and her charge approach the ticket booth.

“Morning Miss Childs, lovely day for it.” He said with a toothy grin, before eyeing off Vivian with a crooked smile.

“Here to see the Lord Bailey, he’s off doing feeding at the moment. Should be..*he checked his pocket watch, for he knew Lord Bailey was always one to run by the clock*….the hippopotamus enclosure. She is a hungry lass in the mornings Miss.”

Being that he was so kind and let them into the park without paying, she offered him a cough drop too, which he graciously accepted.

“Thank ya Miss. Have a lovely day. You too, Miss.” Herbert said, sucking his cough drop and giving her a wink. Together the ladies passed through the turn style and Winifred checked the board for the direction to the right enclosure. It was a bit of a walk, and she threaded her arm through Vivian’s.

“Only a short stroll and hopefully we will catch him.” Winifred said, picking up her pace as the two ladies walked along.

Up ahead, you could see the handsome Zoo keeper, within the hippopotamus enclosure feeding the large lady Mabel. She was a gorgeous specimen, and he stroked her back, much to the amusement of young children watching. He didn’t see Vivian and Winifred approaching, so got a surprise when Winifred sung out.

“I thought I would have found you with the penguins, Thomas.”

Thomas turned around and offered a bright smile, seeing Winifred and Vivian.


“Just missed that, Ladies. Top of the morning to you both. Here to see the attractions, then?”


Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 02:06AM
-She kept herself quiet until finally part way into the zoo-

“The gatekeeper is kind but rather creepy, I feel her was undressing me with my eyes, how vulgar….Beautiful Men and Women are allowed but only if they have my heart”

-She giggled before meeting Lord Bailey, she curtsed to the handsome man before she heard Mabel speak out, which made her gasp-

“Mabel was it, You are a lady, I do not think Lord Bailey would appriate his most beautiful woman trying to pair him up with me”

-Mabel sounded like she was laughing as she was flushed hard, she offered a hand softly to the most stunning man- “I-I am sorry M’Lord..you may think I’m crazy but…Mabel was rude just then, suggested you take me and….and”[/b] -She flushed twice as red as before she let out a sigh, knowing Miss Winifred would tell her of the reason why they were here-

Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 02:34AM
Hippopotamus enclosure


“Mabel was it, You are a lady, I do not think Lord Bailey would appropriate his most beautiful woman trying to pair him up with me”

This was the first thing to be said by Vivian and of course it was directed squarely at Mabel the Hippopotamus. Winifred clutched her parasol tightly, her eyes dancing as she waited for Lord Bailey’s reaction to this sudden outburst. She knew that the likelihood that the hippo had spoken to Vivian was pretty odds on, but would Thomas believe such a thing.

Thomas stopped stroking the large hippo and then stared at the girl who spoke to his major attraction as though she was another human being. At first he didn’t know what to make of it, and then the girl explained herself, things…got a little clearer. Well…almost.

“I-I am sorry M’Lord..you may think I’m crazy but…Mabel was rude just then, suggested you take me and….and”

This actually had Thomas burst out laughing. The very idea that his star Mabel, would go far to suggest such high jinx, made him look at her in an entirely different light. He gave the hippo a sound pat and said to her.

“No, Mabel. I don’t drag off the first pretty girl I see into the bushes. I am a gentleman after all.” He chortled before picking up her feed bucket and handing it to his assistant Daisy, who was staring at Vivian with a shocked expression. Either she thought the girl was crazy, or both of them had lost the plot.

Winifred coughed and then tried to get Thomas’s attention as to the purpose of their visit.

“Forgive me Lord Bailey. I have actually brought this girl with me, to meet you with the chance of finding her employment, here in your zoo.” Her voice was upbeat and hopeful, and she got the feeling that he had already taken a shine to the girl, or at least his sense of humor did.

Leaping the fence of the enclosure, he brushed down his gloved hands on his trousers, and then extended his hand toward Vivian.


“Lord Thomas Bailey…but you can call me Tom. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss.” He said warmly, shaking her hand if she allowed. “Funny you should come today, since Daisy my assistant was just saying how we could use another set of hands. Tell me, how do you feel about working with monkeys?”

Now that was a loaded question.


Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 02:56AM
-She reached out her hand and grasped it firmly, trying to look as professional as possible as she smiled. Nodding-

“Lord Thomas Bailey…but you can call me Tom. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss.” He said warmly, shaking her hand if she allowed. “Funny you should come today, since Daisy my assistant was just saying how we could use another set of hands. Tell me, how do you feel about working with monkeys?”

“Monkey’s. I don’t mind them but I do hope they learn to play nice, I’ve had enough of their lewd comments during mating season…” -She shivered softly but smiled, she didn’t mind them but the ones she met in the past, had a rather…crude sense of talking, she blushed but shook her head as she turned around, for some reason she could hear the birds talking- “It seems one of the parrots just became a mother…however a bunch are shouting and I cannot get a word together, sound less like talking and more like a screeching harmony” -With that she sighed and turned back to Mr Bailey before speaking- “Good sir if you feel I fit the spot of a zoo keeper then please, not only would I be honored, I would also be forever in your debt so”

Re: (RP) London Zoo
December 05, 2013 03:13AM
Zoo pathway near Bird Enclosure

Thomas smiled with some affection, his blue eyes dancing as she spoke of how she wished the monkeys would play nice. Truth be told, monkeys were terribly naughty but had a structured society especially within the zoo compound. He knew the horrid tricks that some had done to naughty children that had thrown things at them, and the monkey poo that had been thrown back in retaliation. Least Vivian seemed willing to work with them and that at least was a start. Most women would bawk at working with such creatures, especially wearing such gowns, like the ones that Vivian and Winifred had on. Daisy, Thomas’s assistant had already started to make her way back to the animal clinic, where Thomas had other creatures waiting for special care and observation. Catching sight of her leaving, he could tell she was probably miffed for not being introduced. Thomas was not always up with social niceties, and this time he felt rather bad about it.

Vivian continued to speak about how the birds were telling her that one had become a mother, while the others were arguing and shouting. He had to admit, that he had spoken to a few animals and got replies, but this girl, she was speaking as though she could speak to all of God’s creatures. What no one else knew was that he had mastered this gift as a young boy while travelling throughout India with his father. To him, it was a great secret, and one that he felt no one in their right mind would ever understand.

“Good sir if you feel I fit the spot of a zoo keeper then please, not only would I be honored, I would also be forever in your debt so” Vivian asked with a slight sigh, her confidence either waning or she was getting tired.

Thomas tapped his lip, and then asked

“If you can be here at five am each day for the feeding runs, and then work till two pm, five days a week, then I would be more than happy to hire you, Miss.” Thomas said.


Winifred was ready to do a little dance. This would mean that the girl could afford her keep at the boarding house, as well as be able to put money away for a rainy day. But would she agree to the terms?