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Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 04, 2013 06:42AM
Shane had finished his own message to Amelia before he pulled Carmen up into his arms.

“They said relationships were never easy, we just seem to encounter the worst of situations. And I know, I know I shouldn’t have tried to shut you out. I promise not to do that to you again. You have my word.”

She could feel he meant every word he just said. “I believe you, baby. We will get through this. For better, for worse. Till death do us part.” she smiled, her eyes meeting his as she spoke the impromptu wedding vows. “Now kiss me before we get raided by witches and werewolves.”

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 08:40AM


By now, Amelia had arrived outside the front entrance of Shane’s house, after getting the text message that he needed her for a missing person investigation. Odd as it were the hours, and the fact she really shouldn’t have left Rodger’s place, she hoped that this wouldn’t take very long, so she could get back to ordering dinner.

Paying the driver, the cab pulled away, leaving her standing there with her bag of tricks. Chewing her bottom lip, she spun around and with a large exhale of breathe, she marched up to the front door, her pig tails swishing on her shoulders. She was a bit timid that Jarvis might try something again, but she hoped Shane would at least make the effort to reign him in. Amelia now wore Rodger’s collar, and that was a status symbol. She willingly was Rodger’s girl. No ifs or buts.

Amelia placed her finger on the bell buzzer, then stepped back and waited for someone to answer the door.



Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 08:59AM
The loud ring of the doorbell sounded through the house and Carmen dropped her head on Shane’s shoulder.

“We will get through this.” she whispered to him. “Together.” She looked up at him holding his gaze. He nodded in agreement. She took his hand and lead him from the room, just as Bianca shouted up the stairs.


Carmen reached the bottom stairs, Shane in tow as a wobbly Dyna being carried by Booker entered the house behind Amelia.

“How much did she have to drink?” Carmen frowned.

“Not really sure. Lost track of her at the club we went to with Stephan. Then I lost him somewhere looking for her.”

“Oh shit! I forgot about Stephan! I’ll give him a buzz later. We got bigger things to worry about right now. Let’s get her in the kitchen and sober her up.” She took Dyna from Booker’s arms and practically dragged her into the kitchen. Booker looked at Shane, uncomfortably. He wasn’t expecting to confront the man so soon.

“Look…Shane…uh…about the other night…I’m sorry about that. Carmen’s been a good friend to me all these years…and when I found out she was dating again…I thought the worst of you. I hope you can accept my apology. You’ve been good for her and to her. I’ve seen her smile more with you then I’ve ever seen her smile. So…I’m sorry, man.” Booker held out his hand and waited.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:12AM

The last thing Amelia expected to see, was Booker and Dyna pull in behind her. What was more unusual, was that Booker had to carry Dyna inside, due to her being heavily intoxicated. It wasn’t half hard to tell this, since she reeked of liquor. What did they do, do a drive by on a bottlo? Wordlessly, Amelia followed in behind Booker, who was met by Carmen. Naturally, she wanted to know how much Dyna had had to drink, and by the sounds of things it was a lot. Amelia felt a bit lost in behind the burly Booker, who was a mountain of a man. When she tried to peek past him, she heard him trying to apologise to Shane for the night of the barbeque that went horribly wrong.

Shane stood and looked awkward, running his fingers through his blonde mop, then finally lowered his hand, knowing it be best to accept the were’s apology, rather than cause even more unnecessary drama for everyone.

“Yeah, I guess I could have been a bit more tactful myself, Booker. No hard feelings, man.” He shook Booker’s hand warmly, and showed a half smile, only then seeing Amelia, poking her head out from behind Booker.

“And here is the little witch that might be able to help us.” Shane said hopefully, as Amelia stepped out but looked around her cautiously. “You said something about a missing person?” She interjected, looking at Booker and then out where Carmen had taken Dyna. Shane then looked serious, and continued. “My daughter, Bridgette. I have a feeling that she is alive and somewhere in Derry.” He took out the photograph, and handed it to Amelia, who looked over it carefully.
“This her?” Amelia quizzed as Shane simply nodded.

Amelia continued to stare at the image on the photograph, and asked. “Do you have anything of hers…a locket…uhm..item of clothing. Something to help me get a trace on.” At this, Shane put his finger up. “I can go one better.” Shane then dashed up stairs, and came back down with a teddy bear. He handed it over to Amelia saying;

“It’s all I have left of her. She used to take it everywhere…then kept it on her bed at night.”



Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:37AM
Kitchen/Pool Area

While Booker and Shane were making nice, Carmen dragged Dyna into the kitchen and out the back door. Not even pausing, she grabbed Dyna by the back of her shirt and tossed her headfirst into the cold water.

It was the fastest way she could think of to sober her friend.


Dyna came up spitting and sputtering.

“What the fuck? Carmen!” she screeched. Carmen smirked at her as Dyna swam to the pool ladder and climbed out.

“That’s what you get for drinking so much.” Carmen teased.

“Bitch!” Dyna scowled.

“Come on.” Carmen laughed. “Let’s get you dried off and into a cup of coffee.”

Shane’s Den

After Carmen loaned some of her clothes to Dyna, they all congregated in the den to chat. Carmen shared the conversation she had with Matt, results of the traces she had done on his phone, and Shane’s theories of what David was trying to do. Carmen made sure to keep Amelia as far away from Jarvis as possible, not only for her own peace of mind, but more so for Amelia to concentrate on what she was doing.

“So what do you need me for?” Dyna asked as she sipped her coffee.

“I was hoping you could get us a hint at where David may be hiding.” Carmen suggested.

“Carmen…you know I’m just starting to learn about what I can do. I don’t know about this.” Dyna sighed.

“Dyna…I have faith in you. I know you can do this. Give it a shot.” She looked so earnest, Dyna didn’t have the heart to say no.

“I need a photo of him.”

Carmen handed her David’s photo from his Academy files and Dyna pressed it between her palms. She closed her eyes and tuned out the outside noise around her, going deep into her subconcious to tap into that part of herself containing her witchly powers.

After a few moments, she got a flash of something to do with water. She concentrated harder to try and see anything that could help…but she lost it. She sighed and opened her eyes.

“I can’t. I’m still kind of drunk and it’s hard. All I got was a flash of water. I’m sorry.”

“You tried, sweetie. That’s what counts.” Carmen gave Dyna a one-armed hug.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 08:43PM
Shane’s Den

Amelia kept pretty much well back from all the goings on. The dunking of Dyna in the pool and subsequent screaming match, made her uneasy, on top of feeling like third wheel in all that was going on. She held the teddy bear that Shane had given her that belonged to Bridgette close to her, as Dyna did her best to get a lead on David’s location. Dyna, was new to using her powers, a novice witch. That wouldn’t be helpful, and though try as she might, all she could come up with was water. So either his lair was somewhere near the sea, or a lake. That could really make it anywhere on the map, and take ages to find and track them down unnoticed. Amelia was already familiar with Shane and Matt through work, so all this was a lot to take in, in one go.


Walking in a small circle, Amelia found herself looking down at the bear. Such a sweet thing really. You could see the wear and tear that showed the that bear was well loved. Amelia set the bear down in the chair, and knelt as she looked into its button eyes. Then she reached for the photograph. This must of been taken at least ten years ago, by the style of clothing that she wore and her hair style. Amelia chewed her bottom lip as she stared at the photograph. The eyes, were haunted almost. There was just something about it….she was trying to put her finger on.

Looking up at Shane, she said. “So…Matt delivered this picture on behalf of David….and you haven’t been able to find your daughter for ten years. Uhm…how long have you been a vampire?”

“Ten years…” he said, rubbing the back of his neck, now getting self conscious. “Hmm.” Amelia went back to staring at the bear, then the picture….then she reached to touch the bear, when she suddenly felt a powerful surge, that stopped everything in the room, in her mind, though in reality she was going somewhere else. A manor…older, much older with dated fixtures. Paintings, clocks, ornaments. Smells…old. The room is so cold. Then she sees the back of a man, black hair with silver streaks. Well to do. Suit…black…shoes, black. Stroking the hair of…..of….a girl…a teenager. She’s crying. Blood splattered on her collar….Then she turns around…..sunken eyes, hollowed cheeks. Riddled with death. A beauty since long faded, her life drained. Why?


Shane watches as Amelia goes into some sort of trance, sitting Indian style and stroking the bear, her eyes glazed over, staring straight ahead.


Her voice is that of a young girl…a. teenager. “Vincent…”

“Wait!? Bridgette?!” Shane could swear that the voice that Amelia projected was that of Bridgette.

“Daddy?” The voice replied, still stroking the bear Amelia didn’t look up at him.

“Did Vincent take you?!” Shane was now in a panic, his eyes wide with fear. Had his Sire taken Bridgette for his own?

“Yes…” The voice replied, as Amelia went into some sort of spasm and let go of the bear, falling back unconscious…Her eyes closed, the link gone.

Shane was having trouble breathing, and fell back against the desk. This was the nightmare he feared. Vincent had got his revenge, on the death of his wife….by taking Shane’s daughter for his own. His tear rimmed eyes stared at Carmen, his nose dripping blood. The one that could destroy all…..had her.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:10PM
Everyone waited quietly as Amelia did whatever she needed to do.

“So…Matt delivered this picture on behalf of David….and you haven’t been able to find your daughter for ten years. Uhm…how long have you been a vampire?”

“Ten years…”

She nodded at him and reached out to touch the bear. She jolted as if electrified and everyone became concerned. When the voice of a young girl echoed from Amelia’s mouth at Shane’s questioning, Shane stumbled back in shock and no amount of fear. He made further inquires and Carmen thought he was going to faint from hearing the name “Vincent”. She quickly released Dyna from her hold and went to his side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as he stared at her with tear-filled eyes and his nose oozing blood.

“Shit.” she moaned, grabbing a bundle of tissues from the box on the desk. “Tilt your head back, Shane.” she urged, pressing the tissues to his nose. She tended to his nose with all the love and care she felt for him before pulling the tissues away. “Lower your head slow, love.” she whispered, waiting to see if she managed to stop the bleeding. He was pale, paler then she’d ever seen him. She turned to look at the others. “Unless you want to watch him feed, I would suggest you all leave.” she demanded, her tone brooking no arguments. As of this moment, she was taking command of her mate and dared anyone with a look to stop her from doing so. No one argued and quickly left the room, Booker being considerate enough to lock the door behind him on his way out.

She said nothing as she took up the letter opener from his desk and made a deep cut across the side of her neck. She honestly didn’t think he would have the strength to bite her. She placed her hands on his cheeks and stared into his shell-shocked eyes. “Shane, look at me, love. You’re going into shock and you need to feed. Can you hear me? You need to feed right now.” she commanded softly, pulling his head toward her neck, hoping that he would understand what she was offering to him.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:25PM
Amelia was still laying on the floor out cold. Out of sight, out of mind, when the others all left the den and Carmen alone with Shane, who was now going into some kind of shock. The realization of what had truly happened to his precious Bridgette struck him deep to his core. So…she was sired by him too. Vincent, got his revenge. Shane tilted his head back as Carmen instructed, and you could hear a gurgling sound in his throat, like it was going the other way. Then when he lowered it slow, his whole body seemed to slump, like fatigue had set in…real quick. Booker locked the door, there was no way they could come in to interrupt.


What happened next, was a drastic measure, that even had Shane stunned. His beautiful mate was slicing open her own neck. He shook his head, like he didn’t want her to hurt herself for him, and he looked fearful as she clutched his cheeks.

“Shane, look at me, love. You’re going into shock and you need to feed. Can you hear me? You need to feed right now.”

The scent of her blood, was unmistakable, and his eyelids fluttered as he panted through his parted lips. He let her pull his head down, and as soon as his lips pressed to her neck, his eyes rolled back, the white showing in full. A pained cry and his fangs extended by their own divine power, and he clamped down upon her. A need that was so primal, it might have taken her by surprise. He gripped her, in a frenzy, and drank, drawing from her as though his unlife depended on it. Shane’s body shuddered violently. His pupils dilating, as the energy within her special blood powered through his veins. His clawed fingers dug into her skin, as he let the vampire take control. Snorting through his nostrils, the last few gulps turned to silence, then he murmured, as he felt he could stand on his feet on his own. Drawing back, his lips covered in her blood Shane could only look at her with absolute adoration. He looked like he wanted to cry, his face creased, but instead, he kissed her fiercely, with the renewed hunger. She saved him….again.


Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:37PM
She watched his lids flutter as she pulled him close to her neck. She held no fear in her frame. She was doing what she was meant to do. A pained cry passed his lips and the bite she expected, when it finally came, shocked her for a moment at the fierceness behind the act. She hissed out a pained grunt but did not move away from him or push him away. His arms went around her in a vise and she felt the pull on her soul deep within. And yet she was not afraid. She closed her eyes and let him feed, his claws digging into the skin of her back and hip where he had her held to him as his vampire took total control. She didn’t struggle, she didn’t try to get away from him. She poured her heart and soul into her psyche, drawing him back to awareness and her side. She could tell when awareness returned as his actions became gentle and almost silent and the pull on her neck wasn’t as strong as before. After a few moments, he released her throat from his bite and drew back, his lips covered in her blood.

Heedless of the slow trickle trailing down her neck and soaking into her top, she looked at him. He looked as if he was a few moments away from breaking down into tears, his face was a map of pain and anguish, but she could see the love and adoration in his eyes…for her. He pulled her to him and kissed her fiercely. She could feel a new kind of hunger taking him over and gladly let him lead the banquet of her body. She was not going to give him up without a fight, even she had to sacrafice her own body to do so.

Neither were aware Amelia was still in the room, locked in their passions of one another. She drew back to look at him. “We are together in this. And I will do whatever it takes to help you get her back. Do you understand me? You are not alone in this, Shane. I refuse to let you do this alone any more.” She was fierce in her declaration as she pulled him back to her and returned his kiss.

Re: [RP] Shane’s House
November 06, 2013 09:44PM
Carmen swore her allegiance, her love for him without doubt or question. He released her from the kiss, and then placed his hands on her cheeks, his eyes boring into hers. Had she any idea how he felt about her at this moment? Now powered with her blood, he found his lips twitching, and he murmured…“Please…” before tilting his head for her turn. It was part of their ritual in fact, and he knew that she would feel more than just his power in his blood….so much more. He released her head, but his hands fell back to the table behind, to help prop him up. Arching his back slightly. “Please love.” He said again. An invitation for her to finish what they had begun. Poor Amelia…it was a good thing she was not awake to see this. The love of two vampires.

Shane actually softened his expression, his body waiting for her.