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Re: OC Characters
December 07, 2013 01:25AM


Name: Vincent Casales 
FC: Pierce Brosnan 
Age: 47 
Sex: Male 
Race: Vampire 
Birthday: June 3rd 

Hair Color: Black 
Eye Color: Brown 
Height: 173 cms 
Weight: 75 kgs 
Fashion Style: Sophisticated, suits, smart casual, dark colours 
Tattoos/Piercings/Markings: Dagger on right shoulder tattoo. 

Personality: Cunning, observant, womanizer, cocky, assured, intelligent, witty, diabolical, dangerous, deadly 

Magical Abilities: Super speed, strength, shape shifts into a wolf, levitates, wall climbs, hypnotist. 
Strengths: Speed, cunning, hand to hand combat. 
Weaknesses: Sunlight, holy objects, Bridgette (Shane’s daughter) 
Likes: Women, control, Fine dining, architecture 
Dislikes: Shane Williamson, werewolves, traitors 

History: Vincent Casales, the head vampire of the coven that Shane got involved with so many years before. Vincent’s wife wanted Shane as her blood doll and when he refused, she had most of his family killed. Shane, took revenge, having Vincent sire him..only to turn on Lavinia and kill her himself in a fit of rage. What Shane didn’t know, after leaving that coven, was that Vincent had found Bridgette, Shane’s teenage daughter, who had not attended the fatal family meal. He has had her all this time, sired her for his own, and calls her “daughter’. 

Shane..had no idea what had happened to the teen…until now.